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    B     =     Global file (contains research papers not listed here)
    C     =     Article and other publications
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    E     =     Report
    F     =     Email discussion
    G     =     Opinion, comment and protest
    H     =     Newsletter article
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    W     =     Interview
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    Z     =     Survey

  Name  A  B  C  D  E  F  G  M  N  T  Z
 Norman Abbey                      
  Dr. Grigori Abramia  1999                   
  Gay Raj Acharya  1999                   
  Ahmed ADJEZ  1999                     
  Vassily A. Agaphonoff  1999                   
  Usha Sekhar and Anil Agarwal   1999                     
  Mr. Stanley Agbonifo  1999                     
 Agence France Presse                    2007 One Billion To Be Displaced By 2050  
  George Ahadzie  1999                     
 Talat Ahmed                       
 Ahmed ADJEZ  1999                     
 Faysal Abdel-Gadir Mohamed and Nimat Abdel-Karim Ahmed  1999                   
  Rashiduzzaman Ahmed   1999                     
  Aja   1999                     
 Namik Akhoundzadeh   1999                     
  Shawkat Ali, Ayesha Akhter and Md. Hasibur Rahman  1999                   
  Slav Akimov and Ozod Mukhamedjanov  1999                   
 Jane Akre        2007 One Great Big Plastic Hassle              
  Mustapha AKSISSOU   1999                     
  William M. Alexander   1999                   
  Drouziaka Alexey   1999                   
 Ms. Shaheen Ali   1999                     
  Shawkat Ali, Ayesha Akhter and Md. Hasibur Rahman  1999                   
 Jan Allen        2006 The Cancun Summit Mandated The North American Union by 2007              
  Caitlin Allen-Sanchez   1999                     
 Alliance Communications Group                      
 Ms. Eugenia Almand    2005 Levels of Earth Federation Order, by  Eugenia Almand              
  Eugenia Almand   1999                   
  Prof. Anibal T. de Almeida   1999                     
  Tito Amarawickrama   1999                     
  Dr. Terence P. Amerasinghe   1999                   
  Jayanath Ananda   1999                     
 Gail Anderson   1999                     
  Mark Anielski   1999                   
  Albert Hilaire ANOUBON MOMO   1999                     
 CONSTANTIN ARBORE   1999                     
  Joe C. Arun   1999                   
  MALIK AMIN ASLAM   1999                   
  Marta Astier   1999                     
  Lewis Auerbach   1999                     
  S. Augustin, Prof. Jamidu Katima, E. Kilawe & B. Lyimo   1999                   
  Arasomwan S. Augustine   1999                     
  Nancy Averill   1999                     
 Uri Avnery              2006 THE REAL aim is to change the regime in Lebanon and to install a puppet government        
 SUSAKI Ayato   1999                   
  MR.ADEWULU FALOLU DEHINSILU and Fam Ayo   1999                     
 Govinda Prasad Sah "Azad"                       
  Aziz   1999                     
  Faustino Jerome Babate   1999                     
  S.A.HAMID BADRI   1999                     
  A.R. Bahirwa   1999                     
 Joe Baker                      
  Johannes (Hans) Iemke Bakker  1999                     
  Joy Hyvarinen and David Baldock   1999                   
  Dr. Bonnie Ballif-Spanvill and Alison Winn   1999                     
 AMMAR BANNI        2007 La dimension multiculturelle du dialoguePaix et évolution              
  Ammar Banni   1999                   
  Dr. Jyotsna Bapat  1999                   
  David H. Barker  1999                     
 Ramzy Baroud        2007 Losing Focus: Peace And Justice Movement In Britain At Crossroad              
 Glen Barry        2006 Earth Treatise: Living for the Earth: Love, Protect, Restore and Kill?! for Gaia              
  Dr. Peter Bartelmus   1999                     
  Dr.B.SUDHAKARA REDDY BASIREDDY  1999                     
  MR. PREM PRASAD BASTOLA  1999                     
  Wanda Baxter   1999                     
  Jennifer Beale   1999                   
 Thierry Bécourt                      
 Mirza A. Beg                      
 Brita Belli                      
  Mr. Bekkerov Peter  1999                     
  Dr. Aaron Benavot  1999                     
  Ramkumar Bendapudi and Professor Gerard D’Souza  1999                     
  Vincenzo Bentivegna  1999                   
  Peter Bentley   1999                   
 Monika Berghoff / Verlag Meiga                       
  Pedro Berliner, Ph. D.   1999                   
  Alain Bernard   1999                     
 M K Bhadrakumar                      
 Ln. S.K.Bhattacharjee        2006 CFHRINDIA - CITIZEN FORUM ON HUMAN RIGHTS              
  Elena BIVOL   1999                   
 Richard Black                      
 Peter Blanchard                      
 Carl Bloice                      
  Andrzej Bobiec   1999                   
  Ayalneh Bogale   1999                   
  Dr. Alexander S. Bogolyubov  1999                   
 Michael Boldin                      
 Këri Bolding                      
  George Lutalo Bosa  1999                     
  Dr Klaus Bosselmann  1999                   
 FRANCIS BOSSMAN   1999                     
  Shirley Bray   1999                     
  Oystein S. LaBianca (Ph.D) and Gary Brendel  1999                   
 Michael Breton  2002 Nexus, the Breakaway Society                
  Michael Breton   1999                   
  Sarah L. Brooks   1999                     
 Keith G. Brown   1999                   
  Bruce H. Buchanan  1999                     
 Paul Buchheit                      
  Mike Bumbaco  1999                     
 Andrew Buncombe                      
 John Bunzl     2006 Pathways to Global Sustainability, by John M. Bunzl, Trustee, International Simultaneous Policy Organisation (ISPO)              
  John M. Bunzl   1999                   
 Roger Burbach                      
  Helmut (Ken) Burkhardt   1999                     
  Glenn E. Burress   1999                     
  Pete Byer   1999                     
 Bravo Z. Bywydd         2007 Planet Earth in Peril: ALERT EVERYONE! Time for Radical Change              
 Andrea Camp        2007 Contraception Saves Money and Marriages              
  Thomas J. Campbell  1999                     
 Andrea Camp        2007 Contraception Saves Money and Marriages              
  Chad Carpenter   1999                     
  Thorkil Casse   1999                   
  Danny Cassimon   1999                   
  Marinella Castiglione and Dan HyperLinker  1999                   
  Molly Scott Cato  1999                     
  Dawna Cerney   1999                     
 Amit Chamaria                      
  Mr. Yam Bahadur Chand   1999                   
  Pirom Chantaworn(Ph.D)   1999                     
  Mr. Lalit P.Chaudhari  1999                     
 Krishan Bir Chaudhary                      
  Ayub Chege   1999                     
  Larisa Khomik, Alexander Khomik and Valentine Cherednichenko  1999                   
  Cherny   1999                     
 Noam Chomsky        2007 A Predator Becomes More Dangerous When Wounded              
 Robert E. Cobb  2005 The Compassionate Global Society                
  Ameer H. Chowdhury   1999                   
 Kamil Vilinovic   1999                   
  Kenneth Christie   1999                   
  Mr. Eze Christian Njoku   1999                     
 Jim Christiansen   1999                   
 Anton K. Chtchoukine   1999                     
  Ossai A. Chuks   1999                     
  Victoria Churikova  1999                   
  Josef Cihlar   1999                     
  Lilian Cipciriuc   1999                   
  Valentin Ciubotaru   1999                   
  Mr. Neil Clifford   1999                     
  Robert E. Cobb   1999                   
  Howard Cohen   1999                   
 Cojocaru and Marian Tamas   1999                     
 Juan Cole                      
  Ronald Colman   1999                   
  Roy Colville   1999                   
  Louise Dunne and Frank Convery   1999                   
 Jonathan Cook                      
  Lawrence Cortes   1999                     
 Catherine Whelan Costen         2006 Psychological Warfare: the First Casualty of War is truth              
 Guy CREQUIE    2007 POÈME À MON FRÈRE              
 Guy Crequie   1999                   
  T. Cross†, S.G. Patil*, L.B. Hugar*, M.S. Veerapur*, J. Yerriswamy*, A.C. vanLoon†, and G.W. vanLoon†   1999                     
  Stephen Curwell   1999                     
  Brad Cumming  1999                     
  Anders Danielson   1999                     
  Karine Danielyan   1999                   
  David Inkey   1999                     
  Jessie Davies   1999                     
  Joel A. Davis   1999                     
  Micah Davis   1999                   
  Prof. Anibal T. de Almeida   1999                     
  Stevan Dedijer   1999                   
  George L. De Feis   1999                   
  Guido de Filippo   1999                     
  Teresita de Guia  1999                     
  MR.ADEWULU FALOLU DEHINSILU and Fam Ayo  1999                     
  David Del Porto   1999                   
  Divina del-Sol   1999                     
  Monica Lindh de Montoya   1999                     
  Dr. Haydée Torres de Oliveira   1999                     
  Dr. John C. Dernbach  1999                   
  Winston de Silva   1999                     
  Natalie Deveaux   1999                     
 Dr. ir. J.Dewulf, J. Mulder, H.J. van der Kooi, Prof. Dr. ir. Herman Van Langenhove  1999                   
  Zhang Di  1999   Di                  
  Mr. Mory Sanda Diakite   1999                     
  Mr.Mamady Diallo, Mr. Mory Sanda Diakite, Guinée Conakry  1999                     
  Marco Alfredo Di Lascio   1999                     
  Dott. Giuseppe Di Vita  1999                   
  Erkinbek Djamanbaev   1999                   
  Nurgul Djanaeva   1999                   
 Murray Dobbin                      
  Su Docekal   1999                   
  Eno Dodbiba Green Albabia Fatbardh Meta  1999                     
 Roger Doudna   1999                     
 Roger Doudna     Restoration of the planet, our home              
 Alister Doyle                      
  David Driesen  1999                     
  Alexey Drouziaka   1999                   
  Valery Drouziaka   1999                   
  Ramkumar Bendapudi   1999                   
 Germain Dufour on behalf of the Global Community  1999   2000 What are universal values within The Global Community?The Interim Earth GovernmentVoting System in Earth GovernmentReligious beliefs, Peace in the world and Earth management
2001 The People's Participation Grassroots MovementScience, Technology, Engineering, and Earth ManagementPrimordial Human Rights and Earth ManagementEarth Charter and Earth ManagementThe Soul of Humanity and Earth ManagementThe Corporate Sector and Earth ManagementThe Soul of the New AgeCharter of the Earth Community
2003 Global cooperation in health issuesWorld overpopulation at the turning point requires each and every one of us to take a stand on rights and on being a part of the Global Community, the human familyTwo wrongs do not make one rightCelebration of Life Day was a success
2004 Leaders, issues and articles concerned with above themeWhat is climate change? What has caused the climate to change?The greatest threat to all life on Earth is a trace element.Global warming tic-O-tack!Results from studies on climate change.Local and global impacts.Storing excess carbon in terrestrial and ocean systems.British Columbia’s battlefield for life.Preventive actions to climate change.
 1999 The Glass-bubble concept of a Global CommunityThe Personal Sustainable Development pathway for  childrenPersonal Sustainable Development pathway
2000 Universal Values, the Scale of Human Rights and Earth Management
2001 Primordial Human Rights and Earth ManagementThe New Age Civilization: all Peoples together, the Human Family, the Earth Community, the Global Community, Global Economic Cooperation,  Global Governance, Earth Governance, Earth Environmental Governance, and the Earth Government
2002 Evolution, Creation, Intelligent Design, and now, the Guiding Souls to serve GodThe Scale of Human and Earth RightsReforming the United NationsThe New Age Civilization, the age of global cooperation and symbiotical relationshipsNative rights in the province of British Columbia are classified as ecological and primordial human and Earth rights and    therefore supersede in importance the  rights of the greatest number of people of the provinceAir and water are fundamental human and Earth rightsReplacing the Universal Declaration of Human Rights by the Scale of Human and Earth Rights has become a necessity of lifeHumanity's higher purposeThe Scale of Human and Earth Rights wordingGlobal Ministries are world wide organizations just like the WTO for trade and therefore should have the same power to rule on cases as that of the WTOOn the creation of a new nation through the process of the Earth Court of JusticeSymbiotical relationships of the 3rd millenniumJustice is for everyone a universal constantSurvival of the fittest in today's sittingsThinking and consciousness are the means of a spiritual relationship with the Soul of Humanity and GodThe Universal MindScenarios of humanity between now and a million years
2003 Community rights on the Scale of Human and Earth RightsCommunity rights (2) on the Scale of Human and Earth RightsSymbiotical relationship of religion and global life-support systemsFoundation for the new world order, Earth GovernmentImproved Democracy, Nonviolence, and PeaceRespect and Care for the Global Community of LifeEcological IntegritySocial and Economic JusticeA new symbiotical relationship between that of spirituality and the protection of the global life-support systemsScale of Human and Earth RightEarth Court of JusticeCharter of  Earth  GovernmentPrimordial human rights and needsLet us now fit the 30 Articles of the  Universal Declaration of Human Rights onto  the Scale of Human and Earth RightsNew World Order, Earth GovernmentFrom a Global Community concept to a community of a million people,  the Global Community and Earth GovernmentSymbiotical relationships are the glue of a global community of a million peopleA global community of a million people is more fluid and dynamic and is a necessity for the survival of humanity for the next million yearsWorld overpopulation at the turning point requires from each and every one of us a statement of rights and  belonging to Earth Community, the human familyWhat is a global community?What are the rights of a global communityStatement of rights of a person and belonging to the Global CommunitySolving the problem of the starving world
The  Scale of Human and Earth Rights and the Charter of Earth Government are the only long lasting roadway to Peace
Only the Earth Court of Justice has the right and mandate to create a new Palestinian state for its community
Humanity's scale of social valuesStatement of rights and responsibilities of a person and of belonging to 'a global community' and to 'The Global Community', the Earth Community, the human family, Earth GovernmentRights and responsibilities of a person in  a global communityRights and responsibilities of a person in The Global CommunityRights  and responsibilities of  a global communityRights and responsibilities of  The Global CommunityCriteria of the Global Community CitizenshipMy global community citizenshipCertified Corporate Global Community CitizenshipWith your Global Community Citizenship comes responsibilities and accountabilitiesA high global tax on all Oxygen-burning products, processes and ways of doing thingsThe United Nations will accept the Global Community Citizenship and the Certified Corporate Global Community CitizenshipA global community is not about land, it is about people
2004 Celebration of Life DayEarth rights and the Scale of Human and Earth RightsArticles concerned with Earth RightsScale of Human and Earth RightsA)     Reforming the United Nations or replacing them with the Global CommunityB)     Global MinistriesC)     Global economy and tradeD)     A universal health care, employment and education for every global community citizenE)     Management of world financial institutionsF)     Settling of disputes between nations
2005 A)    A lesson we are learning from the tsunami disaster: the wisdom to create global ministries in several aspects of our global lifeB)     Becoming a Global Community citizen is now a necessityA)    Creation of the Ministry of Rescues and Emergencies Due to Natural DisastersB)     Earth Ministry of Health: universal health care to all Global Community citizensFreedom, security and justice without bordersRacism, xenophobia and discriminationAsylum, immigration,  border controlGlobal fight against crimeTransparencyScale of Human and Earth RightsThe Global Community Parliament's   Constitutional Affairs CommitteeEarth Government webpageDevelopment of legislation concerning the freedom, security and justice without bordersa.    Freedom, security and justice without bordersb.    Racism, xenophobia and discriminationc.    Asylum, immigration, and  border controld.    Civil law, cooperatione.    Global Community arrest warrantf.    Global fight against crimeg.    TransparencyProposal for an alliance between Earth Federation and Earth GovernmentProposal to amend Articles 12 and 13 of Earth ConstitutionProposal to replace Articles 12 and 13 by the Scale of Human and Earth RightsResolution for the creation of a Democratic World GovernmentHistory of Earth FederationLevels of Earth Federation Order, by  Eugenia AlmandProposal to let World Ombudsmus use the Scale of Human and Earth Rights      as a way of protecting rightsProposal to have our membership sign the Earth Constitutionhe Ninth Session of the Provisional World Parliament in Libya, February-March, 2006Promoting the Global Exhibition by Earth FederationThe need of global legislation concerning hydrogen-fueled enginesEarth Government Global Law, the Global Constitution, Statutes, Codes and BillsThe CONSTITUTION of UNITED DIVERSITYHistory of the Global Community Organization and Interim Earth GovernmentProposal for an alliance between Earth GovernmentMember Nations no longer need to accept economic bribes from the IMF and the World BankThe put-down of the EU Constitution is a signal of the EU economic block in disarray as  happened to the US lead FTAAResolution for the creation of a Democratic Earth GovernmentEarth Government Global Economic SystemProposal to let the Global Community Ombudsperson use the Scale of Human and Earth Rights    as a way of protecting rights of global community citizensPeople from all Nations are required to sign the Global ConstitutionThe Ninth Global Meeting of the Interim Earth Government, August 20th, 2005The Global ExhibitionLegislation on hydrogen-fueled engineEarth Government Global Law, the Global Constitution, Statutes, Codes and BillsBush's sandwich democracyGlobal Community Earth Government   denounces the FTAA, an American initiative to take the economic control of resources of the AmericasPortal of the Global Community of North AmericaPolitics and Justice without borders: Canada and the U.S.Politics and Justice without borders: Canada, the U.S. and MexicoPolitics and Justice without borders: Global Government of North  AmericaHuman and Earth Rights within the GGNAGGNA proposalsGGNA principlesPolitics and Justice without borders: a unified AfricaPolitics and Justice without borders: Earth GovernmentFreedom, security and justice without bordersRacism, xenophobia and discriminationAsylum, immigration, and  border controlCivil law, cooperationGlobal Community arrest warrantGlobal fight against crimeTransparencyGlobal Governments FederationHuman and Earth Rights within the GGNAGGNA proposalsCanada wants a veto powerGGNA principlesPolitics and Justice without borders: Canada, Mexico, and the U.S.Good bye NAFTA, this is your RequiemScale of Human and Earth RightsScale of Human and Earth RightsScale of Human and Earth RightsDirect democracy as defined in the Global Constitution
2006 New website of the Global Community Earth Government (GCEG)We the Peoples are usWe the Peoples have been let downThe United Nations is attempting to take over  <I>the Global Community</I> organization identityPrevious work on Research and DevelopmentGlobal Citizens Rights, Responsibility and  Accountability ActThe Global ConstitutionGlobal Citizens Rights, Responsibility and  Accountability ActThe Global Constitution
  1999The Ozone Depleting Substances: A Sustainable Development Issue
2000 Report on the measurement of sustainable development for Canada and globally
   2001 The Summit of the Americas, the FTAA and Earth ManagementTo build social and environmental concerns into the WTO trade rulesTrade and the Way of Life of the West to include ethical and moral values, responsibility and accountability in all situations and places
2003 No more nuclear testing in Nanoose Bay, CanadaThe creation of Israel by the United Nations was a statement of acceptance of the archaic way (Roman Empire) of a state as opposed to the new concept of a global community of a million people living in different locations of the world
2006 GGNA vs NAFTA and the FTAA: the Canadian view point
  2003 Global scenario: a vision describing the global community overall pictureGCEG Year 2005 accomplishments  2002 ISSUES on Earth ManagementCorporate Social Responsibility:    strategies to unlock hidden shareholder valueThe most important sound solutions proposed to the world by the Earth Community Organization for the governance of the EarthOVERVIEW of the Proceedings of Global Dialogue 2002  2001 The Middle East and Afghanistan saga: moral accountability of the West, and the clash of the Love-Hate relationship between America and the Islamic Civilization
2003 Nanaimo  ecosystems and natural heritage at the midnight hourBiophysical and economic assessment of Mount Benson and surroundings in the context of a Vancouver Island Urban and Rural Master PlanNuclear arsenal and child pornography on The Internet, both are products of mass destructionThe roots of the mad empire wish for oilConflicts and wars between nationsUncle SAM is at the bottom of the Scale of Human and Earth RightsThe hidden agenda: ChinaEarth Government now a priorityThe splitting of America into separate independent states living at peace for the good of allThe war industry: the modern evil at work in the Middle EastWe can help you integrate and balance global life-support systems protection, global community participation, and economic decisions into your operations and productsThe Kyoto Protocol is everyone s business on EarthGlobal corporate ethicsThe salmon life cycle in the estuary of Nanaimo River is endangered by ship activities and log storageFirst step towards managing world population is acceptance of men and women as equal personsChild pornography on Internet (Part 2)In Canada, Global Community citizens take environmental law into their hands concerning the estuary of Nanaimo River (Part 2)Impact of human activity on global climate, agriculture, wealth, health, security and all life on EarthWorld overpopulation and its global problems by year 2024: a threat to humanityThe Oxygen we breathe is finiteLet us now fit the 30 Articles of the <i>Universal Declaration of Human Rights </i> and the key rights of the <i>Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms</i>  onto the six sections of the <i>Scale of Human and Earth Rights</i>
2004 A)     Climate change preludeB)     Climate change: responsibilities and accountabilities of citiesC)     Protection of the global life-support systemsComments and recommendationsGlobal governance and Earth managementComments and recommendationsGlobal Constitution Main IndexGlobal Dialogue 2005 Proceedings
2006 Our overpopulated planetRecommendations to all Peoples
Politics and Justice without borders: Canada and the U.S.Politics and Justice without borders: Canada and the U.S.Politics and Justice without borders: Global Government of North AmericaChapter XIX of the Global ConstitutionPolitics and Justice without borders: Canada, the U.S. and MexicoGlobal citizenshipChapter VI of the Global ConstitutionGlobal LawsProtection of the global life-support systemsClimate change preludeClimate change: responsibility and accountability of citiesAmericans are by far the worst polluters on the planetPrevious ReportsGlobal Citizens Rights, Responsibility and  Accountability ActThe Global Community categorically denies Israel the status of nation and of a global communityGlobal Citizens Rights, Responsibility and  Accountability ActPrevious ReportsIt's time to do more to end the war in Iraq and in Afghanistan. Join the hunger strike to bring troops home.
 2000 Survey: Scale of Values and Benchmark for the 21st Century 2003 Petition to save Mount Benson
 Virginie Dufour        1999 To-day's children evoke a VISION of new millennium              
 Louise Dunne and Frank Convery   1999                   
  Ken Dunsworth   1999                     
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 Bill Ellis                      
  Bill Ellis   1999                     
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  Gervan Fearon   1999                     
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  Jose Ferrer   1999                   
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 Robert Fisk                      
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 Danny Fortson, Andrew Murray-Watson and Tim Webb                      
  Nicole Foss   1999                     
 Joshua Frank                      
 Freedom Socialist Party                      
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  Karyn Fullerton   1999                     
  Kajunari Fukumura   1999                     
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  Raquel Garrido   1999                     
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 Dr.Alvaro González Gervasio   1999                     
  Vic Getz   1999                     
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Jackie Stratton, Susan Quattrociocchi, Maia Rose, 
Theresa Fornalski, Carolyn Cilek,
Clarice Sieden, Claude Veziau, Igor Zinger, David Kaplun 
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  Jean-Guy Vaillancourt  1999                   
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 Alanna Hartzok    2004 Earth Rights Economic Policy Vision Statement
2007 Law of property ownershipEveryone  owns the Earth as on an equal basis as a birthright. The right to the Earth, the right to the land and of all Earth natural resources is the most fundamental and basic human right - the equal right to Earth.Democracy for the peopleDemocracy for the peopleGlobal Movement for Taxation on all Earth Natural Resources
  Tamara Hawkins   1999                     
  Andrew Hay   1999                     
  Chris Hedges                      
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2003 Developing an Alternative Treatments Movement
  David Keane   1999                     
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  Dr. Erhun KULA   1999                   
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  Vladimir Victorovich Lagutov, Ph.D.   1999                   
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 Ngo Louga Madeleine   1999                   
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  Dr. H.M. Maralusiddaiah   1999                   
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  Nadezhda Marinenko   1999                     
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2002 Consumerism and peace
  Dr. Sue L.T. McGregor   1999                     
 Juanita Mckenna   1999                     
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  Jack Meena   1999                   
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  Leslaw Michnowski    2004 Ecohumanism and Knowledge About the Future as Prerequisites of Survival and Sustainable Development
2006 Worldwide sustainable development information system as a precondition for the realization of United Nations goalsLeslaw Michnowski info and papersThe Sustainable Development Global Information Society website is managed by Leslaw Michnowski
  Leslaw Michnowski   1999                   
  Laszlo Miklos   1999                   
 Jason Miller        2006 Domestic Genocide Of An Economic Nature              
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  Kalia Moldogazieva   1999                     
 Tea Kovacevic Molnar        2007 God government              
  Fernando Ortiz Monasterio   1999                   
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Who should own the Earth ?

August 18, 2007


I appreciate very much your comment and that of others such as Garry Davis and John Watkins. Certainly we live a time when the Global Community is to do a giant step forward to let go the old way and embrace the new way we are in the process of building.

Yes I agree much more refinement is needed to make our proposals more suitable to all. Global Dialogue 2008 will give everyone a chance to bring forward their thoughts on what will be best as a first draft. I like to call this draft the Global Economic Model. Well! Nothing has been said until everything has been said so let us work hard here.

I have added our email discussion at the following locations for others to read and discuss further:

John mentioned that

  "Rather than redistributing existing ownership rights, it's easier to change the inheritance and gift tax laws by taxing the estate of the recipient.  "
It is really not changing much of anything. The state of the world would still be the same.

As I mentioned in my message, we need to take a giant step forward to a new form of democracy. We, the Global Community, must now direct the wealth of the world towards the building of local-to-global economic democracies in order to meet the needs for food, shelter, healthcare, education, and employment for all.

The Global Community has proposed a new democratic mandate recognizing that the gifts of nature - the land, oil, minerals, other natural resources and a substantial amount of the monetary value accruing to their use - rightly belong to the Global Community. The Earth is our birthright and our common heritage. What we make from our mental and physical labor can rightfully be held as individual property but the profit of the Earth should be shared by all and for all.The unjust and inequitable ownership and control of vast amounts of the land and of other natural resource wealth of our planet is also a root cause of the great majority of local-to-global conflicts and wars. Our current form of democratic governance is severely limited in its capacity to negotiate peaceful means of resolving resource inequities and disputes, whether over oil and other minerals or over land for housing and livelihoods.

Let us disccuss further all possibilities.

Keep in touch.


Subject: Re: Who owns the Earth ?
Date: Sun, 05 Aug 2007 17:26:18 -0400
From: Norman Kurland thirdway@cesj.org
To: Spiritual Leader of the Global Community globalcommunity@telus.net
CC: Garry Davis garrydavis@worldservice.org
References: 1

Dear Germaine,

I like your recent refinements on "who *should* own the Earth." But, in my opinion, it needs further refinement so that your concept is more directly linked to the structured diffusion of power to each man, woman and child as a fundamental human right. That "social link" to all the land and natural resources should take the form of a single, lifetime, non-transferable, voting share in a Global Natural Resources Bank as described in the attached email exchanges between John Watkins of the Alliance for Human Empowerment and me and HB 2352, a bill that I drafted that passed the Illinois House of Representatives by a vote of 115-0. Specificity is important in your initiative to bring Peace through Justice to the global community.

If you haven't already done so, I suggest you contact World Citizen Garry Davis, to obtain a copy of his excellent book, /Who Owns the World. /Garry/ /is a seminal thinker and has many wonderful insights on the question in your subject line./

Own or Be Owned,
Norm Kurland
Center for Economic and Social Justice www.cesj.org
Global Justice Movement www.globaljusticemovement.org
American Revolutionary Party www.americanrevolutionaryparty.us

Global CIC Response to John Watkins
Download full WORD document of Global CIC Response to John Watkins by Norm Kurland Global CIC Response to John Watkins

Spiritual Leader of the Global Community wrote:
Who owns the Earth ?

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Who owns the Earth?


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Who owns the Earth ?

The theme of Global Dialogue 2008 is:
The planet-Life-Soul of Humanity symbiotical relationship
which brings up a question
Who owns the Earth?

In today's affairs a very powerful few are in possession of the Earth's resources, the land and all its riches, and all the franchises and other privileges that yield a return. These few people operate virtually without taxation. Is that what we want as a global democracy? Who should own the Earth?

Soveveignty is the status of a person or group of persons having supreme and independent political authority. The concept of sovereignty is related to the concept of power: power over a territory, land and water, oil and minerals, as well as life on Earth. The United Nations (UN) cannot have normal attributes of sovereignty, which has been defined around a territory and population.

The Global Community has in fact been defined around a given territory, that territory being the planet as a whole, as well as a specific population, which is the Global Community. The issue here is not that of populations and boundary lines, but of the demarcation of power and control over the Earth that is the foremost formal attribute of sovereignty.

To speak of enforceable global law is to speak of world power. Global Parliament has the power to make the laws of the land and to make the rules for the territory of the Earth. Global Law has been and continue to be researched and developed for this purpose.

Today's problem is that democracy has not grounded itself. We have not extended democratic principles to the ownership and control of the Earth. The democratic global government as currently proposed by the Global Community, is grounded in equal rights to the Earth, and thus can create the world of peace and justice that we seek.

Conservation, restoration, and rational use of the Earth resources is about asking ourselves the question of "Who owns the Earth?" The large gap between rich and poor is conected to ownership and control of the planet's land and of all other Earth natural resources. This causes a fundamental threat to democracy. What has become of democracy? What has become "we the people?

We need to take a giant step forward to a new form of democracy. We, the Global Community, must now direct the wealth of the world towards the building of local-to-global economic democracies in order to meet the needs for food, shelter, healthcare, education, and employment for all.

The Global Community has proposed a new democratic mandate recognizing that the gifts of nature - the land, oil, minerals, other natural resources and a substantial amount of the monetary value accruing to their use - rightly belong to the Global Community. The Earth is our birthright and our common heritage. What we make from our mental and physical labor can rightfully be held as individual property but the profit of the Earth should be shared by all and for all.The unjust and inequitable ownership and control of vast amounts of the land and of other natural resource wealth of our planet is also a root cause of the great majority of local-to-global conflicts and wars. Our current form of democratic governance is severely limited in its capacity to negotiate peaceful means of resolving resource inequities and disputes, whether over oil and other minerals or over land for housing and livelihoods.

The Global Economic Model proposed by the Global Community is truly the best response to the world.

Again here we will keep this dialogue within the "philosophy of life" framework of the Global Community, some called it the religion of the third millennium, others called it the politics of the future generations now. Let us remind everyone the definition that has been guiding us throughout the previous dialogues: The Global Dialogue

"The Global Community is defined as being all that exits or occurs at any location at any time between the Ozone layer above and the core of the planet below." The Glass Bubble concept  of a Global Community

This is the fundamental definition of the expression "Global Community" first defined by myself and my wife Virginie in 1985. The Glass Bubble concept  of a Global Community This definition includes all people, all life on Earth. This is the fundamental definition of the expression Global Communit It also implicitly says that no-one in particular owns the Earth but we all own it together. Not just us people, but all life on Earth owns it. The beginning of life stretches as far back as 4 billion years, and so Life claims its birthright of ownership of Earth, and so does the Soul of all Life, the Soul of Humanity. Evolution, Creation and now, Guiding Souls Throughout this dialogue the land ownership of the Earth means ownership of the land and of all other Earth natural resources.

"A global community" is not about a piece of land you acquired by force or otherwise. One could think of a typical community that does not have to be bounded by a geographical or political border. It can be people living in many different locations all over the world. The Global Community is thus more fluid and dynamic. We need to let go the archaic ways of seeing a community as the street where we live and contained by a border. Many conflicts and wars will be avoided by seeing ourselves as people with a heart, a mind and a Soul, and as part of a community with the same.

The old concept of a community being the street where we live in and surrounded by a definite geographical and political boundary has originated during the Roman Empire period. An entire new system of values was then created to make things work for the Roman Empire. Humanity has lived with this concept over two thousand years. Peoples from all over the world are ready to kill anyone challenging their border. They say that this is their land, their property, their 'things'. This archaic concept is endangering humanity and its survival. The Roman Empire has gone but its culture is still affecting us today. We need to let go the old way of thinking. We need to learn of the new concept, and how it can make things work in the world.

A typical community may be what a group of people, together, wants it to be. It can be a group of people sharing with the same values. It can be a group of people with the same cultural background, or the same religious background. Or they can be people with totally different backgrounds and beliefs. The people making a global community may be living in many different locations on the planet. With today's communications it is easy to group people in this fashion. It can be a village, or two villages together where people have decided to unite as one community. The two villages may be found in different parts of the world. It can be a town, a city, or a nation. It can be two or more nations together.

Following this thinking we see land ownership is no longer a problem. The Earth and all its natural resources belong to all the "global communities" contained therein. A village, or a city is "a global community" and owns the land around its boundaries. Along with the Global Community, it has ownership of all natural resources within its boundaries. We will see in the Preview how this new system can work.

As mentioned above, land here, by definition, covers all naturally occurring resources like surface land, minerals deposits (gold, oil and gas etc), water, electromagnetic spectrum, the trees, fish in the seas and rivers. It is unjust to treat land as private property. Land is not a product of labor. Everyone should therefore be given equal access to such natural resources.

On the global level the Law of the Seas Covenant is an example of a ground rent basis for public needs as it has affirmed that ocean resources are the common heritage of all and a proper source of funding for global institutions. Water belongs to the Earth and all species and is sacred to life therefore, the world’s water must be conserved, reclaimed and protected for all future generations and its natural patterns respected.

Water is a fundamental human right and a public trust to be guarded by all levels of government; therefore, it should not be commodified, privatized or traded for commercial purposes. These rights must be enshrined at all levels of government. In particular, an international treaty must ensure these principles are noncontrovertable.

Water is best protected by local communities and citizens, who must be respected as equal partners with governments in the protection and regulation of water. Peoples of the Earth are the only vehicle to promote democracy and save water.

Similarly, all the Earth natural resources belong to the Global Community to be used, developed and conserved for the maximum benefit of the people and of all life.

The Global Community should set up expert groups and begin the necessary intergovernmental negotiations towards establishing alternative revenue sources, which could include fees for the commercial use of the oceans, fees for airplane use of the skies, fees for use of the electromagnetic spectrum, fees levied on foreign exchange transactions, and a tax on carbon content of fuels.

This thinking should give us a fresh start for a better future and bring some light to understanding previous claims of the many different groups such as:

None of the above groups can claim ownership of the land and other Earth natural resources. They never did own the land and of all other Earth natural resources. And they never will.

Only the Global Community can rightfully claim ownership of the Earth.

The theme of this Global Dialogue being "The planet-Life-Soul of Humanity symbiotical relationship", we will see how the relationship can help this generation of young people and the next ones to remain healthy.

The young people of to-day are interested in all the secret wisdom behind all the existing religions and sifting out the common truths. They seek the best of the best. They are aware of the Soul of Humanity and have established a spiritual symbiotical relationship with it, and thus with God. They seek the exaltation and merging of their Souls into one to gain strength, friendship, creativity, love and light.

Their childhood conditioning has prepared them to act on a firm understanding of what it takes to get along with others, working as a group.

They are educated to understand a broad panorama of human truths ~ all those universal needs and rights every one shares. The Scale of Human and Earth Rights has become an inner truth and the benchmark of the millennium in how they see all values. The Earth Court of Justice brings security, peace and justice for all. They no longer fear the unknown as Justice is for everyone and is everywhere, a universal constant. The Global Justice Movement for all life is now driven by these young people.

They see money for what it is - energy to use for good.

Their idea of power is power over Self.

Each and every Self is dedicated to an idea for good that others can share together in creating this new Eden. Doing good and the well-being of the "other" have become the basic building block of any symbiotical relationship.

What we have here is the birth of genuine group concern and unconditional support for the individual's well-being ~ a giant leap in human behaviour which could well change the functioning of global communities everywhere. We are becoming the human family. This new "philosophy of life" of the Global Community has made grounds in people's way of life.

What we have here is the age of global co-operation and symbiotical relationships of all types for the good of all. An age with a mind, a heart and a Soul of its own. A unique and wonderful age never seen before over the entire human history! An age with a vision to caring for life and Earth! An age of the Soul!

However, we have reached the deplorable circumstance where in large measure a very powerful few are in possession of the Earth's resources, the land and all its riches, and all the franchises and other privileges that yield a return. These monopolistic positions are kept by a handful of men who are maintained virtually without taxation.

Whoever owns the land and all other natural resources exerts power over those who are landless and no resources. The Global Community proposes to extend democratic principles to include the ownership and control of the Earth. The Global Economic Model was created for all the people on the planet. The model makes sure that the rights of all people and the rights of the planet are one and the same.

The Global Economic Model stipulates as well that we, as human beings, are trustees and caretakers of all other life forms on Earth.

The Global Economic Model is global, as people are freed to move beyond borders and boundaries and claim the whole Earth as their birthplace.

How the Earth should be owned is the major economic question of this time. The world should be owned by the people living in it.

Unless a reformed or empowered Global Parliament is leading firmly upon the principle of equal rights for the Global Community, then the planet will be controlled by a handful of vested interests.

Land here, by definition, covers all naturally occurring resources like surface land, minerals deposits (gold, oil etc), water, electromagnetic spectrum, the trees, fish in the seas and rivers. It is unjust to treat land as private property. Land is not a product of labor. Everyone should therefore be given equal access to natural resources. The Global Economic Model proposes to make private property the product of labor. Common property is all what Nature offers. The Global Economic Model policy removes taxes from wages and increases taxes and user fees on common property.

The model eliminates subsidies that are environmentally or socially harmful, and inequitable.

As your spiritual leader I urge you all to participate in Global Dialogue 2008. Tell us what you think.

Visit the Preview of Global Dialogue  2008: Who owns the Earth?

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HB2352ham001 95TH GENERAL ASSEMBLY Rep. Wyvetter H. Younge
Filed: 4/18/2007


09500HB2352ham001 LRB095 00996 BDD 35135 a


2     AMENDMENT NO. ______. Amend House Bill 2352 by replacing 3 everything after the enacting clause with the following:
 4     "Section 1. Short title. This Act may be cited as the 5 Community Investment Corporation Development Act.
 6     Section 5. Definitions. As used in this Act:7     "Community investment corporation" means a for-profit, 8 citizen-owned, professionally managed real estate planning and 9 development corporation or land cooperative that may:10         (i) receive title to land, natural resources, physical 11     infrastructure or facility donated by a not-for-profit 12     organization or government entity;13         (ii) borrow money on behalf of its shareholders to 14     purchase land, plan its use, and develop the land and 15     natural resources for productive and ecologically suitable 16     purposes; and



09500HB2352ham001 - 2 - LRB095 00996 BDD 35135 a

1         (iii) enable each citizen whose principal residence is
2     situated in a local or regional area in which its future
3     development will be controlled by a community investment
4     corporation to acquire free as a right of citizenship an
5     equal, lifetime, non-transferable, private property
6     ownership stake in local land use and infrastructural
7     development, share profits from land rentals, natural
8     resource use or extraction revenues, and infrastructure
9     user fees, and have a voice as an owner in the governance
10     of future land development in the community.
11     "Commission" means the Community Investment Corporation
12 Development Commission established in Section 10.
13     "Department" means the Department of Commerce and Economic
14 Opportunity.
15     Section 10. Community Investment Corporation Development
16 Commission.
17     (a) The Community Investment Corporation Development
18 Commission is created within the Department.
19     (b) The Commission shall consist of 11 members appointed by
20 the Governor, with the advice and consent of the Senate, one of
21 whom shall be designated as chair of the Commission at the time
22 of appointment.
23     (c) Of the members initially appointed, 3 members shall
24 serve a term of one year, 3 members shall serve a term of 2
25 years, 3 members shall serve a term of 3 years, and 2 members,



09500HB2352ham001 - 3 - LRB095 00996 BDD 35135 a

1 one of whom must be the chair, shall serve a term of 4 years.
2 Thereafter, all terms shall be for 4 years.
3     Section 15. Operation of Commission.
4     (a) The Commission may begin to conduct business upon the
5 appointment of a majority of the voting members, including the
6 chair.
7     (b) The Commission may adopt bylaws, and it may establish
8 committees and officers as it deems necessary.
9     (c) For purposes of Commission meetings, a quorum is 6
10 members. Meetings of the Commission are subject to the Open
11 Meetings Act. The Commission must afford an opportunity for
12 public comment at each meeting.
13     (d) Commission members shall serve without compensation,
14 but may be reimbursed for their reasonable travel expenses from
15 funds available for that purpose. The Department shall provide
16 staff and administrative support services to the Commission.
17     Section 20. Recommendations concerning community
18 investment corporations. The Commission shall gather
19 information and make annual reports of recommendations to the
20 Governor and to the General Assembly regarding the
21 establishment and operation of community investment
22 corporations. The reports must include recommendations
23 concerning, without limitation:
24         (1) establishing policies regarding community



09500HB2352ham001 - 4 - LRB095 00996 BDD 35135 a

1     investment corporations;
2         (2) approving community investment corporations in the
3     State or regionally;
4         (3) establishing guidelines for citizens of localities
5     to petition for local referenda to create community
6     investment corporations and to determine the participation
7     plan for allocation, shareholder governance and ownership
8     rights, the issuance and cancellation of shares of
9     community investment corporations, and the disposition of
10     assets in the event of their dissolution;
11         (4) establishing tax reforms that encourage the use and
12     effectiveness of community investment corporations through
13     their exemption from all State and local taxes on their
14     holdings of land, natural resources, improvements, other
15     tangible and intangible assets, undistributed capital
16     gains and undistributed profits, provided that at least 90
17     percent of their annual profits are distributed as taxable
18     dividends, other forms of taxable distributions to its
19     shareholders and workers, and debt service payments on its
20     loans;
21         (5) encouraging local or regional pilot projects
22     involving the delegation of eminent domain powers over
23     land, natural resources, and infrastructural and other
24     improvements in the community to the citizens residing in
25     pilot project areas through community investment
26     corporations;



09500HB2352ham001 - 5 - LRB095 00996 BDD 35135 a

1         (6) rendering assistance to localities on problems,
2     concerns, and issues related to the development of
3     community investment corporations;
4         (7) undertaking studies and gathering information and
5     data to accomplish its purposes as set forth in this
6     Section and to formulate and present its recommendations to
7     the Governor and the General Assembly;
8         (8) applying for, accepting, and expending gifts,
9     grants, loans, or donations from public, quasi-public, or
10     private sources, including any matching funds as may be
11     designated in an appropriation to the Department, to enable
12     the Commission to carry out its purpose; and
13         (9) accounting annually on its fiscal activities,
14     including any matching funds received or expended by the
15     Commission.
16     Section 25. Funding sources.
17     (a) Subject to appropriation, the Department shall develop
18 and maintain a program to make grants to communities seeking to
19 establish community investment corporations and encourage them
20 to become self-sustaining from land rentals and other fees
21 within the first five years of their formation. The procedures
22 for grant application shall be established by the Department by
23 rule.
24     (b) The Commission, as a vital part of its function, shall
25 seek funding from local, State, federal and private sources to



09500HB2352ham001 - 6 - LRB095 00996 BDD 35135 a

1 make grants and loans and otherwise enhance the development of
2 community investment corporations. The Department shall advise
3 the Commission of all available sources of funding for economic
4 development that it is aware of and shall assist the Commission
5 and community investment corporations in securing such
6 funding.
7     (c) Funds received under this Section shall be deposited
8 into the Community Investment Corporation Fund, a special fund
9 in the State treasury. Subject to appropriation, moneys in the
10 Fund shall be expended for the purposes of this Act.
11     Section 30. Rules. The Commission and the Department may
12 adopt rules necessary to implement and administer this Act.
13     Section 90. The State Finance Act is amended by adding
14 Section 5.675 as follows:
15     (30 ILCS 105/5.675 new)
16     Sec. 5.675. The Community Investment Corporation Fund.".


Your questions are excellent, and I think they will undoubtedly be raised in the development of the fine details in implementing CICs, perhaps differently in different states and different parts of the world.  Let me start by looking at the big picture, and then focus down to the community level. 

It is not inconceivable, given the developing nature of the "global village," that there would someday be a Global Natural Resource Bank in which every world citizen would automatically have a single share in the Bank that would own all the world's land and natural resources.  That share would be non-transferable from life to death so that the rentals of land and natural resources for productive purposes would enable the Bank to provide an equal dividend income from the gifts of nature to each world citizen.  Obviously, if such a global entity existed, it would make no difference where that citizen happened to establish his or her primary residence.

On the other hand, man-made structures and technologies would be owned separately through competitive private sector enterprises within a market-oriented system.  Whenever those structures and technologies are to be added, new shares of these enterprises would be financed through Capital Homesteading for every citizen, as described in our book, Capital Homesteading for Every Citizen.  Interest-free capital credit allocated equally among all citizens to enable them, with help from the lending commercial banks, to choose among certain options to buy these newly issued, full dividend payout, full voting shares from the pool of new and expanding enterprises.  Those options might include the choice to invest in (1) companies in which a member of the family works, (2) companies in which  the family has a monthly billing accounts, (3) local or regional for-profit Community Investment Corporations (CICs) in adding basic infrastructure to the land for rentals from those using the land, or (4) companies listed as having a solid history of profitability.

Let's assume realistically that the process starts with State and national legislation that authorizes and encourages CICs for "communities" designated by States or regional compacts of several States.  Based on the premise that anything owned by a government entity can and should be owned individually by its citizens, then a citizen would receive a personalized single free and non-transferable equity share in the non-governmental CIC that owns and rents out the undeveloped land and natural resources of the "community."  In my opinion, that equity share in the land and natural resources should be tied to whatever community that that person has established as his or her primary residence.  Why one share?  Because each citizen would have an equal stake at risk, just as a democratic society allocates votes on a one-person, one-vote.  When that person moves from that "community" that share would be cancelled or allocated to a new resident.  Natural resources by themselves were God-given and thus did not require any contribution from any citizen.  Only when these natural resources are used for human purposes do they acquire a rental value that can be established under an auction system. 

With regard to shares in operating companies for developing and using these natural resources for meeting human needs, or for financing CIC infrastructural assets or any other man-made technologies and structures, the citizen should be able to take his shares wherever he wants to locate in the world.  The rights of private property in human productive assets (which would accumulate in different amounts according to the Capital Homesteading choices made by each Capital Homesteader) should be protected for the life of that citizen, even if he or she wants to live in a cave and be a hermit.

If you agree that one of the basic rights of private property is the right of the owner to the full, undiluted fruits of whatever assets he or she owns (whether in one's body or in one's non-human assets), then any assertion that that owner is a parasite is wrong and a display that the critic doesn't understand the social nature of private property.  That's why it is so essential that people become acquainted with Kelso's binary economics.  (See http://www.cesj.org/binaryeconomics/be-inanutshell.htm)

I hope this is helpful to you, John.


John Watkins wrote:

At 12:26 AM -0400 7/26/05, Norman G. Kurland wrote:
Because it would use the land for the  benefit of the "public" (in a truer sense of the word than if it were the government), the CIC could be granted by the State its power of condemnation under eminent domain.  Then the CIC could buy the structures and improvements at a fairly appraised price and either lease back the structures and improvements to the new owner, sell them to others, or tear them down for redevelopment for purposes more beneficial to the citizens.
Noem, I picked a somewhat arbitrary section of your earlier post in order to frame an additional question.
I wonder how you would address mobility in terms of local rights. People must move from place to place and what rights would they give up in former locations and what rights would they acquire in new locations.
I'm concerned about the tendency of people to move from less favorable to more favorable locations when their primary motive is to simply benefit from work that has already been done by others--to be parasites to cast in it less-nice terms.
But, it also seems to me that distribution o rights on a localized basis will tend to encourage such behavior--even to make it sensible from a personal basis. 

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