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Connie Fogal, leader of CAP/PAC, identifies critical issues and solutions for Canadians
March 5, 2007

Meeting of the Canadian Action Party/Parti action canadienne
FRIDAY, MARCH 23, 2007
7:00 PM

CAP/PAC Policy Highlights

1)     Call for a Royal Commission to investigate the full analysis of the September 11, 2001 incident known as 9/11; e.g., investigation of the free fall of three towers in New York, one of which was not hit by a plane, the failure to deploy interceptor planes, failure to heed advance security warnings from many countries. Canada has been negatively impacted by that event in several ways including a) the creation of liberty stripping anti-terrorism laws, b) the bureaucratic incremental integration of Canada with the USA into a North American entity with police state Emergency Preparedness Laws, a Smart Border Agreement, a Security and Prosperity Partnership Agreement , 3) the redefinition of Canada's military role from peacekeepers to aggressors, 4) justification of Canadian troops dying in Afghanistan, 5) the redirection of tax money away from supporting the Canadian safety net of social programs to funding a war machine.

2)     A call for the Canadian government to cease immediately all its actions that are merging Canada into a North American entity, and a defence against the takeover and loss of our nation occurring via the implementation of a North American Union, without the consent or knowledge of the Canadian people.

3)     A recommitment to the abrogation of NAFTA since NAFTA is the model for an integrated Fortress America focusing on military, immigration, defence, foreign affairs, harmonized health, policing, judicial, legal, as well as expanded economic and financial integration.

4)     Support the Troops by immediately calling them home and removing them from cooperation with the U.S. invasion and occupation of Afghanistan

5)     To call for the cessation of the militarization of Canada, and the expansion of a war budget, and return to the financing of health, education, housing, infrastructure, municipalities etc.

6)     A sharper focusing on the immediacy of an endangered world from fossil fuels and global warming, with a practical call for a commitment to create a Canadian industry to manufacture Electric Cars in Canada

7)     A call for rejection of the "AMERO", or any other North American currency, or the U.S. dollarization of Canada 's money supply, and a recommitment to the use of the Bank of Canada to protect our sovereignty over the Canadian economy and money supply.

8)     A call for the return of statutory reserves.

9)     Commitment to prevent the use of Electronic Voting Machines in Federal Elections.

10)     Make every effort to field 308 candidates in the next federal election.

11)     Committee examination of and recommendation for implementing Direct Democracy within the party and national government, including a Swiss Style referendum process to be put to CAP/PAC membership for vote by referendum.

12)     An expansion of policy detail respecting the CAP/PAC call for the rescission of all existing legislation and pending legislation that dismantles civil liberties including anti-terrorist legislation.

13)     A new party logo.

14)     A commitment to full transparency within the party.

l5)     A motion to support the coalition against Israeli Apartheid was referred to the policy committee for more detailed consideration to be put to the membership within 30 days.

16)     Canadian Action Party/Parti action canadienne members endorse a call to boycott, divestment and sanctions campaign against Israel’s apartheid-like practices against the Palestinian people. The July, 2005 call to boycott has gained worldwide momentum from trade unions, political parties, cultural, academic and church groups, Jewish peace and human rights groups, businesses, and individuals. A motion in respect of this support was tabled at the party's convention in September, 2006 in order to become more familiar with the issue. With an extremely high percentage of positive feedback received, it has now been officially approved. Canadian Action Party/Parti action canadienne supports international and humanitarian law, including the Geneva Conventions and the Universal Declaration of Human Rights. CAP/PAC believes that Israel must demolish the separation or “Apartheid” wall which is encroaching Palestinian land and making daily life impossible for Palestinians. Israel must compensate those injured by the wall to date, must cease its brutal occupation of the West Bank and Gaza and must comply with the precepts of international law, including the right of Palestinian refugees to return to their homes and properties as stipulated in UN resolution 194. Further, Palestinian Arabs living within Israel's borders are treated worse than second-class citizens. CAP/PAC believes the peace that Israel so desires will never be possible until there is justice for Palestine and Palestinian refugees. CAP/PAC also recognizes the parallels between Israel and Canada in that a pre-existing population has been pushed aside. We also support an honest look at Canada’s own human rights record regarding our First Nations. CAP/PAC acknowledges Canadian participation in the occupation through the Canada-Israel Free Trade Agreement and the Ontario-Israel Memorandum of Understanding and commits to abrograte these agreements until Israel ceases its apartheid-like practices against Palestinians. The Canadian government has added to Palestinian suffering by being one of the first countries to cut off critical aid to Palestine to punish it for democratically electing a Hamas government one year ago. An article in The Jerusalem Post, February 4, 2007, reported that the Canadian government announced that it would establish an “Israel Allies Caucus” to “mobilize support for the State of Israel and promote Judeo-Christian values amid a groundswell of Christian support for Israel around the world.” An almost identical caucus was established in the U.S.approximately 6 months ago. However, there was no trace of this announcement in the mainstream media in Canada. In response The Alliance of Concerned Jewish Canadians commented: "This move is just another sign of the Harper government's complete contempt for the Canadian public." It is not in the interest of most Canadians, and certainly not in the interest of most Jews."

Contact Wendy Forrest , chair of policy, 416 571 8872

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