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Jose Luis Gutierrez Lozano
Doing community work in low income areas. Member of a network Ecosol – Mexico in Conciencia. Works in the field of solidarity economics. Working with the poorest building bridges between communities. They use an Organized Collective Work methodology from traditional communities. The central concept is that a united a community brings more wealth to everyone.
Fundacioy Ahora A.C.
Member of the World Social Forum (WSF)
President, Carola Reintjes (IDEAS)
World Social Forum Office in São Paulo
World Social Forum Office in Porto Alegre
International Council
General information

Participating in Global Dialogue 2005 issues with the theme being The Global Constitution.
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Participating in the following files:

Charter of the Global Community
Global governance
Parliament's Constitutional Affairs Committee
Global Parliament
Global Constitution
Politics without borders
Vision of the world
Earth  Governance
Reaching  out  to  the  Peoples

Participating in the development of the Global Constitution. The second draft of the Global Constitution is found at:

Table of Contents

1.0     article1
2.0    Article 2
3.0    Article 3
4.0    Article 4
5.0    Article 5
6.0    Article 6

Article 1

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Article 2

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Article 3

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Article 4

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Article 5

Article 6

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