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Earth Community Organization (ECO)
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Natalia Knijnikova
Nhairman of the Expert Council
hairman of the NGO "The Ecoligical Council"
Non-staff Expert of the Chernobyl and Environmental Committee of the Bryansk Regional Duma (Parliament)

for Discussion Roundtables 1, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 9, 10, 11, 12, 13, 15, 16, 22, 24, 25, 26, 28, 33, 35, 39, 40, 53, 54, and 55

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Understanding of the global ecological questions needed unprecedent joint efforts of scientific and high level political circles of the different countries. The produced strategy sustainable development as environmental development variant has become property of the global community. Its logic continuation ( step by step) of sustainable development are national strategy . From a question what its necessary to change? we send to a question how to change ? Its necessary in time and precisely to estimate the response to change of the tendencies of growth and development. I.e. the indicators of sustainable development have decisive meaning for an estimation of the chosen strategy on conformity wished, expected and really received results of a new direction of development, and also speed of progress to an object in view in time and space.

Speak, that its too much indicators (134) of sustainable development and consequently they cant be applied in practice. It s so and not so.

That of indicators is much quite naturally, as there are no recipes, ready and tested by mankind of sustainable development. But nowadays already its necessary to choose from them some indicators, obligatory and accepted to all countries, to receive commensurable results. In an ideal they should be so significance as GDP and . Last from great Russian ecologist - encyclopaedist Nikolai Reimers in his last book Hopes for a survival of mankind. Conceptual ecology ( published already after his death in 1992) has allocated only three universal indicators of the progress to sustainable development. "Criterion and indicator of successful social-economical development within the limits of ecological restrictions should be the parameters of population health and duration of the life, and also natural preconditions of maintenance of these parameters act. The economical riches as such are necessary to consider out-of-date by measurement of the national property ".

By a most urgent question, which must to reflect indicators, what parity of economy and ecology today. The locomotive of economy continues a movement by rolling rails. Therefore should be chosen only few arameters - for reflection ecology and economy integration .

Essential defect GDP is the reference of damage caused to an environment to costs over flow. At the same time GDP and GNP the economists ( by The Economist Publications The World in 2000 ) are similar on a sacred cow - to continue to consider growth GDP as a unique parameter of success of economy. The Scope of wings American eagle is compared extremely from % GDP. Essential defect GDP is the reference of damage caused to an environment to costs . The costs nowadays are not subtracted nowadays from volume of cumulative manufacture, and the consequence it GDP overestimates a level of material well-being of a society(community). At the same time GDP and GNP the economists are similar on a sacred cow - to continue to consider(examine) growth GDP as a unique(sole) parameter of success of economy. The Scope of wings American is compared extremely from % GDP. Only parity of a total internal collateral product (the cost expression of damage caused by pollution of natural environment to a total internal product will show a real picture of well-being.

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Article 2

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Article 6

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