Guidelines and criteria for projects

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The Scale of Human and Earth Rights is certainly the best guidance for projects and programs.

The Scale of Human and Earth Rights for guidance

Reviewing of development projects

Impacts on Land Use and Landscape

Ecological Impacts

Reviewing of development projects

On reviewing a development projects, the Global Community investigate the development proposal. Some of the questions to be asked include:

Is the project one which affects, or is affected by the natural environments?

Is the projects one which has the potential to affect land, water, air?

Does the project affect commerce, employment, industry, lifestyles, etc.?

Is the project one which affects existing public facilities, public services, utilities, institutions?

Is the project one which affects the local tax base, property values, minority group, special interest groups, traffic?

Is the project one which affects the community character and stability?

Is there an anticipated organized opposition to the proposal?

Does the project significantly affect historic and conservation lands?

Will the project have impacts which have the potential to degrade the quality of the environment?

Will the environmental effects of the project cause substantial adverse effects on human beings?

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Impacts on Land Use and Landscape

* Is the proposed development compatible with surrounding land uses?
* Will the proposed development substantially modify the landscape?
* Is the scale of development compatible with that of the local landscape?
* Are there any trees or buildings on the site worthy of preservation?
* Are the landscaping proposals submitted by the applicant satisfactory?
* Has consideration been given to a satisfactory scheme for site restoration should the proposed development cease operation?
Has an appropriate means of financing the implementation of the restoration scheme been agreed upon should the company cease to be a viable concern?
* Are the materials to be used in the permanent structure and buildings of the development in character with those of the local area?
* How far are existing land uses within the zone of visual influence compatible with the character of the proposed development?

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Ecological Impacts

* Are the development and the existing habitats compatible? If "YES", what conservation methods will be necessary to protect the habitats?
* if the developer described conservation methods that will be used to protect sensitive habitats, are they likely to be successful?
* Are the claims of the developer with respect to these conservation methods realistic?
* If the development and habitats are not compatible, what communities will be at risk from:

1. physical destruction;
2. changes in groundwater level;
3. change in quality of standing or flowing water, Oxygen content, salinity, turbidity, flow rate and temperature;
4. chemical pollution change in sitting;
5. air pollution; dust depositing;
6. changes in nutrient status of habitats;

* In each of the above cases, what is the local, regional and national status of any habitats at risk?
* What dependent communities will be at risk?



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