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4. Active Research Projects
4.1 Transboundary Assessments
4.2 Impact Assessments
4.3 Policy Assessments
4.4 Assessment of local/global indicators
4.5 Integration of local/global indicators to give a sense of direction to The Global Community
4.6 Integration of scientific understanding to policy
4.7 Management of Global Changes

5. The Global Sustainable Development Project
5.1 Environmental Sustainable Development
5.2 Sustainable Home and Community Development
5.3 Sustainable Economic Development
5.4 Sustainable Resources Development

6. Integrated Account Systems

7. Role of businesses, civic organizations, and environmental agencies
in implementing the sustainable use of biodiversity

8. Focus 2006
8.1 The Global Community Overall Picture
(i) Energy
(ii) Poverty
(iii) Land
(iv) Biodiversity
(v) Ecological
(vi) Consumption/Production
(vii) Population
(viii) Forests
(ix) Fresh Water
(x) Climate Change
(xi) Financing
(xii) Hazardous Substances/Wastes
(xiii) Ozone Depleting Substances
(xiv) Opportunity for Youth
(xv) Improving Quality of Family Life
(xvi) Developing Healthful Life Styles
(xvii) Home and community Development
8.2 Four Major Quality Systems
i) Environment
ii) People
iii) Availability of Resources
iv) Economic Development




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