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Global Dialogue 2007
Global Dialogue 2007: building global communities for all life
theme Theme of Global Dialogue 2007: building global communities for all life
Building global communities for all life Global Dialogue 2007: building global communities for all life

Global Sustainability

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Humanity's new vision of the world is about seeing human activities on the planet through:

a) the Scale of Human and Earth Rights; Scale of Human and Earth Rights

b) the Statement of Rights and Responsibilities of a person and the Global Community; Statement of Rights and Responsibilities and

c) building global symbiotical relationships between people, institutions, cities, provinces and nations of the world.
Global symbiotical relationships

Vision of Global Community Citizens
Vision of Global Community Citizens

The Global Community believes all global citizens have the right to share the wealth in the world. Foreign investment and the trade agreement must protect and improve social and environmental rights, not just the economy. A global sustainable development would mean finding a sound balance among the interactions designed to create a healthy economic growth, preserve environmental quality, make a wise use of our resources, and enhance social benefits. Free trade cannot proceed at the expense of the environment, labour rights, human rights and the sovereignty of a nation. Free trade will lead to an increase in poverty by giving investor rights priority over government decision-making. Employers will be looking for more concessions from workers. Small businesses will find it more difficult to grow and compete against large corporations.

Certified Corporate Global Community Citizenship

The Global Community will help businesses to be part of the solution to the challenges of globalisation. In this way, the private sector in partnership with the civil society can help realize a vision: allowing a global equitable and peaceful development and a more stable and inclusive global economy.

The Global Community promotes the adoption of world sustainable development and for strong international cooperation to achieve world sustainable development. Global cooperation can facilitate native people's acceptance of rational policies, financial assistances and advanced technologies provided by the international community and that international cooperation also can contribute to regulating world population distribution, improving low population quality of backward countries, protecting and exploiting natural resources, developing those products and industries which can cause lower consumption of natural resources and energy sources with light pollution of environment, and keeping environmental stability and ecological balance. In a word, international cooperation greatly contributes to world sustainable development. Equitable global sustainable development




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