Corporate social responsibility

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We want to help you be an active corporate member of the Global Community, the human family, the Earth Community. Apply to us to be a global corporate citizen of the Global Community.

As a business you may:

a)     be a corporate Knight
b)     be a socially responsible investor
c)     have taken the challenge of a more integrated approach to corporate responsibility by placing environmental and community-based objectives and measures onto the decision-making table alongside with the strategic business planning and operational factors that impact your bottom-line results
d)    provide not only competitive return to your shareholders but you also operate your business in light of environmental and social contributions, and you have understood the interdependence between financial performance, environmental performance and commitment to the community
e)     have taken a full life-cycle approach to integrate and balance environmental and economic decisions for major projects
f)     have an active Environmental, Health and Safety Committee and integrated codes of conduct, policies, standards and operating procedures to reflect your corporate responsibility management
g)     have scored high on categories such as:

* environmental performance
* product safety
* business practices
* help small business in the least developed countries
* commitment to the community
* abolition of child labour
* eliminate discrimination in respect of employment and occupation
* employee relations and diversity
* effective recognition of the right to collective bargaining
* corporate governance
* share performance
* global corporate responsibility
* against corruption in all its forms, including extortion and bribery
* health, safety and security
* provided help to combat diseases such as AIDS
* uphold the freedom of association
* audits and inspections
* emergency preparedness
* corporate global ethical values
* ensured decent working conditions
* implemented no-bribe policies
* standards of honesty, integrity and ethical behaviour
* elimination of all forms of forced and compulsory labour
* in line with the Scale of Human and Earth Rights and the Charter of Global Community
h)     support a balance and responsible approach that promotes action on the issue of climate change as well as all other issues related to the global life-support systems:

* global warming
* Ozone layer
* wastes of all kind including nuclear and release of radiation
* climate change
* species of the fauna and flora becoming extinct
* losses of forest cover and of biological diversity
* the capacity for photosynthesis
* the water cycle
* food production systems
* genetic resources
* chemicals produced for human use and not found in nature and, eventually, reaching the environment with impacts on Earth's waters, soils, air, and ecology

Now is time to reach a higher level of protection to life on Earth. We all need this for the survival of our species. We can help you integrate and balance global life-support systems protection, global community participation, and economic decisions into your operations and products.

We want to help you be an active corporate member of the Global Community, the human family, the Earth Community.

Apply to us to be a global corporate citizen of the Global Community.

A Certified Corporate Global Community Citizenship is a unique way to show the world that your ways of doing business are best for the Global Community.

You can obtain the citizenship after accepting the Criteria of the Global Community Citizenship and following an assessment of your business. You are then asked to operate your business as per the values of the citizenship.






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