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Global Dialogue 2007
Global Dialogue 2007: building global communities for all life
theme Theme of Global Dialogue 2007: building global communities for all life
Building global communities for all life Global Dialogue 2007: building global communities for all life

Employment for every global citizen

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Universal health care, education, retirement security and employment services to every Global Community citizen

Implemented through the Global Community with built-in mechanisms for optimum input and oversight guaranteed to all member-states, the Global Community offers a practicable starting point for achieving:

(a)     a healthful, sustainable environment for every global community citizen,

(b)     universal health care, publicly supported,

(c)     education for all based upon individual capability,

(d)     creative/productive employment for every global community citizen, and

(e)     post-retirement security.

This effort will lead over time to an escalation of human values and symbiotical relationships transcending money centered economics.


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