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The Global Community has begun to establish the existence of the age of global cooperation in the world. An economically base symbiotical relationship exists between nations of the European Union. Other types (geographical, economical, social, business-like, political, religious, and personal) may be created all over the world between communities, nations, and between people themselves.

Global ministries are a very specific and useful type of symbiotical relationships on Earth. There are urgently needed. The Global Community has been promoting the formation of 51 global ministries for the proper governance of Earth.

Global ministries are world wide organizations just like the World trade Organization (WTO) for trade and therefore should have the same power to rule on cases as that of the WTO.

Global ministries are world wide organizations just like the World trade Organization (WTO) for trade and therefore should have the same power to rule on cases as that of the WTO.

The Global Community has already created several global ministries. The most obvious ones are the Earth Health Ministry, Earth Security, Earth Ministry of Justice, the Earth Ministry of the Environment for Global Environmental Governance and the Earth Resources Ministry. The Global Community is also proposing the creation of several other global ministries for the management of Earth (energy, agriculture, environment, health, Earth resources, Earth management, security and safety, trade, peace, family and human development, water resources protection, family and human development, water resources protection, youth, education, justice, science and technology, finance, human resources, ethics, human and Earth rights, sustainable development, industry and manufacturing products, etc.). Each ministry would have a similar power to rule as that given to the WTO organization.

The creation of global ministries is a part of the "Belief, Values, Principles and Aspirations of the Global Community." The Earth Court of Justice will prosecute cases stemming from the global ministries.

Earth needs urgently a world system of governance. The United Nations fail to satisfy the needs of the people of the 21st Century. It has never improved upon the old ways and thinking of the middle of the 20th Century. Its voting system no longer satisfy the 6.157 billion people on Earth. Reform is needed but the U.N. organizational structure is incapable of handling its own restructuring. The challenges are different and require a world organization up for dealing with the needs of all these people: the global Community.

During the past several years, the Global Community has been pleading the United Nations leaders to make changes in the UN organizational structure and ways of doing things. There has been an urgent need for fundamental changes in the United Nations organization. The world wants a true democratic world organization. The UN is not! Should we start from scratch? No! There are a lot of good things within the UN, and they need to be protected.

The most fundamental requirement of a world organization is a democratic system of voting. Democracy must be a priority. The right that the greatest number of people has by virtue of its number (50% plus one) is a human right. It should be respected. The actual UN system of voting is undemocratic, unfair and noone likes it. It does not work! The Earth Community Organization (ECO) has proposed a voting system based on democracy.

It is very simple and democratic.

The Global Community is requesting that the United Nations change its voting system to have one vote per million people. This way the rich North will have to deal with the poor in the South in order to obtain votes for decision-making. The eradication of poverty in the world will be achieved. Thousands of other good things will be achieved.

Earth has long been waiting for a truly global governing body based on universal values, human rights, global concepts and democracy. We might as well start this creating process now, there is no longer any reason to wait.

There is a lot to be done. Creation of Ministries will be a priority.

Since international trade needs an international organization such as the WTO then why not an international organization to protect the global environment, the global life-support systems? Why not one for other global aspects such as:

*         Earth Court of Justice
*         Health
*         Justice
*         Security
*         Employment
*         Agriculture
*         Human and Social Development
*         Communications
*         Finances and Banks
*         Protection of the global life-support systems
*         Energy
*         Resources
*         Water Resources
*         Trade
*        Forestry
*         Rescues and Emergencies
*        Global taxes
*         Tourism
*         Technology
*         Arts
*         Poverty
*         Education

Why not have ministries, global ministries, for each one of these sectors of life?

And yes, why not one for global politics, politics without borders, global governance and Earth management.




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