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Global Dialogue 2007
Global Dialogue 2007: building global communities for all life
theme Theme of Global Dialogue 2007: building global communities for all life
Building global communities for all life Global Dialogue 2007: building global communities for all life

Universal health care

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Universal health care, education, retirement security and employment services to every Global Community citizen

Implemented through the Global Community with built-in mechanisms for optimum input and oversight guaranteed to all member-states, the Global Community offers a practicable starting point for achieving:

(a)     a healthful, sustainable environment for every global community citizen,

(b)     universal health care, publicly supported,

(c)     education for all based upon individual capability,

(d)     creative/productive employment for every global community citizen, and

(e)     post-retirement security.

This effort will lead over time to an escalation of human values and symbiotical relationships transcending money centered economics.

The Global Community is calling for the immediate formation of the Earth Ministry of Health. The globalization of trade, the extensive mouvement of people all over the world, the increase of poverty and diseases in developing countries and all over the world, have caused pathogens and exotic diseases to migrate over enormous distances and now, are an increasing threat to local ecosystems and communities, economies and health of every human being and all life. The Global Community, the Human Family, is calling this threat of the upmost importance and must be dealt with immediately by every nation. We must manage health in the world. We are calling for the immediate creation of the Earth Ministry of Health .

Formation of a Global Ministry of Environmental Health

1.     Must be non-profit, grassroots, and at community level.
2.     Finances: drug companies and governments.
3.    Global Declaration

a)    very strict and mandatory
b)    all nations participate
c)    scientists and professionals in the fields who have dedicated their lives to environmental health
d)    humanitarians


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