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  • GC_1.Global Community stands for a direct democracy. GC_1
  • GC_2.Global Community, what we stand for. GC_2
  • GC_3.Global Community, a global democracy for all Peoples.GC_2
  • GC_4.What makes Life on planet Earth habitable for all species?GC_2
  • GC_5.Humanity's new Vision of the world.GC_2
  • GC_6.Global Community is Earth for all Life.GC_2
  • GC_7.What makes Earth suitable for all life? GC_2
  • GC_8. Earth Governance, the Multicivilizational Community, and Global Civilizational State.GC_2
  • GC_9. Global Community Activities over the past decades of research work.GC_2
  • GC_10.Earth Court of Justice.GC_2
  • GC_11. Executive order concerning Global Community's survival and Humanity's new vision of the world. GC_2
  • GC_12. Evolution, creation and now, Global Civilizational State from 1985 to 2024. GC_2
  • GC_13. Global Civilizational State, the Multicivilizational Community. GC_2
  • GC_14. Global politics today reconfigured along cultural lines and civilizations. GC_2
  • GC_15. In a multicivilizational world, there are core values which different ethnic and religious societies have in common. GC_2
  • GC_16. Earth governance and management to build a Global Civilization based on global sustainability. GC_2
  • GC_17. Building Global Communities for all Life and plants. GC_2
  • GC_18. We belong and depend to a much larger group, that of Global Community, the human family. GC_2
  • GC_19. What it means to live in a more crowded humanity with finite resources and more pollution threatening the global life-support systems.GC_2
  • GC_20. All civilizations have certain characteristics and shared communication strategies; and the division of people into social and economic classes. GC_2
  • GC_21. All world civilizations have values, solutions to handle issues, and a vision for survival as a species. GC_2
  • GC_22. United Nations is an international organization committed to maintaining international peace and security, and human rights. GC_2
  • GC_23. Most important characteristics for the development of a Global Civilizational Community, or Multicivilizational Community. GC_2
  • GC_24. Global Community Direct Democracy for all Life and plants. GC_2
  • GC_25. Global Civilizational State for free education and training, and a prosperous future and a healthy planet, Earth. GC_2
  • GC_26. Global Community Proceedings of the Global Dialogue. GC_2
  • GC_27. Global Parliament values and principles. GC_27
  • GC_28. Global Parliament's Constitution, Global Ministries, and essential services. GC_27
  • GC_29. Peace in the world with Global Community, and the sharing of Global Resources. GC_
  • GC_30. The establishment of global institutions for sciences, health and education, and research remaining loyal, through and fare within the Multicivilizational Community. GC_27
  • GC_31. Business and the environment: Global Civilizational State proposes that conflicts be resolved without violence and within a framework of Justice. GC_27
  • GC_32. Global Civilization issues today. GC_27
  • GC_33. A global collapse of civilizations appears likely. Global warming, overpopulation, overconsumption and poor choices of technologies are major drivers. GC_27
  • GC_34. Cause and effect relationship between each important global issue. Let us all protect world's ecosystems which reveal a widespread decline due to increasing resource demands of an overpopulated planet. GC_27
  • GC_35. Obtaining your Certified Corporate Global Community Citizenship (CCGCC) will help you to show the world your ways of doing business are best for Global Community. GC_27
  • GC_36. Observables provide support to Global Warming. Tipping points occur when global heating pushes temperatures beyond a critical threshold, leading to accelerated and irreversible impacts. GC_27
  • GC_37. Global tipping points of greatest concerns. The establishment of truly needed global environmental and ecological institutions. GC_27
  • GC_38. Leadership needed in the protection of all our natural resources, in peril because of what we do and what that does to our planet. We are facing a fresh water crisis. We are facing a food crisis. We are facing a crisis over deforestation. And we are facing crises in our oceans. While carbon emissions from fossil fuels pollute the air, land and our oceans, we are facing the climate change crisis. Now is the time to press for a sound Global Civilizational State leadership. GC_27
  • GC_39. Leadership needed to solve the problem of human overpopulation. GC_27
  • GC_40. Leadership needed to solve the problem of migrants and refugees, persecution, or natural disasters.GC_27
  • GC_41. With so many people taking so much land that also is needed for biodiversity, agriculture and food production and transportation. “What is going to give?” GC_27
  • GC_42. Earth’s resources are finite. So, populations cannot be infinite; however, the global population continues to grow, taking more and more land, using up more and more resources, demanding more and more energy and housing.GC_27
  • GC_43. Individuals can be socially, politically and culturally active to elevate the issues they care about. They can become more environmentally responsible in their purchasing decisions and their use of energy and natural resources. GC_27
  • GC_44. Sustainable wood consumption is essential for the future of forests. Individuals and institutions alike should promote the ecologically sound and socially responsible use of forest products. GC_27
  • GC_45. Women leadership needed to manage our planet sustainably for Life. GC_45
  • GC_46. Global voting system for our Democracy. GC_45
  • GC_47. Global Civilizational State: Global Ministries are about local to global cooperation. GC_45
  • GC_48. Global Parliament to govern over Nine (9) or more Global Governments. GC_45
  • GC_49. Global Civilizational State: application of the Scale of Global Rights to global issues. GC_45
  • GC_50. Scale of Global Rights: Short and long term solutions to the survival of all Life on Earth. GC_45
  • GC_51. Scale of Global Rights: What are the most important, difficult, severe global issues? GC_45
  • GC_52. Global Government of North America (GGNA). GC_45
  • GC_53. Earth governance and management: Ministry of Global Resources. GC_45
  • GC_54. Global Protection Agency (GPA): to protect Global Parliament. GC_45
  • GC_55. Basic classification of the bad and good sections on the Scale of Global Rights. GC_45
  • GC_56. Peoples: World Population Projection in 2024: 8,118,835,999 GC_45
  • GC_57. Protection of the global life-support systems. GC_45
  • GC_58. A cause and effect relationship wa applied to each important global issue within the Global Civilizational State. GC_45
  • GC_59. Direct Democracy: global voting. GC_45
  • GC_60. Glass Bubble concept of a Global Community: Peoples of all places, cultures, faith and religions are part of Global Community. GC_45
  • GC_61. Global Civilizational State: Global Justice for all with Global Law. GC_45
  • GC_62. In 2024, Global Community celebrates its 39th year since its formation in 1985. More significant and meaningful actions needed to save the Earth, all Life. GC_45
  • GC_63. Evolution, creation and now, Global Civilizational State from 1985 to 2024. Global Civilizational State, the Multicivilizational Community. GC_45
  • GC_64. Global Peace Movement. GC_45
  • GC_65. Welcome to your most important global commons within the Multicivilizational Community. GC_45
  • GC_66. Global Peace Movement: to attain Peace in the world we must take into account many important aspects of Life in society. GC_45
  • GC_67. Executive order concerning Global Parliament, all of Humanity's new vision of the world. GC_45
  • GC_68. Global Civilizational State dependable and trustworthy leadership to guard over and care for all Life on Earth. GC_45
  • GC_69. Global Civilization, the 21st century vision of Global Community. GC_45
  • GC_70. The recognition of rights of future generations is the right to achieve a sustainable level of development and the right to be able to utilise natural resources. The Scale of Global Rights does answer this thinking. GC_45
  • GC_71. We, global citizens, do volunteer work for humanity. We expect volunteers to be responsible and accountable of all their actions. In order to create a harmonious and compassionate Global Civilizational State, we want you to become a volunteer. GC_45
  • GC_72. Civilization and culture both refer to the overall way of life of a people, and involve the values, beliefs, norms, institutions, social structures, and modes of thinking to which successive generations in a given society. GC_45
  • GC_73. A single Global Civilizational State is a variety of cultures, of peoples, of religious worlds, of historical traditions, and of historically formed attitudes. GC_45
  • GC_74. America is the distinct core-state civilization of the West and is seen by global citizens as the guardian, custodian and embodiment of Western civilization. GC_45
  • GC_75. Within China development model, the main features of the civilizational state constitute China's greatest strengths. GC_45
  • GC_76. When looking across cultures of geo-cultural areas and across millennia, certain virtues have prevailed in all cultures, the major ones include: wisdom, knowledge, courage, justice, love, truth, empathy, kindness, and social intelligence. GC_45
  • GC_77. Global Civilizational State ethics for a business are about how we treat others and a commitment to respect every person humanely and with dignity. GC_45
  • GC_78. The increased interaction among peoples which includes trade, investment, tourism, media, electronic communication, is generating a common world culture. GC_45
  • GC_79. In consequence of globalization, the new economic and political distribution of power around the world has become very different then we were used to. GC_45
  • GC_80. A distinction must be made between necessary and limitless consumption, between justified and unjustified uses of natural resources, and between a profit-only and a socially beneficial and ecologically oriented market economy. GC_45
  • GC_81. What would be the shape and fundamental goals of an expansive anti-capitalist movement against extinction and for Environmental Justice? GC_45
  • GC_82. As Moscow's war in Ukraine rages on, with deadly shelling on cities along the front lines and more clashes in hot spots in southern Ukraine, the Ukrainian president, Volodymyr Zelenskiy, showed no need to use diplomacy to save his country from being detroyed and his citizens from being killed. NATO and the USA, along with the EU, are expected to help as if wars was the way to solve problems. GC_45
  • GC_83. Over the past centuries, all of the European nations have been fighting each other or fighting with each other. Diplomacy was never a part of their DNA. They would rather behave like Piranhas. They get together to either fight one another or fight foreigners. Again like Piranhas do. GC_45
  • GC_84. The primary goal of the developed nations must be to overturn the present expansionary economic system based on capitalism by fostering de-growth and creating steady state societies founded on principles of equality and environmental justice. GC_45
  • GC_85. "Democratic socialism plus" advocates that the control and management of natural resources be under the control of the people. The 1 % super rich people worldwide who thrive within capitalism, must be overthrown. This new way of governing can be achieve through legitimate democratic means by voting in a party that represents this way of governing. "Democratic socialism plus" implies public owership, not private ownership of natural resources. GC_45
  • GC_86. Global Constitution describes all values needed for good global governance: mutual respect, tolerance, respect for life, justice for all everywhere, integrity, and caring. The Scale of global Rights has become an inner truth and the benchmark of the millennium in how everyone sees all those values. GC_45
  • GC_87. It's time for us to come to terms with reality. It's time for us to protect what is left to protect: life itself on Earth. This was the reason for the creation of a planetary biodiversity zone. GC_45
  • GC_88. Earth has long been waiting for a truly global governing body based on universal values, global rights, global concepts and democracy. We must develop and apply the vision of a sustainable way of life locally, nationally, regionally, globally, and within ourselves throughout life. GC_45
  • GC_89. Our Global Peace Mouvement is about the courage to live a life in a harmonious peace order and showing by example, thus preventing poverty, wars, terror and violence. We need to educate the coming generations with good principles, being compassionate, social harmony and global sustainability being some of them. GC_45
  • GC_90. Global Community is inviting you to participate in the formation of global symbiotical relationships between people, institutions, cities, provinces,communities, nations, and businesses. We are also proposing the formation of a political symbiotical relationship between state and global civil society. GC_45
  • GC_91. Global Community ethics offer fundamental moral behaviors and irrevocable standards. Global Community faith is about realizing this new global order will be better, safer, and more realistic after replacing the 1948 Universal Declaration of Human Rights by the Scale of Global Rights. GC_45
  • GC_92. Global Civilizational State: the application of the Scale of Global Rights to the most important global issues threatening humanity's survival worldwide. GC_45
  • GC_93. The very first step of the Federation, we want each Global Government to take a larger share of responsibility of the specific region where it operates, and be more accountable to the people of that region, and to all life on Earth. Global Community has researched and developed such services and listed them here. GC_45
  • GC_94. Today's international trade agreements are obsolete and primitive. Let us first define what we mean by "Global Protection Agency (GPA)", and of course what we mean by "essential services" in the global context of humanity. GC_45
  • GC_95. The worst environmental degradation happens in wars. Emissions from factories and vehicles have caused ozone depletion and acid rain. GC_45
  • GC_96. Global Community ethics includes a process based on Scale of Global Rights. Global citizens have a binding responsibility for the welfare of all humanity and care for all life on Earth. GC_45
  • GC_97. Scale of Global Rights contains six (6) sections. Section 1 has more importance than all other sections below, and so on. Concerning sections 1, 2, and 3, it shall be Global Civilization highest priority to guarantee these rights to their respective Member Nations and to have proper legislation andimplement and enforce global law as it applies and as shown in the Global Constitution. GC_45
  • GC_98. Scale of Global Rights definition. GC_45
  • GC_99. Climate change is definitely at the top of the most global important issues facing our planet today. While this issue primarily focuses on global warming, changes in precipitation, air quality, biodiversity, “habitable” zones and many other areas are part of and affected by climate change. GC_45
  • GC_100. In consequence of globalization, giant new markets are forming all over the world. Competition is hardening. National economies can no longer insure or guarantee rights of possession on any property. National borders no longer mean protection, security, cultural boundaries, resources ownership, political and economic control. GC_45
  • GC_101. Global Community is declaring a moratorium on immigration all over the world, on all applications for immigration, until applicants from any religious or cultural background have satisfied completely Global Community standard for a population fertility rate of 1.3 children per family. That is Global Law.  GC_45

Constitutions, Statutes, and Codes

The Global Constitution, Statutes and Codes

  • The Global Constitution
  • Full Earth Government Code;

Bills, Hearings, Reports, and Other Material From and About Global Parliament

  • Bills and Other Legislative Information
  • Earth Executive Council
  • House of Elected Representatives
  • House of Advisers
  • Global Governments Federation

Member Nation Constitutions, Statutes and Related Legislative Information

  • Uniform or Model Codes, Potentially Applicable to All Member Nations
    • Uniform Commercial Code
    • Uniform Laws As Enacted in Individual Nations
      • Uniform Commercial Code
      • Uniform Probate Code
      • Uniform Code of Evidence
      • Uniform Laws in the Areas of Matrimony, Family, and Health
      • Uniform Laws Dealing with Business and Finance
    • Draft Uniform Laws
    • Rules of Conduct Governing Lawyers
  • Member Nation Statutes by Topic
  • Constitutions, Statutes, and Legislative Information - By Member Nation and Territory


Chapter 14.2    B.3    Global Civil Service Administration and Planning
Article 1:    The Global Civil Service Administration and Planning (GCSAP)
a.   Introduction
1.   Certain administrative, research, planning and facilitative agencies of Earth Government which are particularly essential for the satisfactory functioning of all or most aspects of Earth Government, shall be designated as the GCSAP. The GCSAP shall include the agencies listed under this Section, with the provison that other such agencies may be added upon recommendation of the Global Council followed by decision of the Global Parliament.
a.   The Global Civil Service Staff.
b.   The Global Boundaries and Elections Administration.  
c.   The Agency on Governmental Procedures and Global Problems.  
d.   The Agency for Research and Planning.  
e.   The Global Community Assessment Centre (GCAC).  
f.   The Global Financial Administration.  
2.   Each agency of the GCSAP shall be headed by a Cabinet Minister and a Senior Administrator, or by a Vice President and a Senior Administrator, together with a Commission as provided hereunder. The rules of procedure for each agency shall be decided by majority decision of the Commission members together with the Administrator and the Minister or Vice President.
3.   Global Parliament may at any time define further the responsibilities, functioning and organization of the several agencies of the GCSAP, consistent with the provisions of the Global Constitution.
4.   Each agency of the GCSAP shall make an annual report to the Global Parliament and to the Global Council .  

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What the Global Community does by subject

What the Global Community does by subject
    Agriculture and needs of the Global Community Agriculture and needs of Global Community
    Eradicating poverty Eradicating poverty
    Eradicating poverty Eradicating poverty
    Ecology of the new world Ecology of the new world
    Global policies and strategies for managing world overpopulation Global policies and strategies for managing world overpopulation
    The Kyoto Protocol The greenhouse gas emission measurements
    Climate change adaptation and global warming Climate change adaptation and global warming
    City planning City development planning
    Home and community development Home and community development
    Settling of disputes between nations Settling of disputes between nations
     Reforming the WTO Reforming the WTO
    Global dialogue and participation Global dialogue and participation
    Human rights Human rights
    Societal sustainability Societal sustainability
    Sound solutions for an equitable global sustainable development Sound solutions for an equitable global sustainable development
    Youth participation Youth participation
    Waste management Waste management
    Women rights and issues Women rights and issues
    Teaching and education Teaching and education
    Business Business
    Cultural rights Cultural rights
    Environment Environment
    Spirituality and religion Spirituality and religion
    Global economy and trade Global economy and trade
     Global cooperation and symbiotical relationships between communities and nations Global cooperation and symbiotical relationships between communities and nations
    Genetics Genetics
    Arts Arts
    Earth rights Global Rights
     Biological diversity Biological diversity
    Cities: power, rights and responsiblities Cities: power, rights and responsiblities
    Democracy Direct Democracy assessments
    Measuring sustainable development and well-being Measuring sustainable development and well-being
    Literature Literature
    Alternative energies Alternative energies
    Models of global governance Models of global governance
    Scenarios of humanity's future Scenarios of humanity's future
    Global life-support systems protection Global life-support systems protection
    Ecological resources Ecological resources
    Global Governments Federation Global Governments Federation
    Global Governments FederationThe Global Constitution
    Global Governments FederationThe Global Community Exhibition
    The Global Community overall picture and assessment Global Community overall picture and assessment
    Engineering  Engineering
    Recycling and biodegradability Recycling and biodegradability
    Forestry Forestry
    Abolition of weapons of mass destruction Abolition of weapons of mass destruction
    Global Community Citizenship Global Community Citizenship
    Statement of rights and responsibilities Statement of rights and responsibilities
    Public Health Public Health
    Corporate accountability and global ethics Corporate accountability and global ethics
    Universal health care Universal health care
    Building and construction Building and construction development
    Social and Human Development Social and Human Development
    Conservation strategies Conservation strategies
    Sustainable development Sustainable development
    Sciences and technology Sciences and technology
    Preventive actions against polluters Preventive actions against polluters
    Water resources Water resources protection
    Global ministries Global ministries
    Peace movement Global Peace Movement
    Promoting the Global Community Promoting Global Community
    Earth security Earth security
    Reforming the United Nations Reforming the United Nations
    Drinking water and clean air Drinking water and clean air
    Primordial human and Earth rights Primordial human and Earth rights
    Global tax Global tax
    Information and communications technologies (ICTs) Information and communications technologies (ICTs)
    Management of Earth resources Management of Earth resources
    Trade Trade
    Restoration of the planet, our home Restoration of the planet, our home
    Celebration of Life Day Celebration of Life Day
    Earth Court of Justice Earth Court of Justice
    Global governance and Earth management Global governance and Earth management
    Scale of Human and Earth Rights Scale of Global Rights
    Climate change Climate change
    Charter of the Global Community Charter of Global Community
    Politic Politic
    Justice Justice
    Humanity's new vision of the world Humanity's new vision of the world
    Mitigating GHGs in  Power Sector Mitigating GHGs in Power Sector
Climate Change Ministry

1.0       Overview of the problem
2.0       >Growth and measurement of world population
2.1       Data and terminology
2.2       Measurement of world population
2.3       Developing nations with low total fertility rate
2.4       Developing nations with high total fertility rate
2.5       Policies to decrease world population
3.0       Global Community overall picture
4.0       Overpopulation as social issue
5.0       Impacts of the overpopulation
6.0       Population control
7.0       Action at the Global Community level
7.1       Impacts of family planning and health services
7.2       Reproductive health services
7.3       Unintended pregnancies
7.4       Abortion policies
7.5       Nutritional anemia in pregnancy
7.6       Care in pregnancy and childbirth
7.7       HIV/AIDS
7.8       Risk of death in childbearing
7.9       Improving reproductive health
7.10       Biodiversity
7.11       Forests
7.12       Education
7.13       Population and hope
8.0       Birth Control
8.1       History of birth control
8.2       Traditional birth control methods
8.3       Modern birth control methods
8.4       Religious and cultural attitudes to birth control
9.0       Action at the local community level
10.0       Action concerning fisheries
11.0       Action concerning forests
12.0       Action concerning agricultural land and food production
13.0       Action concerning world hunger
14.0       Action concerning natural resources
15.0       Action concerning water
16.0       Carrying capacity
17.0       Overview of results from this report
18.0       Conclusion
19.0       Recommendations
To my fellow Americans I say:
a)        upgrade your values by accepting the Scale of Human and Earth Rights, the Charter of the Earth Community, and become Gobal Community Citizens;
b)        promote a 'buy in America campaign'; dont let American multi-nationals invest their capitals outside of America; change your legislation to that effect;
c)        do something about the primordial human rights of your citizens;
  • safety and security
  • have shelter
  • a 'clean' and healthy environment
  • drink fresh water
  • breath clean air
  • basic clothing
  • 'clean' energy and
  • eat a balance diet
Without these primordial human needs one cannot have and enjoy the following non-primordial human needs:
  • social justice
  • basic health care
  • communications facilities in the community
  • well-rounded education
  • cultural protection
  • spiritual and religious acceptance
  • economic freedom
d)        get rid of your annual deficit and pay your debt; we are doing it in Canada why cant you?
e)        get out of the Middle East and take your Trojan Horse, Israel, with you on your way out; forget about invading China economically or militarily; the Chinese people and their problems are in a higher class than yours;
f)        control your overpopulated nation and immigration by requesting immigrants to accept the criteria of the Global Community Citizenship;
g)        help Irak rebuild its community with your money not with their oil money;
h)       humanity as no need of a predator nation, get help;
i)        loose your dream of controlling the world (or half the world with the FTAA) as your leadership is bad at home and abroad, and noone wants it; and
j)        ratify the Kyoto Protocol and 'fight' for the protection of the global life-support systems. Your lives depend on them.

Happy New Year America!

There is an urgent need to fill the following positions:

(highlighted positions have already been filled)

*    President

*    Vice-president
*    Secretary-General (this position was created and reserved for the Secretary-General of the United Nations)
*    Minister of Finances (Expenditures and Revenues)
*    Minister of World Monetary Institutions
*    Minister of Peace
*    Minister of the Earth Flag
*    Minister of Youth
*    Minister of Human and Earth Rights
*    Minister of Global Ethics
*    Minister of Environment and Ecological Protection
*    Minister of Fisheries
*    Minister of Forests
*    Minister of Soil Conservation
*    Minister of Mining
*    Minister of Earth Resources
*    Minister of Water Resources
*    Minister of Economic Development
*    Minister of Trade
*    Minister of Cultural Protection
*    Minister of Education and Training
*    Minister of Health
*    Minister of Urbanization and Rural Development
*    Minister of Earth Negotiations
*    Minister of International Treaties
*    Minister of Earth Council
*    Minister of Earth Charter
*    Minister of Research & Development
*    Minister of the GCAC
*    Minister of Communications
*    Minister of Transportation
*    Minister of Heritage Protection
*    Minister of Election
*    Minister of the Judiciary
*    Minister of Justice
*    Minister of Laws, Regulations, Guidelines, Codes and Standards
*    Minister of Social Services
*    Minister of Rescues and Emergencies Due to Natural Disasters
*    Minister of Refugees
*    Minister of Energy
*    Minister of Consumption and Production
*    Minister of Business Development
*    Minister of Human Resources
*    Minister of Human and Social Development
*    Minister of Aboriginals and Natives
*    Minister of Wastes
*    Minister of Agricultural Development
*    Minister of Food Production
*    Minister of Oceans and Coastal Areas
*    Minister of Infrastructures and Facilities
*    Minister of Science and Technology
*    Minister of Eradication of Hunger and Poverty
*    Minister of Industry and Manufacturing Products
*    Minister of Bank and Loans

Other minister and officer positions may be created as well. We expect suggestions to come forward between now and August 2002. Several criteria will be taken into account: qualifications of the candidate for leadership, past record as a good citizen, no criminal records, your own financial support (we dont  have any funds to pay anyone and for anything), and proven experience and competence in the position. Candidates work strictly on a volunteer basis. You are also required to have accepted in your heart and mind universal values, global concepts, democratic principles, and human rights as obtained and defined in the previous global dialogue.

The immediate goals of the Interim Earth Government are to define and develop each Ministry.


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