Chapter VII     Global symbiotical relationships between Global Parliament and Member Nations
Article 1:    Global Parliament and global symbiotical relationships
Global Parliament shall develop global symbiotical relationships with Member Nations, aiming to establish an area of prosperity and good neighbourliness, founded on the values of Global Parliament and characterised by close and peaceful relations based on cooperation. The fundamental criteria is that a relationship is created for the good of all groups participating in the relationship and for the good of humanity, all life on Earth. The relationship allows a global equitable and peaceful development and a more stable and inclusive global economy. Chapter 20.24 and Article 7 in Chapter 10.1 discussed further this topic.
Article 2:    Specific agreements
For this purpose, Global Parliament may conclude and implement specific agreements with the Nations concerned in accordance with Article 3, Chapter 22.6. These agreements may contain reciprocal rights and obligations as well as the possibility of undertaking activities jointly. Their implementation shall be the subject of periodic consultation.

Article 3:    Basic principles

The fundamental criteria is that a relationship is created for the good of all groups participating in the relationship and for the good of humanity, all life on Earth. The relationship allows a global equitable and peaceful development and a more stable and inclusive global economy.

A typical global community may be what a group of people, together, wants it to be. It can be a group of people with the same values. It can be a group of people with the same cultural background, or the same religious background. Or it can be people with different values, cultural background or religious values and beliefs. The people making a global community may be living in many different locations on the planet. With today's communications it is easy to group people in this fashion. It can be a village, or two villages together where people have decided to unite as one global community. The two villages may be found in different parts of the world. It can be a town, a city, or a nation. It can be two or more nations together. A global community could be a group of Africans, maybe NGOs, or maybe businesses, in one(or several) of the nations of Africa, who decided to unite with another group(s), or businesses, situated in Canada, or elsewhere in the world. Together they can grow as a global community and be strong and healthy.

A global symbiotical relationship between two or more nations, or between two or more global communities, can have trade as the major aspect of the relationship or it can have as many other aspects as agreed by the people involved. The fundamental criteria is that a relationship is created for the good of all groups participating in the relationship and for the good of humanity, all life on Earth. The relationship allows a global equitable and peaceful development and a more stable and inclusive global economy.

Article 4:    Emphasis of a global symbiotical relationship
The emphasis of a global symbiotical relationship is not so much on how much money a nation should have or how high a GDP should be although money can be made a part of the relationship. We all know developed countries live off developing countries so the emphasis has no need to stress out the profit a rich nation is making off a poor nation. The emphasis of the relationship should give more importance to the other aspects such as quality of life, protection of the environment and of the global life-support systems, the entrenchment of the Scale of Global Rights into our ways of life, justice, peace, cultural and spiritual freedom, security, and many other important aspects as described in the global ministries (health, agriculture, energy, trade, resources, etc.).

Global symbiotical relationships are always created between Global Community citizens. All Global Community citizens live a life as per humanity's new vision of the world Humanity's new vision of the world which is about seeing human activities on the planet through:

a)     the Scale of Global Rights; Scale of Global Rights

b)     the Statement of Rights and Responsibilities of a person and the Global Community; Statement of Rights and Responsibilities and

c)     building global symbiotical relationships between people, institutions, cities, provinces and nations of the world. Global symbiotical relationships

Certified Corporate Global Community Citizenship (CCGCC)
To become a member of the Global Community you can be:

*     a person
*     a global community
*     an institution
*     a town, city or province
*     a state or a nation
*     a business
*     an NGO
*     a group of people who decided to unite for the better of everyone participating in the relationship
*     an international organization

Any of these groups can formed together a global symbiotical relationship.

The Global Community has begun to establish the existence of the New Age Civilization of the 3rd Millennium, the age of symbiotical relationships and global cooperation. An economically base symbiotical relationship exists between nations of the European Union. Other types (geographical, economical, social, business-like, political, religious, and personal) may be created all over the world between communities, nations, and between people themselves. There has always been symbiotical relationships in Nature, and between Souls and the matter of the universe to help creating Earth and life on Earth to better serve God.

Article 5:    Any symbiotical relationship is for the good of all, and all life on Earth
Any symbiotical relationship is for the good of all, for the good of the 'other'. It is based on a genuine group concern and unconditional support for the individual's well-being ~ a giant leap in human behaviour. The question is how can we improve the political symbiotical relationship to fulfill its goals? This Constitution promotes the values to achieve its goals. These goals require the promoting and establishment of: global community ethics, mutual respect, respect for life, basic liberties, justice and equity, caring for the 'other', integrity, responsibility and accountability.

Other symbiotical relationships may be based on common concerns and issues such as: the environment, peace, justice, women's rights, Global rights, and many more. There is a whole spectrum of possible symbiotical relationships.

Symbiotical relationships are needed today for the long term future of humanity and for the protection of life on Earth.

A global symbiotical relationship between nations is more than just a partnership, or an economical agreement such as the WTO. The WTO is about a trade partnership between nations. Of course it is a bad idea to be a member of the World Trade Organization ( WTO). There are no advantages! It just does not work for anyone except when you have an army to knock down any member who does not do your five wishes and plus. A membership in the WTO is not needed and nations should instead seek relationships with fewer other nations only if needed. Certainly it is better to seek an economic relationship with another nation we can trust than with a hundred nations we have no control on and everyone of those nations has a say in the governing of our nation, its environment and social structure. The WTO only offers illusions to profit the few wealthiest people on Earth. They say "become an industrialized nation as we are". But that is the biggest illusion of all. To become an industrialized nation is far from being the best solution. The best way and solution for any nation is to follow the Scale of Global Rights. Right on top of the scale are the ecological rights, the global life-support systems, and the primordial human rights of this generation and of the next generations. Economic and social rights come next and are not the most important. That makes a lot of sense! The effect of IMF and World Bank policies in the world caused the destruction of the economies of the poor nations (now we call them 'developing' countries). They impoverished the people by taking away basic services and devaluating their currency. They opened up the national economy to be ravaged by competition with richer nations. Poverty lead to other problems causing the ecological destruction of a poor nation.

Major factors have caused the global crisis which triggered the planetary state of emergency declared by the Global Community. An important factor is the disconnected with reality, unfair and corrupted governance focusing only on finances, trade and consumption.

The US White House has been running a deficit of nearly a half trillion dollars for a long period of time, and now this deficit will be over one trillion dollar in 2009. Americans have accumulated a nation debt of over 10 trillion dollars. Such state of affairs is actually that of a bankrupted nation. The high deficit was caused in large part by the huge military expenditures, the US war industry. Directly or indirectly, more than half the population of the United States work for the industry.

The global financial crisis has propelled the French Leader and EU Leader to go all around the world to organize a Summit in November 2008, the Summit of all G8 nations, the most industrialized nations, and G20 nations, and 'fix' the crisis.

Now all these G20 leaders are interested in fixing their economies, not the global crisis. They are insterested in money, the stock market, not the people of the world, all life on Earth, the future of the next generations, or the environment. A money fix will not solve the problem. Money is used to deal with goods as an exchange between people, businesses and governments in the world. The problem is not money. The problem is the amount of goods being taken from the Earth, exchanged and consumed, and all the pollution associated with this process. The problem is the fundamentally wrong economic system created to allow these exchanges to occur for the benefit of a few rich people on the planet and at the expenses of an overpopulated world, the poor and the middle class people, 6.7 billion people, and at the expenses of all life on Earth, the environment, and the global life-support systems. A money fix is not the solution.

They will also talk about NATO's future and how the organization can be used to rule the world under the leadership of the G8 nations. A fundamentally bad new world order.

The dollar is not worth the paper it is written on. And yet the White House keeps printing money by the trillions, the trillions, and hand those dollars to the worst polluters on the planet: the military, the energy industry, the car manufacturing industry. The White House is basically telling polluters to take the money, unearned money, and keep polluting, you're doing fine, you're an American.

Makes no sense! President Obama is the YES man of the decade to come. He listens to the strongest lobbyist groups of the USA and give them trillions of bankrupted dollars. Even the IMF and the World Bank are getting trillions of those bankcrupted unearned dollars to spend. No wonder a bankrupt America can spread very quickly to the rest of the world. American values are the sticky gum attached to the dollars. The White House says take the money and spend it, consume the Earth natural resources, go bankrupt with us. This way the White House makes everyone guilty of their crimes. Clever but it makes no sense at all to the future generations and all life on our planet.

Bad financial fundamentals, out-of-control stock market, and astronomically high military expenditures have contributed to the bankruptcy of the US economy. Through its military , the IMF and World Bank, its lies and bullying tactics at the United Nations, the White House has spread its fundamentally wrong phylosophie and democratic governance to the rest of the world. And that is threatening the security of all life on the planet.

The US White House prints out trillions of dollars, bankrupted money, and hand them over to American industries to acquire foreign corporations with resources.

Most of Canada's large corporations have been bought out in this way by the US and other foreigners. We have seen a gradual lost of Canada's sovereignty because of 'Free Trade' and the signing of the World Trade Organization (WTO) agreement. How can this be happening?! Americans were bankrupted long before the Wall Street crash. And yet American corporations have been buying Canadian corporations with money they dont even have, unearned money. All on paper! The Canadian energy sector has been a major target of American buyers.

Nationalization of natural resources of a country is a necessity because American corporations have been buying local corporations to acquire natural resources of a country. This state of affairs has been going on ever since WWII. Over the past decades, the US national debt and annual deficit have been out-of-control because of a complete business freedom of the US corporate world. No taxation! When a large corporation is about to go out of business, the White House intervened with a bail out.

For example in Canada, the property of the hydrocarbons, the oil and natural gas, and tarsands, have mostly owned by American and other foreign corporations. Natural resources have been bought out by foreigners. Pipelines have been built to transport the oil and natural gas to the customers in the United States without paying taxes to Canada. Canadian corporations that have been taken over by American corporations with bankrupted money, paper money, Stock Exchange money, money that Americans dont even have, unearned money. The White House prints dollar bills by the trillions and give them to corporations to buy more Canadian corporations. This is no longer a fair exchange of something tangible with something else of an equivalent value. We have natural resources and Americans have bankrupted money to exchange with. That's not right! How can we let that happened? It is time to nationalize Canadian natural resources.

Over time Canadian corporations were created to supply oil and gas to the US, especially California. Pipelines were built throughout Canada and now feed US customers. Now that Americans own those Canadian corporations, the cost of selling the petroleum products to US customers have been lower than what Canadians actually pay for them. No income tax are paid by the US corporations on Canadian land. Basically, Canadian natural resources are being 'legally' stolen from Canada at no cost to Americans (bankrupted money) and no tax to be paid to Canada. Somewhat like what the World Bank and the IMF are doing in the world but then the US is also in charge of these two organizations. The US uses bankrupted money to supply them with the cash they need to promote American values in the world and take away Earth resources from the developing nations. This way of doing things has been going on ever since WWII. Americans are buying their way with bankrupted money.

In Canada, American corporations have the full legal protection of the WTO and NAFTA agreements. What is even worse is that the cost of security for sending the petroleum products to the US, by now US own corporations, is dumped onto Canadian taxpayers, not on the oil and gas, and pipeline corporations. How fair is that?! How is that possible?! How can we let that happened?! First American corporations buy Canadians corporations with money they dont own, bankrupted money. Then they carry Canadian natural resources through pipelines also built by Canadians taxpayers. They pay no taxes. And Canadian taxpayers are responsible of security for the transportation of the petroleum products to the US customers. Canadians are not getting a fair exchange of natural resources for fake money. They call that ' free trade '. Canadian environmental standards have to be lowered from beginning to end, from the exploration phase to development and transportation of the resources to the US customers in favour of corporations that allow more pollution into the environment and favor the violation of labour rights in the process.

Gee!!! What world are we living in?! It is the US invading Canada, legally. It is the US invading the world, developing nations, legally??!!

On the other hand, a global symbiotical relationship between two or more nations can have trade as the major aspect of the relationship or it can have as many other aspects as agreed by the nations involved.

The Global Community is inviting you to participate in the formation of global symbiotical relationships between people, institutions, cities, provinces, communities, nations, businesses, or a combination of them.

Article 6:    The Global Community is inviting you to participate
The Global Community is inviting you to participate in the formation of global symbiotical relationships between people, institutions, cities, provinces, communities, nations, businesses, or a combination of them. We are also proposing the formation of a political symbiotical relationship between state and the global civil society. A similar relationship already exists between the people of the Global Community, also known as the human family, the global civil society.

Article 7:    Global ministries are a very specific and useful type of symbiotical relationships on Earth
Global ministries are a very specific and useful type of symbiotical relationships on Earth. There are urgently needed. The Global Community has been promoting the formation of 51 global ministries for the proper governance of Earth.

Global ministries are world wide organizations just like the WTO for trade and therefore should have the same power to rule on cases as that of the World trade Organization (WTO).

Article 8:    A new symbiotical relationship between religion and the protection of the global life-support systems
A new symbiotical relationship between religion and the protection of the global life-support systems has begun to take place all over the world. Religious rituals now support the conservation efforts and play a central role in governing sustainable use of the natural environment.

Major faiths are issuing declarations, advocating for new national policies, and creating educational activities in support of a sustainable global community. The Global Community is establishing a symbiotical relationship between spirituality and science, between our heart and mind, and God, between religion and the environment.

Article 9:    The human family is finding its role in the universe
The human family is finding its role in the universe, a higher purpose and a meaning. We now can celebrate life. Celebration of Life Day

A sustainable world can be built with the help of a very powerful entity: the human spirit. Community participation generates the energy needed to sustain the planet and all life. Religious and environmental communities have formed a powerful alliance for sustainability.

The Federation of Global Governments vs the United Nations (UN) organization

The history of the Global Community organization, Earth Government, and the Federation of Global Governments is well known. Part of the period from 1985 to 1988 has been covered in an article. The period stretching from 1988 to today has been covered in several Newsletters.

The history of the United Nations (UN) is well known. In this paper we will compare those two organizations over time.

The Global Community is very concerned about the state of the world today and the causes that brought up so much frictions and wars between nations. Ever since WWII, the world has seen the rise of an invading world power, the USA. The United Nations has never done anything to stop the invasion. The United Nations (UN) leadership has been one of a 'watcher', an observer. The UN watch the world go by, on the brink of self-destruction and of being invaded, environmentally and militarily, and you do nothing. The United Nations, US Administration, World Bank and IMF are corrupted organizations and never to be trusted of anything. The Global Community will never go along with these organizations, and EU President-in-Office Sarkozy, concerning any economic recovery they have created for themselves.

In order to solve the global financial problem, a workable type of Tobin tax should be in place as it is a powerful instrument to promote global sustainability and force shareholders to be responsible and accountable to the people of global communities. A Tobin tax is a tax on all trade of currency across borders to put a penalty on short-term speculation in currencies. The tax rate should be 10 to 25 cents per hundred dollars.

The proposal is important due to its potential to prevent global financial crises such as we are seeing now. Also, an estimated $500 billion per year makes it possible to meet urgent global priorities, such as preventing global warming, disease, and unemployment. The tax should be managed by the Global Community and the Federation of Global Governments. In the globalized economy, there is a lack of adequate funding for global problems which threaten local communities worldwide. Projects which could help to address these needs and create jobs will cost more than $500 billion annually. Private donors do not meet the need, and some nations cut their aid budgets. New multilateral approaches to public finance, such as Tobin Taxes, may provide part of the answer.

The last thing we would want is that this money be managed by the United Nations following the formation of some sort of new Economic Council of the UN. The UN is a corrupted organization and has been ever since its creation. Every past decisions made by the UN had to be approved by the five Permanent Members. And that is not acceptable. Over its history the UN has made decisions that are the causes of the planetary state of emergency the world is facing today. The problem is the organization itself, the way it was created, and the many loopholes for corruption at all levels, especially at the highest levels. The US White House was the main initiator and promoter for the formation of the UN. Over the past decades we have seen the US Administration bullying the UN membership to get what it wants. The latest one of those 'US want's we are seeing today has been the premeditated and illegal invasion of Iraq to acquire and control its oil and gas resources. Over one and half million Iraquis were killed and the nation destroyed. We have seen a beast of the worst kind at work. And the UN gave America its approval for the invasion. The UN claims to be the defender of human rights but that is 90% a farce. You dont allow over one and half million Iraquis be killed and get away with it. You have to stand up firmly for the protection of a nation and all its people. NATO is in charge they say on behalf of the UN. But the White House is also running NATO. Corruption and the mindless destruction of our planet are everywhere. The White House has over a thousand military bases spread over the world all aimed at destruction and de-stabilizing nations to acquire their resources. The beast is in charge and must be controlled.

It has become clear that this culture of war, waste, mismanagement and corruption cannot reform itself. The UN cannot be reformed. It must be replaced by the Federation of Global Governments. So the money cannot and should not be managed by the UN. We must first let go the UN and form the Federation, but this time we will do it right. The $500 billion per year tax should be managed by the Global Community and the Federation of Global Governments, and not by a failed and corrupted organization, the United Nations.

When has the UN ever taken side of those nations being invaded? The UN never did!

When has the UN ever stood up for the principles in the UN Charter and stopped the invaders, and at least enforced hard sanctions against the invaders? The UN never did!

The UN has been a watcher, an observer, a non-participant. And that is a crime against humanity.

The UN should never be promoting war as a solution to world problems. That alone is against global sustainability. Sustainability means no war. War is the greatest act of destruction. There is no worst action than war.

The UN is promoting a culture of violence and war, and certainly that goes against Global Sustainability and Global Peace. That is the worst thing the UN could ever to humanity. It is totally opposite to the Global Vision that the Global Community is promoting. And it is totally insane!

Since its creation in 1947, Israel has been used by successive US Administrations as the Trojan Horse for the invasion of the Middle East. This is when the American invasion of the Middle East was deliberately started by the White House. A well planned strategic military invasion to plunder the resources of an other nation! Blood oil and gas! The UN had no right to create the State of Israel. They forced their way into over one billion Muslims and Arabs and have done ever since.

The UN knew America was invading the Middle East. Why has the UN not enforced hard sanctions against the USA for its bullying tactics at the UN to get what it wants? The UN leadership could have avoided the situation we have today. The UN did nothing at a critical time. The UN watched things happening. The UN is the organization where bullying takes place by those with nuclear war heads. The world is threatened by nuclear war heads. The five permanents members of the UN are allowed to bully any other nations. The USA is invading the world, and the UN can do nothing to stop them. The USA is allowed to invade other nations, change their governments, and has often made lies in speeches to the UN, to the world.

The leadership of the United Nations has failed to enforce disarmement. All weapons of mass destruction should have been phased out a long time ago. Why are the USA still holding the world hostage with its 40,000 nuclear war heads, and biological and chemical weapons of mass destruction? What has the UN ever done to help the phasing out of WMDs? Now several nations, including North Korea and Iran feel threatened just like everyone else and will refuse to be invaded. They would rather take on the US. Russia and China will also refuse to be invaded. The UN has done nothing to phase out WMDs.

Certainly we ought to disarm all nations from all weapons of mass destruction.

The UN never applied hard sanctions against the US actions in the North. We know the US military has used nuclear war heads to melt the polar ice but the UN never even mentioned this important factor during the last Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC). Why?! And why have they not mentioned nuclear war heads explosions in our oceans? Ever since WWII several nations have acquired the US nuclear technology and know how, have been trained by US experts, and exploded nuclear war heads in our oceans. Truly, over time, these explosions have caused major destruction of life in our oceans! They have also caused physical and chemical disturbances strong enough to change the natural balance of water systems at the origin of climate change. Again why were these important factors not mentioned by IPCC? I am a scientist myself but when I see the destruction of our planet by the military, then I stand up for values, for what it is right not just for myself but for all life on the planet. And so should you!

The Global Community stands firm on wanting to replace the United Nations with the Federation of Global Governments. The following table shows major differences between both organizations.

Federation of Global Governments vs United Nations

 Statement or question  Federation  United Nations
 Protection of human rights  Yes  Yes
 Protection of Global Rights  Yes  No
 Sponsored by terrorist governments  No  Yes
 Genocides occurred under its watch  No  Yes
 Democratic organization  Yes  No
 Offers essential services  Yes  No
 Requires the support of NATO and war makers and doers  No  Yes
 Strongly objects to the use of weapons of mass destruction  Yes  No
 Run by 5 permanent members in possession of 95% of all weapons of mass destruction in the world  No  Yes
 Strongly conducts activism work to solve global problems  Yes  No
 Promotes status quo in solving global problems  No  Yes
 Is on its way out as an organization  No  Yes
 Proposed a Global Social-Economic Model (GSEM) to stabilize the economies of the world  Yes  No
 Has a Global Constitution to manage and operates itself  Yes  No
 Has laws and regulations for most important aspects for the protection of humanity, all life  Yes  No
 Has an efficient emergency unit ready to help the people of the world  Yes  No
 Has a Judiciary Network to handle all essential aspects  Yes  No
 Helps people finding employment  Yes  No
 Offers universal education to all people  Yes  No
 Offers health care to all people of the world  Yes  No
 Has communications problems  No  Yes
 Needs a full team of professionals from the media to show it is doing something useful in the world; the organization success is all about 'image'  No  Yes
 Has an assessment centre  Yes  No
 Promotes the formation of Global Ministries handling essential aspects  Yes  No
 Welcomes Civil Society as a voting partner in its organization  Yes  No
 Operates from principles  Yes  No
 Operates from what lobbyist groups and sponsors want  No  Yes
 Global Citizenship means something based on proper human values and requires a commitment from the heart, mind and Soul  Yes  No
 Protection of life on Earth has the highest priority  Yes  No
 Strongly support the belief that Earth and all its natural resources belong to the Global Community as a birthright  Yes  No
 The invasion of nations by the USA and its NATO partners is a crime against humanity, all life  Yes  No

A just, fair and most needed Global Government
Germain Dufour
Spiritual Leader of the Global Community
Federation of Global Governments

Over the past several decades, the Global Community along with the Federation of Global Governments (Federation), have promoted a just and fair global government. The United Nations (UN) organization does not offer such global service to all Peoples. It is not a government. It has no power to legislate, protect and offer essential services. There is no Justice possible coming from the UN. The Five Permanents Members are the only rule of law. There are themselves subsidized by corporate rulers, lobbyists with vested interests in keeping things the way they are now. There are no change in sight because they cannot change themselves. We must let go the UN. It is a 20th Century WWII organization that can truly make things work for only 5% of the world nations. Staying with the UN certainly means there will not be a 22nd Century to live for most people on Earth. The world needs a 21st Century organization able to manage Earth and bring hope in every home.

The Global Community organization is the only possible and practical solution to our world. We know how everything work, and we know what to do to make it work for us all.

The Peoples of all Nations, in creating an ever closer Federation among them, are resolved to share a peaceful future based on common values. Conscious of its spiritual and moral heritage, the Federation is founded on the indivisible, universal values of human dignity, freedom, equality and solidarity; it is based on the principles of democracy and the rule of law. It places the individual at the heart of its activities, by establishing the Global Community citizenship of the Federation and by creating an era of freedom, security and justice.

The Federation contributes to the preservation and to the development of these common values while respecting the diversity of the cultures and traditions of the peoples of all Nations as well as the national identities of Member Nations and the organisation of their public authorities at national, regional and local levels; it seeks to promote balanced and sustainable development and ensures free movement of persons, goods, services and capital, and the freedom of establishment. To this end, it is necessary to strengthen the protection of fundamental global rights in the light of changes in society, social progress and scientific and technological developments by making those rights more visible in the Global Constitution.

The Global Constitution reaffirms, with due regard for the powers and tasks of the Federation and the principle of subsidiarity, the global rights as they result, in particular, from the constitutional traditions and international obligations common to Member Nations, the Scale of Social Values, or Scale of Global Rights, adopted by Earth Government and by the Global Council of all Nations and the case law of the Earth Court of Justice of the Federation and of the Global Court of Global Rights. Enjoyment of these rights entails responsibilities and duties with regard to other persons, to the human community and to future generations. The Federation therefore recognises the rights, freedoms and principles set out hereafter.

We the Peoples of the Global Community are reaffirming faith in the fundamental human rights, in the dignity and worth of the human person, in the equal rights of men and women and of nations large and smalll. We the Peoples implies every individual on Earth. Earth management and good governance is now a priority and a duty of every responsible person on Earth. The Global Community has taken action by calling the Divine Will into our lives and following its guidance. Divine Will is now a part of the Soul of Humanity to be used for the higher purpose of good and Life's evolution. We will learn to serve humanity and radiate the Will of God to others. We will establish conditions under which justice and respect for the obligations arising from treaties and other sources of international law can be maintained, and we promote social progress and better standards of life in larger freedom.

The spiritual belief, universal values, principles and aspirations of the Global Community will be attained by:

*     practicing tolerance and living together in peace and harmony with one another as neighbours,
*     promoting the economic and social advancement of all peoples,
*     maintaining peace and security in the world by using negotiations and peaceful means,
*     finding unity in diversity with all Life,
*     giving essential services to all peoples,
*     establishing the Judiciary,
*     establishing the respect for the life-support system of the planet,
*     keeping Earth healthy, productive and hospitable for all people and living things, and
*     applying the principle that when there is a need to find a solution to a problem or a concern, a sound solution would be to choose a measure or conduct an action, if possible, which causes reversible damage as opposed to a measure or an action causing an irreversible loss.


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