Chapter XXVII     Founding of the Global Community and Global Parliament

Article 1:    Founding of the Global Community and Global Parliament
Founding of the Global Community and Global Parliament was first thought out by the Global Community organization in 1985. The Global Community organization was further discussed in a report on global changes published in 1990 by Germain Dufour. The report contained 450 policies (workable sound solutions) on sustainable development, and was presented to the United Nations, the Government of Canada, the provincial government of Alberta and several non-profit organizations and scientists. Historically, the Earth Community Organization (ECO) was called the Global Community organization. The name was changed during the August 2000 Global Dialogue. Thereafter, we used both names as meaning the same organization. The Global Community means the Global Community Organization and vice versa. The idea of organizing an international conference and calling it a Global Dialogue first originated in 1990 and was thought out by the Global Community also making its first beginning. From that year on, Global Community WebNet Ltd. has operated its business under the name of the Global Community and is still doing now. The business owns copyrights on all materials produced during every Global Dialogue since 1990.

All Participants of Global Dialogue 2000, the World Congress on Managing and Measuring Sustainable Development - Global Community Action 1 have been given a lifetime membership of the Global Community organization.

This is the founding group of the Global Community organization, Global Community Organization, the Global Dialogue concept, and the global community concepts and universal values. This is also the founding group of Global Parliament and its Global Parliament Constitution.

The list of all our members is shown here.

Article 2:     Legal personality of Global Parliament
As expressed in Chapter 1, Global Parliament, and Earth Government shall have legal personality. These expressions represent the same entity and legal personality and, therefore, were used interchangeably. They are being expressed throughout this Constitution, and by the Global Community.


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