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Table explanation
    A     =    Participant and author
    B     =     Global file (contains research papers not listed here)
    C     =     Article and other publications
    D     =     Research paper
    E     =     Report
    F     =     Email discussion
    G     =     Opinion, comment and protest
    H     =     Newsletter article
    I     =     Proclamation     -     Letter
    J     =     Video and other work of art
    K     =     Press release
    L     =     Current News
    M     =     Global Data
    N     =     Local to global issues
    O     =     ECO Award (not added here, please see list of recipients  List of recipients  of the ECO Award )
    P     =     Word     -     text     -     document
    Q     =     Adobe PDF file
    R     =     Protest or cause to sign in
    S     =     Global Community volunteer
    T     =     Assessment and investigation
    U     =     Global Community project
    V     =     Positive action and solution to Peace and other global issues
    W     =     Interview
    X     =     Campaign for issue, solution to problem, proposal, project
    Y     =     Sponsor, donation to the Global Community
    Z     =     Survey

  Name  A  B  C  D  E  F  G  H  I  J  K  L  M  N  O  P  Q  R  S  T  U  V  W  X  Y  Z
  Robert Unegbu  1999                                                  
 United for Peace and Justice                                            2007 Help Mobilize for Jan. 27-29.  MARCH ON WASHINGTON TO END THE WAR.        
  Zhamilya Utarbayeva  1999                                                  
 USA Department of Energy                2007 2006 National Green Power Award Winners Announced. Starbucks, Whole Foods Market, Staples, IBM, Johnson & Johnson, Aspen Skiing Company Among Award Recipients                                    
  Jean-Guy Vaillancourt  1999                                                  
 Mitchell Valentine       2008 My Perspective On Modern World Events                                              
 Manuel Valenzuela                2006 The Dumbing Down of America                                    
 Koos van der Velden        2007 4th INTERNATIONAL BIRD FLU SUMMIT                                            
 Rustam Vania  1999                                                  
  S.G. Patil*, L.B. Hugar*, M.S. Veerapur*, J. Yerriswamy*, T. Cross†, A.C. vanLoon†, and G.W. vanLoon†  1999                                                  
  Rob VanWynsberghe  1999                                                  
  Shiney Varghese       2008 The Triple Threat: Our Food, Water and Climate Challenges                                              
 Dr. José G. Vargas-Hernández       2008 or Download full WORD document of Research Paper by author  2006   Research paper submitted toward Global Dialogue 2007 by Dr. José G. Vargas-Hernández INSTITUTIONAL ECONOMICS OF CO – OPERATION AND THE POLITICAL ECONOMY OF TRUST
2008 or Download full WORD document of Research Paper by author
2007 or Download full WORD document of Research Paper by author
       2006  Welcome our newly appointed Global Environment Minister
 2006 Letter to Dr. José G. Vargas-Hernández concerning your research paper: INSTITUTIONAL ECONOMICS OF CO – OPERATION AND THE POLITICAL ECONOMY OF TRUST  Letter to  the Government of Canada:  Department of Energy Sector, Minerals and Metals Letter to  the Government of Canada to stop supporting destructive mining projects in the  village Cerro de San Pedro, Mexico Letter to  Metallica Resources: website: Letter to  Metallica Resources: email: Letter to  Metallica Resources, a publicly held  Canadian mineral exploration and development company with a geographic focus in the Americas:  stop supporting a destructive mining project in the  village Cerro de San Pedro, Mexico                                  
  Jose G. Vargas-Hernandez, M.B.A.;Ph.D.  1999                                                  
  Prof C K Varshney  1999                                                  
 Livia Varju        2007 Is towards a totally spiritually ethical politics possible?                                            
  Churikova Victoria  1999                                                  
  Lagutov Vladimir Victorovich  1999                                                  
  Mirian Vilela  1999                                                  
  Kamil Vilinovic  1999                                                  
  Vladimir Victorovich Lagutov, Ph.D  1999                                                  
  Dmitriy Volinskiy  1999                                                  
 Raja Sekhar Vundru                2006  Buddha As Untouchable                                    
 Mathis Wackernagel          2007 Humanity's Footprint 1961-2003      2007 Living Planet Report 2006 outlines scenarios for humanity's future                                    
 Rene Wadlow        2006 Reweaving Trust and Cooperation in Sudan Darfur Peace Agreement is not Peace        2006 René Wadlow with Transnational Perspectives The United Nations rema ins the only universally representative and comprehensively empowered body the world has to deal with threats to international peace and security.                                2006 The Defense of Spiritual Liberty    
 Harsha Walia                2006 Resisting The Canadian Capital In South Asia                                     
 Daniel Wallis                2006 U.N. Says Number Of Ocean Dead Zones Rising Fast                                    
  Alyn Ware  1999                                                  
  Alexander Wegosky  1999                                                  
 Rob Wheeler  1999                                                  
 Tom Whipple        2006 The Peak Oil Crisis, Powerdown or Collapse?                                            
 Jerry White                2007 Iraqi Regime Set To Hand Over Oil Reserves To US Energy Giants                                    
 Dr. Paul Wildman        2006  CIVIDA: INTEGRITY DEVELOPMENT PROJECT, a global ethics project                                             
  Paul Wildman  1999                                                  
 Cindy Williams                2006 America's Disastrous Budgets                                    
 Kelpie Wilson        2007 Renewables Can Turn the Tide on Global Warming Global Warming Challenges Environmental Law

 Kanbawza Win                2006 Will the World Look on the Pol Pot of Burma?                                    
  Tim Winton                2006 How to Prepare for Peak Oil and Climate Change                                    
  Aaron Wissner        2007 Peak Oil And The Vision In The Mirror                                              
 Thom Woodruff              2007 Our only ennemy is a military culture                                       
  Daphne Wysham       2008 The World Bank's Climate Profiteering                                              
  Valentin Yemelin and Marilyn Mehlmann  1999                                                  
  Wu yiming  1999                                                  
 Rebecca Young       2008  Protect the Arctic Refuge from drilling forever                                              
  Muzafar Yunusov  1999                                                  
 SAK sabz ali yusufzai       2007 How the Political Parties are possible at World level under World Democracy?  2007 How to organize the human Community for World Government                                            
  William M. Zadorsky  1999                                                  
 Sandra Zagon  1999                                                  
  Katalin K. Zaim  1999                                                  
 Prof. ZhongXiang Zhang        2006 The World Bank's Prototype Carbon Fund and China    Open Trade with the U.S. without Compromising Canada's Ability to Comply with its Kyoto Target  Why Did the Energy Intensity Fall in China's Industrial Sector in the 1990s? The Relative Importance of Structural Change and Intensity Change    Towards an Effective Implementation of CDM Projects in China    The Economic and Environmental Implications of the US Repudiation of the Kyoto Protocol and the Subsequent Deals in Bonn and Marrakech   What Do We Know About Carbon Taxes? An Inquiry into Their Impacts on Competitiveness and Distribution of Income                                              
  Professor ZhongXiang Zhang  1999                                                  

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