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Volume 11 Issue 1 January 2013

Now you can read our Current News and Newsletters, watch our animations and play our video games and Apps anywhere safe you go (please not while driving). We have a series of new animations and Apps in plan for this year all of which are aimed at educating this generation and the coming generations in the ways of Global Community.
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What you might expect in 2013

A lot was accomplished in 2012 and a lot more to be done in 2013. For now, thank you all for what you did to help make Global Community a healthier and safer place to be. Protecting all life on Earth is an immense task requiring everyone to be vigilant, honest and fair in our judgement. Our best strategy is applying the principle that when there is a need to find a solution to a problem or a concern, a sound solution would be to choose a measure or conduct an action, if possible, which causes reversible damage as oppose to a measure or an action causing an irreversible loss. This is also saying that diplomacy will always be better than conflicts and war.

Global Community allows people to take control of their own lives. Global Community was built from a grassroots process with a vision for humanity that is challenging every person on Earth as well as nation governments. The Global Community has a vision of the people working together building a new civilization including a healthy and rewarding future for the next generations. Global cooperation brings people together for a common future for the good of all.

Issues for discussion in Global Dialogue 2013 include the social dimension of globalisation, debt cancellation, reform of international institutions, global development, the formation of a Ministry of Global Peace in the organization of each state government all over the world, and also the formation of the Ministry of Essential Services. This makes a lot of good sense! When as a group we all wish to live at Peace, promote Peace, and organize international meetings on Peace resolution of a conflict, then it should make a lot of good sense to form a department or a Ministry of Global Peace in our own government at home. When most people at home claim to want Peace then most people should have no problem to form a Ministry of Global Peace at home. Let us be honest here! Peace starts at home and in each and everyone of us, in ourselves, our values. That is quite a challenge because the war industry is lobbying for conflicts, war and destruction. From the perspective of the military, also a part of the war industry, the more unstable the world is the better. That is how they get to be the rich 1% in our society.

The "war industry" throughout the world must be put to a complete halt and shelved forever from humanity. Global Community is asking all peoples never again to buy there products.

Global Community believes that politicians create wars. They send the military to solve their problems, satisfy their interest and needs, and destroy the problems or create new ones to be in line with the war industry lobbying. The political game is as deadly as the military game. Peace is the worst enemy to both the political and military people as peace does not pay for monthly mortgage bills, car payments and lust of the people living off the war industry. It was estimated that in the United States alone the war industry feed over fifty million Americans and has a monthly budget of more than ten trillion american dollars. These people are evils.

Let us define what is meant by the "war industry". The war industry comprises all persons (a person can be an organization such as a government, a business, a non-government organization, an institution such as a university or an institute of technology, or it can be a professional, an individual, or the like) directly or indirectly related to the research, engineering, production, manufacturing, promoting, selling, use of war products, war equipment, war ships, war planes, or the like. Conflicts and wars are often created for the exploitation of tax payers of a country and resources, for the purpose of making a profit and protecting self-interests. The war industry will use every mean possible to survive as an industry.

Because of the limited quantities of Earth resources to be made available for this generation and the next ones, and because of environmental, climate change, and world population concerns, there is a need to manage the entire process from beginning to end, from the exploration stage to the consumer. And we all know that the amount of oil left in the ground in the world has already passed its peak quantity. So why waste the oil on doing things we know are nothing but a waste of energy and certainly will shortened the life span of the next generations.

The formation of global ministries is the most important event in human history. The formation of Global Ministries has been a goal of Global Community ever since 1985 when Global Community was first created along with many other major global projects such as Global Peace Ministry, Global Peace Village and Global Peace Earth.

A Global Ministry is needed to look after the management of Earth resources at all stages: exploration, production, transportation, manufacturing and distribution.

Humanity sees the need to manage world affairs in several aspects of people lives, and the energy sector is certainly the most important.

Pollution is global and already found in critical proportions in water, air and land.

Planet Earth will be so much better without the dirty tar sands oil of Alberta, Canada.

Look! There are two scenarios of what will happen for using the dirty tar sands oil of Alberta to pollute and destroy the planet, the Global Community.

The first scenario shows you what most people think will happen. In the second scenario, I will show you what will really happen if we continue using the dirty tar sands oil of Alberta.

The first scenario shows you only fringes of a truly bad future the next generations will have to endure.

Future generations will have to wear masks over their faces for breathing to protect against the pollution caused by the use of the dirty tar sands oil of Alberta. Every human activity will be subjected to wearing masks. Conservatives and Republicans will tell you oh but that is good it will create jobs, a new business will make specialized masks.

Technology will not advanced fast enough to resolve problems of global warming, an after effect of using the dirty tar sands oil of Alberta. Global warming happens now, and there are plenty of natural disasters happening right now in the world to give you a glimpse of what is coming sooner than predicted. Global warming happens much faster!

The second scenario is what humanity will truly suffer. In a few generations from now, do you see any life here? Do you? This is the pathway you are on right now because of using the dirty tar sands oil of Alberta: pollution and destruction all over the planet.

Pollution is not the only result of bad governance and the erratic management of Earth. At the source of it all is the energy sector of the planet. What is fuelling these bad human behaviors is the dirty tar sands oil and the wealth this fossil fuel and bi-products bring to the CEOs and shareholders, the 1%.

What we need to understand is that pollution is not just destroying the global life support systems but it is the use of the bi-products from the refining of the dirty tar sands oil that truly causes destruction on a global scale. The dirty tar sands oil is a very special type of heavy oil from which bi-products can be manufactured for the only purpose of war. The dirty tar sands oil is fuelling war machines, the war industry and the military. It is a living insanity. The abundance of oil has so far propelled governments, especially the United States and Great Britain governments, to manufacture astronomically high number of war products. Oil by-products are used to make the war machine more polluting and destructive worldwide.

In every part of society anywhere in the world, if a business produces food with contaminants, cigarettes causing cancer, pharmaceutical drugs not doing what it is meant to be doing, cars with defects causing accidents, chicken or lettuce with the E Coli Virus, etc., then the business and its owners will be stopped and prosecuted. In many countries business people found responsible for such problems may be hanged. Now when it comes to the dirty tar sands oil, which we know is polluting globally and its bi-products used for mass destruction of entire communities in the world, it sure comes to mind that the CEOs and shareholders should be prosecuted for their crimes against humanity. They are selfish opportunists with no human values. They promote war and conflicts, civil unrests worldwide, just to make more money.

Dirty tar sands oil bi-products of Alberta, Canada, are used for global pollution and mass destruction. The dirty tar sands oil of Alberta, Canada, is fuelling war machines, the war industry and the military. It is the use of bi-products from the refining of the dirty tar sands oil that truly causes destruction on a global scale. Let us stop the pollution and destruction brought forward by the dirty tar sands oil of Alberta.

All persons working, directly or indirectly, for the war industry, are responsible and accountable to humanity and to God for anything happening to their products after they are sold. Even here in Ontario, Canada, we manufacture weapons and war products. Workers go home happy after a good day of work. They have to pay for their mortgages and make car payments and others. They are mostly Christians. When they go to work, they leave their religious beliefs at home. Ethical and moral values no longer touch them. They dont think that are actually responsible and accountable for spreading evil all around the world. They think they are "good people", good citizens. Every single bullet you manufacture you are responsible and accountable for it, all of you from the President of the company to the employee on the industrial line. Our Society holds responsibility and accountability as well. And if that bullet happened to be a nuclear war head then it becomes even more imperative to held the manufacturer and the people involved responsible and accountable.

It is the same idea for any consumer product. You manufacture, produce, farm or create a product, you become responsible and accountable of your product from beginning to end (to the point where it actually becomes a waste; you are also responsible for the proper disposable of the waste).

People in our society often argue that their manufacturing products and the trading principles or rules that regulate their actions are all legal! But what about ethical values and moral principles?!

Greed is what drives belonging or being involved with the war industry. By making an astronomical profit through the selling of arms, war products and equipment to all of the Middle East countries, including Iran, Irak and Afghanistan, and by sucessively calling these old friends their new enemies and terrorists, and destroying their countries, America and Great Britain have shown that they could never be trusted. Since the Cold War is over, the only American interests in the Middle East are the cheap crude oil and the protection of Israel. The Jews come first even if it mean to fight and annihilate the entire Islamic Civilization with nuclear war heads. If you have any doubt that they would do such an atrocious crime, ask the people from Japan and also, ask the Russians as they have back off from rubbing their noses with those of the American and the British Peoples.

For many, Global Dialogue 2013 is more concerned about the formation of a Ministry of Global Peace in the government of each nation of the world. There are several reasons why this is an important step in the history of humanity, and we will make that aspect of our Dialogue an extensive research and development. We ask everyone to participate because this is for all of us on planet Earth.

Global Peace Village , a long time project of the Global Community, has always been about the teaching of Peace in the world. This goal may change over time but for now that is what we are doing. Global Peace Village is somewhat different than our Global Peace Earth project in its method of teaching and audiences to reach. Global Peace Earth reaches all of humanity, collects data from all aspects of life, makes assessment concerning what is the best way forward for all life on the planet, and actually shows the best way forward globally. On the one hand, Global Peace Village has a history of dealing with individual communities, knowing their problems and concerns, and making a difference for the better. Of course, both projects work hand in hand for Peace in the world.

Theme image Global Law Why a Ministry of Global Peace in government The Ministry of Global Peace is based on fundamental principles Definition of Global Community Scale of Global Rights ( see enlargement Enlargement 2880x1800)
Artwork by Germain Dufour
September 2012

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Read the text with images version of all the above movies  Read the text with images version of all the above movies

Global Community shares the deep concerns of many organisations and individuals active in the Global Social Dialogue. The joint efforts of progressive people all over the world, whether from politics, trades unions, businesses or NGOs, are needed more than ever to ensure that global policies and institutions become more effective in managing globalisation for the benefit of everyone. The opinion of every Global Community citizen is important.

We are here to listen to everyone, but also to present our own proposals. We will not agree on everything but we think we can work together on a positive agenda for another kind of globalisation scenario.

We believe that globalisation is currently on the wrong track, unable to eliminate poverty and to put the world on a sustainable and peacful development path.

We will make globalisation work for everyone. We recognise that globalisation has had together with positive effects also some negative ones. To overcome the negative effects, Global Community must promote global sustainability through a more generous and targeted aid policy, and must give through the multilateral trading system the world's poorest nations access to our markets to escape the poverty trap.

We are committed to unlocking the potential of Global Community, by building on the fundamental principles of freedom, democracy, solidarity, the rule of law, respect for human rights, free enterprise and equal opportunities.

This is also accomplished by promoting peace throughout Global Community in the tradition that respects our diverse cultural, local and linguistic identities, and is open to all Member States which comply with the criteria for membership. A Global Community that can finally vote with a qualified majority system in order to fully exercise the world sovereignty in compliance with the principle of subsidiarity. The ratification and entry into force of the Global Constitution is in this respect essential.

Global Community is a global player bridging the gap between its economic and political dimension, and speaking with one voice in world affairs. This is why we fully support a Common Foreign and Security Policy which aims to promote a new era of peace, democracy and security.

The full potential of Global Community is attained by opening up, democratising, making more accountable and strengthening its institutions, also by identifying forms of participation and global dialogue able to bring into the global scene those who at the moment feel excluded. To this end, media pluralism is crucial. Furthermore, to foster common global experiences and the sense of belonging to a single planet-wide community, language training and exchange among students, trainees and volunteers should be stimulated.

We guarantee the fundamental rights of all Global Citizens and removing all forms of discrimination. In our common fight against international crime and terrorism, we will always remain vigilant against any erosion of personal freedom. A Global Community of security and justice for all is also a Global Community that extends these rights to those who justly seek asylum or a new life. To that effect, Global Community needs to harmonise asylum policy. Global Community has to develop a common strategy to manage legal immigration and coordinate action against illegal immigration, and to firmly combat any form of racism and xenophobia. The protection of minorities is the essence of democracy. The issues of freedom, security and justice without borders should be deepened. Intercultural dialogue should be promoted and deepened further.

We believe that the aim of society must be the self-fulfilment of each individual, and that can be accomplished by promoting education at all levels; supporting scientists and researchers; allowing technology transfer; making investments in information, communications, eco-friendly technologies and R&D networks.

The full potential of Global Community is attained by strengthening economic governance after the introduction of a common currency. A common economic policy must aim to create prosperity, competitiveness and jobs, and keep Global Community social model viable, by modernising Global Community economy and fostering an innovative society. In this framework, we must reform world's economy to secure a stable and competitive climate for businesses to invest in innovation and create jobs, to facilitate labour mobility, and to achieve a real single and liberalised market. An effective single market implies also the reduction of the bureaucratic impact of its implementation.

We will ensure that:

  • our global citizens will obtain value for tax money,
  • fraud and corruption will be stopped wherever it is found,
  • tackling unnecessary bureaucracy,
  • by reforming the system of own resources to make it more transparent, progressive and fair.

Global Community will lead the world in environmental protection. This means seeking common solutions to our common environmental, public health problems, consumers protection and food safety. We must commit ourselves to cleaner, safer forms of energy and embrace renewable resource use. The Global Community should work for the achievement of the targets set out in the Kyoto Protocol for reductions in greenhouse gas emissions and for the launch of a follow-up to Kyoto. Environmental and security policies should lay at the core of the Global Community's cooperation within Member States.

The full potential of Global Community is attained by ensuring a full recognition and enhancement of the role of Global Community's regions, particularly those with legislative powers, and by building a structural policy which develops the potential of most needy regions. Resources should be used to mobilise additional investments, and cohesion funds should be focused on the poorest regions. Global Community cannot afford that any of its region lags behind. For a balanced development at home and abroad, it is necessary to create a Common Agricultural Policy.

Over the past decades we have shown that peace in the world and the survival and protection of all life on our planet go hand in hand. Asking for peace in the world means doing whatever is necessary to protect life on our planet. Protecting life implies bringing about the event of peace in the world. Let our time be a time remembered for a new respect for life, our determination to achieve sustainability, and our need for global justice and peace.

From now on, building global communities for peace require understanding of global problems this generation is facing. There are several major problems: conflicts and wars, no tolerance and compassion for one another, world overpopulation, unemployment, insufficient protection and prevention for global health, scarcity of resources and drinking water, poverty, fauna and flora species disappearing at a fast rate, global warming and global climate change, global pollution, permanent lost of the Earth's genetic heritage, and the destruction of the global life-support systems and the eco-systems of the planet. We need to build global communities that will manage themselves with the understanding of those problems. All aspects are interrelated: global peace, global sustainability, global rights and the environment. The jobless is more concerned with ending starvation, finding a proper shelter and employment, and helping their children to survive. Environmental issues become meaningless to the jobless. In reality, all concerns are interrelated because the ecology of the planet has no boundaries. Obviously, as soon as our environment is destroyed or polluted beyond repair, human suffering is next.

Our goal for peace in the world can only be reached by resolving those global problems. Those problems have brought up a planetary state of emergency . In view of the planetary state of emergency, shown and declared by Global Community, we all must change, we must do things differently to give life on Earth a better survival chance and bring about the event of peace amongst us all. There are also long term solutions. The Scale of Global Rights is the fundamental guide to Global Law. Global Law includes legislation covering all essential aspects of human activities.

The Global Protection Agency will enforce the law. And that is a long term solution to the planetary state of emergency. And that is also how we can solve the global problems facing this generation, thus largely improving the quality of life of the next generations, and that is how we will bring about the event of peace amongst us all.

The quality of Earth governance is reflected in each local community worldwide. Global Community will show leadership by creating a global civil ethic within Global Community. The Global Constitution describes all values needed for good global governance: mutual respect, tolerance, respect for life, justice for all everywhere, integrity, and caring. The Scale of Global Rights has become an inner truth and the benchmark of the millennium in how everyone sees all values. The Scale encompasses the right of all people to:

*     the preservation of ethnicity
*     equitable treatment, including gender equity
*     security
*     protection against corruption and the military
*     earn a fair living, have shelter and provide for their own welfare and that of their family
*     peace and stability
*     universal value systems
*     participation in governance at all levels
*     access the Earth Court of Justice for redress of gross injustices
*     equal access to information

Global Community has no intention of changing the status and privileges of state governments. In fact, state governments become primary members of Global Community. Global governance can only be effective within the framework of a world government or world federalism. There is no such thing as global governance through the work of a few international organizations such as the WTO, the IMF and World Bank, the EU, or the United Nations dictating to the rest of the world. These organizations are heading in the wrong direction and are causing conflicts between nations, doing away with democracy, increasing the gap between rich and poor, and creating a culture of violence worldwide, terrorism being a small example of what they can do.

Earth governance does not imply a lost of state sovereignty and territorial integrity. A nation government exists within the framework of an effective Global Community protecting common global values and humanity heritage. Earth governance gives a new meaning to the notions of territoriality, and non-intervention in a state way of life, and it is about protecting the cultural heritage of a state. Diversity of cultural and ethnic groups is an important aspect of Earth governance.

Earth governance is a balance between the rights of states with rights of people, and the interests of nations with the interests of Global Community, the human family, the global civil society.

Earth governance is about the rights of states to self-determination in the global context of Global Community rather than the traditional context of a world of separate states.

Although Global Community ensures state governments that it will obey the principle of non-intervention in domestic affairs, it will also stand for the rights and interests of the people within individual states in which the security of people is extensively endangered. A global consensus to that effect will be agreed upon by all nation states.

Effective Earth governance requires a greater understanding of what it means to live in a more crowded, interdependent humanity with finite resources and more pollution threatening the global life-support systems. The Global Community has no other choice but to work together at all levels. The collective power is needed to create a better world.

All life on Earth is fighting for survival and freedom from development, pollution in all its forms, overconsumption and overpopulation. For our survival as a species and for God's sake one child per family is more than enough. Let us restrain ourselves! Let the community be the other child our child needs as a companion.

Protection of the global ecological base is the essential prerequisite for the effectiveness and exercise of all rights recognized for human beings. The stewardship of the ecological base has to be given priority before the fulfilment of various economic and social wishes. Demands resulting from the socio-economic system of a particular country have to find their limits in the protection of the global life-support systems. Vital interests of future generations have to be considered as having priority before less vital interests of the present generation. Supply chains have to be designed in a way, that the goods can enter after usage or consumption into natural or industrial recycling processes. If serious damages to persons, animals, plants and the ecosystem cannot be excluded, an action or pattern of behaviour should be refrained from.

A measure for supplying goods or services should choose a path which entails the least possible impact on the ecological and social system concerned. This way functioning proven systems will not be disturbed, and unnecessary risks will not be taken.

Supply strategies consuming less resources should have preference before those enhancing more resource consumption. The idea of sustainability has been extended to be a moral and ethical state, as well as an economic and environmental state, wherein sustainable consumption patterns respect the universal values of peace, security, justice and equity within the human relationships that exist in Global Community.

The existing and future uses of water are constantly challenged; balancing supply and demand is made even harder by the amounts of pollution found in the air, land and waters. A large part of our body is made of water, and we cannot live without water; therefore water is a primordial human right by our very nature. In order to avoid conflicts and wars over drinking freshwater, freshwater has been categorized as a primordial human right. This is a strong warning to Big Oil (BP, Chevron, ConocoPhillips, ExxonMobil, Royal Dutch Shell, and Total of France ).

The extraction of shale oil and gas, widely considered the most crucial aspect of Big Oil's current push back into the North American market. Shale formations in Canada and the U.S. have massive quantities of oil and natural gas, and their accelerated extraction is already helping reduce the region's reliance on imported petroleum. Both energy sources, however, can only be extracted through a process known as hydraulic fracturing (hydro-fracking, or just plain fracking) that uses powerful jets of water in massive quantities to shatter underground shale formations, creating fissures through which the hydrocarbons can escape. In addition, to widen these fissures and ease the escape of the oil and gas they hold, the fracking water has to be mixed with a variety of poisonous solvents and acids. This technique produces large quantities of toxic wastewater, which can neither be returned to the environment without endangering drinking water supplies nor easily stored and decontaminated. Many of the richest sources of shale oil and gas are located in populated areas of Texas, Arkansas, Ohio, Pennsylvania, and New York. In fact, one of the most promising sites, the Marcellus formation, abuts New York City's upstate watershed area. Under such circumstances, concern over the safety of drinking water should be most important, and federal legislation, especially the Safe Drinking Water Act of 1974, should theoretically give the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) the power to oversee (and potentially ban) any procedures that endanger water supplies. But no! Big Oil seeking to increase profits by maximizing the utilization of hydro-fracking banded together, put pressure on Congress, and managed to get itself exempted from the 1974 law's provisions. In 2005, under heavy lobbying from then Vice President Dick Cheney -- formerly the CEO of oil services contractor Halliburton -- Congress passed the Energy Policy Act, which prohibited the EPA from regulating hydro-fracking via the Safe Drinking Water Act, thereby eliminating a significant impediment to wider use of the technique.

However by making freshwater a primordial human right this would certainly challenge Big Oil.

Industrial pollution plays a major role in the deterioration of nature but this time the level of pollution is above the carrying capacity of the ecosystem. Pollution also affects significantly human health and all lifeforms on Earth. Every person needs Oxygen to live so clean air is certainly also a primordial human right by our very nature.

Conservation of the earth's resources and creation of sustainable and satisfying livelihoods is most caringly, creatively and efficiently and equitably achieved at the local level in a global community. Localization of economics is social and ecological imperative. Only goods and services that cannot be produced locally, using local resources, should be produced non-locally and traded long distance.

Hoping this summary of our goals and objectives for 2013 will make you involved in the protection of all life on our planet. Please do fill the Survey Form shown here.

Germain Dufour
Spiritual Leader of the Global Community


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