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The Global Community
a global community
the Global Community
dialogue and consensus
our vision of the world now and later
Earth Community Organization (ECO)
Charter of the Earth Community
Scale of social values
Global cooperation and symbiotical relationships
Symbiotical relationships
Statement of rights and responsibilities
Peace movement
Celebration of Life Day
Earth Government
Campaign to develop an Earth flag
Global Ministries
Earth Court of Justice
Earth governance and management
Scenarios of what humanity  may become
Earth Government models
Criteria to obtain the global community citizenship
Global Community WebNet Ltd
Global Community Citizenship
Charter of the Earth Community
Global Community Assessment Centre (GCAC)
global concepts
Global Dialogue
Global Dialogue 2000
Global Dialogue 2002
Global Dialogue 2004
Global Dialogue 2006
Global Dialogue 2008
Scale of Human and Earth Rights
Press releases
ECO Press Release # 1
ECO Press Release #2
ECO Press Release #3
ECO Press release #4
ECO Press release #5
ECO Press release #6
ECO Press release #7
ECO Press release #8
Press releases years 2004-2008
Press releases years 2000-2004
Newsletters before year 2000
Newsletters years 2000-2002
Newsletters years 2002-2004
Newsletters years 2004-2006
Newsletter years 2006-2008
Proceedings 2004
Front page of the Proceedings
Explanatory notes
Previous Proceedings
Global response to events
Links to conferences, projects, NGOs
Contact us
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