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The Earth Community Organization (ECO) has had Newsletters over the past 14 years. The Table of Contents of only the last few years were uploaded here.

We are delighted to receive new articles for future Newsletters from our readers.

It is imperative that, if you give us permission to re-print, all or in part, you include all copyright verification of permission of quote. We do not have a copyright research expert to do this work.

The Editor.
1.        Administration, writing and editing
2.        Requirements for accepting articles from writers
3.        Volunteering
4.        Publishing
5.        Sponsors

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1. Administration, writing and editing

The Editor of this Newsletter is now accepting articles for publication. The Newsletter is a way to communicate "workable sound solutions" to problems arising in the world. Let us share our problems and workable sound solutions. Sharing information is vital to survival.

2. Requirements for accepting articles from writers

Your articles should follow the same Guidelines used for the preparation of Papers (see Criteria in Call for Papers on the website). All articles will be classified, organized and edited if too long and made available on the Internet.

3. Volunteering

All articles are considered as volunteering work from the authors. We have no way to pay anyone for their work.

4. Publishing

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5. Sponsors

Global Community WebNet Ltd. has been sponsoring the publishing of articles on the Earth Community Organization website.

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