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Criteria to obtain the Global Community Citizenship
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Community rights on the Scale of Human and Earth Rights.
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Global community concepts.
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The Earth Community Organization (ECO) was previously called The Global Community organization. The name was changed during the August 2000 Global Dialogue.

The Global Community organization was first discussed in a report on global changes published in 1990 by Germain Dufour. The report contained 450 policies (workable sound solutions) on sustainable development, and was presented to the United Nations, the Government of Canada, several non-profit organizations and scientists.

With the coming of the millennium, the affairs of humanity appeared to be unfolding in more profound ways. Cause and effect was more apparent and happening more quickly. 

Today global link-ups are already happening at a fast rate. Business leaders are much more sensitive to the greater, wider needs for their expertise and are already in the process of creating a new kind of civilization.

One of the most important factors in our lives is the inter-connection we have to others, to other countries. Through these connections individuals will be able to create changes for good on a global scale.

We are now all becoming linked to others in faraway places on a much deeper level. If we work together to keep our planet healthy, productive and hospitable, it will benefit all people and living things. As your awareness of this global need deepens you will want to join with others to see that good changes happen.

Right now you can use your skills, your knowledge, your abilities, to realize how these strengths can help bring about the best kind of changes in the world by connecting with us in our aim to promote sustainable development and Earth management on four major levels: the land, the richness of our land, our economic endeavours and the welfare of all our peoples.

All communities are at a turning point. We can no longer perceive ourselves as a People who can survive alone and who does not need anyone else. We belong to and depend upon a much larger group, the Earth Community. The 21st Century will see limitless links and interrelationships formed within this Earth Community. The entire world is at a turning point.

Already we notice new ways of thinking being embraced, new behaviors and attitudes adopted.

New standards, goals and objectives have to be defined. Exchange of creative solutions will help us create firm universal guidelines to keep Earth healthy.

All interacting levels of concern must be considered ~ people, resources, economic development and environment.

The  Earth Community Organization aims to establish a new, permanent dialogue on measuring and managing sustainable development. It is a grassroots process. Everyone is involved. Everyone is part of the  Earth Community. Your views are important. We want to hear what they are.

Every person is part of  the  Earth Community and can become a member of the Organization.

The Board of Directors of  the  Earth Community Organization will be elected by all members during the August 2004 Global Dialogue. Members will also be allowed to vote through the Internet and email. Meetings will be conducted on the Internet. Agendas and minutes will be displayed on this Webpage. For now only one director position was filled during the August 2000 World Congress: the President of the organization is Joseph-Germain Dufour. It is hoped to have at least two other directors during the August 2004 Global dialogue. It takes at least three elected directors in other to create a 'Not-for-Profit Charitable Organization' in Ontario, Canada. Directors becomes legally responsible so it is necessary to obtain insurance for their protection against potential law suits.

Although there is a need to find a  home for the Earth Community Organization, and also although the organization was not registered legally in any country so far, the organization exists and has a membership, organizes worldwide conferences, and has an active Global Community Assessment Centre (GCAC). At the moment the organization is handling several research and development projects.

All Participants of the August 2000 World Congress on Managing and Measuring Sustainable Development - Global Community Action 1 have been given a lifetime membership of The Global Community organization.

This is the founding group of The Global Community organization, Earth Community Organization, the Interim Earth Government, global community concepts and universal values.

For now you can become a member of ECO by registring yourself (no fees) to the coming August 2004 global dialogue. Fill the registration form or send us an email requesting to participate in the global dialogue. You can particiapte from your home, community or business place. We will make use of email and the Internet to conduct the conference as well as having a physical place here in Toronto. Both ways are OK.

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