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  • All nations and every person on Earth live a life as global citizens
  • The Scale of Human and Earth Rights replaces the Universal Declaration of Human Rights as a guiding tool to dealing with one another
  • Global Laws of the Global Constitution become universal and well used
  • Obtaining a strong commitment from all Peoples to achieve a negative average annual population growth rate
  • Adopting and actively practicing the new way of doing business
  • We follow God's Plan, the Will of God, His New Revelations we were given just a few years ago, and His Soul of Humanity in guiding us ahead

Recommendations to humanity

In general, populations of all lifeforms grow exponentially that is by a steady proportion of whatever was there before. When there is no practical limit on resource then populations usually grow maximally and the only limit is that of the reproductive capacity of the female animal. About 10,000 years ago, human beings were obliged to commit themselves more or less fully to agriculture and the human population was 5 to 10 million. Then about 2,000 years ago, after only 8,000 years of large-scale agriculture, the human population was 100 to 300 million. After this time, the exponential growth of the population entered its rapid phase. The billion mark was passed by 1800 A.D. By year 2000, the human population exceeded 6 billion. Thus agriculture allowed a thousand-fold increase in numbers over a period of 10,000 years.

Obviously something has to be done! We propose a tight global policy, benignly implemented, or it will be very nasty indeed. In practice, a human population of 10 to 12 billion would be too uncomfortably high and would add a high strain on world resources. What kind of world population would be reasonable? What goal should we aim at? A population should be small enough to be sustainable indefinitely and still allow plenty of leeway for ourselves and other lifeforms. It should also be large enough to allow the formation of healthy civilizations.

Comprehensive population policies are an essential element in a world development strategy that combines access to reproductive health services, education and economic opportunities, improved energy and natural resource technologies, and to healthier models of consumption and the 'good life'.

We propose a world population of 500 million.

Our proposal of a world population of 500 million does not in any way contradict God's Plan for humanity. On the contrary, it reinforces the Will of God for the diversity of Life throughout the universe. By accomplishing our higher purpose we will be able to propagate trillions of liferforms and much more over the universe. Beside, with such a small population, there is no doubt that our species would last at least a million years. That is

0.5 x billion x 1 million = 0.5 x 10 15 person-years

But if we let our population rise to about 20 billion then we may not survive more that 1,000 years or so. That is

20 billion x 1,000 thousand = 2 x 10 13 person-years

In order words, if we exercise restraint the total number of human beings who will be on the planet could be at least 25 times greater than it would be if we allowed the population to increase to 20 billion. Who, then, are those who deny life for the glory of God?

In practice, if our proposal was accepted then the population would eventually fall. We would make all efforts to minimize infant mortality. We need to ensure that the women of the world who have shown an interest in the proposal of family planning would have access to all the help needed to achieve their goal. Contraception for men is also desirable.

Other Policies to decrease world population:
  • delay reproduction until later in life. Delaying reproduction is important in influencing population growth rates. Over a period of 60 years, if people delay reproduction until they are 30 years old, you would have only two generations, while if you do not delay reproduction you would have three generations (one generation every 20 years).
  • spread your children farther apart
  • to have fewer children overall
  • government commitment to decreasing population growth. Create policies that help decreasing the number of children being born. Policies such as income tax deductions for dependent children and maternity and paternity leaves are essentially pronatalist and should be eliminated.
  • programs that are locally designed and that include information on family planning and access to contraceptives
  • educational programs that emphasize the connection between family planning and social good
  • The vast disparities in reproductive health worldwide and the greater vulnerability of the poor to reproductive risk point to several steps all governments can take, with the support of other sectors, to improve the health of women and their families:
    • Give women more life choices. The low social and economic status of women and girls sets the stage for poor reproductive health
    • Invest in reproductive health care
    • Encourage delays in the onset of sexual activity and first births
    • Help couples prevent and manage unwanted childbearing
    • Ensure universal access to maternal health care
    • Support new reproductive health technologies
    • Increase efforts to address the HIV pandemic
    • Involve communities in evaluating and implementing programs
    • Develop partnerships with the private sector, policymakers and aid donors to broaden support for reproductive health
    • Measure Progress
    • Participate in Global Dialogue 2006 to help humanity find solutions. Politics and Justice without borders. Theme: More info concerning the theme Actions for the good of all as per the Statement of rights, responsibilities, and accountabilities of the Global Community citizens. Statement of rights, responsibilities, and accountabilities

    More and more young people on every continent want to start bearing children later in life and to have smaller families than at any time in history. Likewise, in greater proportions than ever, women and girls in particular want to go to school and to college, and they want to find fulfilling and well-paid employment. Helping people in every country obtain the information and services they need to put these ambitions into effect is all that can be done, and all that needs to be done, to bring world population growth to a stable landing this century.

    Beside the global warming of the planet, the human activity that affects Earth most is that of food production. We need to form a global ministry dealing only about agriculture and the protection of our soils. All nations will be part of the ministry. We have to design systems of food production that meet our own needs, and also leave room for these other lifeforms we want to take along with us. Western agriculture is designed in the end to maximize profit. As a primordial human right, the prime concern of the human species is to feed people. Therefore we have to do things differently. We will have to produce less livestock as we effectively double the population we need to feed: ourselves, plus the livestock that is supposed to be feeding us. We also have to apportion the land surface of the whole world more efficiently, using some for highhly intensive food production (which makes use of less land), some for extensive agriculture (combining food production with wildlife conservation) and designing some specifically as wilderness areas with global corridors between them. Hopefully this will help natives of British Columbia, Canada, and natives all over the world, to settle their land claims in their favor as they are the only people in Canada who can help protecting wildlife, at least for now. There should be a definite and specific clause in any agreement with the natives that it is what they will do with the land and not turn it into a huge industrial site as would the white man do.

    Global warming is certainly affecting the survival of these other lifeforms we want to take along with us. Climate change has always been a major factor throughout the entire evolutionary stages of life on Earth and will continue to be so in the future. We will have to make sacrifices not only for our own survival but also for all life on Earth. Changes now are far too rapid for these other lifeforms to adapt. They will have to tolerate us more to survive.

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    New way of doing business

    Competition wil only be good when corporations, the business world, has accepted the new way of doing business and obtained the Certified Corporate Global Community Citizenship.

    Over its long past history trade has never evolved to require from the trading partners to become legally and morally responsible and accountable for their products from beginning to end. At the end the product becomes a waste and it needs to be properly dispose of. Now trade must be given a new impetus to be in line with the global concepts of the Global Community. You manufacture, produce, mine, farm or create a product, you become legally and morally responsible and accountable of your product from beginning to end (to the point where it actually becomes a waste; you are also responsible for the proper disposable of the waste). This product may be anything and everything from oil & gas, weapons, war products, to genetically engineered food products. All consumer products. All medicinal products! All pharmaceutical products!

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    New Revelations

    1. Thou shall be One with humanity and thou shall have a higher purpose, and that is to propagate Life throughout the Universe. I shall provide you with means to travel the galaxies.

    2. Thou shall have another higher purpose, and that is to manage Earth responsibly.

    3. The Soul of Humanity shall be your guiding hand to follow as my hand.

    4. The Soul of Humanity is a part of my own consciousness, my Spirit, my way of being with you and you with me.

    5. Thou shall banish war as a solution to problems between communities. All Souls involved with war, directly or indirectly, shall face the Soul of Humanity to be purified. All Souls involved in the making of weapons, war products and equipment shall be facing the Soul of Humanity.

    6. The stewardship of the ecological base is the essential prerequisite for the effectiveness and exercise of all rights recognized for human beings, and it has to be given priority before the fulfilment of various economic and social wishes. Demands resulting from the socio-economic system of a particular country have to find their limits in the protection of the global ecosystem. Vital interests of future generations have to be considered as having priority before less vital interests of the present generation. All Souls involved with the careless destruction of the life-support system of the planet, directly or indirectly, shall face the Soul of Humanity to be purified.

    7. Thou shall be ethically responsible and accountable locally, globally and throughout the Universe.

    8. Although you may foresee correctly the Universe with a beginning and expanding, what you observe is a part of a greater whole that is infinite and eternal. You shall have faith in your good heart, mind and Spirit to reach a much greater understanding of the Universe. The Soul of Humanity shall guide you on the way.

    9. Souls traveling the galaxies to propagate life shall be good Souls only. They shall still be a part of the Soul of Humanity. Their higher purpose shall be to spread life of various forms throughout the Universe.

    10. Thou shall live a life as per global ethical values developed by the Soul of Humanity. Thou shall applied these values responsibly and wisely in all situations and places.


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