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Discussion Roundtables on Internet were held from August 1 to 31;
Workshop Sessions and a Global Exhibition were held all over the world from August 17 to 22;
A Workshop Session and a Global Exhibition were held in Nanaimo, British Columbia, Canada on Saturday August 20.

Global Dialogue 2005 involved over 260 leaders from 80 countries on Internet. Participants were from 130 nations to dialogue on hundreds of issues.

The OVERVIEW of Global Dialogue 2005 was written from the materials found in the workshop session and discussion roundtable summaries, brain-storming exercises, vision statements, comments and recommendations, reviewing of research papers and from results of the dialogue held throughout year 2005 and especially the month of August. Materials published in the press releases and Newsletters were included in the following Proceedings. Instead here we are providing links to such materials.

The Global Constitution is the final product of all Participants. Chapter XXVII shows the listing of the Participants who help in the development of the Global Constitution. Chapter XXVIII shows the listing of those Participants who were involved with the development of the Global Constitution at the Advisory level. Advisory Board to the Global Constitution

Participants who have added their work to the PARTICIPATION website will find it by following the links. See the Main Index. PARTICIPATION website

All others will find their work in each Participant individual file. Participant individual file

Work find in Newsletters, Press Releases and Letters were also included in these Proceedings and can be found from the following tables.

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