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But you do not need to wait until August 2005, to participate. Participate now, today! Here is how the process works.

OVERVIEW of the process

Protect photosynthesis: less CO2 , more Oxygen and better health for all of us. Protection of the global life-support systems Climate change prelude Climate change: responsibility and accountability of cities

Proceed with this process. The following 12 easy steps allow you complete participation today. Participate now, today.

1.    Fill in the registration form. No fees.

2.    Contact us for help.

  3.    Search our list of local and global issues. Add your own issue if not already on the list.

  4.    Study the Global Community Overall Picture.

  5.    See societal sustainability and species adaptation through humanity's newly acquired vision of the world.

6.    Research statistical information and measurement of sustainable development.

7.    Read work done on Earth governance and management.

8.    Organize your own forum or global dialogue in your community. Start up a Workshop Session.

9.    Write your results. Speak on issues. 

10.    Send us your comments and recommendations.

11.    Show your work. Publish an article in our monthly Newsletter.

12.    Participate in Global Dialogue 2005. Your work will appear in Proceedings 2005. Become a member of the Earth Community Organization (ECO), the Global Community. Be a LEADER.




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