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Lesson #2: the way forward

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The 21st century is very crucial for humanity as it will determine the long run survival of life on Earth, along with its quality and diversity. Through its Global Dialogue 2011, the Global Community has proposed several comprehensive solutions to achieve survival. Lesson #2 comprises the most important results of the Dialogue.

Whatever happen in this 3rd Millennium will depend on to what extent people are willing to make a difference to manage Earth wisely. Will actions be geared to survive a decade, a hundred years, a thousand years, or a million years? If actions were geared to survive a million years, the chances are that people would learn to master great things including harnessing the sun flare energy, interstellar and intergalactic travels to propagate life in all its forms elsewhere, genetic engineering, and reajusting the planetary position of another planet in the Solar System to initiate a new life on its surface. Is it no worth to make sacrifices now?

Humanity has to regulate its population by means that are voluntary and benign and has to take along with a fair proportion of other lifeforms. Proper Earth management will certainly be a necessary tool to achieve this goal. If not there will be a collapse of humanity and of the environment. From now on every global decision will have tremendous consequences on humanity's future.

It is clear that there will always be large opposition to programs of making population growth pay for itself. Those who profit from growth will use their considerable resources to convince the community that the community should pay the costs of growth. If all communities were making growth pay for itself then that could be a major tool to use in stopping population growth.

The Global Community has long recognized that greater equality between men and women is an essential element of slowing down world population growth. A new socially acceptable "family image" is needed. Men and women get married not so much to procreate but to enjoy the companionship of the 'other', and sometimes the 'other' is a person of the same sex. In practice, if this proposal was accepted then the world population would eventually fall.

For millennia, the relentless ticking of a woman's biological clock has equated her entire life with one purpose: childbearing. Today this must change. The encouragement of childfree couples is crucial to saving the planet. A childfree life celebrates humanity's most profound conquest of nature: control of conception. Give every woman that choice, and the world will change. Efforts would be make to minimize infant mortality. Women who have shown an interest in this proposal of family planning would have access to all the help needed to achieve their goal. Contraception for men is also desirable.

The following animation is Lesson #2 to the process of Peace as taught by Soul of all Life (Soullife). Tweeta is a symbol of global learning from Soullife.

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Artboard #1 of Lesson #2 the way forward:

The Universe is populated with billions of galaxies such as this one here. Everyone of those galaxies is different from the other. I will show you the way to travel the Universe and spread Life in all its forms. You must first embrace Peace as the way of Life. Lesson #2: the way forward artboard

Artboard #2 of Lesson #2 the way forward:

The galaxy Milky Way populated with billions of stars is your home. A small volume of home is shown here. Get to know your home. Lesson #2: the way forward artboard

Artboard #3 of Lesson #2 the way forward:

Your star, the Sun, is your energy for as long as you live. Find out more about this marvelous being. You will never be let down. After all, all life on Earth has its name on it. Lesson #2: the way forward artboard

Artboard #4 of Lesson #2 the way forward:

Solar System includes several planets: Mercury, Venus, Earth, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune, Pluto and CharonLesson #2: the way forward artboard

Artboard #5 of Lesson #2 the way forward:

Planets revolve around the Sun in elliptical orbits.Lesson #2: the way forward artboard

Artboard #6 of Lesson #2 the way forward:

In Lesson #1, "the world now", I told you how the three faces of warfare have caused civil unrests and added pressure on Earth's resources to a critically high level making it very difficult to live or even survive. Earth is covered by pollution and waste from human activities:

1. overconsumption
2. unfair and out-of-control global economics
3. wasteful lifestyles in developed nations
4. overpopulation
5. mindless and out-of-control destruction worldwide caused by the military and its armament industry

Now let us see a way out of this deadly scenario also partly due to lack of proper and fair global management. Lesson #2 shows the way forward.
Lesson #2: the way forward artboard

Artboard #7 of Lesson #2 the way forward:

The title page ofLesson #2: the way forward Lesson #2: the way forward artboard

Artboard #8 of Lesson #2 the way forward:

For millennia, the relentless ticking of a woman's biological clock has equated her entire life with one purpose: childbearing. Today this must change. The encouragement of childfree couples is crucial to saving the planet. A childfree life celebrates humanity's most profound conquest of nature: control of conception. Give every woman that choice, and the world will change. Lesson #2: the way forward artboard

Artboard #9 of Lesson #2 the way forward:

There is a growing awareness within the Global Community that the unrestrained growth of a population should pay for itself. Those who profit from growth will use their considerable resources to convince the community that the community should pay the costs of growth. Taxes and utility costs must escalate in order to pay for the growth. In addition, growth brings increased levels of congestion, frustration, and air pollution. Lesson #2: the way forward artboard

Artboard #10 of Lesson #2 the way forward:

The Global Community global strategy concerning overpopulation Lesson #2: the way forward artboard

Artboard #11 of Lesson #2 the way forward:

Give a woman the choice to say no I dont want children or raise a family; and make her choice socially acceptable. For this to work, women must also be given equal rights to men in every way. Lesson #2: the way forward artboard

Artboard #12 of Lesson #2 the way forward:

Give a woman:

Access to and control of natural resources and land,
Stronger voices in decisions about sustainable resource use,
Education on impacts of consumerism and sustainable consumption, and
Access to modern methods of contraception and reproductive health services.
Lesson #2: the way forward artboard

Artboard #13 of Lesson #2 the way forward:

Moratorium on world population, the fertility rate and immigration applications.

Migrants from any religious or cultural background, including refugees, must satisfy completely the Global Community standard for a population fertility rate of 1.3 children per family.
Lesson #2: the way forward artboard

Artboard #14 of Lesson #2 the way forward:

The Global Community condemns all types of warfare we see in the world today: military, economic and population.

The Scale of Global Rights gives us a sense of direction for future planning and managing Earth.
Lesson #2: the way forward artboard

Artboard #15 of Lesson #2 the way forward:

This short series on overpoluation is now completed Tweeta. Other themes will be the subjects of new series. Lesson #2: the way forward artboard


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Germain Dufour
Spiritual Leader of the Global Community
September 1st, 2011


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Commission on Justice, Peace and Creation of the NCC India, Madurai Declaration On Climate Change Madurai Declaration On Climate Change
Ghali Hassan, NATO of Terror NATO of Terror
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 July 25, 2011  
Conservation: There Is No Alternative
by Richard Heinberg , Countercurrents.org

Energy conservation is our best strategy for pre-adapting to an inevitably energy-constrained future. And it may be our only significant option for averting economic, social, and environmental ruin.

The world will face limits to energy production in decades ahead regardless of the energy pathway chosen by policy makers. Consider the two extreme options—carbon minimum and carbon maximum.

If we re-build our global energy infrastructure to minimize carbon emissions with the aim of combating climate change, this will mean removing incentives and subsidies from oil, coal, and gas and transferring them to renewable energy sources like solar, wind, and geothermal. Where fossil fuels are still used, we will need to capture and bury the carbon dioxide emissions.

Some say we might look to nuclear for a bit of help along the way—but it likely wouldn’t provide much. Moreover, the ongoing nuclear catastrophe in Japan has highlighted a host of unresolved safety issues, including spent fuel storage and vulnerability to extended grid power outages. Even ignoring those issues, atomic power is expensive, and supplies of high-grade uranium ore are limited.

The low-carbon path is littered with other obstacles as well. Solar and wind power are plagued by intermittency, a problem that can be solved only with substantial investment in energy storage or long-distance transmission. Currently renewables account for only a tiny portion of global energy, so the low-carbon path requires a high rate of growth in that expensive sector, and therefore high rates of investment. Governments would have to jump-start the transition with subsidies—a tough order in a world where most governments are financially overstretched and investment capital is scarce.

For transport, the low-carbon option is even thornier. Biofuels suffer from problems of high cost and requirement for the diversion of agricultural land, and the transition to electric cars will take decades and will again be expensive (sorry, electric airliners are not feasible).

Carbon capture and storage will also be costly and will likewise take decades to implement. Moreover, the energy costs of building and operating an enormous new infrastructure of CO2 pumps, pipelines, and compressors will be substantial, meaning we will be extracting more and more fossil fuels just to produce the same amount of energy useful to society—a big problem if fossil fuels are getting more expensive anyway (more on that in a moment).

So, in the final analysis, a low-carbon future is also almost certainly a low-energy future.

All right then, what if we forget about the climate? This might seem to be the path of least resistance. After all, fossil fuels have a history of being cheap and abundant, and we already have the infrastructure to burn them. If climate mitigation would be expensive and politically contentious, why not just double down on the high-carbon path we’re already on? Damn the environment! Full speed ahead!

Not an option. Problem is, the world of fossil fuels is changing fast.

The quandary we face with a high-carbon energy path can be summed up in the metaphor of the low-hanging fruit. We have extracted the highest quality, cheapest-to-produce, most accessible hydrocarbon resources first, and have left the lower quality, expensive-to-produce, less accessible resources for later. Well, now it’s later. Enormous amounts of coal, oil, gas, and other fossil fuels still remain underground, but each new increment will cost significantly more to extract (in terms of both money and energy).

This predicament is perhaps clearest for oil. After the Deepwater Horizon oil disaster of 2010 and the Middle East-North African uprisings of early 2011, almost no one believes that oil will ever be as cheap and plentiful in the future as it was even a decade ago.

For coal, the wake-up call is coming from China—which now burns almost half the world’s total and is starting to import enormous quantities, driving up prices worldwide. Meanwhile, recent studies suggest that global coal production will max out in the next few years and start to decline.

New extraction techniques for natural gas (horizontal drilling and “fracking”) have temporarily increased supplies of this fuel in the U.S., but the companies that specialize in “unconventional” gas appear to be subsisting on investment capital: gas prices are currently too low to enable them to turn much of a profit on production. Costs of production and per-well depletion rates are high, which means that rosy projections for a 40-year lifetime of typical wells are probably highly unrealistic—unless gas prices rise dramatically. We can get a lot of this gas out of the ground at a slow rate and at a high price, or we can get a short burst at low prices from the “sweet spots.” What we can’t have is high rates of production lasting for decades, and at low prices—though that is what is being promised.

Exotic hydrocarbons like gas hydrates, bitumen, and kerogen will require extraordinary effort and investment for their development, and will entail environmental risks far higher than those for conventional fossil fuels. That means more expensive energy.

But if the hydrocarbon molecules are there and society needs the energy, won’t we just bite the bullet and come up with whatever levels of investment are required to keep energy flows growing? Not necessarily. As we move toward lower quality resources (conventional or unconventional), we have to use more energy to acquire energy. As net energy yields decline, both energy and investment capital have to be cannibalized from other sectors of society in order to keep extraction processes expanding. After a certain point, even if gross energy production is still climbing, the amount of energy actually useful to society starts to decline anyway. From then on, it is impossible to increase the amount of useful energy available to society no matter what sacrifices we make. And the signs suggest we’re not far from that point.

In one sense it matters a great deal whether we choose the low-carbon or high-carbon path: one way, we lay the groundwork for a sustainable (if modest) energy future; the other, we destabilize Earth’s climate while shackling ourselves even more tightly to energy sources that can only become dirtier and more expensive as time goes on. However, in another sense, it doesn’t matter which path we choose: either way, we will have less energy to burn. Plot any scenario between the low-carbon and high-carbon extremes and that conclusion still holds.

That’s less energy for transport, agriculture, and for heating and cooling homes. Less energy for making and using electronic gadgets. Less energy for building and maintaining cities.

Research has been proceeding for decades on how to reduce energy inputs for all sorts of processes and activities. Just one example: the electricity needed for illumination has declined by up to 90 percent due to the introduction of compact fluorescent light bulbs and now LED lights.

The problem is that efficiency efforts are subject to the law of diminishing returns: we can’t make and transport goods with no energy, and each step toward greater efficiency typically costs more than the previous one. Achieving 100 percent efficiency would, in theory, require infinite effort. So while we can increase efficiency and reduce total energy consumption, we can’t do those things and produce continual economic growth at the same time.

We’re at a crossroads. Up to this point, cheap and abundant energy has fueled consistent economic growth. The only real discussion among the managerial elite was how to grow the economy—whether in planned or unplanned ways, whether with sensitivity to the environment or without.

Now the discussion must center on how to contract. Sadly, that discussion is radioactive—no one wants to touch it. It’s hard to imagine a more suicidal strategy for a politician than to base his or her election campaign on the promise of economic contraction. Instead, discussions in policy circles tend to turn on how to maintain the illusion of growth. Denial runs deep, but sooner or later reality will make itself known.

And sooner or later we must make conservation the centerpiece of economic and energy policy. The term conservation implies “efficiency” in the usual sense—building cars and appliances that use less energy. But it also means cutting out non-essential uses of energy. Rather than continuing to increase economic demand by stimulating human wants, we must begin to think about how to meet basic human needs with minimal consumption of resources, while discouraging extravagance.

This of course amounts to a profound change of course for our economic system, and it will not be undertaken except by necessity. But necessity is inevitably approaching. We will have less energy, like it or not. And with less energy, we will no longer be able to operate a growing consumer society. The kind of society we will be able to operate will almost certainly be as different from the industrial society of recent decades as that was from the agrarian society of the 19th century.

As we move toward renewable and intermittent energy sources, a larger portion of society’s effort will have to be spent on processes of energy capture. Energy production will require more land, and a greater proportion of society’s total labor and investment. We will need more food producers, but fewer managers and salespeople. We will be less mobile, and each of us will own fewer manufactured products—though hopefully of higher quality—which we will re-use and repair as long as possible before replacing them.

The transition would go much better if we were to plan for it, pre-adapting to a low-energy global economic regime. However, little of that planning is likely to occur, simply because nearly everyone—from investors to policy makers to ordinary consumers—wants the fossil fuel-fed fiesta of manic consumption to continue as long as possible. So we are most likely in for a wrenching shift.

Still, wherever it is possible for households and communities to pre-adapt, and wherever clever people are able to show innovative ways of meeting human needs with a minimum of consumption, there will be advantages to be enjoyed and shared. Eventually, as we begin to measure success not by the amount of our consumption, but by the quality of our culture, the beauty of our built environment, and the health of our ecosystems, we could end up being significantly happier than we are today, even as we gobble up far less of Earth’s bounty.

Richard Heinberg is Senior Fellow of the Post Carbon Institute. Adapted from The End of Growth: Adapting to Our New Economic Reality (New Society Publishers, 2011).

  Read Conservation: There Is No Alternative
 July 27, 2011  
NATO of Terror
by Ghali Hassan , Countercurrents.org

The North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) was created in 1945 by the U.S. not only as a tool to advance U.S. imperialist interests but also to dominate West Europe economically and militarily. NATO purpose was to defend its members and to counter any threat from the former Soviet Union and its allies. As an anachronism, NATO's new agenda is endless wars against defenceless civilian population.

In their meeting of 13 May 2011 in the White House, President Barack Obama and NATO Secretary-General (accurately, NATO spokesperson) Anders Fogh Rasmussen pledged to continue NATO's wars on Muslim nations, including the illegal aggressions against Afghanistan and Libya. Rasmussen, an Islamophobe former Danish prime minister, wrote recently: ?NATO's operational commitments have changed beyond recognition in the past 20 years. From Afghanistan to Kosovo, from the coast of Somalia to Libya, we have never been busier? conducting endless wars of aggression against defenceless civilian population. Rasmussen should have added: ?Our experience in Afghanistan and Libya will be employed for future aggressions?.

One by one, European countries have been brought into NATO expeditionary force of 28 members. Once joined the organisation, new NATO members have to upgrade and ?modernise? their military and armoured forces to U.S. standards. They have to buy mostly U.S.-made arms benefiting the U.S. military-industrial complex. In addition, NATO is often used as a cover for U.S. aggression. For example, the aggressions against Afghanistan and Libya ? both legitimised by the United Nation (UN) ?, are depicted as NATO operations. In reality, they are U.S.-led aggressions. The contributions from NATO members, compared with the U.S., are miniscule and use for propaganda purpose giving the aggression an international colour and legitimacy. On 10 June 2011, U.S. Defence Secretary, Robert Gates was clear about the contributions of NATO members: ?The mightiest military alliance in history is only 11 weeks into an operation against a [defenceless] poorly armed regime in a sparsely populated [Libya], yet many allies are beginning to run short of munitions, requiring the U.S., once more, to make up the difference?. One important point is that Europeans (the people) are not interested in spending on militarism to serve U.S. imperialism.

NATO Aggression against Afghanistan

In Afghanistan, there are more than 150,000 foreign troops supported by the biggest and most advanced military forces on the planet. They are engaged in nearly ten-year war serving under the so-called NATO's International Security Assistance Force (ISAF), a cover designed to give U.S. war an international image.

The war on Afghanistan is illegal. There has never been a legitimate pretext to justify the aggression. According to Professor Michael Mandel of Toronto's Osgoode Hall Law School, the war on Afghanistan ?violate[s] international law and the express words of the United Nations Charter?. He added: Article 51 only ?gives a state the right to repel an attack that is ongoing or imminent as a temporary measure until the UN Security Council can take steps necessary for international peace and security?. In addition, Marjorie Chen, a professor of law at Thomas Jefferson School of Law rejected that the war against Afghanistan was a legitimate self defence. (For more, see Notes: 1 & 2).

In May 2011, a poll conducted by the International Council on Security and Development (ICSD) found that 70-87 percent (depends where in Afghanistan) of Afghans are against the presence of foreign troops and U.S.-NATO murderous Occupation of their country.

As U.S.-NATO leaders are growing increasingly desperate, attacks on civilians ( mostly women and children ) have become more frequent and indiscriminate. Despite UN and Western organisations (?NGOs?) efforts to whitewash U.S.NATO crimes against civilians, media reports revealed that tens of thousands of innocent Afghan civilians have been killed by U.S.-NATO airstrikes and ground operations in various parts of Afghanistan.

On 12 May 2011, NATO troops killed a 12-year-old girl and a policeman, her relative, also in Nangarhar province. According to the girl's father: ?They (foreign troops) hurled a hand grenade at my daughter after she ran out of the room in a panic. She was killed on the spot'. ( Pajhwok Afghan News , May 12, 2011).

On 15 May 2011, U.S.-led NATO troops killed a 12-year-old girl and injured four other girls ages 8 to 15 in Afghanistan's Kunar province. The day before NATO forces killed a 15-year-old boy, the son of an Afghan soldier, in a night raid in Nangarhar province, resulting in a demonstration by local Afghans that was fired upon by government forces with four protesters killed, including a 14-year-old boy.

ON 28 May 2011, U.S.-led NATO war planes and unmanned drones struck two civilian homes in the Afghan southern province of Helmand , instantly killing fourteen people, including five girls, seven boys and two women. According to the Australian Counterinsurgency advisor David Kilcullen, 98% of drone strikes are against unarmed civilians. They are also illegal acts of aggression.

On 29 May 2011, Afghan authorities said NATO forces had killed 52 civilians in airstrikes in southern Province of Helmand. ?During the air strikes, two civilian houses were targeted which killed 14 civilians and six others were wounded,? reported the AFP . The dead included five girls, seven boys and two women.

When Afghan ?president? Hamid Karzai asked NATO to stop attacking civilians in their homes, he was rebuffed by NATO. NATO leaders rejected the demand, claiming that ?attacking Afghan homes is ?necessary' and would continue going forward?. They also claimed that the Afghan ?government? has no right under UN-mandated murderous Occupation to forbid attacks on civilians. The deliberate and indiscriminate attacks on civilians are designed to terrorise the civilian population and to force submission and surrender. For example, deadly missiles attacks on wedding celebrations are not mistakes; they are deliberate acts of terrorism aimed at terrorising the population.

Furthermore, in neighbouring Pakistan, U.S. drone missile attacks have killed eight people in North Waziristan on 12 May 2011, after which ?locals said the dead were innocent people' ( The Nation , 13 May 2011). Two days before, ?U.S. drone aircraft fired two missiles at a vehicle, killing at least five people and injuring seven others? in South Waziristan. According to a Pakistani opposition party member; ?The NATO attack was not accidental but a calculated and planned move to target Pakistan so as to hide its failure in Afghanistan. The violation of Pakistani territory indicated that the US was planning to push the war inside Pakistan? ( News International , 28 April 2011).

NATO Aggression against Libya

In Libya, U.S.-NATO illegal aggression continues in flagrant violation of international law and civilised norms. It is clear that, U.S.-NATO members have exceeded and violated UN Resolution 1973, which was initially meant to provide a cover for the aggression against the Libyan people. ?The Western [aggression] against Libya wasn't undertaken to protect human rights or foster democracy. It was launched with the aim of breaking Libya up politically so as to prevent the unification of three revolutionary Arab states ? Egypt, Libya and Tunisia ? which together might pose a threat to Israeli regional dominance?, Mohamed al-Sakhawi of Egypt's Arabic Unity Party told IPS News (18 June 2011).

Since the aggression began on 19 March 2011, U.S.-NATO forces have conducted some 11,500 air missions, including over 4500 combat sorties. In addition, hundreds of cruise missiles were launched against virtually a defenceless small African nation. These acts of terror, we are told, are legitimised by the UN Security Council, or as Colonel Muammar al-Qadhafi accurately called it, the ?Terror Council?. The attacks killed thousands of Libyan civilians and wounded many more. In addition, the attacks caused a mass exodus of foreign migrants (workers) thousands of whom lost their lives at sea and many thousands more abused and terrorised by the pro-Western ?rebels?.

Encouraged by Colonel al-Qadhafi call for a cease fire, the majority of the world's nations, including African nations (the African Union) have called for an immediate end to U.S.-NATO's aggression and allow Libyans to find a political solution. Of course, U.S.-NATO leaders are not interested in the business of peace and consider the Libyan people their enemy. NATO leaders openly declared that: NATO's terror attacks will continue against the Libyan people until the Libyan leader Colonel al-Qadhafi leaves Libya. Meanwhile, Colonel al-Qadhafi continues to enjoy the support of the overwhelming majority of the Libyan people, and courageously refused to be intimidated by the terrorists.

In deliberate attacks on civilian population centres on Sunday night of 19 June 2011, U.S.-NATO war planes attacked a residential area in the Arada neighbourhood of Tripoli killing several civilians, including two babies and their mother. ( Reuters/AFP , 19 June 2011).

On 10 June 2011, NATO war planes, conducted raids against Libya killed an Algerian mother, Benkacem Nicira, 41 and her two sons, Sadiki Abdelmalek, 22, and Bilal, 19 in the oil city of Ben Jawad, near Ras Lanuf. On 15 June 2011, NATO airstrike attacked a bus loaded with passengers in Kikla city, about 120 km southwest of the capital Tripoli, killing 12 civilians and wounding two others, according to Xinhua news.

Further, between 19 March 2011 and 26 May 2011, NATO air attacks had killed 718 civilians and wounded 4,067, mostly in and around the Capital Tripoli. Meanwhile, NATO members have began using helicopter gunships, U.S. Hellfire missile-wielding Predators and unmanned aerial vehicles operations in their attacks on major Libyan population centres, such as the Capital Tripoli.

On 30 April 2011, in an illegal act of ?targeted assassination', NATO-U.S. war planes attacked al-Qadhafi's family home, killing al-Qadhafi son, Saif al-Arab, his three grandchildren and several friends and relatives. The attack was in flagrant violation of international law. On 20 April 2011, U.S.-NATO air attacks on al-Qadhafi in Tripoli killed 7 civilians and wounded 18 others. Glorified by the BBC, the criminal attacks were justified as attacks on al-Qadhafi ?Command and Control Centre?. It is a lie even by the Nazis' standard. But, you wonder if the BBC will call a military attack on 10 Downing Street, an attack on David Cameron Command and Control Centre.

On 13 May 2011, NATO aircraft bombed the Libyan city of Brega, killing 16 civilians, including 11 clerics who were there on a peace mission, and wounding 45 others. Statements were made by two Imams who had driven through the night from the Brega site to Tripoli for the press conference to condemn the NATO bombing of their brethren.

A day after the massacre, Libyan government spokesperson, Moussa Ibrahim presented strong evidence that a massacre of Libyan religious leaders by NATO was carried out in the oil port of Brega. The press conference was attended by Libyan religious leaders, mainly Muslim but included both Orthodox and Catholic representatives.

According to Moussa Ibrahim, on Friday, 13 May 2011, over 150 of Libya's most senior Imams gathered in Brega to hold a peace conference on how to end the fighting in Libya. Brega was chosen for the site because it is the closest government held town to the rebel-held stronghold of Benghazi and the Imams planned to send a delegation to Benghazi with a peace proposal following the conference.

Bombing a peace conference of Libyan religious leaders shows just how much NATO is threatened by any chance of a cease fire. Any break in the NATO air offensive will only benefit the government and hurt the rebellion, with reports from western journalists in Benghazi telling of increasing infighting between local rebels and those recently returned from exile who have been trying to take over. If Benghazi loses its water supply the clock starts ticking towards the day when Benghazi's ?rebels? must surrender or evacuate the city.

According to former U.S. Congresswoman, Cynthia McKinney who is in Tripoli, NATO forces have attacked ?hospitals, universities, schools, residential houses, and other non-military sites, causing numerous civilian casualties. The aim is to terrorise the civilian population and force the people to capitulate. Hence, U.S.-led NATO air attacks are deliberately and mercilessly targeting the civilian population and Libya's civilian infrastructure.

Furthermore, NATO has adopted U.S.-Zionist policy of collective punishment, including international sanction against the Libyan people. Collective punishment is a form of retaliatory action targeting the civilian population, including women and children in violation of the Geneva Conventions. The policy was used by the Nazis during the German occupation of Poland and by the U.S.-Britain during the 13-year long genocidal sanctions against the Iraqi people that killed more than a million Iraqi civilians, including 600,000 infants under the age of 5. It is considered one of Israel's brutal policies of terrorising the Palestinian people.

In justifying the aggression against Libya, Obama claims the U.S. has the right to attack any defenceless nation wherever it deems U.S. imperialist ?interests and values? to be at stake. Unashamed of his own despicable hypocrisy, Obama asserted that the attacks on Libya are to promote ?democracy? and ?human rights? as an established Western propaganda to manipulate public opinions and to portray the West as a ?compassionate? and ?ethical? society. But, from Vietnam to Iraq to Afghanistan to Yugoslavia and to Libya, America's ?human rights? record is outright criminal.

Regrettably, despite the horrendous atrocities committed by U.S.-NATO forces against defenceless civilians, people in the West, the American people in particular, remain mute and ignorant. They are consumed by endless fantasies, manipulated and diverted like a ?bewildered herd?. They have been indoctrinated ?not to get involved in politics? and to mind their own business.

Promoting Dictatorship

Finally, whether it is the ongoing U.S.-NATO aggression against Afghanistan or the U.S.-NATO aggression against Libya, U.S.-NATO aggressions have nothing to do with ?democracy?, ?protecting civilians?, or ?human rights? whatever the pretexts. The primary aim is the total control over the planet resources through military violence, terrorising the civilian population and imposing Western-pliant rightwing-dictatorships to serve U.S.-Zionist interests.

In reality, the U.S. and its Western allies fear democracy and development more than anything else. In fact, most Western leaders, including Barack Obama openly supporting the dictatorships in Saudi Arabia, Bahrain and the rest of the Gulf despotic regimes as the kinds of ?democratic? regimes they like to ?deal? with. The U.S. and its Western allies love the Saudi Arabia model of ?democracy?. Ostensibly, this is because in addition to serving U.S.-Zionist interests, the Saudi model provides the West with an example of an ?Islamic? regime, which is often used to demonise Muslims and Islam and more importantly, ?mobilise the ?Islamophobic' aspects of [Western] public opinion?, the Egyptian ?Marxist?, Samir Amin observes. Saudi Arabia is the most oppressive, backward and weak despotic regime is the U.S.-West most ?trusted? allay.

As the U.S. and its Western allies become more addicted to war and terror, there will be far more innocent people killed by U.S.-NATO forces in Africa, Asia and the Middle East. People should not fall into media manipulation and distortion. Only resistance by people worldwide will stop NATO terror and force Western leaders to choose the path of peace.

*Ghali Hassan is an independent political analyst living in Australia.


[1]. Michael Mandel, ?This War is Illegal,? CounterPunch , 09 October 2001.

[2]. Marjorie Cohn, ?Bombing of Afghanistan is Illegal and Must be Stopped,? Jurist , 06 November 2001.

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 July 29, 2011  

We have received a tremendous gift – to be alive at the edge of these changing times. It’s not an easy gift, if we look open-eyed into possible futures. Yet within this gift lies the tremendous opportunity (and yes, responsibility) of crafting tools to place in the hands of those who come after, to enable them to shape the world in which they live through their own vision.

If you have children in your lives – as parents, grandparents, educators or in any other way – there’s a particular magnitude to this. You have no doubt asked yourself what you can do to enable them to navigate the turbulent times ahead, to build meaningful lives in the midst of crisis and decline, to greet the future with creativity, resilience and joy.

“How can we nurture and raise children so they can grow into adults who are able to survive, thrive and contribute to new ways of being with the Earth and each other? ” This how I pose this question to myself as I look into the hopeful eyes of the children whose lives I have the opportunity to touch through my work. It is perhaps this sense of contributing to new ways of being with the Earth and each other that will make it possible for the youth of today to survive and thrive in a challenging and rapidly changing world.

Carolyn Baker writes in Navigating the Coming Chaos about the upcoming collapse (Great Turning, Great Unraveling, Transition, or by any other name) as “humanity’s next rite of passage, our imminent initiation into adulthood as a species.” In Sacred Demise, she writes of an “odyssey” that “is about the transformation of human consciousness and the emergence of a new paradigm as a result of discovering our purpose in the collapse process and thereby coming home to our ultimate place in the universe.”

Bill Plotkin, in Nature and the Human Soul, writes that, “we must mature into people who are, first and foremost, citizens of Earth and residents of the universe, and our identity and core values must be recast accordingly. This kind of maturation entails a quantum leap beyond the stage of development in which the majority of people live today. And yet we must begin now to engender the future human.”

So how do we prepare our children to take their place in this multi-generational species initiation, to find their way to joyful, meaningful lives in the midst of crisis and difficulties we can only imagine? How can we cultivate the growth of interior structures that can enable the youth of today, the adults of tomorrow, to make their contribution to a transformation perhaps as huge as re-visioning what it means to be human?

This wide-vision of humanity’s future, not turning away from the difficulties and hardships, yet recognizing the potentials that grow within this crisis, has everything to do with an approach I have developed through my work with youth, that I now share with you.

Tools for Shaping Their Future

For over 20 years, part of my work has been with children in difficult circumstances (children in Child Protective Services care, children who have experienced abuse, immigrant and refugee youth and others). Daily I asked myself what I could give them that would really last, that they could hold on to and use as they charted their uncertain futures.

As I considered the future of all children and the juncture we are headed into, I realized that the things I developed for children in difficult circumstances were exactly what all youth needed to find their own way through the difficult times people and our planet are facing, to help shape a new and different future.

I saw that the ways I developed to build internal structures with children who life had dealt a difficult hand also builds those internal structures with all children facing challenging situations. This nurturing of interior structures is perhaps the most important gift we can offer youth today, to enable them to play their full role in these times of human initiation and transformation.

My approach revolves around four qualities and strengths adults can cultivate with the children in their lives, and a wide variety of practices, activities and experiences that can nurture them. They can be brought into a broad range of situations, are adaptable for youth of any age, and can be shaped to fit differing interests and inclinations.

These four qualities and strengths are:

Inner Self

For youth to survive, thrive and make their contribution to this time of transformation, it is essential that they that they learn to know, value, and trust their inner voice, that they become deeply rooted in a sense of self. Beyond this, it is crucial for children (and adults) to understand that they have gifts to bring to this world, something valuable to offer to the times in which they live. I tell children that this is true even if they do not yet know what it is because they are still growing, and it is yet to be discovered – and that discovery can be as joyful as unwrapping a birthday present. This sense of purpose, the soil from which their life’s meaning will take root and flower, is one of the most valuable things we can offer those who are youth today.

Creativity and Imagination

“A healthy imagination is essential to growing up, becoming fully human, encountering our souls, and offering our unique and necessary gifts to the world,” writes Bill Plotkin in Nature and the Human Soul.

Creativity and Imagination are an integral part of what it means to be human, a vital resource we each carry within. By nurturing these qualities with the children in our lives we offer them ways of knowing and growing their inner selves, finding personal meaning and enjoyment in life, and as a way of seeking solutions to, or ways of being with, life’s challenges and difficulties. Through cultivating creativity and imagination, we offer children resources for growing into and through the coming times, and for making their contribution to re-visioning humanity’s future.

Connection with Nature

We are part of the natural world and evolved within its embrace. This understanding is perhaps as ancient as humanity itself. Giving children the gift of knowing nature as their home, feeling themselves as part of the web of life is an invaluable life resource for exploring their inner self and developing their ability to act in this world and on its behalf.

It is perhaps our culture’s break with nature, the viewing of our planet as nothing more than a collection of things to be exploited and discarded, that has brought us to this time of crisis. And perhaps more than anything else, this time of turmoil and transformation calls for a rediscovery of humanity’s place within the earth community. This re-visioning of our relationship with life on earth, rooted in indigenous wisdom and shaped for contemporary times, is perhaps the cornerstone of the human initiation and evolution being called for today.

For youth to discover their place within the natural world, to grow their connection with it, has everything to do with their ability to remain grounded in turbulent times, everything to do with them being able to grow their vision and play their part in this upcoming transition.

Joy, Gratitude, Wonder

We live in a magnificent world. Children express joy and wonder naturally and beautifully. It can be a delightful experience for adults to help children cultivate and deepen this natural way of being with the world. Knowing what brings you joy strengthens sense of self and connection with the world. The ability to find joy, gratitude and wonder in difficult circumstances, in places where it may not be obvious or easy to see can make a big difference in how people experience and respond to times of crisis and change. This capacity is a vital part of finding and making meaning in life, in the fundamental redefining of “a good life” that our times are calling for.

A Note About Resilience

It almost goes without saying that children (and adults) need resilience to meet the future. Resilience is a complex interweaving of many qualities. Core resilience is rooted in two things, the ability to be grounded in self and the ability to respond creatively and flexibly to change. This is fundamentally the same as the qualities of Inner Self, Creativity, and Imagination. By nurturing these qualities you are actually growing resilience.

Knowing one’s place as part of the natural world, feeling this connection, brings a groundedness and flexibility in times of challenge and change. The capacity for joy, gratitude and wonder offers a source connection and replenishment, especially valuable in difficult times. Perhaps the most powerful component of resilience is the deeply rooted knowing that you have something valuable to bring and a part to play in the unfolding drama of these times, an opportunity to touch and shape the unfolding of the future, and something important to pass on to those who come after.

Through Their Own Vision

There are countless activities, practices and experiences that can nurture these qualities and strengths. Many I have developed during my years of working with youth. Many have been developed by others. Many more will undoubtedly be developed in the future. There may be ways you are already nurturing some, or all, of these qualities and strengths with the children in your lives.

Here are a pair of simple yet powerful practices you can easily share with the children in your lives. Notice how they reinforce each other, and how they each nurture several of these four qualities and strengths.


Wandering is spending unstructured time in nature, with no plan or agenda, following what draws one’s attention. This common childhood experience not so long ago has become a rarity in today’s urban and suburban environments.

Wandering offers children the gift of falling in love with the world. It builds a connection with nature, opening children (and adults) to feeling themselves as part of the web of life and knowing nature as their home. It also develops the relationship between nature and inner self, cultivates intuition and deepens trust in one’s inner voice.

Adults can create opportunities for children to wander in nature. We can support them in deepening their experience by asking them questions about their adventures and the things they are drawn to. For example: Tell me about what makes that rock (or flower or lizard or weed) special to you? How do you think it feels to be a bird (or the wind, or a caterpillar)? If the tree could talk with the stream what do you think they would say? Children can be encouraged to keep a journal where they write or draw about their experiences, their feelings and responses to the things they encounter.

Freeplay and Free Art – Imagination Running Wild

Just as adults can make space for and encourage external wandering, it is vital that we open space for and encourage exploring internal landscapes. Free play and daydreaming are natural childhood activities that, like wandering, are increasingly rare in today’s overscheduled lives. They foster the development of interior structures and grow the capacity for vision.

Free art is the natural companion to free play. This innate flowing of experiences, feelings, imagination through any art form is very different from “how to” art lessons. Adults can encourage youth to draw, paint, sculpt (with clay, mud or any other substance) sing, dance, write, tell a story about their imaginary experiences. We can ask to be invited into children’s imaginary world and pose questions to extend and deepen their experiences, taking care not to direct or impose. We can also ask questions that encourage the use of imagination. For example: How many things could this stick be? (Hints: a magic wand, an antenna, an insect, Pinocchio’s nose.) Children can be encouraged to use journals or folders to gather their free art, and to return to these creations for further exploration and elaboration.

Through free play, daydreaming and free art, children explore and expand their understanding of their inner selves and discover their unique relationship with the world around them. These activities offer a safe structure for them to explore their emotions, including their fears, and to seek solutions for imaginary-world problems that can carry over into “real world” problem-solving skills. Most importantly, they cultivate the capacity for vision – that necessary quality for discovering and sharing one’s gifts, for finding their place and making their contributions to the future world in which they will live.

Writing Our Horizon

We are entering, perhaps have already entered, a new paradigm, an unknown that has not existed on this scale since perhaps the dawn of what we call civilization. And with this, a possibly unprecedented opportunity to reach out and touch the future. We can see the outline dimly on the horizon, yet the flow of history always evolves a bit differently from what anyone envisioned.

We live at a conjuncture when seemingly small actions can reverberate through time, like widening circles around a pebble tossed into a still pond. The story of this time has not yet been written. Daily, in ways large and small, we are writing the opening lines of that story. Perhaps our most important work will be the developing and passing on of writing tools for these times. The tools, gifts, resources we offer the next generation, the children in our lives today, will ripple outward throughout the length of this journey.

Dianne Monroe is an Expressive Arts Facilitator, mentor, writer and photographer with over 20 years experience creating and leading experiential learning and arts-based programs. She offers workshops, presentations, and individual mentoring on various themes, including Raising Children in Changing Times. Her focus is blending Expressive Arts and creativity with nature for personal, social and planetary transformation. Visit her (www.diannemonroe.com) or contact her (dianne@diannemonroe.com) to learn more.

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 August 2, 2011  
Madurai Declaration On Climate Change
by Commission on Justice, Peace and Creation of the NCC India , Countercurrents.org
 July 26, 2011  

We the inhabitants on planet earth, born with a supreme conscience, do hereby claim our birth right to ordain and establish universal rights and liberties, not provided for by sovereign nations. To continue our kind as limitless throughout the cosmos and beyond, we form this union to secure our bond of universal commonality.


AS THE SUPREME LAW OF THE LAND, we declare that all People be governed as one "Global Nation" surviving national sovereignties. Therefore to end the unjust inconsistencies inherent in international politics, we hereby ordain and establish this Constitution so as to be free of the pledge of allegiance required by nations. There from, to be relieved from said legal servitude and thru resolutions from our supreme conscience, we do herein establish universal rules of law. A Bourne identity, whereas requited love prevails: A brilliant arraignment, where the enveloped child is sublime, with soul so virginal as to continue thru out life. There from to thrive in a perfect parental state so as to be inspired by ones supreme conscience. We do therefore craft this Ark, to augment a union at harbor, with the families of human kind, safe in a "never ending" tide of light.

THE RIGHT to be safe from threatening images that flittered before the courts, where gnarled arms of relatives reached out for help to know their grandchildren too: There, painful gaps of light were whipping around our feet, tripping us by Justices, denying custodial balance. These glowing bats in black robes trailed traces of legal fluorescence after images before our faces, as crow like lawyers pecked out our eyes behind the trunks of twisted dead money trees. Bare, bursting into flame and turning to ash, we ran away, stumbling as a monkey like stepfather leaps upon our backs and plunges his arm into our chest. Still stumbling, the trees get thicker, the court hearings buried us and we sense ourselves falling off the edge of a Childs grave. Bottomless, we scream a message with the shuddering force of a father, falling forever thru desperation. "From your hate I am descending, still smelling the steamy mist streaming down your lying breath, as bloody tears now clear above me!" Where there are no more Harrods's copy cats, casting a spider kid, to kill a father, or mentors, facilitating a child on a mission to melt his father's wedding ring or where a son crucifies his deformed father, sending him back into space to lick his mortal scars as children overcome mortal dangers, needing not the protection of their fathers.


WHEREAS To adopt rules of law that prohibit religious or profit motives adversely affecting parental images, we hereby establish a "World Families Court" to litigate those who portray earthly fathers as a disposable sperm bank or mothers who must diminish their presence with mundane behavior and appearance, because of the imposition of psychotic bounds on women. Because of these unconscionable practices, to adopt a rule of law allowing a cause of action to recover damages from any government entity, supporting religious sanctions that result in the sexual prioritizing of men or women either in or out of a state of matrimony or resulting dissolutions.

WHEREAS, these adverse gender practices are a clear and present threat to the ideal propagation of our species, we declare the right to enable the sexes to complete the final species, even if it requires that certain sovereign functions of our governments are to be invalidated: To endow succeeding offspring with the capability of exchanging the present for the universal truths of the final future. As governed by a supreme conscience, we refuse to be the victims of present practices of preferential gender power that weakens parental authority: A pathologic alliance of religions and divisive governments that reward the perpetrators with territory, armament profits or preferential social status at the expense of the families of humankind. So as to fatally dissolve said alliances, we establish a "World Armament Council" to seize, from all perpetrating private or government entities, public or private funds deemed by a "World Supreme Court" to have been made available for the expenditures of armament to defend said heretofore illegal sanctions, including but not limited to the surrender of all weapons of mass destruction.

We hereby adopt a resolution to create a "World Recovery Agency" because the existing governments cease to meet the propagation needs of the People. Said Agency to maintain an adequate constable force to perform seizures of property, armament or assets from said private entities or supporting sovereign governments that should have known their actions (passive or active) could result in parental capitulation thru death or social injustice.


WHEREAS, we require amendments to National Constitutions, to provide funds for the maintenance of a world wide military force, to be deposited in a "Global Bank of Common Wealth Security:" Said Bank to finance all necessary military incursions to support seizure of assets that were the result of intentional recessions and all other forms of common wealth infractions.

TO ESTABLISH the "World Families Court" requiring National Supreme Courts to defer appeals for divorce or probate awards, to determine whether regional courts attempted to reduce welfare costs by granting sole custody of children: Thereto amounting to the creation of an illegal debtor's prison to aid in the collection of child support from alleged dead beat parents, "in the best interest of the child?" To correct social injustice, when religiously influenced Courts award no descendant wealth to a spouse, multiple or otherwise and the first born male perpetuates a dynastic estate. Said Court has the right to reverse all regional court decisions related to unjust survivors probate hearings, divorce or gender prioritization practices and sole custody awards, "in the best interest of the species."


WHEREAS said Court will be charged with the responsibility to correct all governmental or religious exploitation of the family, the root cause of obsessive generations, (military's, insurgents, gang's, addicts and coach idolaters) as to be the primary objective of the Court. We the people of the world require to rest in peace these aforementioned living dead, including those with their silent digit hieroglyphics symptomatic of self proclaimed fingah niggas and ambidextrous mexes. Authorized by the supreme conscience, to restore family bonds (a failure in all societies of the world) we do hereby resolve to cure the fatal insanity of the underachievers and ghetto dwellers by restoring their financial opportunities: As they are here with their fingers in our face, battling as the fatherless and the lawless. From our stuffed prisons we hear: "Our prison records we wear as a medal of honor in your false fathered society. Your arenas for incarceration, built to celebrate roman architectural glory. We avoid you with the help of alternative drugs. Although your incessant advertising, "Talk to Your Doctor" exonerate you from inevitable deadly cross dosing or over prescribing, there is still no doubt that we are competing drug cultures. Colliding as double dip devils, out of cost control and eventually that burden will bury you."


WHEREAS, these world wide obsessive compulsions caused primarily from financial desperation or social prioritization, are to be the responsibility of the offending financial or religiously misled societies of the world to correct and to testify to the truth of a new covenant to protect the spirituality of the human soul. A covenant: "Where there is no begotten son returning to fulfill his promises or costly prophets that seldom recruit their faithful to the opposite end of financial or mortal destruction. A covenant to not support any God, soliciting faith as covenant for conditional salvation: Nor any prophets, subscribing the faithful for holy war as the highest glory in the kingdom of God. Nor a prince of peace, begotten by God and a virgin Mother, blessing passive or active battles to protect the freedom of our soul and establish God's kingdom on earth. To not influence people to follow the war path set by the religiously misled fathers of our country, for God and Country because in their combat zones, soldiers too often created bloody gene pools by rape or lust that produced children, as beasts in a battle, honoring forever their fields of sacrificial stone: An unrelenting sacrifice in futility." To be replaced with a covenant to honor those graves, we do hereby require the offending social or religious societies to guarantee, "Never again" to conspire with a God or nation to offer one's life, as the final price for eternal freedom: To acknowledge that our eternal soul is at final peace from within, needing no alleged mother that conceived a child with God, to preach the promise of a divine fatherly estate. To rebuke all canonicals, whose scriptural justifications, are in the name of Allah, Buda or any other Prophets or alleged Gods. We covenant to errantly condemn alleged commandments, "Authored by a God" as conditions for salvation or promises of divine salvation, or thru a "Holy Book" to permit the performing of violent suicidal or divined missions of warfare.

WHEREAS we the People of the world do hereby proclaim to be the only true witness of death, that reclaim our life trust when not returned, as we are the key to all learning beings unlearned; teaching that a political and religiously corrupt world is a planet on the brink of extinction!

THE RIGHT to refuse to continue to pay the emotional costs of mortal financial pain and to provide for the surviving "living dead" an increased opportunity to see a measurable gain from the world common wealth enterprise system. We do hereby covenant to restore financial dignity to all that sustain an investing body of common wealth, where there is reward only when the trading of value, as stock in the common wealth, is a "world class life trust event." Instead of rewarding commissions to Brokers, that unconscionably out maneuvers the many to the advantage of the few. To then redirect these unsupportable money changing opportunists, (Real Estate, Insurance and Stock Brokers, etcetera) to use their brilliance to participate in a trade atmosphere where all transactions are deposited in a "Global Trade Bank:" Where common wealth investments, prohibit commissions or fees and participants are liable for their financial life trust wisdom.


WHEREAS we require to errantly end all governments rights to procure funds, and replace the purpose with a "Government Services fee" dispersed by a "Global Government Services Agency" authorized to approve general funds only when qualified thru direct voting procedures: Said government services to receive funds, only when certified as to need thru a herein said, "Ghetto Auditors Corps" and withdrawal and deposit transactions to be receipted thru one global currency, not subject to devolution. The entire world's Banks to become branches of the Global Trust Bank including Government Reserve Banks. There from all depositors are guaranteed recovery, (when certified by said Corps) of funds from all constituents incurring imprudent expenditures for so called "National Security."

THE RIGHT to direct all common wealth, from all previously existing banks, as heretofore branches of a "Global Trust Bank." To require a "global currency" as the prevailing reserve note. There from making all government financial reserve systems invalid: As this Bank will hold, as reserve liquidity, funds necessary to supply special and government service needs of the people. Therefore this will errantly prohibit financial institutions the right to charge service fees, reserves or interest on loans or equivalent thereof. Heretofore to be deemed unconscionable to derive profits from the common wealth of the people as the practice hereby constitutes the crime of usury. Said administrators will be required to request operational and dispersal of funds under the same procedures required heretofore. FIRST, that a governmental services fund and institutional loans and expenditures will be granted as required herein and must first be approved by at least a 51% popular vote, as "financial and operational services fees." SECOND, that all heretofore determined owners of real or negotiable wealth, (determined by ghetto auditors) entitle said auditors to withdraw funds or seize for sale, an equivalent amount for assessment, based on a sliding scale rule, a "pre deposit" in the Global Trust Bank, to satisfy said projected annual assessment.

THE RIGHT to augment any national citizenship to a "cosmic class citizenship" there from to receive all the rights and liberties as a "Universe Citizen." The right to participate in an advanced electronic electoral system, to conduct timely elections or to recall any administrators, discovered to be influenced by special interests or lobbyists. Administration candidates or government service requests must advertise needs or qualifications thru an advanced E mail enabled web site, 30 days prior to being awarded a position or funds. That the executive and legal authority of elected administration official's or World Supreme Court Justices prevails over all Presidents, Kings, Prime Ministers, national Supreme Court Justices and etcetera: Whereas global politics is hereby criminalized.


THE RIGHT TO ESTABLISH a "World Health Trust" to purge bulimic industrialists of the health insurance funds they devour and the illegal drug addicts they inspire with their incessant advertising. To end profits from illegal drug trafficking by requiring legal providers of drugs to provide victims with free alternative drugs: To be freely dispensed by pharmaceutical giants and detoxification and rehabilitation to occur on an unlimited basis at free clinics, paid by insurers of the unsustainable health care industry.

THE RIGHT TO bring to justice the "MOST WANTED" herein described as financial imperialists, banks or insurers to big to fail, corrupt officials, investment schemers and stock manipulators. Rewards are hereby offered equal to the recovered personal or corporate assets of the perpetrators. To be evenly distributed to residence of the world's ghettos or underemployed, not to the conspiring victims because they contributed, thru their greedy usurious motivations. It is conscionable to award recovered wealth to the poverty stricken unemployed, toxic survivors of environmentally disastrous mineral and oil conglomerates or as the civilian casualties of the capitalist wars on the World's Wall Streets.


THEREFORE it is in the common interest to commission an independently trained "Ghetto Auditors Corps" to be permanent "deputies" charged to expose world wide legalized civil crime syndicates. Said deputies to be awarded bounties, resulting in a conviction of these greedy investors, corrupt officials, traders of wealth unearned, banks for poverty that loot and manipulate, with their hedge funds, derivatives and broken promises of health and national security, unabated or under punished. So heinous their offences, that the "Global Marshals" are authorized by the World Supreme Court, to apprehend these alleged perpetrators thru only probable cause, as to timely discontinue the misuse of the life saving wealth they squandered. Heretofore it is determined that so grievous are their alleged "capital crime offenses" that there be no bond. To be heard within 30 days by the "Global Supreme Court." As there is no appeal, "Capital Offenders" to be sentence to a life of solitary confinement, without the possibility of parole.


TO HAVE THE RIGHT appoint all Global Supreme Court Justices thru a global popular election process to preempt all national judicial system appointments, there from to abolish legal gamesmanship denying justice thru political Justices' appointments, untimely legal procedures, or protracted due process rules of law. The "Global Supreme Court Justices" will be appointed, sustained or recalled thru a consensus of opinion by a global popular vote to be completed within 30 days of commencement therefrom, said Justices in good standing, to have the right to timely intervene at all levels of any sovereign's civil or criminal justice system: To have the power to require or to reverse or dismiss decisions from said national courts no later than one month from the commencement of determined UN just legal process.


WHEREAS, determined as unconscionable, we the people of the world desire to purge ourselves of the disease of corporate contract bulimia's that spent a thousand times more on outer space exploration than terrestrial/inner because prior militaries had deep pockets: HERETOFORE to reorganize and promote the common welfare, with the liberty to exist in political peace, as one enduring "Cosmic Community." To meet our long term environmental challenges and continue our kind as limitless, we condemn the aerospace industries falsely warning, thru selective scientists, that although expensive, we must eventually relocate to another sphere: FIRST, to redirect the genius, capable of engineering conditions to stabilize our planetary system that will provide the optimal survival potential from natural disasters. A proactive agenda that unerring science is attempted to determine global climates and identify, with absolute certainty, the exact time and place of earthquakes: SECOND, to become capable, thru planetary engineering, to correct planet earth's wobbles and winters. To attempt said events we require that the pursuits of pure science be protected from selfish interests. To heed the coaching by our star kind societies, who inspire us to pursue optimal social and environmental stability as a right of passage to membership? Therefore, we the People, indivisible from a supreme being, refuse to allow nations to compromise our potential greatness or interpret this document thru any legal court system process. So is our resolve.



This popularly entrenched "Global Constitution" abolishes immunity from accountability because of national sovereignty. Replacing it with consensual integrity as a global consensus of opinion where all the people participate to prohibit the faith industries role in sanctioning wars and preempt National Constitutional Rights when in conflict with human rights. Walk hand in hand with the radiant, innocent child you were, there anticipating redemption by our common life trust, a "supreme conscience." That primary common bond, the very core of civilization, requires universal laws, bonded by "one" Constitution that errantly condemns the intentional docility's practiced by sub world governments.
 August 6, 2011  
Increasing Population is the Major Problem in Bangladesh
by Md. Hasibur Rahman , Countercurrents.org
Download full WORD document of this Research Paper

In a small land area 147,570 sq. km Bangladesh is creating the most densely populated country in the world. With the growing population, and their increasing needs in various sectors, land use patterns are undergoing a qualitative change in which the areas under the net cropped land, and forest land is gradually shrinking. Increasing population will make scarcity of agricultural land, crisis of food security, crisis of health and education especially disaster on low and administration situation and will increase poverty level. Government needs to take immediate plan of action for the population control and take initiative steps to increase awareness of family planning program among the mass people to reduce growth of population. It is clear that educated people has already concern about the family planning program they think about their children's future. They are having one or two children. Because, it is very hard to get admit in a good school, it is expensive for the food and cloth for the family members. But, illiterate peoples never think about their children's future for education, food or cloths. They think more children's is more future earning for their family. So they doesn't care about to control of their family members growth. But, it shows that poor peoples children's doesn't go to school and after 10 years old they stats work in different workshops, shops, garages any work place and any how they need to earn money. Their female children's start work as house mate in urban area, and as a garments worker. Still they remain illiterate and after 13-14 years their parent's arranged marriage for them. They start to give birth from teen age to a long time and their chider's life repeat as their parent's life. This life cycle scenario is common and major factor in Bangladesh and increasing illiterate mass population is a dangerous sign for the present and future situation of the country. Illiteracy and poverty will break-down social structure now and near future. They don't respect to the literate people they want to earn money at any way and any cost. So, it is evident that drugs dealing are performing in each and every slum area in Dhaka city and all over the Bangladesh. Increasing population is impacting on food, health, education and security crisis as well as habitat problem.

Population of Bangladesh is 156,050,883 (July 2009 est.) (Source: Bangladesh Bureau of Statistics). But now The preliminary results of the Fifth Population and Household Census, released on Saturday, showed that Bangladesh's population has reached 142.319 million, with a male-female ratio of 100.3:100 (July 2011 est.). Of the total population, 71.255 million are male and 71.064 million are female. How it's possible that population has sharp decline from 156.05 million to 142.31 million magically within a year, whereas, population growth rate shows 1.292 % in 2009.

According to Banglapedia- National Encyclopedia of Bangladesh, in 1997, Bangladesh had a total population of 124.3 million, of whom the number of children was 61.75 million. The population below 18 years constituted 49.6% of the total and below 14 years - 40.63% of the total. (Source: http://www.banglapedia.org/httpdocs/HT/C_0196.HTM). According to Demographics of Bangladesh, population of Bangladesh is 156,050,883 (July 2010 est.) and the growth rate: 1.292% (2009 est.) (Source: http:// en.wikipedia.org/ wiki/ Demographics_of_Bangladesh).

With the completion of the electoral roll with photograph, Bangladesh is now also the proud owner of the world's largest electronic database of 8.11 crore (80.11 million) voters. According to Banglapaedia, the population below 18 years constituted 49.6% (almost 50%) of the total population who are not voter of Bangladesh. So, there should be another 8.11 crore (80.11 million) people need to add to count total population of Bangladesh. It is easy calculation shows that (8.11+8.11=16.22) crore people should be at present in Bangladesh may be more but not less then (160.22 million) which is 16.22 crore.

Bangladesh, with a population of over 16.22 million (16.22 crore), is one the most densely populated countries in the world. The population growth rate has, however, shown a marked decline over the last decade, from 2.04 % in 1995 to 1.292 % in 2009. About half of the population (8.11 million) is children and under 18 years of age. Bangladesh has been ranked was 138th among 177 countries in the Human development Index (HDI, 2005) and 1140th among 177 countries in the Human development Index (HDI, 2007).(Source:http://bdoza.wordpress.com/2007/12/14/human-development-index-hdi-of-bangladesh-in-un-report/. On the other hand, hundred thousands of people migrated from Bangladesh and they are residing in different country in Europe, America, Canada, Australia and Africa. But they are having dual citizenship so, they are also Bangladeshi citizen. Census committee can't erase those migrated people who are holding dual citizenship from the census data. So it is clear that population in Bangladesh has increased tremendously not decline magically.

The following table lists various recent estimates of the population. The baseline for population studies on Bangladesh is the official census which is conducted every 10 years, the last being in 2001.

Source Year Population (millions)

National Census 1991 112
National Census 2001 129
UN Population Fund 2003 150
UN Dept Economic and Social Affairs 2005 142
US State Dept 2005 144
Population Reference Bureau 2005 144
CIA World Fact Book 2006 147
UN Population Fund 2006 144
CIA World Fact Book 2007 150
UN 2007 159
World Bank 2008 160
CIA World Fact Book 2010 156
World Population Reference 2010 164

The above table of data of population growth of Bangladesh shows that dangerous situation will face the government to meet-up food, shelter, education and health in Bangladesh now and near future.

Ministry of health and Family planning needs to give more priority about population growth and increase more awareness of population issues and field workers. They could ask help to BTV and all private TV channel, newspaper, radio to take this issue as a big concern. Media is the best tools to raise awareness of population growth among all types of people such as literate and illiterate people. If Media takes initiative steps is would be easy to enhance awareness of population growth. They could make short drama, population growth news, poster about the problem of big family and happiness of a small family. Very attractive drama about happiness of a small family members and big family members poverty, problems, unhappiness will come to concern to the mass people. Government must allocate handsome amount of money to the media to make these drama, news and poster and make a routine to show family planning related awareness advertisement; video clips each and every day and prepare a special order for BTV which is watch by the mass population in Bangladesh.

Government needs incorporate root level administration to do this type of population census, such as make an order to created web-portal for each and every WORD and UNION. In those web portal will contain all information about that specific area, such as total land area of that Word/Union subheading Agricultural Land, Forest Land, Homestead Land, Fellow Land, Wet Land, Ponds, River etc. and Population, Male Female, Children according their age category under 1 year 1-5, 5-15, 15-18 and above. Name, address, occupation, voter id number, TIN number etc. Every WORD and UNION based Web-Portal would be as under information.

Word/Union Number 001 Total Land Area Total Population Total Commercial Scenario Total Scholl, College/ Hospital Homestead Land Male Business Category Primary School Agricultural Land, Fellow Land Female, General Shop Secondary Scholl Wet Land, Ponds, cannel, River etc Children (different age category) Small shop College Forest Land Name Big Industry University Wet Land Date of Birth Small Industry Public Hospital Total Road area, Address Rental House Private Clinic New roads, Bridge, embankment constructed etc. Occupation Agricultural Industry Institute categories

To full-fill the vision of Digital Bangladesh government need to create WEB-PORTAL of each and every WORD and UNION of all over the country. Government will be benefited to find out the total scenario of the specific WORD and UNION by single click. The Web-portal will update their data regularly after having new data of incoming such as new rental people inputs, new born baby and subtracted rental peoples move or after death for population. For new development data will input for new shops, industry, house, educational institute, hospital will be added as new data for update of the Web-portal.

These root level Web-portal data will tag/merge with the national level data for top level decision maker. General people of that WORD and UNION will come to know instant information and the situation of that WORD and UNION. They will come to know any development of that area such as new roads, bridge, culvert, school, college, hospital, industry etc. Like root level data collection and update will be a continuous process and national census will verify the data in every month then yearly data collection and up-gradation will be a true data and government could find out exact situation of population growth and other development from each and every WORD and UNION of Bangladesh.

Now-a-days, it is great concern that increasing population will raise illiteracy and poverty and impacting on food security, health and education crisis as well as residential problem. Every step of development will be hinder for the huge population, so government needs to take immediate action on this big issue.

Table shows the rank of world population:

Rank Country or area Population (000)
1950 2000 2015 2025 2050
World 2,519,495 6,056,715 7,207,361 7,936,741 9,322,251

1 India
357,561 1,008,937 1,230,484 1,351,801 1,572,055

2 China
554,760 1,275,133 1,410,217 1,470,787 1,462,058

3 United States of America
157,813 283,230 321,225 346,822 397,063

4 Pakistan
39,659 141,256 204,267 250,981 344,170

5 Indonesia
79,538 212,092 250,068 272,911 311,335

6 Nigeria
29,790 113,862 165,313 202,957 278,788

7 Bangladesh
41,783 137,439 183,159 210,823 265,432

8 Brazil
53,975 170,406 201,393 218,980 247,244

9 Dem. Rep. of the Congo
12,184 50,948 84,045 114,876 203,527

10 Ethiopia
18,434 62,908 89,765 113,418 186,452

Source: United nations Population Division (http://www.photius.com/rankings/world2050_rank.html)

World is becoming highly populated, it is time to raise awareness about Family Planning Program for birth control. Because, world is facing crisis of food, health and sanitation, education as well as settlement and security. Where there is low density of population there is fewer crises in all concerns. Increasing population causes of poverty and lack of resources making unequal income distribution in the world. Now, earth is over loaded with the 7 billion of people impacting on environment and social crisis. Increasing population is causing increasing illiterate population and poverty in all over the world. So, human resource development including birth control program is a big concern to take a long term action plan on literacy and poverty eradication program. Media is the best tools to raise awareness on birth control program among all types of people such as literate and illiterate people. If Media takes initiative steps in this matter it would be easy to enhance awareness of population growth. They could make short drama, population growth news, poster about the problem of big family and happiness of a small family. Very attractive drama about happiness of a small family members and big family members poverty, problems, unhappiness will come to concern to the mass people.
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