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The Advisory Board primary goal is to develop a workable Constitution for Global Parliament. The Global Constitution is our template for development. Global Constitution Members of the Board are required to read every chapter of the Global Constitution and see how it may apply in the development of Global Parliament's Constitution. New chapters may need to be developed. A summary or short version of Global Parliament's Constitution will also be developed.

We are inviting anyone to submit an application to become an Advisor. For more details read section on volunteering here.

Global Parliament Constitution

 Name  Title  Date started  Photo and info
 Germain Dufour   Chairman of the Board
President of Global Parliament
Spiritual Leader of the Global Community
 1985 CV        CV     info
 James Mwami   Minister of Water Resources Protection  August 22, 2000 info
 Dr. Josť G. Vargas-HernŠndez   Global Environment Minister  April 11, 2006 Global Environment Minister webpage info
 Dr. Michael Ellis  Minister for Sustainable Civilisation, Peace and Disarmament Minister for Sustainable Civilisation, Peace and Disarmament  November 1, 2006 Profile of Minister for Sustainable Civilisation, Peace and Disarmament  Michael Ellis  info
 Most Honorable Bilongo Bolo Serge Christian   Minister of Intergovernmental Affairs
Global Government of Africa

 May 8, 2009  Minister of Intergovernmental Affairs of the Global Government of Africa info
 Allison, Dana, Farida, Gael, Jodie, Katie, Medea, Nancy, Rae,Tiffany, Samantha, Susan Sarandon, Danny Glover, Willie Nelson & many more.   Global Peace Movement   2008 info
 Dr. Charles Mercieca  Global Peace Movement   2008 info
 Guy Crequie   Global Peace Movement   2008 info
 Dr. Leo Semashko   Global Peace Movement   2008 info
 The Soul of Humanity   Global Peace Movement   2008 info
 Leslaw Michnowski   Global Peace Movement
The Sustainable Development Global Information Society website is managed by Leslaw Michnowski
  2000 info
 Md. Hasibur Rahman  Adviser
Global Government of Asia Global Government Federation
 July 10, 2005              info

We are inviting professionals to submit an application to become Advisors for Global Parliament's Constitution.

Just so you all know we dont pay anyone, and we dont pay expenses. We do volunteer work for humanity. Please do read the section concerning volunteers at http://globalcommunitywebnet.com/gceg/2007volunteers.htm. We do 'soft activism' work. The Global Constitution shows us how to operate our organization. We follow Global Law as shown in the Global Constitution. All those who do volunteer work for us must become familliar with it and become 'global citizens' . You are required to read about the Criteria of the Global Community Citizenship. Read it at: http://www.globalcommunitywebnet.com/globalcommunity/GCcitizenship.htm Once you are sure you understand the Criteria, then you are required to live a life as per the Criteria. You do not need to let go the citizenship you already have. No! You can still be a citizen of any nation on Earth. But you are a better human being as you belong also to the Global Community, and you have now higher values to live a life, to sustain yourself and all life on the planet.

We expect volunteers to be responsible and accountable of all their actions.

Volunteers listen, dialogue, encourage and organize. They can research, develop, manage and lead. They are involved in several different sectors: social and global justice, governance, global rights, security, politics, policy and strategy, overpopulation, global sustainability, global food production, sustainable agriculture, mining, manufacturing, religion, education, environmental conservation, Earth management, biodiversity and Earth ecosystems, forests protection, climate change and global warming, economics, monetary and banking aspects and issues, global data assessment, energy alternatives and management, home and community development, social and cultural aspects and issues, arts, creative thinking and writing, languages, global society development, philosophy and social psychology, industry, business and trade, peace movement, health, medicine, conflict resolution, Earth resources management, Earth and life protection, activism, policing, sustainable development, research and development, engineering, construction, planning, transportation, office management, global law, codes, standards and indicators, and all other aspects of life.

Volunteering qualifications
Volunteer's objectives
Volunteer's program
Current projets
How to reach us

Over the past several decades, the Global Community along with Global Parliament, have promoted a just and fair global government. The United Nations (UN) organization does not offer such global service to all Peoples. It is not a government. It is not a democratic institution. It has no power to legislate, protect and offer essential services. There is no Justice possible coming from the UN. The Five Permanents Members are the only rule of law. There are themselves subsidized by corporate rulers, lobbyists with vested interests in keeping things the way they are now. There are no change in sight because they cannot change themselves. We must let go the UN. It is a 20th Century WWII organization that can truly make things work for only 5% of the world nations. Staying with the UN certainly means there will not be a 22nd Century to live for most people on Earth. The world needs a 21st Century organization able to manage Earth and bring hope in every home.

The Global Community organization is the only possible and practical solution to our world. We know how everything work, and we know what to do to make it work for us all.

We do not relate in any way with the United Nations. We are here to replace it. For several decades the Global Community has tried very hard to reform the United Nations. It has become clear that the United Nations promotes a culture of waste, mismanagement and corruption, and that it cannot reform itself. Today, the only logical, most equitable and sustainable alternative, is to replace it with the Global Community .

If you still want to do volunteer work for us please participate in Global Dialogue 2010 (no costs) and fill up the form at http://www.globalcommunitywebnet.com/globalcommunity/registrationform.htm

Reply by email.

Our Executive Council of Global Ministers is shown here.

We are inviting anyone to submit an application to become a Global Minister. For more details, visit the webpage of Global Ministries and May Newsletter.

Urgent need of an Ombudsperson and for the following Global Ministers: Global Ministries of the Global Community

  a.     Introduction and requirements    
  b.     Ombudsperson   
  c.     Global Citizenship    
  d.     Global Health   
  e.     Earth Security and Global Police   
  f.     Global Community of North America (GCNA) Emergency, Rescue, and Relief Centre   
  g.    The Judiciary    
  h.    Global Protection Agency   

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