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It's time to do more to end the war in Iraq and in Afghanistan. Join the hunger strike to bring troops home.
June 21st, 2006

As of July 1st, 2006, the Global Community, Global Community Earth Government, and all global citizens, including the women of Iraq and Afghanistan, will be on a hunger strike to end the war and bring troops home. I myself will be on strike July 1st as well as on the 4th in support of ending the war and bringing all troops home. Join in everyone!

Osama Bin Laden is actually a Prophet in his own ways, not a terrorist.

Let us have a glimpse of our society and way of life two generations down the road. What will happen about 40 years from now? You might think our ways of life would improve, our values getting more human and compassionate, and human rights more protected to more people on the planet. No! That wont happen except in our dreams. The opposite is starting to happen. Look at our Canadian peace-keeping mission in the world being changed to a war-like mission. What has just happened? The military and its industry have re-established themselves as the most powerful force and as a solution to all problems. In less than one generation from now, we are going to need the military at home, right here in Canada. That's right! Terrorism in Canada! Our own home brand of terrorists has already surfaced here in Canada. Our grand-children will become terrorists. Osama Bin Laden is actually a prophet in his own ways, not a terrorist. He objected to the invasion by Russia during the Cold War. America was quite please to get his help in those days. Actually he was being help by the Americans to get rid of the Russians. It is a question of who help who. He also objected to be invaded by Americans, to our ways of life, our consumer driven society, our ' waste land ' found in the West. The only reason why Osama Bin Laden was never successful in getting ride of the Americans from his homeland was because he is a good guy. He cannot think like a predator. Americans are predators. America is a 'nation predator'. Americans got to be a very powerful military nation by pure instincts, not by intelligence. If you want to kill a predator you have to think like it does and be ready to use every opportunity, use every situation as a new opportunity to kill the beast. Osama Bin Laden is too nice to think that way. He is a bit of a ' Don Quixote ' character, a man who has read so many bad stories about brave errant knights that he decides to become one himself, and to fight giants and save maidens. Quixote's adventures tend to involve situations in which he attempts to apply a knight's sure, simple morality to situations in which much more complex issues are at hand. He is on his horse figthing a fully armed twenty-first century nation of predators who would not hesitate to put a bullet in his head. You could think of Osama Bin Laden as riding a skinny old horse at sunrise on the hills of Afghanistan with wind, sand and American bullets blowing in his hair and beard. By now he probably dont even have a horse to ride on, broken and totally helpless to stop the invaders. He cannot figure that the global thinking has nothing much to do about him and his worthy cause but rather is about highly motivated Peoples such as America, Russia, India and China, who would crush the Middle East, Afghanistan and the entire global life-support systems of the planet to obtain what they want: oil and gas (for now). Other than Osama Bin Laden, Don Quixote has another image of himself in those who fight to protect life on Earth for this generation and the next ones. They are the defenders of the environment and the global life-support systems. They know who the beasts are, and how they destroy the living on our planet. They have rallied together all over the world to protect our home, Earth. But this time Don Quixote is not alone. We know it all! We know how everything works. And we will do whatever it takes to protect life on Earth. "We the Peoples", the Global Community, the GCEG, are the Earth revolutionaries, and we will protect life on Earth at all costs.

Don Quixote (Osama Bin Laden) riding his horse on the hills of  Afghanistan with wind and sand 
blowing in his hair and beard

We must find our own brand of solutions.

We need our military back home because we need to prepare for what is coming in about 40 years. Our own grand-children will become terrorists. Osama Bin Laden, the prophet, was a civilian at first who could see the arm of an invasion, and he fought back. Al Qua'ida 'terrorists' are mostly young civilians who are ready to fight back by becoming suicide bombers. I believe their are other ways to fight back, at least for us here in Canada. We must find our own brand of solutions. We have time to prepare for what is coming sooner or later on a large scale in a few generations. We need politicians that can see at least two generations ahead of us. We need to start now, today. Bring back our military from Afghanistan. Let us plan ahead together. Let us build our own Global Community of North America. Let us use our tax dollars in education, research for alternative energy solutions. Workable technologies are available today but left on shelves. Let us use them to make up for the lack of oil and gas. If nothing else works enough, let us build nuclear power plants. Several of them! Canada's Disaster Assistance Response Team (DART) is certaily a good start but needs to be upgraded to handle large crowds in need of help right here in Canada, in North America, Welcome to the Portal of the Global Community of North America (GCNA) and elsewhere in the world if we can.

In less than two generations from now, people from all over the world will be burning all their trees to just heat their homes. Forests will disappear completely from the Earth surface. No more Oxygen can be produced without our green forests so eventually we will be lacking Oxygen in the air we breathe. Most life on the planet will be affected by the lack of Oxygen. Our species will certainly disappear. Why is this happening? Why are we in the Middle East and Afghanistan fighting for the leftover oil and gas, which we will burn one way or the other, and which will also burn the Oxygen of the air in the process. And you know what comes next! Having World War III in fighting for the oil and gas will only cut our survival as a species by a decade or two.

I want Canada out of NATO now.

I dont want Canada to have anything to do with the Americans stand in the Middle East and in Afghanistan and have to side with them in a World War. I want Canada out of NATO now. NATO is an organization promoting war as a solution to world problems. It is heavily subsidized by government and glorified by the war industry. In America alone no less than one-third of the American population works directly for the war industry, which makes them all soldiers and not civilians. They claim doing what they are doing for freedoms and democracy. They depend heavily on tax dollars. They have practically destroyed their own economy and got America in an astronomically high debt, a black hole Americans will never get out of except by invading other nations for the purpose of stealing other people resources. It is how they pay their bills, buy SUVs, and destroy everything including the environment and the global life-support systems. Soon the American dollar will be worth no more than the Mexican pesos. When there is no more oil and gas to suck-up out of the ground and no one stupid enough to buy arms from the US, the American dollar will plunge into the black hole Americans have so skillfully created for themselves over the time span of their history as a civilization.

The war industry has to be shelved from humanity forever. They are not defending "We the Peoples". The war industry and the government military are people in the business of killing. They are there for themselves and for protecting their wealthy friends.

But now we have made ourselves a target by those who dont want Americans to be in the Middle East. We thought about the Al Qua'ida 'terrorists' as suicide bombers and truly hated Americans. The Al Qua'ida 'terrorits' want Americans out of the region. The reality is that Osama Bin Laden fought along with the American in Afghanistan to force the Russians out of the region. The question is what were Americans doing over there in the first place? Why would Americans be on the other side of the world to fight the Russians? Americans were there to protect their own oil and gas shipments so needed to propel warships and war planes, and to keep the entire war industry going. That is also the reason why Americans and other NATO nations are in the the region today. After the Cold War, Americans left Afghanistan in a terrible state. Destruction every where. They left the people of Afghanistan living with a nightmare. You might think the situation is better today. Not even close. It is much worst than back then. Ask the women of Afghanistan and Iraq. Read articles No wonder civilians objected to be treated as 'non-human beings' by Americans. They wanted Americans out of their country. Suicide bombers are actually civilians who cannot see any other way to fight back. We call them 'terrorists' here in the West. The word 'terrorist' was invented by President Bush and the American Congress.

In the name of a preventive strike on Iraq, the US government fabricated a web of lies.

We were told that the war on Iraq was waged because there were weapons of mass destruction, and that there were linkages between Saddam Hussein and Al-Qua'ida. We were told that the US authorities were deeply concerned for Iraqi people and their suffering under Saddam Hussein and they longed for their freedom and democracy. If all this were true, then why have no weapons of mass destruction been found? Bush has been lying to the American people concerning the reason for invading Iraq. He is still lying today to the entire world. Now his excuse is to change the entire Middle East nations into a democracy. He will see that friendly government officials are elected. The reality is that 'friendly' means that Americans have easy access to the oil and gas reserves until they use it all. At such a time they will leave Iraq. Well no! Americans are in Iraq and will stay in Iraq for as long as there is money to make selling arms and oil and gas to have. Truly they are there for the long haul. But they said they were there to build a democracy. Well! Ya! That too! Have I missed something?! Gees! No, the idea of building democracy in the Middle East is for the good souls back home in America, you know those people back home who don't have a clue about what is going on, or pretend that they dont. Americans are in the Middle East for the long haul. The war industry in America needs to be in the Middle East, that is where the money is. The war industry in America gives jobs to about one third of the American population. So it is a matter of survival. Now, being in Iraq, Americans will have the opportunity to invade China. Invade China...!! Who said that?! Now, now! I did not say bombing China with thousand of nuclear war heads, which they might do anyway eventually. That would be stupid! No, it will not happen that way. What have I said, money. Ya! Americans will get the Chinese people to work for them. Let the big cow (China) gives all its milk. How is that possible?? Very simple! And Americans have got very good at that. Get them to buy arms and make sure they kill each others in the process. Americans have mastered the arts of war from way back when. They have already made trillions of dollars in the Middle East. Everyone has been buying their arms. So China is the biggies. Lots of money to make. First, they will allow China to get their oil and gas from Iran. The chinese economy will be good because they have energy and the base products, oil and gas, from which they can make plastics. And with plastics they can manufacture all kinds of toys such as computers. Thousands of different products make use of plastics. Now the American Congress has passed legislation to allow rich, powerful, American corporations to invest in China. Why?! Because of cheap labour! No environmental costs! Why give a 'real job' to an American when they can give the same job to someone in China who is highly motivated to produce, a 'bee-type of producers'? Many reasons. The facts are that China now is working for American corporations. Now this is when the American war industry gets into the picture. They have to sell arms to the Chinese people. And how are they going to do that?! The war industry has had plenty of learning in the Middle East. They will make sure that a Chinese province or community is at war against another Chinese community. You know, there has to be a reason why people hate each other. So creating hate between the Chinese people will be a priority. Create a chaos! Remember the Iran-Iraq war... So easy! So well masterminded! Actually this has nothing to do with intelligence. Americans have done this by pure instinct, that of a predator instinct. Like a bird would fly at high speed between the branches of a tree does not need intelligence. It is an instinctive maneuver a bird has learned to do naturally throughout its evolution as a species. Same thing here when the American and British people create ' hate ' to make money. You only need to listen to your own basic instincts to be successful at making money in our society. But they would need intelligence to create peace. To create peace is a much more difficult thing to do! Why!? Because peace goes against our survival instinct as a people and, as world population increases to 10 billion people, things will get much more difficult to manage. To create peace by 'destroying and killing' is basic instincts, not intelligence. Intelligence seems to be what is missing most from our world leaders. Even the leadership at the United Nations (UN) is bad, corrupted and subjected to powerful lobbying groups and nations and, guess which nations are doing most of the bullying: America, and Great Britain. For those reasons and others, the Global Community and the GCEG have asked for the resignation of Kofi Annan, Secretary General of the United Nations (UN). And there are now Global Community Arrest Warrants against Kofi Annan, President Bush, and John Howard, Prime Minister of Australia. In the Middle East, during the the Iran-Iraq war, Americans along with the Israelis and the British people sold arms to both sides. Trillions of dollars changed hands in those days. The military strategy that was used to force Iran and Iraq to be at war with one another is also the same strategy to be used to make the Chinese communities to be at war with one another. Create a chaos! If they hate one another then they will want to kill each other. You only need to put in the 'hate factor' in both people to get them to buy arms from you. This is when the American (and British) war industry will sell their arms to the Chinese. So in effect, they all work for America. Yep! Cheap labour! And they all can go to kingdom come! And then America will bring up the flags of fighting for the establishment of democracy, freedoms, and ' whatnots '. Americans back home will love it! It is so pathetic that one would want to cry. People used to look up to America. But now Americans are just killers, criminals, invaders, predators, and arms dealers. It is not about survival. It is about a civilization, America, gone so bad that its people would do anything for money.

Instead of caring for the Iraqi and Afghan people, or even giving them jobs, Americans have killed, starved, maimed, tortured thousands of Iraqi and Afghan people, destroying their infrastructure, including their water and health facilities. In the name of democracy they have created a corporate tyranny which has essentially stolen Iraq and Afghanistan out from under the Iraqi and Afghan people. They have committed war crimes against Iraqi and Afghan people in prisons and have made freedom of movement and speech almost impossible. This was done by the US government, by Americans. The people of the US are responsible and must hold their government accountable.

Suicide bombers may as well be Canadian civilians defending Canada on Canadian soil against Americans invading Canada. "Terrorists' can actually be anyone in any place on the planet. They may even be Canadians not wanting WW III. WW III is going on right now in the Middle East region, at least its beginning.

Now our Government has changed Canada stands in the world from a peace-keeping mission to that of a war-type action as we are seeing in Afghanistan. First of all, being and showing that we are 'the very good friends of the US' was not a good thing to do. I am a Canadian, and I am not a very good friend of the Americans. I totally disagree with the invasion of the Middle East. And I dont want Canada to be thrown into a situation that has all the ingredients of WW III at the end of the tunnel. We dont actually need to steal the oil and gas. Being with the Americans will imply we are just as much thieves and invaders as they are. Not a good scenario!

What is Canada doing in Afghanistan?

Up until now Canada was on a peace-keeping mission but this was changed to a war-like stand. It looks like we want to show Americans we can be as they are: big guys with big guns, and ready to kill. Why? What are we really doing in Afghanistan? Why are we in Afghanistan when right here in Canada we need all the help we can get? We sure dont need to steal the oil and gas. Even if we had no oil and gas reserves, no resources, I would not agree of stealing anything. So why are we, Canadians, in Afghanistan? Afghans want all foreigners out of Afghanistan so what will it take to understand what they are telling us?

The current war and occupation of Iraq were undertaken in disregard of the most fundamental principles of Global Law and with obvious contempt for truth, posterity, and the morality which should guide all human actions. The result has been the occupation and colonization of Iraq and the destruction of its economy and increased violence and insecurity for the overwhelming majority of the Iraqi population. The world cannot sit by passively and watch the continued deterioration of the future of our planet.

President Bush has been elected for a second term as President of the worst polluters on the planet, and of a predator nation. During his campaign he has used religion, his religion, and its membership or supporters, to elect him. Ever since 9/11 the Global Community has fought his policies at home and abroad, and how his daily lies and brain-washing exercises which have changed the American people to follow his lead. The use of the military has been abused to the detriment of human and Earth rights.

Military intervention in the affairs of other nations is wrong.

There are other ways, there are peaceful ways, ways that are not based on profit-making and the gain of power for itself. The Global Community and its membership are conscientious objectors, "nonresistants". That word comes from Jesus, opposing the use of violence:

"Ye have heard that it hath been said, an eye for an eye and a tooth for a tooth: but I say unto you, that ye resist not evil: but whosoever shall smite thee on thy right cheek, turn to him the other also."

We, Global Citizens, therefore affirm the following conclusions and recommendations:
1.     That the US and its coalition partners immediately cease all violations of the civil, political and human rights of the people of Iraq and of Afghanistan;

2.     That the military occupation of Iraq and of Afghanistan be immediately ended;

3.     That all parties guilty of war crimes against the Iraqi and Afghan people be brought to justice under Global Law; the Earth Court of Justice will prosecute the offenders;

4.     That reparations be paid by all responsible parties to the people of Iraq and of Afghanistan for the damages caused by both the war and the occupation; the amount to be paid should be no less than 8 trillion US dollars coming from the governments involved, and not from the resources of Iraq and of Afghanistan;

5.     That we work to strengthen the mobilization of the global antiwar movement;

6.     That the occupation of Palestine, Afghanistan, Iraq and all other colonized areas is illegal and should be brought to an end immediately;

7.     That our military be coming back home as this is the place it is needed most to prepare for Canada's future;

8.     That Canada's military be used for peace-keeping mission and not war-like stand;

9.     That our military be used for the protection of the global-life support systems.

10.     That tax money not be used on the military, instead, tax money be used to prepare for the future: research and development on new ways to replace oil and gas, and plastics; alternative energy technologies be used now; the development of new technologies and conservation strategies is essential both to reduce pollution and to make the most of North America's resource strengths.

11.     That our commitment to the Kyoto Protocol be made a real commitment, with real tangible, meaningful actions. Status quo is not an option! It was never an option. Those who dont do anything about the global warming of the planet are criminals. Those who dont help protecting the global life-support systems are criminals of the worst kind, they are 'terrorists' threatening all life on the planet.

There are several reasons for objecting to war: religious, moral and political. People have different degrees of refusal to go to war. Absolute pacifists such as Global Citizens will not cooperate with any preparation for war as decided by the war industry, let alone war itself. Others will accept some kinds of service so long as they are not forced to fight. And others are willing to fight in "just wars." The idea of the "just war" began with St. Augustine. Late in the fourth century he argued that the good Christian, barred from doing violence on his own behalf, could take arms in a war that was just. Several theologians now say that the standards for a just war are:

a)     War must be the last resort and used only after other means have failed.
b)     War must be declared to redress rights actually violated or for defense against unjust demands backed by the threat of force. It must not be fought simply to satisfy national pride or to further economic or territorial gain.
c)     The war must be openly and legally declared by a legal government.
d)     There must be a reasonable chance of winning.
e)     The means used must be in proportion to the ends sought.
f)     Soldiers must distinguish between armies and civilians and not killed civilians in purpose.
g)     The winner must not required the utter humiliation of the loser.

It can be debated whether any war has ever satisfied all these reasonable conditions. There were always Christians who rejected violence. They believed Christ's way was the pursuit of peace. During the Crusades, from the eleventh to fourteenth centuries, Christians fought to recover the Holy Land from Islam, and the Church plunged into extreme violence and cruelty. Even then there were some who had the courage to criticize the theory and practice of their time. They were like the early Christians in denouncing war. Only now they were not rebelling against a heathen empire but against the wordly Church. In their opposition they formed sects, separate from the official Church. Their pacifist convictions found their source in a return to the Bible. These awakened Christians went back to the fundamental ideas of Christianity, to the New Testament, and took the Sermon on the Mount as their ideal.

As of July 1st, 2006, the Global Community, Global Community Earth Government, and all global citizens, including the women of Iraq and Afghanistan, will be on a hunger strike to end the war and bring all troops home. I myself will be on strike July 1st as well as on the 4th in support of ending the war and bringing all troops home. Join in everyone!

Germain Dufour
Global Community Earth Government

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