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Table of contents

a)     Introduction
b)     USA wars
c)     US invaders vs freedom fighters of Afghanistan and Iraq
d)     The economic and military invasion of nations for energy and power
e)     Global Financial System and the Global Social-Economic Model (GSEM)
f)     Conclusion and recommendations

US invaders vs freedom fighters of Afghanistan and Iraq

Territorial conflicts has for millennium been the basis of war and mass killing of others. Throughout the ages wars have been fought over land and other Earth natural resources. Blood resources started when the first explorers came to America and started to kill Natives. Explorers had to come back home with the prospect of future catches for their countries. We have seen oil conflicts in the Persian Gulf, and the Caspian Sea Basin. Throughout the 20th Century, we have seen water conflicts in the Nile Basin, the Jordan, and Indus River Basins. We have seen wars being fought over minerals and timber in Brazil, Angola, Cambodia, Columbia, Congo, Liberia, the Philippines, and Indonesia. Today, the view from space shows us a global landscape in which competition over resources is the governing principle behind the use of economic and military power. Truly, resources have become the new political boundaries. Geopolitical boundaries between nations are gradually disappearing to make place to georesources boundaries. Democracy is an excuse to gain control over those resources by mega corporations. 'Blood oil and gas' is certainly a proof of this statement.

War is not sustainable. It never was. The military option, war, is against global sustainability, global right, and global peace in a big way. The worst environmental degradation happens in wars. Farm products in fields and livestock are abandoned, there is no more control on toxic wastes, and water, air, and land are polluted. People are displaced and feel no longer responsible for the quality of life in their communities. Historically, the industrialized nations have caused the most damage to the environment, with their careless technology and policies. Emissions from factories and vehicles have caused ozone depletion, acid rain, and dangerous greenhouse gases have forced the global warming of the planet and the climate to change dangerously, the worst threat to humanity and all life on Earth. Leaders of the wealthier nations must be willing to accept responsibility for past mistakes and to help pay the financial burden for environmental protection of the developing nations. This is the most damaging conflict of interests between the rich industrialized countries and those that are poor and struggling just for existence.

War is the greatest violation of global rights that one people can inflict on another. It brings deaths and injuries, starvation, diseases, millions of people losing their homes and livelihoods, and massive destruction of property. Children and teenagers are placed in internment camps, and several are often forced to serve as soldiers. War not only corrupts the morals of soldiers, it leads to a decline in the morality of the whole nation. Political and military leaders are always convinced that their particular war is justified. From their point of view, there are several reasons to go to war:
a)     loyalty to allies;
b)     religion;
c)     a thirst for power;
d)     greed;
e)     plundering the resources of nations;
f)     invading Iraq for its oil & gas resources;
g)     taking over the land of Afghanistan to be used by big oil & gas corporations from the US and West European nations as a strategic area for invasion of the Middle East and nearby nations, and for the build up of pipelines to transport the oil & gas from the Middle East and other nearby nations to the West;
h)     ancient grievances to be settled; or
i)     the desire to alleviate suffering among their people.

A nonviolent settlement to a conflict would always be more advantageous. War is self-defeating because it cannot secure what it sets out to achieve, protection against attack. The hatred for the enemy whipped up by war and the desire for revenge among the losers leads to an accursed vicious circle from which there is no escape. The difference between agressive and defensive, or just and unjust wars, is ridiculous. They are tags each side adopted to suit its interests. War and militarism destroy civil liberties within a nation. What happens to a person's conscience when he/she wears the uniform of the soldier? It is enslaved to the state. He must kill when ordered. No government, whether democratic or despotic, can allow the soldier to decide what to do according to his conscience. That would undermine discipline and the power to fight.

Since its creation by the United Nations in 1947, Israel has been used by successive US Administrations as the Trojan Horse for the invasion of the Middle East. This is when the American invasion of the Middle East was deliberately started by the White House. A well planned strategic military invasion to plunder the resources of other nations! Blood oil and gas! The UN had no right to create the State of Israel. They forced their way into over one billion Muslims and Arabs and have done ever since. It has become a necessity to implement a total and global embargo on all American consumer products, goods and services, and mass destruction chemicals, nuclear war heads, weapons, war products and war equipment. The war industry throughout the world must be put to a complete halt and shelved forever from humanity. The Global Community is asking all peoples never again to buy American products. Let us call 'blood oil and gas' the oil and gas produced in a war zone in order to finance an American invasion, and the American economy, or supporting a White House Earth resources exploitation. We could extend the name to 'blood resources' or 'blood Earth resources' Blood resources to mean any Earth natural resources. Geopolitical boundaries between nations are gradually disappearing to make place to georesources boundaries. Blood oil and gas is illegal and the Agency of Global Police has already got a Global Community Arrest Warrant against Bush and Cheney. The Bush Gang should be prosecuted over mass murder before the Earth Court of Justice (in absentia if necessary) for their involvement in the ongoing Palestinian, Iraqi and Afghan Genocides. They are dangerous criminals.

In 1947, when there were over one billion Muslims and Arabs opposing the partition of Palestine, suddenly the USA came along to coerce the UN membership and created the State of Israel, an area already overcrowded and politically volatile. How come?! Well! We all know now but fear to say it. It is because the USA wanted the oil and gas of the Middle East to build the biggest military power of the world, with all the WMDs you can ever imagine and more. The mother of all invaders!! Hitler seems now like a kid in the block compared to the USA.

In the Middle East, during the the Iran-Iraq war, Americans along with the Israelis and the British people sold arms to both sides. Trillions of dollars changed hands in those days. The military strategy that was used to force Iran and Iraq to be at war with one another is also the same strategy to be used to make the people of Pakistan and Afghanistan to be at war with one another. Create a chaos! If they hate one another then they will want to kill each other. You only need to put in the 'hate factor' in both people to get them to buy arms from you. This is when the American (and British) war industry will sell their arms to both nations. So in effect, they all work for America. Yep! Cheap labour! And they all can go to kingdom come! And then America will bring up the flags of fighting for the establishment of democracy, freedoms, and ' whatnots ', and ' bullnots '. Americans back home will love it! It is so pathetic that one would want to cry. People used to look up to America. But now Americans are just killers, criminals, invaders, predators, and arms dealers. It is not about survival. It is about a civilization, America, gone so bad that its people would do anything for money. The same scenario is being reused over and over again by Americans. China is their biggest target. When it comes to do business, at least the Chinese are paying for their oil and gas, Americans dont, Americans are planarchists, The planarchists:       definition, and who they are The planarchists: definition, and who they are Americans are professional pirates. Pirates steal the goods of a ship in open sea. Americans steal the goods of a nation through economic and military warfare.

Instead of caring for the Iraqi and Afghan people, or even giving them jobs, Americans have killed, starved, maimed, tortured thousands of Iraqi and Afghan people, destroying their infrastructure, including their water and health facilities. In the name of democracy they have created a corporate tyranny which has essentially stolen Iraq and Afghanistan out from under the Iraqi and Afghan people. They have committed war crimes against Iraqi and Afghan people in prisons and have made freedom of movement and speech almost impossible. This was done by the US government, by Americans. The people of the US are responsible and must hold their government accountable.

Over time, America's policy toward Iran and Iraq have been incoherent, inconsistent, dishonnest, erratic, and mostly aimed at making money. Strictly business! A profit-making international policy! This kind of policy created hate of the West in the heart and mind of every person of the Islamic Civilization, and America's credibility in the eyes of the Muslim allies was seriously damaged. After World War I, following the destruction of the Ottoman Empire, the European powers created states in the Middle East and appointed officials to administer them. A lot of what was created had no legitimacy for the people of the Muslim Civilization, and Western domination brought much of the same kind of hegemony in the region as with the British. Muslims have had enough of outsiders exploiting them for profit and power, of being used and killed, and their communities destroyed. The September 11 attack on America was a small outburst of this hate. This is what Israel, Great Britain and America have to deal with, and they are morally responsible and accountable for creating this hate in the Middle East and in Afghanistan. It is the Free Trading of arms, war products, war equipment, war planes, war ships, and weapons of mass destruction in the Middle East, the business deals, and their complete lack of ethical and moral responsibility and accountability that are at the root of the September 11 attack on the USA. The Afghans, Osama Bin Laden, and the Talibans were wonderful friends to America during the America-Soviet Cold War but now the USA considered them expandable and merely social and religious barbarians. Afghans were already struggling to survive under severe war-ruined, drought conditions. Poverty was and is still widespread in Afghanistan. This Love-Hate relationship is very much the same today. Americans are now selling arms to the people of Pakistan, and it is only a matter of time before Americans change their mind and called the people of Pakistan the evil enemies, the terrorists, and then invade Pakistan, and probably use nuclear war heads to destroy Pakistan's nuclear facilities.

The reality is that Osama bin Laden and the Talibans are freedom fighters. They want neither the Russians, the Americans, or any other NATO troops in their country. They are being invaded, and they dont want that. If Global Law could be applied today, the Bush Gang and the other NATO leaders would be thrown in jail for the killing of innocent people in Afghanistan and the Middle East and the complete destruction of those countries.

In 1989, during the Cold War, when the Soviet Union retreated from Afghanistan, there were over one million landmines and unexploded ordnance (UXO) left in the ground. Most of them were made in the USA and still killing Afghans and now NATO soldiers. Today, Afghanistan remains heavily contaminated by mines and UXOs. This contamination continues to take a devastating toll on human lives and livelihoods. Clearance of residential areas, farmland, roads and other high priority areas is not only a means to ensure the physical safety of all Afghans, but also a prerequisite for achieving national reconstruction, development and lasting peace.

During the Cold War with the Soviet Union, America had a strategic interest in containing Soviet influence and its expansion in the Middle East. The money and arms given to Israel was used to fend off challenges to American interests from radical, Islamic, and Soviet-backed forces. The American support of Israel was criticized by the Arab Middle East and the Islamic world and has fed the radical Islamic fundamentalist movements. Another strategic interest of the United States was the need to preserve access to two-thirds of the world's known petroleum reserves.

American corporations have shown no ethical and moral values in the activities of their trade. They have made trade a despicable act of dealing with one another between human beings and between nations. No laws! No regulations! No ethics! No moral responsibility and accountability! As far as they are concerned, they say everyone has the "freedom" of destroying the global life-support systems! Everyone has the "freedom" of human rights abuses! Now pollution, diseases, terrorism, poverty, social and economic injustice have no boundaries.

Over the past several decades, the invasion of Afghanistan by outside powers and years of war have brought death, hunger, disease and depopulation to the country. During the Soviet invasion of Afghanistan in the 1980s, America sold sophisticated weapons, heavy artilleries and stinger missiles to the Afghans. After the withdrawal of Soviet troops in 1992 and the end of the America-Soviet Cold War, America was no longer interested or concerned about the people of Afghanistan. Afghanistan had served Americans interests during the Cold war and was no longer needed. Afghanistan was left with a legacy of heavily armed factions, millions of landmines and with no legitimate government to run the country.

After the Cold War, Americans left Afghanistan in a terrible state. Destruction every where. They left the people of Afghanistan living with a nightmare. You might think the situation is better today. Not even close. It is much worst than back then. Ask the women of Afghanistan and Iraq. Read articles No wonder civilians objected to be treated as 'non-human beings' by Americans. They wanted Americans out of their country. Suicide bombers are actually civilians who cannot see any other way to fight back. We call them 'terrorists' here in the West. The word 'terrorist' was invented by the Bush Gang and the American Congress.

During this period of time over 1.5 million men, women and children have lost their lives. The continued social violence and chaos are causing a traumatic psychological impact on child development and the functioning of family. Most children have known nothing but violence and fear. Women make up over 55% of the total population estimated at 25 million. Women and girls have been beaten, raped and abducted as "wives" or sold into prostitution.

In Afghanistan, there are no basic services such as banking services, medical facilities, electricity, water supplies, ciment roads, communications, etc. Poverty is widespread. High unemployment have led to a growing crime rate, illicit drug production for the West and arms trade.

In 1996 Afghanistan saw the Taliban, a fundamentalist militia group, seizing power. Many young Taliban members were educated by the impact of the ten year Afghanistan-Soviet war and through seminary schools in Pakistan. Since its capture of Kabul, the Taliban has claimed to be guided by a strict adherence to Islamic law. It maintains the decrees and edicts that severely restrict the rights of women. It is merely a byproduct of a fervently devote and righteous Islamic society. However, Muslim scholars have been vocal in their condemmation of the Taliban's claim of pure religious adherence. But it is certainly an improvement upon the perversive and immoral philosophy of the arms free trade of the West that only bring destruction to nations of the world. The millions of women of Afghanistan once enjoyed education (a religious activity, that is most pleasing in God's eyes, but the country is too poor to build schools), employment, and personal freedom in Afghanistan. But now they form the majority of the population and are not allowed to claim basic human rights. Mainly because it is one of the poorest country in the world and that it has been abused by both Russia and the West. They are not allowed to speak in public and must walk very quietly (no noisy shoes). They are not permitted to venture in public without the company of a close male relative (there is so much poverty and crime that women must be protected when they go out on the streets). They must wear the burqa, a head-to-toe garment convering all parts of the female body; a small mesh opening is inserted for vision, but the eyes must not be seen behind the mesh. Care from male doctors is not permitted and, with no female physicians at work, women and girls are dying from easily treatable diseases (Afghans had to buy arms from the Americans to help America get rid of the Russians during the Cold War and so now Afghans have no money left to build hospitals and no money to employ women doctors, or men for that matter).

The Taliban regime was recognized by Saudi Arabia, the United Arab Emirates and Pakistan. In November 1999, under the leadership of the United States Government and the other four Permanent Members of the United Nations Security Council (Republic of China, France, Russia, Great Britain, and the United States of America are the Permanent Members of the Security Council, and basically, any of them has the absolute power to overthrow a proposal brought forward by any member nations of the UN), severe sanctions were imposed on Afghanistan for refusing to expel suspected terrorist Osama bin Laden. He was wanted for the bombing of two American embassies. The Love-Hate relationship between America and the Islamic Civilization was once more a reality. The Afghans had been wonderful friends to America during the America-Soviet Cold War but now they were considered expandable and merely social and religious barbarians. Afghans were already struggling to survive under severe war-ruined, drought conditions. Poverty is widespread in Afghanistan. The impact of the UN resolution was desastrous to the people of Afghanistan.

Up to a million Afghans have starved. Millions of people have been left short of food as a result of the ongoing invasion by America. More than four fifths of the Afghan population is completely dependent on farming and have been unable to produce the basic food for their survival or to find alternative employment.

The Global Community is urgently asking everyone in the world to help the people of Afghanistan with donations. Contact the organization Women for Women Afghanistan. Their website is at:

The Global Community is pleading the United States and its NATO partners to stop invading Afghanistan and Iraq. You have no rights whatsoever to do so. And you have no solid proof that Osama bin Laden was responsible for the September 11 event in the US. If there was such proof you would have asked to bring him and his group to the Earth Court of Justice. You have no humane justification for invading a country you have abandoned after they help America win the Cold War against the Soviets. Invading Afghanistan is the most despicable act of cowardice coming from the most powerful nation on Earth. The Soviets were no better. But you are worst. You are planarchists. The planarchists:       definition, and who they are The planarchists: definition, and who they are The United Nations deserve the same shame as you do. The United Nations have been a dictature ever since its creation. Mr. Nobel must have turned twice in his grave when he heard that the UN received the Nobel Peace Prize. How can you be an advocate for Peace when you vote for wars? How can you be an advocate for Peace when four of your five Permanent Members, France, Russia, Great Britain, and the United States of America have had a Love-Hate relationship with the Islamic Civilization that is, Americans Love the money but the Muslems Hate them for invading their nations? When it comes to promoting and defending human and social rights, the UN has not even passed first grade. The UN is 90% wrong!

Osama Bin Laden is actually a prophet in his own ways, not a terrorist. He objected to the invasion by Russia during the Cold War. America was quite please to get his help in those days. Actually he was being help by the Americans to get rid of the Russians. It is a question of who help who. He also objected to be invaded by Americans, to our ways of life, our consumer driven society, our ' waste land ' found in the West. The only reason why Osama Bin Laden was never successful in getting ride of the Americans from his homeland was because he is a good guy. He cannot think like a predator. Americans are predators. America is a 'nation predator'. Americans got to be a very powerful military nation by pure instincts, not by intelligence. If you want to kill a predator you have to think like it does and be ready to use every opportunity, use every situation as a new opportunity to kill the beast. Osama Bin Laden is too nice to think that way. He is a bit of a ' Don Quixote ' character, a man who has read so many bad stories about brave errant knights that he decides to become one himself, and to fight giants and save maidens. Quixote's adventures tend to involve situations in which he attempts to apply a knight's sure, simple morality to situations in which much more complex issues are at hand. He is on his horse figthing a fully armed twenty-first century nation of predators who would not hesitate to put a bullet in his head. You could think of Osama Bin Laden as riding a skinny old horse at sunrise on the hills of Afghanistan with wind, sand and American bullets blowing in his hair and beard. By now he probably dont even have a horse to ride on, broken and totally helpless to stop the invaders. He cannot figure that the global thinking has nothing much to do about him and his worthy cause but rather is about highly motivated Peoples such as America, Russia, India and China, who would crush the Middle East, Afghanistan and the entire global life-support systems of the planet to obtain what they want: oil and gas (for now). Other than Osama Bin Laden, Don Quixote has another image of himself in those who fight to protect life on Earth for this generation and the next ones. They are the defenders of the environment and the global life-support systems. They know who the beasts are, the planarchists, and how they destroy the living on our planet. They have rallied together all over the world to protect our home, Earth. But this time Don Quixote is not alone. We know it all! We know how everything works. And we will do whatever it takes to protect life on Earth. "We the Peoples", the Global Community, Global Parliament, the Federation of Global Governments, are the Earth revolutionaries, and we will protect life on Earth at all costs.

The war industry has to be shelved from humanity forever. They are not defending "We the Peoples". The war industry and the government military are people in the business of killing. They are there for themselves and for protecting their wealthy friends.

During the very first months of the US Primaries, President Obama already bent down to the two strongest lobbyist groups of the USA:
1)     the military; and
2)     pro-Israel AIPAC.

That's no surprise! He could not have got anywhere and become President without bending down to them. War and its industry have been the main drives of the past US Administrations. The so called 'American Dream' and 'US prosperity' were fuelled by this desire of building up the biggest engine of destruction ever seen in human history: the American military. The bigger the better! So Obama had to bend down despite his own desire of not letting lobbyist groups running the White House. Or was that just a small talk lie.

In North America, the Security and Prosperity Partnership of North America (SPP), also known as the North American Union - formerly launched at a March 23, 2005, Waco, Texas, meeting attended by George Bush, Mexico's President Vincente Fox, and Canadian Prime Minister Paul Martin. These leaders signed a tri-national agreement for greater economic, political, and security integration with secret business and government working groups devising binding policies with no public knowledge or legislative debate. Truly, this is a military-backed corporate coup d'etat against the sovereignty of the three nations, with their populations and legislative bodies. It's a dagger through the heart of democratic freedom in all three without letting the public know of what is happening.

But people are being subdued with money. If that does not work we use WMDs. We invade other nations to acquire or control their resources, and we Christianize the population. Many of us who see what is truly happening are ashamed of what we are. A People with no principles, no moral values, no true religion, no respect for life on our planet, and no future for the next generations. There is no salvation in creating chaos and destruction. There is and there will be no salvation for Souls spreading war on our planet. Your Soul now faces the Soul of Humanity before asking and getting forgiveness from God because of Christ dying on the Cross for humanity.

After many years of murderous Occupation, the US White House is directly responsible for the premeditated killing of more than 1.3 million innocent Iraqi civilians. Hundreds of thousands of Iraqi civilians are imprisoned and tortured on regular basis, and at least 5 million Iraqis have been displaced as refugees living in appalling conditions. The entire sovereign nation of Iraq is destroyed in a premeditated act of aggression justified by outright lies. Moreover, despite the overwhelming majority of the Iraqi people’s opposition to the Occupation, the Bush regime refused to withdraw U.S. troops and mercenaries from Iraq and end the murderous Occupation of their nation.

 We, Global Citizens, therefore affirm the following recommendations:

1.     That the US and its coalition partners immediately cease all violations of the civil, political and human rights of the people of Iraq and of Afghanistan;
2.     That the military occupation of Iraq and of Afghanistan be immediately ended;
3.     That all parties guilty of war crimes against the Iraqi and Afghan people be brought to justice under Global Law; the Earth Court of Justice will prosecute the offenders;
4.     That reparations be paid by all responsible parties to the people of Iraq and of Afghanistan for the damages caused by both the war and the occupation; the amount to be paid should be no less than 8 trillion US dollars coming from the governments involved, and not from the resources of Iraq;
5.     That we work to strengthen the mobilization of the global antiwar movement;
6.     That the occupation of Palestine, Iraq, Afghanistan and all other colonized areas is illegal and should be brought to an end immediately; and
7.     That all US military bases in the world be immediately closed down.

The UN never applied hard sanctions against the US actions in the North. We know the US military has used nuclear war heads to melt the polar ice but the UN never even mentioned this important factor during the last Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC). Why?! And why have they not mentioned nuclear war heads explosions in our oceans? Ever since WWII several nations have acquired the US nuclear technology and know how, have been trained by US experts, and exploded nuclear war heads in our oceans. Truly, over time, these explosions have caused major destruction of life in our oceans! They have also caused physical and chemical disturbances strong enough to change the natural balance of water systems at the origin of climate change. Again why were these important factors not mentioned by IPCC? I am a scientist myself but when I see the destruction of our planet by the military, then I stand up for values, for what it is right not just for myself but for all life on the planet. And so should you!

When has the UN ever taken side of those nations being invaded? The UN never did!

When has the UN ever stood up for the principles in the UN Charter and stopped the invaders, and at least enforced hard sanctions against the invaders? The UN never did!

The UN has been a watcher, an observer, a non-participant. And that is a crime against humanity.

The UN should never be promoting war as a solution to world problems. That alone is against global sustainability. Sustainability means no war. War is the greatest act of destruction. There is no worst action than war.

By creating the State of Israel, the UN has perpetuated the archaic concept of land ownership, a concept that is threatening security in the world and all life on Earth. The UN never had a human criteria for the creation of a new nation. Now they are forcing another one to the Palestinians by arbitrarily creating the State of Palestine. Only the Earth Court of Justice can re-evaluate the creation of the State of Israel and evaluate the application for the creation of the State of Palestine. All Peoples have to be educated of the new way for the good of all.

The UN is promoting a culture of violence and war, and certainly that goes against Global Sustainability and Global Peace. That is the worst thing the UN could ever do to humanity. It is totally opposite to the Vision that the Global Community is promoting. And it is totally insane!

The UN knew America was invading the Middle East. Why has the UN not enforced hard sanctions against the USA for its bullying tactics at the UN to get what it wants? The UN leadership could have avoided the situation we have today. The UN did nothing at a critical time. The UN watched things happening. The UN is the organization where bullying takes place by those with nuclear war heads. The world is threatened by nuclear war heads. The five permanents members of the UN are allowed to bully any other nations. The USA is invading the world, and the UN can do nothing to stop them. The USA is allowed to invade other nations, change their governments, and has often made lies in speeches to the UN, to the world.

The leadership of the United Nations has failed to enforce disarmement. All weapons of mass destruction should have been phased out a long time ago. Why are the USA still holding the world hostage with its 40,000 nuclear war heads, and biological and chemical weapons of mass destruction? What has the UN ever done to help the phasing out of WMDs? Now several nations, including North Korea and Iran feel threatened just like everyone else and will refuse to be invaded. They would rather take on the US. Russia and China will also refuse to be invaded. The UN has done nothing to phase out WMDs.

Certainly we ought to disarm all nations from all weapons of mass destruction.

The Global Community stands firm on wanting to replace the United Nations with the Federation of Global Governments.

The history of the Global Community organization, Global Parliament, and the Federation of Global Governments is well known. Part of the period from 1985 to 1988 has been covered in an article. The period stretching from 1988 to today has been covered in several Newsletters.

The history of the United Nations (UN) is also well known. In this paper we will compare those two organizations over time.

Federation of Global Governments vs United Nations

 Statement or question  Federation  United Nations
 Protection of human rights  Yes  Yes
 Protection of Global Rights  Yes  No
 Sponsored by terrorist governments  No  Yes
 Genocides occurred under its watch  No  Yes
 Democratic organization  Yes  No
 Offers essential services  Yes  No
 Requires the support of NATO and war makers and doers  No  Yes
 Strongly objects to the use of weapons of mass destruction  Yes  No
 Run by 5 permanent members in possession of 95% of all weapons of mass destruction in the world  No  Yes
 Strongly conducts activism work to solve global problems  Yes  No
 Promotes status quo in solving global problems  No  Yes
 Is on its way out as an organization  No  Yes
 Proposed a Global Social-Economic Model (GSEM) to stabilize the economies of the world  Yes  No
 Has a Global Constitution to manage and operates itself  Yes  No
 Has laws and regulations for most important aspects for the protection of humanity, all life  Yes  No
 Has an efficient emergency unit ready to help the people of the world  Yes  No
 Has a Judiciary Network to handle all essential aspects  Yes  No
 Helps people finding employment  Yes  No
 Offers universal education to all people  Yes  No
 Offers health care to all people of the world  Yes  No
 Has communications problems  No  Yes
 Needs a full team of professionals from the media to show it is doing something useful in the world; the organization success is all about 'image'  No  Yes
 Has an assessment centre  Yes  No
 Promotes the formation of Global Ministries handling essential aspects  Yes  No
 Welcomes Civil Society as a voting partner in its organization  Yes  No
 Operates from principles  Yes  No
 Operates from what lobbyist groups and sponsors want  No  Yes
 Global Citizenship means something based on proper human values and requires a commitment from the heart, mind and Soul  Yes  No
 Protection of life on Earth has the highest priority  Yes  No
 Strongly support the belief that Earth and all its natural resources belong to the Global Community as a birthright  Yes  No
 The invasion of nations by the USA and its NATO partners is a crime against humanity, all life  Yes  No

The Global Community is very concerned about the state of the world today and the causes that brought up so much frictions and wars between nations. Ever since WWII, the world has seen the rise of an invading world power, the USA. The United Nations has never done anything to stop the invasion. The United Nations (UN) leadership has been one of a 'watcher', an observer. The UN watch the world go by, on the brink of self-destruction and of being invaded, environmentally and militarily, and do nothing. The United Nations, US Administration, World Bank and IMF are corrupted organizations and never to be trusted of anything. The Global Community will never go along with these organizations.

The entire planet is in a state of low intensity civil war. The ruling elite profit off the exploitation of the rest of the world.

The occupation may seem horribly botched on the face of it, but the White House administration’s cavalier attitude towards ‘nation-building’ has all but ensured that Iraq will end up as an American protectorate for the next few decades – a necessary condition for the extraction of its oil wealth. If the US had managed to create a strong, democratic government in an Iraq effectively secured by its own army and police force, and had then departed, what would have stopped that government from taking control of its own oil, like every other regime in the Middle East? The costs are about ten billion dollars a month plus a few dozen American fatalities are negligible compared to $30 trillion in oil wealth, assured American geopolitical supremacy and gas for voters. In terms of realpolitik, the invasion of Iraq is not a fiasco; it is a resounding success for the big oil & gas and military corporations, but certainly not for the average American.

Over a decade now, and in several press releases, the Global Community has made everyone aware of this critical situation, and how dangerous the US military and NATO allies were actually bringing the social fabric of the world to a complete breakdown. The October Press Release made that very clear and has caused a domino effect that started with NATO not wanting to take the blame for the global crisis and forced the collapse of the financial bubbles in the stock market, the Wall Street financial crisis. Americans are too proud of their military to throw away the blame of their bankrupted economy, in large part onto their astronomically high military expenditures, which truly bankrupted America long before the financial crisis. The financial crisis reflected fundamentally bad financial principles.

Some people say it was a Magnitude 5.9 quake that hits off Indonesia. Be is there any proof of that? In the confusion of all, everyone believed what the media was saying. The media was being told information from governments but no one actually can prove it was an earquake that created the tsunami. No one truly knows for sure. There is now another theory. A submarine was testing the use of nuclear war heads by exploding them over the ocean bottom. Actually, it was not the first time that some nations have exploded nuclear war heads in the oceans. Our oceans have been hit several times. Exploding war heads in our oceans is at least as bad as a major oil spill. It is showing barbarism. It is killing the global communities of life in the oceans and destroying the delicate balance of our oceans physical, biological and chemical characteristics that can accelerate the climate change drastically when disturbed. It is showing ignorance and stupidity.

In 2004, the war heads were more destrutive and were over the bottom of the ocean, and that scenario created a tsunami wave. Just a test, said the captain of the submarine that did it. Of course I have no proof of that. But then the only way you could prove it was truly an earthquake is by conducting an independent forensic investigation of the ocean bottom. So all we can say is that it is more likely that it was a powerful nuclear explosion that created the tsunami. That is the goal of the military, to test its armament and they did. But they were not going to admit it to the world. Gees! Not a good thing to admit that you just killed thousands of people and destroyed communities from several nations of the world. In today's planetary state of emergency, Global Law must be applied. All nations capable of such an extreme action against humanity and all life on Earth must pay for the independent investigation. The Earth Court of Justice will see that Justice is done. Would you agree that there is now a planetary state of emergency and that a nation or an organization is guilty until found not guilty and that we should protect our oceans and all other global life-support systems by stopping those responsible and make them accountable?

The United States is the only nation that would profit from the melting of the North Pole and is capable of such an extreme action against humanity and all life on Earth by exploding nuclear bombs to melt glaciers and North Pole cap. The Earth Court of Justice will see that Justice is done. In view of the planetary state of emergency, the Global Community says: for the protection of all life on Earth, a preventive principle is our only alternative. You are guilty until you can prove otherwise. Global Law must be applied. The United States must pay for the independent investigation. Would you agree?

Ever since WWII the big corporate rulers of the G8 nations have applied the same scenario all over the world and even using the IMF and World Bank organizations. Americans are the sponsors of those organizations, again with money they dont own, paper money, bankrupted money. Through these organizations, the White House subsidizes friendly governments who help American corporations get whatever natural resources they want often at the expenses of labour rights and the environment.

The U.S.-controlled North Atlantic Treaty Organisation (NATO) has lost its purpose to continue as a defence alliance. However, its aggressive expansion is endangering world peace and the survival of life on the planet. Despite its irrelevant role, NATO has become part of the U.S. military. Instead of dismantling the once defence alliance, the U.S. pushed to enlarge NATO and expand its boundaries. The U.S. has lured most European nations, including former Warsaw Pact members, the so-called “New Europe”, to join its military. Poland, Hungry and the Czech Republic joined in 1999; Bulgaria, Latvia, Lithuanian, Estonia, Slovakia and Romania in 2004, others are waiting in line. Becoming a NATO member proves to be a profit bonanza for U.S.-Israeli weapon industries and arm dealers. All new recruits into NATO are obliged to increase their “defence” budgets to modernise and enlarge their military arsenals at the expense of vital public services.

It is important to remember in mind that the U.S.-NATO demands for expansion have met with opposition from Russia, China – with a legitimate concern against unprovoked threat – and nations such as Germany, the Netherlands and France. Almost all new mini-dictators supported the illegal U.S. aggression against the Iraqi people. They are in complete complicity in the war crimes committed by the regime of George Bush despite overwhelming majority of their citizens’ opposition to U.S. aggression. From the criminal U.S. aggression against the Federal Republic of Yugoslavia to the ongoing murderous occupation of Afghanistan and Iraq, the new European armies have become U.S. foot soldiers serving U.S. imperialist interests.

Planning, organizing and using crisis in Europe and elsewhere, the U.S. cancelled the Anti-Ballistic Missile Treaty (ABM) in order to locate ABMs and to lure more nations to sign up for the system, including Australia, South Korea and Japan.

Ever since the end of the Cold War, the U.S. aim has always been a quest for imperialist domination of the globe through U.S. militarism, including the establishment of 737 U.S. military bases in strategic areas of the world. The U.S. policy of destabilising Russia and undermining Russia’s integration with Europe is aimed at controlling Eurasia’s natural resources .

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