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Mount Benson, September 2003, photograph taken by Germain Dufour

The Mount Benson Preservation Society is promoting the preservation of
a) the environment,
b) Vancouver Island as the national ecotourism centre for all ages, and the greenway and blueway centre of the world
c) cultural values,
d) community and family values,
e) global community values
f) heritage sites, and
g) buildings and facilities

Mount Benson Preservation Society social responsibility
It is the Mount Benson Preservation Society social responsibility to ensure safety, maintain health and preserve environment. We consider that a way to fulfill this responsibility is to open a citizen's understanding on environment through enlightenment and education, and steadily attain public confidence through positive communication with local and global communities. The Society contributes to the enrichment of regional culture through its involvement in a variety of cultural activities.

Our contribution to promotion of science and development of society
We can arrive at an optimized solution for coexistence of nature and the Global Community through scientific research in all fields relevant to this question. We promote research on the local and global environment and its preservation, general practical researches to maintain a stable relation between human activities and nature.

Preservation and Conservation
Preservation and conservation often go hand in hand when it comes to helping the natural environment to remain healthy or become healthier. Related efforts in restoration are aimed at helping the environment recover from destruction caused by human activity.

The Mount Benson Preservation Society aims to preserve, conserve, and restore native habitats, plant and animal species, and other elements of the region's natural environment.

Wildlife conservation and rehabilitation takes many forms in the Regional District of Nanaimo.

Wildlife rehabilitators perform an invaluable service to the survival, preservation, and restoration of region's wildlife. Their primary mission is to take in injured and orphaned animals and care for them until they can be returned to the wild. Encounters with automobiles, pesticide poisonings (from both agricultural and lawn-care products), and attacks from dogs and cats are the most common causes for injuries and illness.

Social responsibility: campaign to reclaim Westwood Ridge and Mount Benson, reforestation, and environment preservation
The Mount Benson Preservation Society is implementing a reforestation project, which is designed to preserve the biodiversity of this region, while enhancing its landscape and helping control its climate, protecting wildlife and the green belt surrounding in and around Mount Benson.

Ever since December 2002, the Society has started a campaign to reclaim Westwood Ridge and Mount Benson. (see section 'Projects' for Petition). The Society is conducting fund rasings to purchase the properties from owners.

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