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Introduction to Global Dialogue 2006
Politics and Justice without borders
Theme More info concerning the theme
Actions for the good of all as per the Statement of rights, responsibilities, and accountabilities of the Global Community citizens.
Statement of rights, responsibilities, and accountabilities

Please use any or all of the following posters to promote Global Dialogue 2006. Use the relevant text on our website to give proper explanation.

The House of Elected Representatives, the House of Advisers, and the United Nations (UN) together are the Global Parliament.

The Global Parliament shall create, alter, abolish or consolidate the departments, commissions, offices, agencies and other parts of the several organs of Earth Government, subject to the specific provisions of the Global Constitution.

Portal of the Global Community

Criteria to obtain the Global Community Citizenship

the Global Community:   order and hope within chaos

The war industry is the mother of all evils


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