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Global Community Earth Government with its governing institutions and bodies

the Global Community: order and hope within chaos
-    we are now, and we are the future   -

Global Community Earth Government Main Index
We, citizens of the Global Community, hereby resolve to establish a federation of all nations, Earth Government, to govern in accordance with the Global Constitution.

The Global Constitution
Reflecting the will of the Global Community citizens and all Nations to build a common future, this Global Constitution establishes Earth Government, on which Member Nations confer competences to attain objectives they have in common. Earth Government shall coordinate the policies by which Member Nations aim to achieve these objectives.
The Peoples of the Global Community elect, nominate or appoint their representatives to Earth Government.
Candidates to the House of Elected Representatives are elected democratically

Candidates to the House of Advisers are nominated by teachers, students, or professional organizations
Candidates to the Global Governments Federation are elected or appointed by Member Nations.
Global Governments Federation
Global Governments Federation

The House of Elected Representatives, the House of Advisers, and the Global Governments Federation together are the Global Parliament.

The House of Elected Representatives shall be elected by direct universal suffrage of all the Global Community citizens in free and secret ballot for a term of five years. Representation of the Global Community citizens shall be of one Elected Representative per million people.

The Global Parliament shall, jointly with the Earth Executive Council, enact legislation, and exercise the budgetary function, as well as functions of political control and consultation as laid down in the Global Constitution.

The Global Parliament shall elect its President and its officers from among its members.
The Global Parliament shall create, alter, abolish or consolidate the departments, commissions, offices, agencies and other parts of the several organs of Earth Government, subject to the specific provisions of the Global Constitution.

The Global Constitution


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