We are inviting anyone to submit an application to become a member of the Global Community Parliament's Constitutional Affairs Committee (PCAC), the Advisory Board to the Global Constitution.

 Name  Title  Date started  Photo and info
 Germain Dufour  Chairman  January 4th 2005       info
 James T. Ranney  Adviser  February 5th, 2005         info
 Alanna Hartzok  Adviser  May 2sd, 2005         info
 Dr. Terence P. Amerasinghe  Adviser  May 10th, 2005         info
 Lord Reinhart  Adviser  May 10th, 2005         info
 Dr. Glen Martin  Adviser  May 10th, 2005         info
 Eugenia Almand  Adviser
Global Government of North AmericaGlobal Government of North America
 May 10th, 2005         info
 Fernando Ortiz Monasterio  Adviser  May 10th, 2005         info
 Jose Luis Gutierrez Lozano  Adviser  May 10th, 2005         info
 Luan Perez Quijada  Adviser  May 10th, 2005         info
 Carolina Latorre  Adviser  May 10th, 2005         info
 Dr. Sue L.T. McGregor  Adviser  June 10, 2005   Minister of Family and Human Development      info
 Doug Everingham  Adviser  June 11, 2005         info
  Yellow Horn  Adviser  June 22, 2005         info
 Leslaw Michnowski  Adviser  June 25, 2005              info
 Md. Hasibur Rahman  Adviser
Global Government of Asia Global Government Federation
 July 10, 2005              info
 Rob Wheeler  Adviser  August 15, 2005              info

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