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Volume 20 Issue 7 March 2022

Theme of March 2022 Newsletter

Global Civilizational State,
the multicivilizational State.

Note: A display of 21 murals each showing the research done by Global Community over the past 37 years, and displaying unique short and long term solutions to the survival of all Life on Earth. Each mural has a small picture shown here whose size is about 650 px by 650 px, the enlargements are about 7000 px by 7000 pix. The pictures of the email messages are about 350 px by 350 px. All murals themselves have sizes of about 16383 px by 16383 px, with a range of 25 MBs to 65 MBs, much to large to upload on Global Community website. This large size picture for each mural can be obtained from special request. Text for each Mural were added in Global Community February 2022 Newsletter to summarize concerns about the nine most important global issues and threats facing life on our planet today. These threats are changing human life as we know it. Countless mass life extinctions have already happened which are capable of pushing humanity back to virtual prehistoric conditions.

Humans are ultra-resilient and can find a way to deal with most threats we face; however, it is the real life threats created by humans that pose the most imminent extinction to life as we know it. The rate of climate change is too rapid for processes of adaptation and these changes will inevitably involve health related issues in addition to other problems including behavioral, cultural, socio-political, demographical, and economical.

(Global Dialogue 2022 begins September 1st, 2021 and concludes on August 31st, 2022 ww)

Earth Governance
( see enlargement Earth Governance )

Save the world.
( see enlargement Save the world. )

This picture above here was designed to make Peoples aware how urgent meaningfull actions are needed to "Save the world". At the top of the picture the two arms symbolize the cooperation between different Peoples, the multicivilizational world we live in today all over the planet. The couple under the top frame and above the bottom frame symbolizes the formation of Life, its evolution over time. Butterflies shown on the picture are known as insects with a "complete" life cycle. This means that they have four completely separate stages of life, each of which looks entirely different from the next, and serve different purposes in the life of the insect.

Eggs are tiny, round, oval, or cylindrical depending on the variety of Butterfly. Females attach the eggs to leaves, stems, or other parts of the plant that are generally near where the caterpillar will find food. Caterpillars (or larva) are the long worm-like stage of the butterfly. They often have intricate patterns or patches on them and some may have spine-like hairs. This is the feeding and growth stage in the cycle, where they will find leaves and stems of host plants that are specific to their species.

​The Chrysalis (or Pupa) is the transformational stage within which the caterpillar tissues are broken down and the adult insect's structures are formed. Butterflies are the adult (or Imago) stage of the cycle. This is the reproductive and mobile stage of the insects life. Adults live the remainder of their life span in a garden or place with flowers where they enjoy sipping nectar from fruit or flowers, and partake in courtship, mating and laying their eggs. Butterflies are important pollinators. Approximately one-third of all plants need pollination to set fruit, and bees and butterflies are major pollinators. Flower nectar is the food for adult butterflies and by flying from flower to flower sipping nectar, pollination occurs. Butterflies are great for a garden as they are attracted to bright flowers and need to feed on nectar. When they do this their bodies collect pollen and carry it to other plants. This helps fruits, vegetables and flowers to produce new seeds.

Butterflies symbolize evolution, Life evolution. Butterflies also symbolize the need of spreading the words of peace, cooperation, love, and helping each other as a multicivilizational community on Earth. Everyone is important in spreading those words. Let our Soul transform us. Do not conform to the pattern of this world, but be transformed by the renewing of our mind and heart. Then we will be able to test and approve what SoulLife's will let us evolve. The final reward of this work is "saving the world" from complete extinction. Let us spread the words. The current extinction crisis is entirely of our own making as human beings. More than a century of habitat destruction, pollution, the spread of invasive species, overharvest from the wild, climate change, global warming, population growth and other human activities have pushed nature to the brink. Tipping points, observables are showned and explained in the following 21 murals. Plenty of symbols as well!

January Newsletter 2022.
( see enlargement Global Civilizational State reporting on issues. )

January Newsletter 2022
( see enlargement Global Civilizational State reporting on issues. )

( see enlargement aa )

A civilization being the highest cultural grouping of people, and it is defined by language, history, religion, customs, and institutions. The composition and shapes of civilizations change over time. The cultures of peoples interact and overlap. Empires rise and fall; governments come and go; but civilizations remain and survive political, social, economic, even difficult ideological changes. Civilizations being cultural and not political entities, they do not maintain order, establish justice, collect taxes, fight wars, negotiate treaties, or any other things which governments do. A civilization may contain one or many political organizations such as city states, empires, federations, confederations, nation states, and multinational states.

But today, theGlobal Civilizational State implies the cultural coming together of humanity and the acceptance of common values, beliefs, orientations, practices, and institutions by people throughout the world. Human beings in almost all societies share basic values. People in most societies have a strong moral sense, a morality of basic concepts of what is right and wrong. 

If people have shared a few fundamental values and institutions throughout history, this may explain some constants in human behavior but it cannot explain history, which consists of changes in human behavior. If a Global Civilizational State "common" to all humanity exists, what term do we then use to identify the major cultural groupings of humanity? Humanity is divided into subgroups such as tribes, nations, and broader cultural entities usually called civilizations. If the term civilization is elevated to what is "common" to humanity as a whole then the largest cultural groupings of people would be a single Global Civilizational State, that is a variety of cultures, of peoples, of religious worlds, of historical traditions, and historically formed attitudes. Confusion occurs by restricting 'civilization' to the global level and designing as 'cultures' or 'subcivilizations' those largest cultural entities which have historically always been called civilizations. 

Getting to know one another as one humanity is the goal to attain for our survival. More significant and meaningful actions are needed to save the world, all lifeforms, from complete extinction.

Global Community has begun to establish the existence of the age of symbiotical relationships and global cooperation.

An economically base symbiotical relationship exists between nations of the European Union. Other types (geographical, economical, social, business-like, political, religious) may be created all over the world between communities, nations, and between people themselves.  

( see enlargement aa )

  In the context of the global civilization of the 3rd Millennium, we have defined that any symbiotical relationship is for the good of all, for the good of the 'other'. It is based on a genuine group concern and unconditional support for the individual's well-being ~ a giant leap in human behaviour. The question is how can we improve the political symbiotical relationship to fulfill the fundamental criteria? Global Community promotes values and principles to achieve the fundamental criteria and that requires the promoting and establishment of: global community ethics, mutual respect, respect for life, basic liberties, justice and equity, caring for the 'other', integrity, responsibility and accountability. 

Other symbiotical relationships may be based on common concerns and issues such as: the environment, peace, justice, women's rights, global rights, and many more. There is a whole spectrum of possible symbiotical relationships.  Symbiotical relationships are needed today for the long term future of humanity and for the protection of life on Earth.  Certainly it is better to seek an economic relationship with another nation we can trust than with hundred nations we have no control on and everyone of those nations has a say in the governing of our nation and its environmental and social structures. 

The best way and solution for any nation is to recognize the Scale of Global Rights as the way of life to us all. Right on top of the scale are the ecological rights, the global life-support systems, and the primordial human rights of this generation and of the next generations.  Global Community is inviting you to participate in the formation of global symbiotical relationships between people, institutions, cities, provinces, communities, nations, and businesses.  We are also proposing the formation of a political symbiotical relationship between state and global civil society.  

Global Community ethics offer fundamental moral behaviors and irrevocable standards. You need not be religious to make this vision yours. This vision is for all human beings regardless of their social origin, language, culture, sex, skin color or religion. Global Community vision creates new hopes, standards, ideals and goals for everyone to embrace freely, and live a life without fear. Global Community faith is about realizing this new global order will be better, safer, and more realistic after replacing the 1948 Universal Declaration of Human Rights 1948 Universal Declaration of Human Rights by the Scale of Global Rights Scale of Global Rights

To determine rights requires an understanding of needs and reponsibilities and their importance. The Scale shows social values in order of importance and so will help us understand clearly the rights of a community and its citizens. So now Global Community ethics includes a process based on Scale of Global Rights. Global citizens have a binding responsibility for the welfare of all humanity and care for all life on Earth. Global Community ethical grounds are practical, real, and applicable for all women and men of good will, religious and non-religious.

The recognition of the Global Civilizational State is the most important goal for humanity to achieve. It assumes the application of the Scale of Global Rights to the most important global issues threatening humanity's survival worldwide.

Let us lead the world toward Global Civilizational State for education, Justice, protection of life on Earth, and for new ways of doing business and trade, in global development, and in the management of global resources.

A global symbiotical relationship between two or more nations, or between two or more global communities, can have trade as the major aspect of the relationship or it can have as many other aspects as agreed by the people involved. The fundamental criteria is that a relationship is created for the good of all groups participating in the relationship and for the good of humanity, all life on Earth. The relationship allows a global equitable and peaceful development and a more stable and inclusive global economy.

( see enlargement aa )

Governance of the Earth by Global Parliament will make the rule of arbitrary power--economic (WTO, FTAA, TPPA, BRICS, EU, etc.), political, or military (NATO)-- subjected to the rule of law within the global civil society, the human family. Justice is for everyone and is everywhere, a universal constant. Justice is without borders.

The Federation of Global Government is the place of meeting between Global Governments. Global Civilizational State offers a more meaningful union than the United Nations in the form of nine or more Global Governments such as Africa, Europe, North America, South America, Central America and the Caribbean, Asia, Oceania, the Middle-East, and South-East Asia. A Global Government is concerned not only with economics and trade, but also with the environment, health, agriculture, energy, food, social, cultural and many other essential aspects. The very first step of the Federation, and maybe the only one for several decades ahead of us, would be the approval of essential services amongst the participating member nations. We want each Global Government to take a larger share of responsibility of the specific region where it operates, and be more accountable to the people of that region, and to all life on Earth.

We can do better united as a Global Government, a Global Parliament, the Global Civilizational State: a new world to build, and a future to share and protect together.

Let us all be united as a Federation of 9 or more Global Governmewnts.

As a replacement to the United Nations, we are establishing Global Parliament with 9 or more Global Governments (GGs) and an enforceable, non-military democratic Global Constitution for all. Governing bodies consist of four chambers making the Global Parliament: 

1.  House of Elected Representatives
2.  House of Advisers
3.    House of Executive Council, and
4.    Federation of Global Governments

The power of Global Parliament was de-centralized to give each GG a better chance to find the right solutions to global issues. It can act faster and be more effective and efficient in the context of the Global Civilizational State, this great, wide, wonderful world made of all these diverse global communities within each Nation. Global Community becomes thus more fluid and dynamic.

Earth Environmental Governance can only be achieved successfully within the larger context of Sustainable Development and Earth Management. All aspects are inter-related and affect one another. A healthy environment is essential to long term prosperity and well-being of Global Community citizens. That demands a high level of ecological protection. This is the 'raison d'etre' of the Scale of Global Rights.

The very first step of the Federation, and maybe the only one for several decades ahead of us, would be the approval of essential services amongst the participating member nations. We want each Global Government to take a larger share of responsibility of the specific region where it operates, and be more accountable to the people of that region, and to all life on Earth. Global Community has researched and developed such services. All of them are already in operation on a small scale.

A global symbiotical relationship is created between Nations and Global Parliament for the good of all groups participating in the relationship and for the good of humanity, all life on Earth. The relationship allows a global equitable and peaceful development. This is the basic concept that is allowing us to group willing Member Nations from different parts of the world. Global Parliament does not force anyone to belong in any specific Global Government. 

There is a need to develop a voting system ff to elect representatives to form a democratically elected Global Parliament. Every person in the world can claim the birth right of electing a democratic government to manage Earth: the rights to vote and elect representatives to form Global Parliament. They are our human rights! Each and everyone of us on Earth was born free and equal in dignity and rights. Respect for human rights and fundamental freedoms is one of the characteristics of a democracy. The typical fundamental freedoms of a democracy (freedom of expression, thought, assembly, and association) are themselves part of human rights. These freedoms can exist everywhere. Democracy is a political system based on the participation of the people. It foresees the separation of powers among the judiciary, the legislative and the executive authorities, as well as free and regular elections.

More significant and meaningful actions are urgently needed to save the world, all lifeforms, from complete extinction.

* larger populations of mal-nourished and undereducated people living in substandard housing, unhealthy environmental conditions and inadequate health services, and poor water supply and sanitation
* rapid increase in international air travel
* globalization of trade
* lowering of standards in the production, handling, and processing of food have heightened the risk of food-borne diseases
* environmental factors and activities such as deforestation, conflict, tourism and migration into remote habitats have increased exposure to disease

Health problems are often directly related to consequences of climate change and global warming include health conditions caused by changes in humidity, temperature, and nutritional deficiencies originating from insufficient crops and irrigation. Additional health care problems as a result of possible demographic movements include waterborne-diseases, and health conditions such as skin cancer due to increased UV radiation caused by ozone depletion. Emissions from fossil fuel combustion such as CO and Pb (lead) may affect humans adversely, and gases SO2 and NOX and particulate matter can cause respiratory illnesses.

Global Community is calling for the immediate formation of the Earth Ministry of Health. The globalization of trade, the extensive mouvement of people all over the world, the increase of poverty and diseases in developing countries and all over the world, have caused pathogens and exotic diseases to migrate over enormous distances and now, are an increasing threat to local ecosystems and communities, economies and health of every human being and all life. Global Community, is calling this threat of the upmost importance and must be dealt with immediately by every nation. We must manage health in the world. We are calling for the immediate creation of the Earth Ministry of Health and the formation of a Global Ministry of Environmental Health.

( see enlargement aa )

Today's international trade agreements are obsolete and primitive. They are formed to make a few people on the planet rich and creating a world of over consumption and wastfully degrading the planet's resources and environment. Let us walk into a sustainable future. Let us first define what we mean by "Global Protection Agency (GPA)", and of course what we mean by "essential services" in the global context of humanity.

The worst environmental degradation happens in wars. Farm products in fields and livestock are abandoned, there is no more control on toxic wastes, and water, air, and land are polluted. People are displaced and feel no longer responsible for the quality of life in their communities. Historically, the industrialized nations have caused the most damage to the environment, with their careless technology and policies. Emissions from factories and vehicles have caused ozone depletion and acid rain.

( see enlargement aa )

Global Community offers both a short term solution and a long term solution to the people of all nations. Both solutions have been integrated into the Scale of Global Rights, itself a necessary first step which must be approved by all of us.

Scale of Global Rights contains six (6) sections. Section 1 has more importance than all other sections below, and so on. Concerning sections 1, 2, and 3, it shall be Global Civilization highest priority to guarantee these rights to their respective Member Nations and to have proper legislation andimplement and enforce global law as it applies and as shown in the Global Constitution.

The Scale is a balancing process to sustain all life on the planet now and future generations.

Concerning sections 1, 2, and 3, it shall be Global Community highest priority to guarantee these rights to Member Nations and to have proper lesgislation and implement and enforce global law as it applies.
Section  1.    Ecological rights and the protection of the global life-support systems

Section  2.    Primordial human rights

  •     safety and security
  •     have shelter
  •     'clean' energy
  •     'clean' and healthy environment
  •     drink fresh water
  •     breath clean air
  •     eat a balance diet
  •     basic clothing
  •     universal health care and education
  •     employment for all

Section  3.    The ecological rights, the protection of the global life-support systems and the primordial human rights of future generations

Concerning Sections 4, 5 and 6, it shall be the aim of Global Community and Global Parliament to secure these other rights for all global citizens within the federation of all nations, but without immediate guarantee of universal achievement and enforcement. These rights are defined as Directive Principles, obligating Global Community and Global Parliament to pursue every reasonable means for universal realization and implementation.

Section  4.    Community rights, rights of direct democracy, the right that the greatest number of people has by virtue of its number (50% plus one) and after voting representatives democratically.

Section  5.    Economic rights (business and consumer rights, and their responsibilities and accountabilities) and social rights (civil and political rights)

Section  6.    Cultural rights and religious rights

Scale of Global Rights definition

Definition of the Scale of Global Rights Scale of Global Rights Human and Earth rights Scale of Global Rights Chapter X   of the Global Parliament Constitution  is about the  Scale of Human and Earth Rights

On the Scale of Global Rights primordial human rights and the protection of the global life-support systems (ecological rights) are on top of the Scale. They are the most important aspects on the Scale. For instance, the existing and future uses of water are constantly challenged; balancing supply and demand is made even harder by the amounts of pollution found in the air, land and waters. A large part of our body is made of water, and we cannot live without water; therefore water is a primordial human right by our very nature.

Primordial human rights are those human rights that individuals have by virtue of their very existence as human beings: to live, eat, drink fresh water, breath clean air, and have shelter. These rights are separate categories than ecological rights, the right of the greatest number of people, economic rights, social rights, cultural rights and religious rights.

Ecological and primordial human rights are the only rights that have existed unchanged throughout the evolutionary origin of our species. Any major change would have threatened our very existence. All other human rights are rights created by human beings and can be changed depending of new circumstances; they are not stagnant but are rather flexible and adaptive, and they can evolve. Ecological and primordial human rights of this generation and of future generations are therefore much more important than any other human rights existing now and in the future.

In this way the Scale of Global Rights gives us a sense of direction for future planning and managing of the Earth. Earth management is now well defined and becomes a goal to achieve. We no longer waste energy and resources in doing things that are absolutely unimportant. So it has become a necessity to establish the Ministry of Global Resources that will be assessing, compiling, managing, protecting and distributing Earth resources, and the Earth Court of Justice prosecuting cases involving crimes related to the relentless misused of the Earth resources.

In order to avoid conflicts and wars over drinking (fresh)water, fresh water has been categorized as a primordial human right. Industrial pollution plays a major role in the deterioration of nature but this time the level of pollution is above the carrying capacity of a healthy ecosystem. Pollution also affects significantly human health and all lifeforms on Earth. Every person needs Oxygen to live so clean air is certainly also a primordial human right by our very nature.

( see enlargement aa )

Control over the amounts of greengases produced by human activities and let go into our air must be paramount to governance and management of Earth.The production of greengases involves the destruction of the Oxygen in our air and its replacement by CO2, a deadly chemical. CO2 concentrations in the atmosphere have been measured at an altitude of about 4,000 meters on the peak of Mauna Loa mountain in Hawaii since 1958. The measurements at this location, remote from local sources of pollution, have clearly shown that atmospheric concentrations of CO2 are increasing. The mean concentration of approximately 316 parts per million by volume (ppmv) in 1958 rose to approximately 369 ppmv in 1998. The annual variation is due to CO2 uptake by growing plants. The uptake is highest in the northern hemisphere springtime.

Today in 2022, the concentration is more than 460 ppmv. And after all the dirty tars sands oil of Alberta, Canada, has been consumed, the concentration will be over 600 ppmv, i.e. the end of civilization as we know it, and the end of most lifeforms on the planet.

Human beings have a moral obligation to protect and conserve the biodiversity of life on Earth. The Global Constitution shows us how it can be done with Global Law, the Earth Court of Justice, and how the Global Protection Agency (GPA) can protect the territory. Global Community Arrest Warrants can be issued to anyone breaking Global Law.

Leaders of the wealthier nations must be willing to accept responsibility for past mistakes and to help pay the financial burden for environmental protection of the developing nations. This is the most damaging conflict of interests between the rich industrialized countries and those that are poor and struggling just for existence. Global Community must help wealthy and poorer nations reach a better understanding of each other's needs.

All aspects are interrelated: peace, human rights and the environment. The poor is more concerned with ending starvation, finding a proper shelter and employment, and helping their children to survive. Environmental issues become meaningless to the poor. In reality, all concerns are interrelated. As soon as the environment is destroyed beyond repair, human suffering is next. Ecology has no boundaries. All nations suffer the effects of air pollution, global warming, loss of biodiversity, soil erosion, acid rain, ozone depletion, silting of streams, and countless of other environmental problems. This was the reason for proposing to Global Community the Scale of Global Rights.

Actions for the good of all are described as per the Statement of Rights, Responsibilities, and Accountabilities. Actions for the good of all as per the Statement of rights, responsibilities, and accountabilities The political system of an individual country does not have to be a democracy. The political system of an individual country does not have to be a democracy

Other significant actions are listed here. Global Community must now direct the wealth of the world towards the building of local-to-global economic democracies in order to meet the needs for food, shelter, universal healthcare, education, and employment for all. Global  Community must now direct the wealth of the world towards the building of local-to-global economic democracies in order to meet the needs for food, shelter, universal healthcare, education, and employment for all

1. Global Economic Model proposed by Global Community is truly the best response to the world. Global  Economic Model proposed by Global  Community is truly the best response to the world

2. Direct democracy and global voting on issues.    Direct democracy and global voting on issues

3. Creation of a biodiversity zone protection all around the planet by way of Earth rights and taxation of natural resources    Creation of a biodiversity zone protection all around the planet  by way of Earth rights and taxation of natural resources

It is the same idea for any consumer product. You manufacture, produce, farm or createa product, you become responsible and accountable of your product from beginning to end (to the point where it actually becomes a waste; you are also responsible for the proper disposable of the waste).

People in our society often argue that their manufacturing products and the trading principles or rules that regulate their actions are all legal! But what about ethical values and moral principles?!

Climate change is definitely at the top of the most global important issues facing our planet today. While this issue primarily focuses on global warming, changes in precipitation, air quality, biodiversity, habitable zones, and many other areas are part of and affected by climate change. However, it is extreme global climate change that would result in epic disruption if not outright decimation of the human species and most life as we know it today. We have already seen the death and destruction wreaked by monster typhoons and hurricanes, unexpected volcanic activity, monsoons, extreme heat and extreme cold systems.

( see enlargement aa )

History has demonstrated that for over three billion years life was able to adapt and new species evolved, including humans. Humans are highly adaptable, and they are roaming and nomadic. The same goes for many lifeforms, fauna and flora, which we have seen migrate as weather conditions and trends change. There are other earth-threatening phenomena that pose far greater challenges to humanity than global climate change.

With Earth’s hottest temperatures normally hovering at 115°F (46.1°C) and reaching as high as 136°F (57.8°C) in the middle east and western portions of the United States and the coldest temperatures averaging around -50°F in Asia where humans live, there is potential for that perfect storm to trigger multiple extreme weather conditions worldwide. Still humans may survive, but other species could be seriously emaciated and unable to sustain itself.

( see enlargement aa )

The global tipping points of greatest concerns and the emergence and spread of deadly pathogens are very serious concerns. What is even more serious is the USA war industry with its over 1200 military bases all over the planet. The war in Afghanistan was a conflict that took place from 2001 to 2021 in the South-Central Asian country of Afghanistan. It began when the United States and its allies invading Afghanistan to topple the Taliban-ruled Islamic Emirate. Now, the USA war military was asked to live Afghanistan and move to the E.U. to force its way into Russia via Ukraine as a step to take over Russian land and its resources, and this with the approval of the EU nations. NATO is of course a part of this strategy. For years, Putin made it clear to the West that, for Russia security, no NATO and USA military bases should be created in Ukraine. And so should any other European nations too close to Russia, and so threatening, menacing, Russia security. History tells us that Adolf Hitler was an Austrian-born German politician who was the dictator of Germany from 1933 until his death in 1945. He rose to power as the leader of the Nazi Party, becoming the chancellor in 1933 and then assuming the title of Führer und Reichskanzler in 1934. His dream has been to invade Russia for mainly its immense natural resources and land. This was also the untold dream of most of most European nations and of the USA. The nation Ukraine should be nutral.

Joseph Vissarionovich Stalin, was a Georgian revolutionary and Soviet political leader who governed the Soviet Union from 1922 until his death in 1953. He held power both as General Secretary of the Communist Party of the Soviet Union (1922–1952) and Chairman of the Council of Ministers of the Soviet Union (1941–1953). Despite initially governing the country as part of a collective leadership, he ultimately consolidated power to become the Soviet Union's dictator by the 1930s. A communist ideologically committed to the Leninist interpretation of Marxism, Stalin formalised these ideas as Marxism–Leninism while his own policies are known as Stalinism.

In 1939, his regime signed a non-aggression pact with Nazi Germany. Germany ended the pact by invading the Soviet Union in 1941. Despite initial setbacks, the Soviet Red Army repelled the German invasion and captured Berlin in 1945, thereby ending World War II in Europe. With Stalin as their leader, Russians defeated Hitler army and won WWII, the Second World War.

From Korea to Vietnam, Afghanistan to Iraq, the Cold War to the War on Terror, and so many military interventions in between, including Grenada, Panama, and Somalia, Americans are always fighting somewhere as if they see great utility in thumbing their noses at other nations affairs. In its quest for security, the U.S. spends more on the military than any other country in the world, certainly much more than the combined military spending of its major rivals, Russia and China. Authorized at over $700 billion in Fiscal Year 2019, and again over $700 billion requested for FY 2020, the DOD budget comprises more than half of all federal discretionary spending each year. With an armed force of more than two million people, 11 nuclear aircraft carriers, and the most advanced military aircraft, the US is more than capable of projecting power anywhere in the globe, and with “Space Command,” into outer-space. Further, the US has been continuously at war since late 2001, with the US military and State Department currently engaged in more than 80 countries in counterterror operations. All this capacity for and use of military force requires a great deal of energy, most of it in the form of fossil fuel.

In its quest for security, the U.S. spends more on the military than any other country in the world, certainly much more than the combined military spending of its major rivals, Russia and China. Authorized at over $700 billion in Fiscal Year 2019, and again over $700 billion requested for FY 2020, the DOD budget comprises more than half of all federal discretionary spending each year. With an armed force of more than two million people, 11 nuclear aircraft carriers, and the most advanced military aircraft, the US is more than capable of projecting power anywhere in the globe, and with “Space Command,” into outer-space. Further, the US has been continuously at war since late 2001, with the US military and State Department currently engaged in more than 80 countries in counterterror operations. All this capacity for and use of military force requires a great deal of energy, most of it in the form of fossil fuel.

The real invader in this world of ours happens to be the United States of America. The U.S. military — equally unsuccessfully, equally long-lastingly, equally usefully when it came to the spread of terrorism and of failed or failing states — took action in Libya, Somalia, Yemen (largely but not only via the Saudis), and even Syria. While those might have been considered interventions, not invasions, they were each unbelievably more invasive than anything the domestic right-wing is now calling an invasion on the USA southern border. In 2016, in Syria, for instance, the U.S. Air Force and its allies dropped an estimated 20,000 bombs on the “capital” of the Islamic State, Raqqa, a modest-sized provincial city. In doing so, with the help of artillery and of ISIS suicide bombers, they turned it into rubble. In a similar fashion from Mosul to Fallujah, major Iraqi cities were rubblized. All in all, it’s been quite a record of invasion, intervention, and destruction. Invaders, intruders, disrupters? Talking about undocumented immigrants from south of the USA border (even with the bogus claims that there were “terrorists” among them). When it comes to invasions, we should be chanting “USA! USA!” Perhaps, in fact, you could think of this country, its leadership, its military, and its war on terror as a version of the El Paso killer raised to a global scale. In this century at least, we have been the true invaders and disrupters on planet Earth (with the Russians in Crimea and the Ukraine coming in a distant second).

Since 2001, the U.S. has succeeded in squandering staggering amounts of taxpayer dollars unsettling a vast swath of the planet, killing startling numbers of people who didn’t deserve to die, driving yet more of them from their homes, and so helping to set in motion the very crisis of migrants and refugees that has roiled both Europe and the United States ever since. The three top countries sending unwanted asylum seekers to Europe have been Syria, Iraq, and Afghanistan, all deeply embroiled in the cauldron of the American war on terror. Not long ago, a total and complete shutdown of Muslims entering the United States was ordered by the President. Those original invasions and interventions were all surrounded by glorious explanations about the bringing of “democracy” to and the “liberation” of various societies, explanations no less bogus than those offered by the El Paso killer to explain his slaughter.

Today, year 2022, the world is again witnessing a major war against Russia security by refusing to make Ukraine a neutral nation. The USA and NATO want to pack up Ukraine with a military base capable of destroying Russia. More than one-third of the 90,000 U.S. troops in Europe are stationed in Germany. But the Pentagon shifted some of those personnel to shore up NATO's eastern flank and would plan to invade Russia in some no so distant future. Once more! European nations and the USA threatening to eventually invade Russia.

On September 13, 1962, USA President Kennedy wrote: "If at any time the Communist build-up in Cuba were to endanger or interfere with our security in any way, or if Cuba should ever become an offensive military base of significant capacity for the Soviet Union, then this country, the USA, will do whatever must be done to protect its own". And now the USA military is doing a similar attack onto Russia to destroy Russia and grab its resources including its land, and killing the Russian people. Russia has the right to protect its own land and people. The USA, NATO, and the European nations, the EU, have no right to invade Russia by using Ukraine as a stepping place to invade Russia. They all refused the diplomatic solution offered by Vladimir Vladimirovich Putin, the president of Russia. Ukraine and the "West" refused a peaceful solution and chose to send major military personnel with the most destructive and deadly equipment. They refuse to make Ukraine a neutral nation and would rather provoke and create a war-like state with Ukraine against Russia.

The U.S.-controlled North Atlantic Treaty Organisation (NATO) has lost its purpose to continue as a defence alliance. However, its aggressive expansion is endangering world peace and the survival of life on the planet. Despite its irrelevant role, NATO has become part of the U.S. military. Instead of dismantling the once defence alliance, the U.S. pushed to enlarge NATO and expand its boundaries. The U.S. has lured most European nations, including former Warsaw Pact members, the so-called “New Europe”, to join its military. Poland, Hungry and the Czech Republic joined in 1999; Bulgaria, Latvia, Lithuanian, Estonia, Slovakia and Romania in 2004, others are waiting in line. Becoming a NATO member proves to be a profit bonanza for U.S.-Israeli weapon industries and arm dealers. All new recruits into NATO are obliged to increase their “defence” budgets to modernise and enlarge their military arsenals at the expense of vital public services.

It is important to remember in mind that the U.S.-NATO demands for expansion have met with opposition from Russia, China – with a legitimate concern against unprovoked threat – and nations such as Germany, the Netherlands and France. Almost all new mini-dictators supported the illegal U.S. aggression against the Iraqi people. They are in complete complicity in the war crimes committed by the regime of George Bush despite overwhelming majority of their citizens’ opposition to U.S. aggression. From the criminal U.S. aggression against the Federal Republic of Yugoslavia to the ongoing murderous occupation of Afghanistan and Iraq, the new European armies have become U.S. foot soldiers serving U.S. imperialist interests.

Planning, organizing and using crisis in Europe and elsewhere, the U.S. cancelled the Anti-Ballistic Missile Treaty (ABM) in order to locate ABMs and to lure more nations to sign up for the system, including Australia, South Korea and Japan.

Under the false pretext of defence against “rogue” states, the U.S. has signed a agreement with Poland to station on Polish soil U.S. “interceptor missiles”. The provocative deal is seen by Russians as a dangerous opportunity for the U.S. to expand its military presence and threat across the world. Poland hailed the deal as a counter to Russian “threat”. Of course Poland is fully aware that the missiles are against Russia not Iran, as the U.S. continues to mislead the public. After Poland, the U.S. is planning to build a twin anti-missile radar system in the Czech Republic. Many Poles as well as Czechs are against the deals and rightly believe their countries are becoming vassal states of a dangerous U.S. militarism.

Ever since the end of the Cold War, the U.S. aim has always been a quest for imperialist domination of the globe through U.S. militarism, including the establishment of 1200 U.S. military bases in strategic areas of the world. The U.S. policy of destabilising Russia and undermining Russia’s integration with Europe is aimed at controlling Eurasia’s natural resources .

The events of 9/11 provided the U.S. with a pretext to justify the U.S. war on Islam and a global imperialist expansion. It is hard to believe that the unprovoked aggression by Georgia’s President Mikheil Saakashvili against the semi-independent district of South Ossetia wasn’t engineered by the U.S. ruling class in Washington. Russia has a legitimate right to protect its citizens. Most Ossetians are Russian citizens and do not want to be dominated by a racist Georgia. Russia’s response to Saakachvili’s aggression was swift and in full compliance with international laws. Saakashvili’s army of mercenaries – trained and armed by the U.S. and Israel – has suffered a deserving humiliating defeat that should be a lesson to all those “new” European vassals who think they can participate in U.S. war crimes and count on U.S. help.

The U.S. ruling class, the Bush regime in particular, had no moral standing whatsoever to criticize Russia for protecting Russian nationals and defending South Ossetia against unprovoked aggression. After more than five years of murderous Occupation, the Bush regime was directly responsible for the premeditated killing of more than 1.3 million innocent Iraqi civilians. Hundreds of thousands of Iraqi civilians were imprisoned and tortured on regular basis, and at leas 5 million Iraqis have been displaced as refugees living in appalling conditions. The entire sovereign nation of Iraq was destroyed in a premeditated act of aggression justified by outright lies. Moreover, despite the overwhelming majority of the Iraqi people’s opposition to the Occupation, the Bush regime refused to withdraw U.S. troops and mercenaries from Iraq and end the murderous Occupation of their nation. It is obvious that Western governments and their mainstream media are demonising Russia even if Russia is not the aggressor. As Sergei Lavrov, Russia's foreign minister told the media: “NATO is trying to make a victim of an aggressor and whitewash a criminal regime - save a collapsing regime - and is taking a path to the rearmament of the current leaders in Georgia”. Saakashvili as perpetrator of war crimes has become the victime by embarking on an ill-advised act of aggression not dissimilar from U.S. recent acts of aggression. World peace is greatly served by multilateralism and international institutions without an aggressive U.S. military expansion. The transformation of NATO into a tool of U.S. imperialism is endangering the survival of the planet.

All weapons of mass destruction (WMDs) should have been phased out a long time ago. Why are the USA still holding the world hostage with its 40,000 nuclear war heads, and biological and chemical weapons of mass destruction? What have you ever done to help the phasing out of WMDs? Now several nations, including North Korea and Iran feel threatened just like everyone else and will refuse to be invaded. They would rather take on the US. Russia and China will also refuse to be invaded.

The United Nations had no right to create the State of Israel. They forced their way into a one billion Muslims and have done ever since. The UN along with the United States and Israel, are an invading force, a colonization drive in the same way as the British have done after World War I. The UN committed an illegal and arbitrary act by creating the State of Israel.

Furthermore, our world is facing crises of freshwater, food, deforestation, ocean health, and destruction of the global Life-support systems. Moreover, the USA military, and its over 1200 military bases spread all over the world, is adding war to the world and causing continuous destruction and pollution. We need leadership in the protection of all our natural resources, in peril because of what we do and what that does to our planet. We are facing a fresh water crisis. We are facing a food crisis. We are facing a crisis over deforestation. And we are facing crises in our oceans. While carbon emissions from fossil fuels pollute the air, land and our oceans, we are facing the climate change crisis. Now is the time to press for a sound Global Civilizational State leadership.

Now Global Community claims that all Lifeforms are important and included as part of global ethics. It is not just about 'humanity survival' but about 'all lifeforms survival' we are fighting for. The treatment of all lifeforms provides a clear example of the practical value of global ethics. In the Western world (and in contrast with certain Eastern traditions) lifeforms other than human beings have long been excluded from the domain of moral concern. They have been bred up and killed for food and clothing, captured and dissected in the name of science, and sometimes hunted for pure pleasure. This treatment has been justified in several ways. Within the Jewish and Christian religious context, for example, it is taught that God created "animals" for human use, and so we are entitled to do to them as we please. Global Community condemns this behavior because it is morally unacceptable and because each of us depends on the well-being of the whole, and so global citizens must have respect for the community of living beings, for people, other Lifeforms, and plants, and for the preservation of Earth, the air, water and soil.

Another major source of global unsecurity for people is the culture of violence in everyday life as it is shown on television screens and cinemas. The American Way of Life is creating this culture of violence. An american child at age six year old has seen more violence on television than any other child of the Middle East over a life span. This culture of violence infects both industrial and developing countries, rich and poor. This trend of culture of violence must end. The movie and TV industry and the Internet are a threat to global security. The media is responsible for the propagation of violence through communications. Why has government not done anyhting to regulate the media industry? Surely everyone understood that on the Scale of Global Rights security of the people of any nation is more important than the human rights related to the freedom of expression of the media industry. Security of the people and the state is on top of the Scale. It is part of the primordial human rights.

The main source of economic reliability in America was transferred over time from gold to dollars, specifically to US treasury bills. This major shift allowed the Federal Reserve to print dollars practically without limit (as seen in recent years with interests rates for borrowing money from the FED at around 0%), well aware that the demand for dollars would never cease, this also keeping alive huge sectors of private and public enterprises such as the coal industry, fracking industry, car manufacturing, food and farming industries, and most importantly the military industry which has always giving jobs to more than half of America's population. No wonder President Trump, and several USA Presidents before him, have been claiming the lowest unemployment rate because more than half of America population works for the war industry, the industry that has produced most of the greenhouse gases globally at the expenses of the global life-support systems. This set a course for a global economic system based on financial instruments like derivatives and other securities instead of real, tangible goods like gold. In doing this for its own benefit, the US has created the conditions for a new financial bubble that could bring down the entire world economy when it bursts.

The main source of economic success in America was transferred over time from gold to dollars, specifically to US treasury bills, which allowed the Federal Reserve to print dollars practically without limit. Given a current account deficit financed by savings of others in the world, the US government spending on global militarization and other priorities were able to expand without limit. Naturally, the more the dollar was used in the world, the more the United States of America had the power to spend on the military. The US found itself in the enviable position of being able to print pieces of paper (simply IOU’s) without any gold backing and then exchange them for real goods from other countries. They simply needed dollars for trade and bought US treasures to diversify their financial assets. To become great again, the US parlayed the world’s largest national debt, its trade deficit, budget deficit, capital account deficit and savings rate deficit, into a position in the global driver seat through the dollar remaining global hub currency. This economic arrangement has allowed the United States to achieve an unparalleled strategic advantage over its geopolitical opponents and, has allowed a practically unlimited dollar spending capacity even as the US accumulates an astronomical public debt that is now over 21 trillion dollars. Most of this spending was used for its military, but not for the American health and wellness.

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