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Theme of Global Dialogue 2020
Global Community celebrates its 35th year Anniversary in 2020.

Celebration ever since 1985.
( see enlargement Business, trade and global resources. )

  • Global Community 10th Anniversary (1985-1995) and achievements.
  • Global Community 15th Anniversary (1985-2000) and achievements. Global Community 15th Anniversary (1985-2007) and achievements
  • Global Community 22nd Anniversary (1985-2007) and achievements. Global Community 22nd Anniversary (1985-2007) and achievements
  • Global Community 25th Anniversary (1985-2010) and achievements. Global Community 25nd Anniversary (1985-2010) and achievements
  • Global Community 30th Anniversary (1985-2015) and achievements. Global Community 30th Anniversary (1985-2015)  and achievements.
  • Global Community 35th Anniversary (1985-2020) and achievements. Global Community 35th Anniversary (1985-2020)  and achievements.

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Paper Submitters

Review the Submission Criteria in the Call for Papers and note the points below.

1. Papers must reflect original empirical or theoretical research or major developments in previously reported research. Papers are not eligible for inclusion if they have been read previously at the World Congress or other professional meetings; if they have been published prior to Global Dialogue 2020 or accepted for publication before being submitted to organizers for consideration; or if they have been modified in only secondary respects after similar readings or publication.

2. Only completed papers, not abstracts or letters of intent, may be considered by session organizers.

3. A paper may be submitted to no more than two session.

4. All paper submissions must be accompanied by the Submission Cover Sheet.

5. In case of dual submission, authors are required to notify us of this fact and to list both session topics.

6. For any one paper, authors are limited to submitting the paper to one Regular Session topic only.

7. Authors choosing to make dual submission of a paper must indicate the order of priority of this submission on the submission cover sheet.

8. Any individual may participate in up to two program sessions however, an author may offer only one sole-authored presentation. Please note that Refereed Roundtable presentations are counted as authorships.

Submission Decisions

Organizers have been instructed that submission review and acceptance decisions must be accomplished in a timely manner. Submitting authors will be notified of the disposition of submissions shortly before the deadline of submission. The deadline will be known this summer.

Presenter Obligations

Once you have received an acceptance notice, you have several important obligations:

· submit your abstract and paper by the submission deadline
· preregister for the Global Dialogue 2020
· provide 20 copies of your paper to Global Dialogue 2020


What are the expectations from the Participants and Leaders of the Workshop Sessions during the Global Dialogue?

Global Dialogue 2020 is being held all over the planet. Our website is used to relate results to everyone so as to continue the discussions with everyone else in the Global Community.

Participants may apply to lead a Discussion Roundtable(s) and/or a Workshop Session(s).

Leaders of the Workshop Sessions being held all over the world and in Nanaimo and Leaders of Discussion Roundtables on the Internet are allowed to organize their sessions in their own town, global community, university or home, wherever, as long as they assume all costs and responsibilities. Noone is being paid for their work and expenses. This is strictly on a volunteering basis and no money is available or will be available. You may also invite the public, experts and all Participants to your Discussion Roundtable or Workshop Session. This is a grassroots process and everyone is invited.

Leaders may also be chosen from the Participant list.

Leaders do not have to do this. They may even up-out of this process at any time without penalties of any kind (let me know now if you cannot go on with this process). So please be understanding! We are breaking grounds with the Global Dialogues and in the ways international conferences may be held in the future. Noone has ever organized a Global Dialogue having people (including the general public) from all over the planet participating interactively from their own town, community, universities or homes.

Daily results of the Discussion Roundtables and Workshop Sessions usually include comments and recommendations and are to be sent by email to in the message area of the email (please no attachment unless necessary). Each email message should not be larger than 60 KB. Send several messages but try to be within this limit. Only messages with email addresses shown under "Participants" will be read. If you need to use a different email address let me know first by phone.

All Participants are invited to send their papers, comments and recommendations to the Leaders of their choice and they may send them also directly to the Office of Global Dialogue 2020 . Participants are required to communicate with their leaders of interest. You are required to discuss via email and send comments and recommendations to them. Leaders will relate to this website your comments and recommendations and summarizing results.

All Leaders are required to send an Opening Statement related to their Discussion Roundtable. A Closing Statement should also be sent during the period August 17-22, 2020. These statements along with the comments and recommendations will be inserted in the space reserved to each Discussion Roundtable and Workshop Session on our website.

The list of participants who have sent research papers is shown on our website. If you are planning to send a research paper do read the section 'Expectations from those sending research papers', and the section 'Call for Papers'. Research papers and other information will also be copied on our website in the 'Participant Listing' section. Follow the link.

All Leaders will contact (by email) paper submitters who have written Lead Papers within their respective Discussion Roundtable and Workshop Session and ask for comments and recommendations. All papers must be reviewed. During the period August 17-22 leaders will summarize results and email them as well.



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