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To-day's children evoke a VISION of the New Age Civilization of the 3rd Millennium

With the advance of a new millennium one tends to dream of a new Eden.

The signals of what the world could become are already apparent in the life-style of to-day's children.

From babyhood our little ones have been privileged to enjoy group activities. They develop a circle of friends from many ethnic backgrounds, boys and girls together. They learn consideration for others early on, the rewards of sharing, and a special code of conduct necessary for a group to function as an harmonious whole. Global co-operation in the making!

By the time our children have become teen-agers the group of friends has virtually replaced the family unit in importance. It is most apparent in High School years. As they enter University the group of friends has solidified to the point where a group-home will be rented, all sharing the cost. A basic symbiotical relationship!

These young people habitually hold two or three part-time jobs, or engage in some entrepreneural activity, for money is regarded as the energy source for their way of life.

They spend their extra money investing in the money-market ~ even real estate. They finance their own educations for they are keenly aware they go nowhere if they are not intellectually prepared.

Freedom of lifestyle is more important to them then mounds of possessions. These young people are not trapped by "things" although they own the best of sports equipment and outdoor clothing, being very health conscious. They eat very well.

All of their lives they have been educated by osmosis through T.V., movies, computers, and on another level by enlightened teachers in sophisticated educational settings. They drive cars, some fly planes, all use machines of every kind every day. And all of these things, in conjunction with the close security of the group of friends, lays the ground work for a new life-style, this new world just beginning, in the care of these brave new souls.

And what a great, wide, wonderful world they have upon which to lavish their uninhibited imaginations!

They share their thoughts and feelings with their 'virtual friends' half way around the globe. No border is big enough to hold them back. Already they have a sense of what it takes to live in a group, to think alike. The seeds of global co-operation are in healthy grounds. From the poorest of them to the richest is created a unique bound, a symbiotical relationship.

Being outdoors-aware, these young people will be focusing on the air we breathe, the water we drink. Few of them really know where their food comes from for all their lives they have bought food in boxes from stores. They will have to address food supply ~ perhaps influenced by the food prepared for astronauts, but it will be health conscious food, with low preparation time.

Food was bountiful in the original Eden. It is hoped in the new Eden everybody will have enough to eat. Unfortunately, today, starvation in some countries forces people to kill and eat their animals. This means rare species have to be herded into safe areas to avoid extinction. Even oceans are filthy. Some people wonder if the giant world-wide business conglomarates, who have made so many marvellous philanthropic gifts to the world, will take it upon themselves to help the starving in an intelligent manner. Globalization could become the "god who will provide"!

The young adults in charge of our new Eden will benefit from the popularity of small businesses cropping up. It is to be expected they will have re-acted to the businesses in the past whose job-security plan was built on products with built in obsolescence, and the creation of one of our major new industries to-day-waste control! Garbage makes a lot of money! Our young people will be the first to grasp that fact! It will pay them handsomely not to allow this "creative energy" to escape their grasp!

Most of us are somewhat aware we have to unload. It is necessary to follow the job market at the first opportunity. Possessions are costly to buy, but far more costly to move across country. The result is Thrift Stores flourish and bulge at the seams! Department stores have empty aisles. Our new generation already exhibits the inner awareness: less is more.

Living with a group of friends in a Space Age may involved jobs in Space. Take Tourism for example. The Tourist Trade is making a very clear statement about its future ~ at present the practice is to take customers to all the remaining unique cultural outposts for the picturesque experiences ~ but since the aboriginal people who live there tend to ape their viewers with such alarming speed, soon the only place Tourism can advertise is Outer Space!

And if our group of friends work in Space their human mating practices will have to change to deal with extended periods away from Earth.

Furthermore, their children may be born in a gravity free environment. Will these babies have to be especially genetically altered to survive?

One very re-assuring fact is that the young people of to-day are interested in all the secret wisdom behind all the existing religions and sifting out the common truths. They seek the best of the best. They are aware of the Soul of Humanity and have established a spiritual symbiotical relationship with it, and thus with God. They seek the exaltation and merging of their Souls into one to gain strength, friendship, creativity, love and light.

Their childhood conditioning has prepared them to act on a firm understanding of what it takes to get along with others, working as a group.

They are educated to understand a broad panorama of human truths ~ all those universal needs and rights every one shares. The Scale of Human and Earth Rights has become an inner truth and the benchmark of the millennium in how they see all values. The Earth Court of Justice has brougth security, Peace and Justice for all. They no longer fear the unknown as Justice is for everyone and is everywhere, a universal constant.

They see money for what it is - energy to use for good.

Their idea of power is power over Self.

Each and every Self is dedicated to an idea for good that others can share together in creating this new Eden. Doing good and the well-being of the 'other' have become the basic building block of any symbiotical relationship.

What we have here is the birth of genuine group concern and unconditional support for the individual's well-being ~ a giant leap in human behaviour which could well change the functioning of global communities everywhere. We are becoming the human family. The Charter of the Earth Community has made grounds in peoples way of life.

What we have here is the age of global co-operation and symbiotical relationships of all types for the good of all. An age with a mind, a heart and a Soul of its own. A unique and wonderful age never seen before over the entire human history! An age with a vision to caring for life and Earth! An age of the Soul!

Virginie and Germain Dufour
In memory of Virginie, my Soulmate, who passed away April 28, 2000. She and I have formed the Earth Community Organization (ECO), the human family, which then initiated the event of the New Age Civilization of the 3rd Millennium.

Virginie's contribution to the welfare of humanity and to the children to be born is infinite and as such will always be with those who have really known her. The work to make a better world endures. Her part is spun into a great fabric and will be a factor in the continued efforts of humanity to better itself. I promise her to continue our work and do my part here to keep up our mission and higher purpose in life. Virginie's passing away is an irreparable loss to the Sustainable Development Community, and to The Global Community organization, ECO, she and I have created. She has been an inspiration for the world and will be sorely missed by the thousands of lives she touched.

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