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Theme of

Global Dialogue 2018:

(September 1st 2017 to August 31st 2018)

Global Civilization vision of Earth in 2024.

Global Civilization vision of Earth in 2024.
Paper to set forth the theme. Paper to August 2017 Newsletter

The animations for the theme. The animation for the theme.
Images showed in the animations. Images showed in the animations

Organizing Committee
Registration Form

Opening Ceremonies
Closing Ceremonies
Program Scheduling
Framework for Sessions
Place of the Global Dialogue
What are the expectations from the Participants and Leaders of the Discussion Roundtables and Workshop Sessions?
Expectations from those sending research Papers
General listing of Participants
Call for Papers
Paper Submission Cover Sheet
Presentation Notes
Other Submission Cover Sheet
Workshop Sessions
Global Roundtable
Group Discussion by email
Student Sessions
Posters you may use to promote Global Dialogue 2018
Poster Presentations
Dramatic Displays
Art work presentations
Positive actions to sustain the Global Community and all life, good Earth governance and management
Vision of Earth in Year 2024
Brain-storming exercises on all issues
Trade Show
Global Exhibition
Special arrangements
Other arrangements
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