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From WW II, Syria and now the Ukraine: Global Community perspective

May 8, 2014

From WW II, Syria and now the Ukraine: Global Community perspective

Artwork by Germain Dufour

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Artwork by Germain Dufour

From WW II, Syria and now the Ukraine: Global Community perspective

On September 1, 1939, the German invasion of Poland started World War II.

In July 1940, Stalin completely reorganized the Soviet military, placing himself directly in charge of several military organizations. This gave him complete control of his country's entire war effort; more control than any other leader in World War II.

Later on June 22, 1941, Germany, Italy and Romania invaded the Soviet Union in Operation Barbarossa. They were joined shortly by Finland and Hungary. The primary targets of this surprise offensive were the Baltic region, Moscow and Ukraine, with the ultimate goal of ending the 1941 campaign near the Arkhangelsk-Astrakhan line, from the Caspian to the White Seas. Hitler's objectives were to eliminate the Soviet Union as a military power, exterminate Communism, generate Lebensraum ("living space") by dispossessing the native population and guarantee access to the strategic resources needed to defeat Germany's remaining rivals.

Although Stalin had received warnings from spies and his generals, he felt that Germany would not attack the Soviet Union until Germany had defeated Britain. If that had been the case, there would be nothing left of Great Britain even today. Hitler had neutralized Britain and felt safe invading the Soviet Union. In the initial hours after the German attack of the Soviet Union commenced, Stalin hesitated, wanting to ensure that the German attack was sanctioned by Hitler, rather than the unauthorized action of a rogue general.

With all the men at the Front, Moscow women dig anti-tank trenches around Moscow in 1941.

In the first three weeks of the invasion, as the Soviet Union tried to defend against large German advances,it suffered 750,000 casualties, and lost 10,000 tanks and 4,000 aircraft.

A pattern soon emerged where Stalin embraced the Red Army's strategy of conducting multiple offensives, while the Germans overran each of the resulting small, newly gained grounds, dealing the Soviets severe casualties. The most notable example of this was the Battle of Kiev, where over 600,000 Soviet troops were quickly killed, captured or missing.

By the end of 1941, the Soviet military had suffered 4.3 million casualties and the Germans had captured 3.0 million Soviet prisoners, 2.0 million of whom died in German captivity by February 1942. German forces had advanced 1,700 kilometers, and maintained a linearly-measured front of 3,000 kilometers. The Red Army put up fierce resistance during the war's early stages. Even so, they were plagued by an ineffective defense doctrine against well-trained and experienced German forces, despite possessing some modern Soviet equipment, such as the KV-1 and T-34 tanks.

While the Germans made huge advances in 1941, killing millions of Soviet soldiers, at Stalin's direction, the Red Army directed sizable resources to prevent the Germans from achieving one of their key strategic goals, the attempted capture of Leningrad. They held the city at the cost of more than a million Soviet soldiers in the region and more than a million civilians, many who died from starvation.

Correctly calculating that Hitler would direct efforts to capture Moscow, Stalin concentrated his forces to defend the city, including numerous divisions transferred from Soviet eastern sectors after he determined that Japan would not attempt an attack in those areas. By December, Hitler's troops had advanced to within 25 km of the Kremlin in Moscow. On December 5, the Soviets launched a counteroffensive, pushing German troops back 80 km from Moscow in what was the first major defeat of the Wehrmacht in the war.

The German southern campaign began with a push to capture the Crimea, which ended in disaster for the Red Army. Stalin publicly criticized his generals' leadership. In their southern campaigns, the Germans took 625,000 Red Army prisoners in July and August 1942 alone.

Estimating that the Russians were "finished," the Germans began another southern operation in the fall of 1942, the Battle of Stalingrad. Hitler insisted upon splitting German southern forces in a simultaneous siege of Stalingrad and an offensive against Baku on the Caspian Sea. Stalin directed his generals to spare no effort to defend Stalingrad. Although the Soviets suffered in excess of 1.1 million casualties at Stalingrad, their victory over German forces, including the encirclement of 290,000 Axis troops, marked a turning point in the war.

The Soviets repulsed the important German strategic southern campaign and, although 2.5 million Soviet casualties were suffered in that effort, it permitted to Soviets to take the offensive for most of the rest of the war.

In 1943, Stalin ceded to his generals' call for the Soviet Union to take a defensive stance because of disappointing losses after Stalingrad, a lack of reserves for offensive measures and a prediction that the German's would likely next attack a bulge in the Soviet front at Kursk such that defensive preparations there would more efficiently use resources. The Germans did attempt an encirclement attack at Kursk, which was successfully repulsed by the Soviets.

By the end of 1943, the Soviets occupied half of the territory taken by the Germans from 1941-1942. Soviet military industrial output also had increased substantially from late 1941 to early 1943 after Stalin had moved factories well to the East of the front, safe from German invasion and air attack. The strategy paid off, as such industrial increases were able to occur even while the Germans in late 1942 occupied over half of European Russia, including 40% (80 million) of its population, and 2,500,000 square kilometers of Russian territory. The Soviets had also prepared for war for over a decade, including preparing 14 million civilians with some military training. Accordingly, while almost all of the original 5 million men of the Soviet army had been wiped out by the end of 1941, the Soviet military had swelled to 8 million members by the end of that year. Despite substantial losses in 1942 far in excess of German losses, Red Army size grew even further, to 11 million. While there is substantial debate whether Stalin helped or hindered these industrial and manpower efforts, Stalin left most economic wartime management decisions in the hands of his economic experts.

In 1944, the Soviet Union made significant advances across Eastern Europe toward Germany, including Operation Bagration, a massive offensive in Belorussia against the German Army Group Centre. The operation resulted in the Soviets retaking Belorussia and the western Ukraine, along with the successful effective destruction of the Army Group Centre and 300,000 German casualties, though at the cost of over 750,000 Soviet casualties.

By late May 1944, the Soviets had liberated Crimea, largely expelled Axis forces from Ukraine, and made incursions into Romania, which were repulsed by the Axis troops.

On June 22, the Soviets launched a strategic offensive in Belarus (known as "Operation Bagration") that resulted in the almost complete destruction of the German Army Group Centre. Soon after that, another Soviet strategic offensive forced German troops from Western Ukraine and Eastern Poland. The successful advance of Soviet troops prompted resistance forces in Poland to initiate several uprisings, though the largest of these, in Warsaw, as well as a Slovak Uprising in the south, were not assisted by the Soviets and were put down by German forces. The Red Army's strategic offensive in eastern Romania cut off and destroyed the considerable German troops there and triggered a successful coup d'état in Romania and in Bulgaria.

In September 1944, Soviet Red Army troops advanced into Yugoslavia and forced the rapid withdrawal of the German Army Groups E and F in Greece, Albania and Yugoslavia to rescue them from being cut off. By this point, the Communist-led Partisans under Marshal Josip Broz Tito, who had led an increasingly successful guerrilla campaign against the occupation since 1941, controlled much of the territory of Yugoslavia and were engaged in delaying efforts against the German forces further south. In northern Serbia, the Red Army, with limited support from Bulgarian forces, assisted the Partisans in a joint liberation of the capital city of Belgrade on October 20. A few days later, the Soviets launched a massive assault against German-occupied Hungary that lasted until the fall of Budapest in February 1945. In contrast with impressive Soviet victories in the Balkans, the bitter Finnish resistance to the Soviet offensive in the Karelian Isthmus denied the Soviets occupation of Finland and led to the signing of Soviet-Finnish armistice on relatively mild conditions, with a subsequent shift to the Allied side by Finland.

Successes at Operation Bagration and in the year that followed were, in large part, due to a weakened Wehrmacht that lacked the fuel and armament they needed to operate effectively, growing Soviet advantages in manpower and materials.

In Britain, an element of British public and political sentiment favoured a negotiated peace with Germany, among them Halifax as Foreign Secretary, but Churchill refused to consider an armistice. Diplomacy was not part of his upbringings and education. Throughout his life Winston Churchill suffered from clinical depression which he called his "Black Dog". His personal physician Lord Moran said that during the war years Winston sought solace in his tumbler of whiskey and his cigar. He was also a very emotional man and would break into tears during meetings when he heard of bad news. During some of his broadcast speeches it was noticeable that he was trying to hold back the tears. It was during a meeting at the White House, when Churchill was handed a signal that Tobruk had fallen, that he burst into tears.

In 1915, during WW I, Churchill was the political and military leader who engineered the disastrous Gallipoli landings on the Dardanelles. Churchill little finger told him what strategy was best to win the war and Churchill sent 200,000 soldiers to their deaths, something that could have been easily avoided. One would think his little finger was completely drunk that day. He took much of the blame for the fiasco, and when Prime Minister Asquith formed an all-party coalition government, the Conservatives demanded his demotion as the price for entry. Over time Churchill was a Conservative, and then he was a Liberal, and then again was back to being a Conservative. Churchill never quite knew the difference between left and right. The only thing that help him in politic was that after a drink or two he was able to make the most convincing speeches to the British population who felt over backward (literally) for him.

Winston Churchill, First Lord of the Admiralty, proposed a naval attack on the Dardanelles, based in part on erroneous reports of Ottoman troop strength. Churchill wanted to use a large number of obsolete battleships, which could not operate against the German High Seas Fleet, in a Dardanelles operation, with a small occupation force provided by the army. It was hoped that an attack on the Ottomans would also draw Bulgaria and Greece (both formerly ruled by the Ottomans) into the war on the Allied side.

The failure of the landings had significant political repercussions in Britain, which began during the battle. Fisher resigned in May after bitter conflict with Churchill over the campaign. The crisis that followed after the Conservatives learned that Churchill would be staying, forced the Prime Minister Herbert Asquith, to end his Liberal Government and form a Coalition Government with the Conservative Party.

Churchill never got over such lost except in the writing of his own books in which he blamed everybody else except himself for the deaths of the 200,000 soldiers. After a drink or two, Churchill was good in writing books and speeches to the British people. He has practically re-writen WW I and WW II history the way British and American people would like it to read in history books. That is why he got re-elected as PM of Britain during WW II. No matter what happens, the British people knew Churchill could re-write history the way they like it. And oddly enough, the British people thought he was the only one with "a good military record", and they voted for his reelection as PM. The reality is that Churchill had got the 200,000 soldiers sent to their deaths in WW I because of a completely unrealistic war strategy he personaly engineered. And there he was now facing the most sophisticated army the world had ever seen, Hitler's Army. Churchill's little finger and drinking problems were not going to be of much help.

Churchill had a good relationship with United States President Franklin D. Roosevelt; between 1939 and 1945 they exchanged letters and telegrams, and they met several times. During WW II, the USA were selling to Britain vital food, oil and munitions via the North Atlantic shipping routes.

In November 1939, the American Neutrality Act was amended to allow "cash and carry" purchases by Britain. In 1940, following the German capture of Paris, the size of the United States Navy was significantly increased. In September, the United States further agreed to a trade of American destroyers for British bases. This was capitalism at its best. Americans would not get involved in WW II unless there was something to get in return. Americans had to be paid for their goods and services. Americans were not the defenders of freedom and democracy. They were mercenaries getting paid to do a job. Still, a large majority of the American public continued to oppose any direct military intervention into the conflict well into 1941.

Although Roosevelt had promised to keep the United States out of the war, he nevertheless took concrete steps to prepare for that eventuality. In December 1940 he accused Hitler of planning world conquest and ruled out negotiations as useless and promoted the passage of Lend-Lease aid to support the British war effort. In January 1941 secret high level staff talks with the British began for the purposes of determining how to defeat Germany should the US enter the war. They decided on a number of offensive policies, including an air offensive, the "early elimination" of Italy, raids, support of resistance groups, and the capture of positions to launch an offensive against Germany. Before getting involved, they decided to wait until Hitler destroyed completely the Soviet Union. Then they would bomb (gas) the weakened German Army and get their hands over Russia formidable natural resources. Churchill agreed! At the time, both the American and British people, and most of European nations, considered the Soviet Union communism political system something to be scared of and to destroy. So they all wanted to destroy the Soviet Union.

Churchill was relieved when Roosevelt was re-elected in 1940. Upon re-election, Roosevelt immediately set about implementing a new method of providing military hardware and shipping to Britain without the need for monetary payment. Put simply, Roosevelt persuaded Congress that repayment for this immensely costly service would take the form of defending the US interests. For years to come and until D-Day, this was the only contribution of the USA to WW II.

Sometimes before D-Day, Winston Churchill asked Stalin for help. As usual, Churchill would break into tears, crying for help. At this point, Russian forces had already defeated the German army, and won the war. Stalin told Churchill that it was now safe to organize D-Day thing, and to get the USA to bomb Germany and finish up the job. As agreed, France was to be liberated right away. After Hitler'defeat by the Soviet Union, the moral of German soldiers still occupying France was very low and the British and others would find it easy to win this much. Americans would not have to do much of anything except flying over Germany and dropping gas bombs, killing mostly civilians and refugees.

On June 6, 1944 (known as D-Day), after three years of Soviet pressure, the "so called Allies" invaded northern France. After reassigning several divisions from Italy, they also attacked southern France. These landings were successful, and led to the defeat of the German Army units in France. Paris was liberated by the local resistance assisted by the Free French Forces on August 25.

Between February 13 and 15, 1945, British and US bombers attacked the German city of Dresden, which was crowded with German wounded and refugees. There were an unknown number of refugees in Dresden, so historians Matthias Neutzner, G. Bergander and Frederick Taylor have used historical sources and deductive reasoning to estimate that the number of refugees in the city and surrounding suburbs was around 200,000 on the first night of the bombing. Because of the cultural importance of the city, and of the number of civilian casualties close to the end of the war, this remains one of the most controversial so called Allied actions of the war.

Ultimately, responsibility for the British part of the attack lay with Stalin who told Churchill to tell the USA to bomb Germany to finish up the job. But Churchill has been criticised for allowing the bombings to occur. German historian J. Friedrich claims that Churchill's decision was a "war crime", and writing in 2006 the philosopher A. C. Grayling questioned the whole strategic bombing campaign by the RAF, presenting the argument that although it was not a war crime it was a moral crime that undermines the so called Allies' contention that they fought a just war.

Americans bombed Germany with chemical and biological weapons of mass destruction. How many Jews and Christians were gased from the bombing would be impossible to tell. Most likely in the millions!

In late 1944, Soviet forces battled fiercely to capture Hungary in the Budapest Offensive, but could not take it, which became a topic so sensitive to Stalin that he refused to allow his commanders to speak of it. The Germans held out in the subsequent Battle of Budapest until February 1945, when the remaining Hungarians signed an armistice with the Soviet Union. Victory at Budapest permitted the Red Army to launch the Vienna Offensive in April 1945. To the northeast, the taking of Belorussia and the Western Ukraine permitted the Soviets to launch the massive Vistula–Oder Offensive, where German intelligence had incorrectly guessed the Soviets would have a 3-to-1 numerical superiority advantage that was actually 5-to-1 (over 2 million Red Army personnel attacking 450,000 German defenders), the successful culmination of which resulted in the Red Army advancing from the Vistula river in Poland to the German Oder river in Eastern Germany.

Stalin directed the Red Army to move rapidly in a broad front into Germany because he did not believe the so called Allies would hand over territory they occupied, while he made the overriding objective capturing Berlin. After successfully capturing Eastern Prussia, three Red Army fronts converged on the heart of Germany, with one of the last pitched battles of the war putting the Soviets at the virtual gates of Berlin.

By April 24, Berlin was encircled by elements of two Soviet fronts, one of which had begun a massive shelling of the city on April 20 that would not end until the city's surrender.

By April 1945, Nazi Germany faced its last days with 1.9 million German soldiers fighting 6.4 million Red Army soldiers. The Soviet Union had defeated Hitler and won the war.

On April 30, Hitler and Eva Braun committed suicide, after which Soviet forces found their remains. German forces surrendered a few days later.

The Second World War ended on 8 May 1945. The Soviet Union had won the war for the world.

Fending off the German invasion and pressing to victory over Nazi Germany in World War II required a tremendous sacrifice by the Soviet Union (more than any other country in human history). Soviet military casualties totaled approximately 35 million (official figures 28.2 million) with approximately 14.7 million killed, missing or captured (official figures 11.285 million). Although figures vary, the Soviet civilian death toll probably reached 20 million. Millions of Soviet soldiers and civilians disappeared into German detention camps and slave labor factories, while millions more suffered permanent physical and mental damage. Economic losses, including losses in resources and manufacturing capacity in western Russia and Ukraine, were also catastrophic. The war resulted in the destruction of approximately 1,710 Soviet cities and towns, and 70,000 villages. Destroyed in that process were 6 million houses, 98,000 farms, 32,000 factories, 82,000 schools, 43,000 libraries, 6,000 hospitals and thousands of kilometers of roads and railway track.

Although Churchill's role in the Second World War had generated much support for him amongst the British population, he was defeated in the 1945 election.

Post-war division of the world was formalised by two international military alliances, the United States-led NATO and the Soviet-led Warsaw Pact; the long period of political tensions and military competition between them, the Cold War, would be accompanied by an unprecedented arms race and proxy wars.

To summarize what really happened during WW II, it was not just Hitler wanting to invade the Soviet Union and acquire its formidable natural resources, it was also all of Europe with the same desire of enriching itself. Europeans also thought that the people from the Soviet Union were communists and, therefore, should not be allowed to have all those resources. Right from the start, on June 22, 1941, Germany, Italy and Romania invaded the Soviet Union in Operation Barbarossa. They were joined shortly after by Finland and Hungary. All the other European nations never stopped Hitler from invading the Soviet Union. They gave up quickly to Hitler's plan. And that alone makes them on Hitler side for the invasion of the Soviet Union. I am not a war thinker myself but if I can think that way probably it means every human being is capable of thinking the same. Now British and American Generals would have thought ahead concerning the consequences of Hitler invading the Soviet Union. That is very human to think ahead! Those same Generals would have like nothing better than to see the Soviet Union defeated by Hitler. Afterward, a weakened German Army could be easily defeated by the USA. And of course British and Americans would have got all they wanted: the Soviet Union formidable natural resources. And that is the reason why D-Day happened so late during WW II. When Churchill and Roosevelt saw that Stalin was winning WW II, they decided to have their D-Day thing to save face and make believe to the world they had something to do with winning WW II.

It was only years later, after Stalin had defeated Hitler that the so called Allies decided to have their D-Day in France. In France!? At the time, most Germans in France were so depressed of losing the war that it would have been no big deal about putting down their arms, and they would have glady surrendered if only Churchill had new anything about diplomacy. In WW I, Churchill sent 200,000 soldiers to their deaths because his little finger told him he had the right strategy. Churchill cooked his own books explaining what happened during both wars, WW I and WW II.

Again in WW II, after the Soviet Union defeated the German Army, instead of asking the USA to gas Germany, Churchill could have easily asked German soldiers in France to surrender. If Churchill had got any training whatsoever in diplomacy he could have avoided the killing of thousands of British, French, Canadian and German soldiers, and, of course, countless civilians and refugees including Jews and Christians.

History books in so called Allied nations, say that during WW II there were an East Front (the Soviet Union) and a West Front (Britain) fighting against Hitler's Army. France had already given up. The so called West Front never really existed until after Stalin had pushed Hitler back into his black hole. Then Stalin told the so called Allies that it was safe to do their D-Day thing to finish up the job. The truth is that there were never West or East Fronts. There was only the Soviet Union being attacked by all of Europe for the sole goal of acquiring the formidable Russian natural resources.

Throughout WW II, the United States behaved like a nation of mercenaries. They would help only if they were getting pay from Britain. Later on D-Day, the USA decided it was in their own national interests to gas bomb Germany. And they did just that. Mercenaries dont fight for freedom, justice and democracy. They get pay to do a job, and that is all. But bombing Germany when the German Army had already been defeated is a crime against humanity. Roosevelt never had a single drop of diplomacy in his blood, and neither did the US Congress officials. The prospect of Americans getting their hands on Russia' formidable natural resources, had Hitler defeated the Soviet Army, was to great to let pass away this opportunity. Americans were opportunists at best, and committed crimes against humanity at worst.

The large bulk of the German Army had been defeated in the Soviet Union. Certainly it was time for a diplomatic end of the war. There were not many German soldiers left in Germany. So what the USA mercenaries have done was bombing with chemical and biological gases civilians and refugees in Germany. Mostly innocent people who had not much to do with Hitler's dream of invading the Soviet Union.

Because the so called Allied nations did not condemn the USA mercenaries for their crime against humanity, they have created an evil by far much worst than Hitler himself. Ever since WW II the USA has made of a habit of bombing nations using bombs of all types, all very deadly and destructive.

Remember Vietnam? The Vietnam War was a Cold War-era military conflict that occurred in Vietnam, Laos, and Cambodia. America attacked the place. America dropped 100 times more bombs of all types over those nations than they did over Germany, and that without any provocation from the people of those three nations. America has tried to invade the place. To these days no one really knows why America has tried to invade the place. I sure dont! Was it because America did not like their political system, communism? That is very likely because Europe tried to destroy the Soviet Union during WW II mainly because of the Soviet Union formidable natural resources and its communist political system. Or was it because Americans enjoy killing, bombing communities, destroying, and showing off military warfare? Was it because it made good economic sense? Americans must have killed over a million people. What a bloodshed! Back in America, Americans were told they were killing the bad guys, the communists. That was all what was needed to do the killing. No other reason! Are Americans so gullible they would believe anything coming from the White House? Can they not see how wrong invading Vietnam had been? Dont they have values, principles or even religious beliefs they live by to help making a sound judgment about such an invasion? Even the United Nations never condemned the monstrous gencocide.

The American military troops were the self proclaimed heroes. And to these days the International Court of Justice never got a President to stand in Court for the genocide Americans have committed during the Vietnam war. Was the Court bias? As if nothing had happened! America was right and the other guys were communits! The irony of it all is that today communists own America. America has long been bankrupted. The White House has borrowed astronomical amounts of money from China. China bought America with hard earned money! Low salary and hard earned money. They have an economic system that asks someone to do work to earn a living. And somehow they managed to buy America. At least the U.S.A. will have to give China the State of Texas with all its resources to pay for their debt to China. At the least! We should ask Governor Rick Perry and Texas's Senators Kay Bailey Hutchison and John Cornyn what they would think of giving away the State of Texas to China to pay for America's debt. They are truly Americans but would they want to let go Texas to save America? We all have to make sacrifices. Of course the White House Administration would relocate every single American from Texas to elswhere. The Arizona desert might be a good place for all Texans. The Sonoran Desert, an area of 120,000 sq mi., might be just what is needed. Eventually, global warming will make the desert so hot you would not have even have a need for a stove for cooking. So that will save taxpayers money. After all, the burning of Texas oil caused the global warming of the planet so it is only fair Texans suffer hell in the desert.

And then Americans should follow China's lead about creating a proper economic system in America. Communism might not be a bad idea! Texans will have to work to make a living. What a change! But the leaders ending up at the White House are so corrupted, Presidents and officials from the US Congress and Senate included, that a scheme will be soon designed to make China the bad guys, the communists, and those astronomical amounts of dollars owed to China will be scratched out of history. It is only a matter of time before "a big fraud" is activated so Americans will never have to pay back what they owe to China.

The U.S.A. military is no replacement to the "will of the people," democracy, the rule of law, social justice, and to Global Rights and Global Justice. There is a lesson here to be learned by the White House. When the people of Crimea, Ukraine, chose to be a part of Russia by referendum, you had no right to interfere with sanctions and neither did the EU and UN. Global Community is right by demanding the end of subversive military forces such as the United States military and NATO.

To these days, the U.S.A. military has created a link in 1050-strong chain of American military bases in 130 countries, mainly to control and aquire resources of those countries either by economic walfare or military warfare. The USA military is everywhere to invade, destroy, kill, corrupt governments, and de-stabilize the world for profit. The more unstable the world is the better.

What would the U.S.A. military do without conflicts and wars? They create them, and that is what they do best. Of course! No way out of that! They cannot be inactive! And that is what the USA has done in Syria and in the Ukraine. The USA is responsible for the "coup d'etat" in the Ukraine. The USA wants Russia formidable natural resources. By creating a friendly government in the Ukraine, the USA would have another military base on Ukraine soil to do more offensive incursion into Russia.

Recent revelations by Edward Snowdon, Wikileaks and other whistle-blowers have made it clear that the United States has suffered a decay of its political institutions. The US can hardly be called a democracy today, since it seems to be ruled by an extremely wealthy oligarchy, the 1%, rather than by its people. In fact, the people of the US do not really know what their government is doing because the activities of the CIA, the NSA, Secret Service, Homeland Security, the FBI, and many other agencies are masked in secrecy. A country where the people do not know what their government is doing, and where the people have no control over their government's actions, cannot be said to be a democracy. The history of this huge secret side of the US government goes back to WW II, during which the US Government engaged in both covert and military interference with the internal affairs of smaller countries.

The US interfered, militarily or covertly, in the internal affairs of a large number of nations: China, 1945-49; Italy, 1947-48; Greece, 1947-49; Philippines, 1946-53; South Korea, 1945-53; Albania, 1949-53; Germany, 1950s; Iran, 1953; Guatemala, 1953-1990s; Middle East, 1956-58; Indonesia, 1957-58; British Guiana/Guyana, 1953-64; Vietnam, 1950-73; Cambodia, 1955-73; The Congo/Zaire, 1960-65; Brazil, 1961-64; Dominican Republic, 1963-66; Cuba, 1959-present; Indonesia, 1965; Chile, 1964-73; Greece, 1964-74; East Timor, 1975-present; Nicaragua, 1978-89; Grenada, 1979-84; Libya, 1981-89; Panama, 1989; Iraq, 1990-present; Afghanistan 1979-92; El Salvador, 1980-92; Haiti, 1987-94; Yugoslavia, 1999; and Afghanistan, 2001-present, Syria, 2013-present. Egypt, 2013-present,Venezuela, 2013-present.

None of these interventions can be justified, since people have a right to live under governments of their own choosing, regardless of whether those governments are optimal. Later, with the fall of the Soviet Union economy, intoxication with the idea of the United States as the sole superpower expressed itself in the form of contempt for international law and the United Nations, and especially in the declarations of the “Project for a New American Century”, which many people have compared to Hitler's “Mein Kampf”.

As for the books about WW II published in so called Allied nations, they were all cooked following Churchill steps. All of them! There was no so such thing as East and West Fronts except in the history books of the so called Allied nations. Churchill started this false vision of two Fronts fighting side by side against Hitler's Army. It was his way of describing history to make it as if Britain and the USA had anything to do with defeating Hitler's Army. From today perspective, what happened is that European nations have tried hard to invade the Soviet Union for its formidable natural resources. Even today we see a similar situation happening.

Today, the lack of common sense communications and relationship we see growing between the EU member states and Russia have always existed ever since WW I and WW II. European nations have always been jealous of Russia formidable natural resources. The view from space shows us a global landscape in which competition over resources is the governing principle behind the use of economic and military power. Truly, resources have become the new political boundaries. Geopolitical boundaries between nations are gradually disappearing to make place to georesources boundaries. We see that happening in Europe with the forming of the EU organization.

The EU 28 member states would like to get away from the oil & gas products deal they have made with Russia. The EU currently imports 82% of its oil, 57% of its natural gas and 97.48% of its uranium demands. There are concerns that Europe's dependence on Russian energy is endangering the Union and its member countries. The EU is attempting to diversify its energy supply. But that is very odd! Why searching for resources thousands of kilometers away when Russia wants to do business with you. The EU nations have got all they need right there but they would rather search elsewhere over long distances and destroying the environment in the process of transporting the same resources. They would rather go to war against the Soviet Union who got rid of Hitler.

During WW II, Soviet military casualties totaled approximately 35 million, and 20 million civilians were also killed. Much of the Soviet Union was destroyed. But Stalin and his Army saved Europe. The USA did not saved Europe. The USA showed up at the very last minute of WW II and bombed Germany villages killing mostly innocent people. American are mercenaries, and they showed up during D-Day because they were paid by Great Britain and Churchill did not want history to show that Stalin saved Europe. Churchill cooked his books for history.

I am not saying here that Churchill and Roosevelt were cowards. I am not saying here that France military surrendered very quickly to Hitler, and that French soldiers were cowards. No! I am not saying the so called Allies were cowards, including the USA mercenaries. They just waited until D-Day to show up. The Soviet Union had already defeated Hitler and his European acolytes. The so called Allied nations were hoping Hitler would destroy completely the Soviet Union, and then Hitler Army would be so weak that the so called Allied nations would just need to bomb them and win the war and get their hands on Soviet Union natural resources. But that did not happen. Russians showed the world they were better people then any of the people in the so called Allied nations. Russian soldiers, all Russian people, were all heroes and ought to be thank for saving the world from Hitler's invasion. Thank you Russia! You are the best of all Peoples on Earth. Global Community approves of what you are doing to protect Russians outside Russia. Dont trust the UN to do it for you. Protect your formidable natural resources and the global life-support systems. You are the only nation left capable of doing so. Global Community is proud of what you have become and achieved. Soviet President Mikhail Gorbachev ended the Cold War in 1991 and promoted Peace in the world. He was the greatest of all Soviet leaders, and he is my personal hero. Russians are all my heroes for what they all have endured during and after WW II. The Soviet Union saved the world. Now let Russia save the planet, and all life on Earth. You can do it better than anyone else in the world. If there has to be a third world war, Global Community wants Russia to survive us all because you are truly a better People than all of us put together, than all Life has ever created through the evolutionary process. Russians are the best people the human species has ever had so far. God bless you Russia, and God bless all Russians.

People from the EU are hungry for resources, scared because no one else wants to make a free trade deal with them, not even Russia. Russian people know the people from the EU member states. Russians know the EU member states are broke and would not be good partners economically, especially within a free trade deal. Russians know better! And that is another reason why the EU member states dont like Russians. Gush! EU member states are so poor they cheat on the oil and gas flowing by pipelines from Russia to EU member states. And Russia has to cut the flow to be paid. No wonder EU member states dont like Russia. No wonder EU member states would like to break the agreement they have made with Russia concerning the oil and gas resources. EU member states cannot do business on a fair exchange basis and cannot be trusted.

Over the past, EU member states have been divided into small countries trying to out-do one another. They have done so for centuries, a thousand years...! Why are they all divided into 28 member states? How has that happened? Why? Today they are trying hard to re-unite themselves as the EU. But they cannot even agree on a Constitution that would bind themselves as one Union, one community. Just economics they say! But they are broke! What have they got to offer the world that the world would want? They cannot pay for what Russia has to offer them. Russians know well about that! And EU member states will only buy cheap product and services. We all know that because most of the manufacturing products found in the EU market are manufactured in China, Bangladesh and India where the costs of manufacturing are very low. So how likely a product manufactured in Russia compete successfully in the EU? Not likely!

The truth is that people from the EU member states had it good for centuries, and now they are broke. They had their way for centuries but now the party is over. They cannot compete globally because they live with values of the old style, the old ways. And China, Bangladesh and India will always out compete them. And they think Russians are a gullible people, credulous and naive. They think Russians dont know about the EU history and how the EU member states got to what they are today: broke, hungry and scared because there is no future globally for them. The EU member states have never learned about the successes of diplomacy. They think conflicts and wars are the only way to deal with problems. But diplomacy with Russia could save them the day. The EU behaves just like Churchill did during both wars: WW I and WW II. Churchill had no sense of diplomacy whatsoever in his blood and neither does the EU. Churchill behaved very much like cowboys in the old USA: shoot first and ask questions later. Some people say Churchill upbringings, education, and whiskey were causing him never to use diplomacy as a mean to achieve peace in the world. The truth is that Churchill, Roosevelt and very much all of Europe had their eyes on the Soviet Union formidable natural resources, and peace in the world was never a part of the discussion. A similar situation is happening all over again today. And again Russia formidable natural resources are what the EU 28 member states and the USA mercenaries from the White House want to take away from Russia. They are jealous, poor and hungry. And again we see EU, UN and the White House trying to re-write the history books for the generations to come, much like Churchill has done in his life. Telling the truth was not a part of his upbringings and education. Today, concerning Syria and the Ukraine, the media industry is producing countless lies to the population in the so called Allied nations. Brainwashing on steroids!

Let me give you an example of what the people of the province of Quebec, Canada, have chosen to do many decades ago to bring about changes they wished to have concerning their relationship with the government of Canada. Quebecers held a national Referendum on Quebec separation from Canada. But only 49% voted YES for separation. Not enough to separate by democracy standards! Afterwards, Quebecers chose a peaceful way, the diplomatic way, to get what they wanted in life. They have not got everything they wanted but, over time, they got very important changes they wanted without killing anyone or having themselves killed. And, of course, without destroying their livelihood or that of others.They also never asked France to come and support them, supplying them with guns and other arms for killing and destruction. That was not their way! Using violence and conducting a deadly coup d'etat have been the people of the illegal government in the Ukraine and rebels in Syria ways to solve their problems. Actually, they want the USA military, NATO and the EU to solve their problems for them. Not only have they not got what they wanted but they killed thousands of Syrians and practically destroyed Syria. They thought, and wrongly so, that the United Nations and its USA powerful military would come and solve their local problems for them. Why?!?!

As for you people of the Ukraine, Russians in Crimea have voted to be with Russia. That is their democratic right. That right should be respected. Dont you know anything at all about democracy? Sanctions from the international community against Russia had no right here. None whatsoever! And why was the illegal "coup d'etat" that occurred at the beginning of the Ukraine crisis not sanctioned by the United Nations. The UN Charter prohibits such coup d'etat. Global Community does not recognize the illegal government of the Ukraine. Coup d'etats go against global rights on the Scale of Global Rights. They are not permitted!

Tensions between the Western-backed interim government in Kiev and the eastern parts of Ukraine with close economic and linguistic ties to Russia are escalating, posing the threat not only of civil war in Ukraine, but of military conflict between the imperialist powers and Russia.

Pro-Russian protesters in eastern Ukraine’s industrial city of Donetsk set up a “people’s council” and announced the creation of a “republic of Donetsk.”

Three weeks after Crimea voted to secede from Ukraine, the council in Donetsk similarly called for a May 11 referendum on joining Russia and asked Russia to deploy “peacekeepers” to secure it. A statement of the council read: “Without support it will be hard for us to stand against the junta in Kiev… We are addressing Russian President Putin because we can only entrust our security to Russia.”

The announcement followed the occupation of local administration buildings in Donetsk, Kharkiv, Ukraine’s second largest city, and the eastern city of Luhansk by anti-government protesters. Pictures and videos of the protests showed demonstrators setting up barricades and piling up tires and barbed wire, just as pro-Western protesters did in Kiev against former president Viktor Yanukovych before he was ousted in a Western-orchestrated and fascist-led putsch on February 22.

The mounting tensions in eastern Ukraine testify to the recklessness of the imperialist powers, which are risking not only open civil war in Ukraine, but war with Russia itself in pursuit of their economic and geo-political goals. The protests against the Kiev regime by pro-Russian forces in sections of Ukraine that were Yanukovych’s political base are the result of the Western powers’ decision to illegally oust his regime, utilizing as their shock troops ultra-nationalist and fascist forces.

The regime installed by Washington and its European allies includes ministers from the fascistic Svoboda party. It has agreed to impose International Monetary Fund dictated energy price increases that will devastate eastern Ukraine’s industries and workers.

The Ukrainian regime and its imperialist backers are blaming the anti-government protests in eastern Ukraine on Russia and seizing on them to further escalate tensions. The ultimate goal of the imperialist powers is not only to take over Ukraine, but to dismember Russia itself. They are intensifying their provocations, threats and sanctions in an attempt to undermine the regime of Russian President Vladimir Putin.

Washington and the European powers are seizing on the protests in Eastern Ukraine to step up their war threats against Russia.

Russian officials formally protested NATO’s military build-up in Eastern Europe, warning that it is undermining treaties that have governed NATO-Russian relations since the dissolution of the USSR by the Stalinist bureaucracy in 1991.

NATO broke off military cooperation with Russia and carried out military exercises in several countries bordering or near Russia, including the Baltic states and Bulgaria. This was part of a broader military build-up, pursued since the fascist-led putsch that installed a pro-Western regime in Ukraine in February, that has seen NATO forces deployed or military exercises planned in Poland, Ukraine and the Baltic states.

Lavrov accused NATO of breaching the 1997 agreement between NATO and Russia, which specifies that NATO will not carry out any new “permanent stationing of substantial combat forces.” He also accused NATO of breaching the Montreux convention on naval deployments to the Black Sea, which requires that warships from non-Black Sea countries stay in the region only 21 days. “US warships have recently extended their presence in the Black Sea several times. This extension did not always obey the rules of the Montreux Convention,” Lavrov said.

NATO officials indicated that they would press ahead with their escalation, ignoring Russian objections. NATO Secretary General Anders Fogh Rasmussen dismissed Lavrov’s speech as “just another piece of Russian propaganda and disinformation.”

Attempts to portray NATO as a defender of world order and international law are transparent frauds. Even leaving aside the fact that the NATO powers operate global torture and drone murder operations, they have time and again—in the US-led invasion of Iraq in 2003, or last year’s war scare in Syria—sought to wage aggressive war despite opposition at the UN Security Council, in violation of international law.

As for the current crisis in Ukraine, it exploded after the NATO powers brazenly backed a putsch in Kiev, led by fascist groups like the Right Sector and the Svoboda party, to topple a pro-Russian Ukrainian regime and install a regime militarily aligned on NATO directly on Russia’s borders.

NATO’s aggressive escalation, carried out over the Kremlin’s warnings that it is tearing up all the legal foundations of the highly fragile peace in Europe, threatens a war between NATO and Russia—a major military power with a massive arsenal of nuclear weapons. This reflects the intensifying international contradictions tearing at European and world capitalism, which can be fought only by unifying the international working class against the danger of imperialist war.

Russian Foreign Ministry spokesman Aleksandr Lukashevich complained in a statement that NATO was returning to “the Cold War era.” He warned that this would hamper joint collaboration between Russia and NATO on “fighting terrorism, piracy, and natural and man-made disasters.”

The Western imperialist powers are scrapping their collaboration with the Kremlin on issues like anti-piracy operations, however, as they struggle over a far more significant prize: geo-strategic and financial control of Eastern Europe, and ultimately of Russia itself.

The war of words between Russia and the United States is soaring these days over the sovereignty of the Crimean peninsula, and the White House officials are constantly directing accusations and excruciating verbal attacks against Kremlin in what seems to be the most serious dispute between Moscow and the West in the recent years.

The United States has pulled out all the stops to defeat and isolate Russia diplomatically, and has even gone so far as to impose economic sanctions against the Russian individuals and companies, and excluding Russia from the G8 group of the industrialized nations. The 40th G8 summit was slated to be held in Sochi, Russia on June 4-5, but following the suspension of Russia’s membership in the G8, the summit relocated to Brussels, Belgium, and it would be the first time that a G8 leaders’ convention is going to take place in a non-member state country. Some of the Western media outlets have even started to refer to G8 as G7, implying that Russia does not have any position in this influential group of the affluent, developed nations.

But as always, when it comes to flexing the muscles and showing political prowess, the United States and its partners are behaving in an intolerant, duplicitous and hypocritical manner. In a statement, the newly-termed G7 leaders reaffirmed that Russia’s “occupation of the Crimea” was against the principles of the G7 and contravened the United Nations Charter.

It’s interesting that the innumerable violations of the international law, the UN Charter and Geneva Convention Relative to the Protection of Civilian Persons in time of War by the United States in the recent years have never caught the attention of the G8 leaders and never compelled them to at least consider warning the United States to behave more responsibly and respect the internationally recognized conventions and regulations or refraining from destroying and annihilating other nations through its “humanitarian” missions!

If Russia should be punished for sending troops to Crimea, while it’s legally entitled to do so, and if its military intervention in Crimea represents a violation of the UN Charter in the eyes of the Western leaders, then it will be taken for granted that all violations of the international law and the United Nations Charter should be reprimanded and responded appropriately and the wrongdoers should be penalized in a fair manner. If Russia has occupied a sovereign entity – which is of course not the case, and should bear the burden of sanctions and diplomatic isolation, it’s ok, but why shouldn’t the United States be castigated and prosecuted for the same reason? What makes the military intervention of Russia different from the wars the U.S. offhandedly wages across the world?

For those of us who willfully ignore the historical facts, it’s noteworthy that the Partition Treaty on the Status and Conditions of the Black Sea Fleet signed between Russia and Ukraine on May 28, 1997, permits Russia to lawfully maintain up to 25,000 troops, 24 artillery systems, 132 armored vehicles and 22 military planes on the Crimean peninsula. This agreement will be effective until 2017, and so it can be the most convincing logical justification for Russia’s military action in Crimea.

So, what has happened is not an “occupation” as the U.S. leaders claim, but that Russia has exercised its legal right for sending troops to a geographical area where the majority of inhabitants are ethnic Russians and don’t want to remain under the Ukraine autonomy and are overwhelmingly inclined to join Russia.

What every neutral and unbiased observer of the international political developments can easily note is that it’s the United States which is renowned for its hegemonic policies and its imperialistic modus operandi, not Russia. Russia’s intervention in Crimea took place after it felt that its national interests are being seriously endangered on its borders, where 58% of the population is consisted of indigenous Russians who prefer to be reunited with Russia, rather than being seen as an asset and prize for the United States under the leadership of a new government in Ukraine which has neo-fascist backgrounds.

The prominent American syndicated columnist and journalist Ted Rall has recently written on his website that there are traces of neo-fascism and neo-Nazism in the government of Prime Minister Arseniy Yatsenyuk who has just come to power: “There’s no doubt that a Ukrainian nationalist strain runs deep in the new regime. It has been estimated that roughly 1/3 or more of the supporters of the new government come out of xenophobic, anti-Semitic, neo-fascist movements that draw much of their ideological heritage from the Nazi puppet regime that governed Ukraine under German occupation during World War II.”

So, on March 16, the Crimean parliament and the local government of Sevastopol held a public referendum in Crimea to give the citizens two choices for the future of their territory; either to remain associated with Ukraine or reunite with Russia. With a high turnout of 83.1% of the eligible voters, 96.77% of the participants in the plebiscite voted in favor of joining the Russian Federation. The United States and its allies didn’t hesitate to call the referendum as rigged and invalid, as they usually does with the elections in countries with which they are at odds. Washington even drafted a resolution in the United Nations Security Council to call the referendum null and void, but Russia used its veto power, while China abstained, and the United States simply pushed the General Assembly member states to pass a non-binding resolution, declaring the referendum invalid, which doesn’t seem to have any certain impact on the future of Crimea.

The policy of de-Russanization was long underway in the Crimean peninsula, and many other former Soviet Union republics, as Ted Rall elaborately details. Perhaps the fact that the Ukrainian Parliament Verkhovna Rada voted on February 23 to repeal the 2012 language law that had declared Russian an official language in Ukraine and allowed it to be used in the schools, media and official correspondence, was a driving force for the Crimean people to rise up and call for independence from Ukraine that they believed didn’t respect their cultural and lingual background.

The future of Crimea and the prospects of the marred relations between Russia and the West remain blurred and unknown, but the United States’ accusations that Russia is “occupying” Crimea and exerting military aggression and so should be punished with economic sanctions and diplomatic isolation sound gravely outrageous and entirely hypocritical. The United States has the biggest war machinery in the world, has been directly or indirectly involved in more than 50 wars and military strikes on other countries without the approval of the UN Security Council, and has incontestably perpetrated war crimes and crimes against humanity.

As the prominent American lawyer and legal expert Marjorie Cohn has noted in a recent article, the United States is the largest user of unconventional and forbidden chemical weapons in the illegal wars it has waged across the globe. “The U.S. militarily occupied over 75% of the Puerto Rican island of Vieques for 60 years, during which time the Navy routinely practiced with, and used, Agent Orange, depleted uranium, napalm and other toxic chemicals and metals such as TNT and mercury. This occurred within a couple of miles of a civilian population that included thousands of U.S. citizens,” wrote Prof. Cohn.

“The use of any type of chemical weapon by any party would constitute a war crime. Chemical weapons that kill and maim people are illegal and their use violates the laws of war,” she added.

She also goes on to explain the use of chemical weapons by the United States in Iraq, Afghanistan, Libya and Syria and also underlines that the majority of wars in which the United States has taken part were not ever approved by the Security Council. Aren’t these crimes a contravention of the UN Charter? Why don’t the G7 leaders and European Council and European Commission officials ever react to these violations? Does the United States have the prerogative to attack other countries and maim their people without any legal or moral justification and then get away with its crimes?

The United States is imparting a clear message by adopting this insincere and hypocritical approach toward Russia, which is also a message to other countries: We can invade your countries, we can kill your citizens, we can rule you tyrannically, we can behave in any way we desire, but if you do something which doesn’t please us, we will impose sanctions on you, we will banish you from international organizations, and we will come down on you like a ton of bricks. This is how the American hypocrisy works…

The people from the EU member states are trying to re-invent themselves as the new way to go: a better people with human rights and being environmentally responsible and, truly, they are doing what they saying they want to do. But today, the EU Charter of Fundamental Rights is already being classified as outdated, no longer capable of sustaining us all globally, and even detrimental to the survival of all life on our planet. The Scale of Global Rights, as promoted by Global Community, is the way to go now, the only way to go, and the EU member states must get on with the rest of the world on this issue. Certainly the EU has no right to incite the people of the Ukraine to join the EU through a coup d'etat, violence and civil war.

The people from EU 28 member states are broke, they have spent all of their assets and resources, they are no longer credible economically, and they are hungry for a new virgin land to rip apart, and to divide as they have done to themselves over centuries of wars. Russians know better than being "occupied" or "invaded economically". They are not Europeans! They are Russians! They are a responsible people! They are successful! And Russia is the land to protect, to live in!

Soviet President Mikhail Gorbachev ended the Cold War in 1991 because of the economy of his nation was suffering from the unsatisfying appetite of the military. He had the guts to end the Cold War to save his people from a nuclear war. A leader of Peace and Harmony! Why have the United States not followed his leadership in creating an open and safe world? If America had followed his leadership the American economy would not have been bankcrupted today. For years after the Cold War ended, American businesses have taken advantages of Russia openness and dragged Russian economy even more down further.

The more than a half billion people from the EU 28 member states are much like piranhas. Piranhas have a reputation as ferocious predators that hunt their prey in schools as a means of cooperative hunting. That is why the 28 member states are re-uniting themselves as the EU, a new Union of predators badly needing of a new prey, a fresh body to eat, and Russians and Russia will do just fine they say. After the feeding frenzy of the piranhas is done, only bones are left afterward. Once all of Russia has been 'done' with to the bones and falling apart, guess what happens next! Russians and Russia will be divided. Not even a Soul left! The Russia we know today will become much like the 28 member states: divided, hungry, scared of not having a future for themselves, and the Russian brand gone forever.

Over the past decades, global warming of the planet and climate change were problems mostly created in Britain and in the USA. Now by invading Russia, the people of the EU member states and the USA would destroy Russia's natural resources and practically burn the Oxygen left in our air making it impossible for all life forms to breath and, yes, that would also mean the end of all civilizations on Earth.

With climate change and the melting of the North ice, Russia will enjoy a new land to appreciate for the generations to come. Their future as Russians is good. They should not lose it to the EU. Russians are a responsible people. Russia is a wonderful place to be born in and with a great future ahead of Russians for many generations to come. They should not lose it all to the EU member states desperate and hungry to invade them militarily and economically. The so called Allied nations of WW II tried to invade the Soviet Union militarily. They failed. Now they are trying again but this time they are more vocal and forceful. They have caused an illegal "coup d'etat" in the Ukraine and trying the same in Syria for the purpose of pushing Russia to react forcefully. We all know the USA mercenaries from the White House are behind the coup d'etat in the Ukraine. We all know Russia resources are again the target of the half billion people from the EU 28 member states and the USA mercenaries.

The USA is invading the world, and the UN can do nothing to stop them. The USA was allowed to invade other nations, change their governments, and has often made lies in speeches to the UN, to the world. Remember what the US representatives told the world at the UN prior to the invasion of Iraq? Lies! All lies! And the leadership of the UN never did anything to reprimand the US representatives and implement hard sanctions for the invasion of Iraq. Ever since its creation in 1947, the USA have given Israel enough WMDs, including nuclear war heads, to destroy the entire Middle East region and no sanctions were ever enforced against Israel and the USA.

Israel is not a State, not a nation, not a country, not a global community, not a democracy and not a government. Israel is the most dangerous USA military base outside America on the planet. This USA base has been created and used ever since the end of WW II as a trojan horse to invade the Middle East for its oil and gas resources. They called that the national interests of the USA.

Where was the UN leadership? What has the UN done to stop the invasion? Nothing! The UN has never done anything to help humanity. And that is a crime against humanity. There is now a Global Community Arrest Warrant against the United Nations Secretary-General. Many reasons! He is a criminal because he had the power and was able to show leadership as per the Charter of the UN but never did anything to follow those principles in the Charter he was supposed to be standing for. To do nothing is a crime against humanity and all life on Earth. It is pure disgrace that we now have the UN organization allowing the USA trying to break the friendship between North Korea and China. The USA invaded the Middle East in a similar way: breaking frienships between the different communities of the Middle East, creating hate between communities. The USA is responsible and accountable for the civil war in Iraq and in Syria.

Americans are all over the Middle East and still today creating hate between the different communities, invading, stealing oil and gas reserves, and spreading the false belief that democracy is the best political system. Democracy got us to where we are today: the worst polluters on the planet and threatening the existence of all life. Our consumer driver political system is wrong. Our ways of life are wrong! We know it, and we still try to impose them to other Peoples. America would like the Peoples of North Korea, China and of the Middle East nations to be like us consumers, the worst polluters and on a planetary destructive path. In this way, Americans back home would not be feeling so guilty of being so bad. They would rather let others take the blame for their failure as a society.

Have you ever flown over North Korea at night? Almost no light above cities! Why? No electricity! That makes them environmentally friendly and non-polluters. What about plastics!? To have no electricity implies no consumer products made of plastics. No fridges! No freezers, which also means that they do not destroy the Ozone layer around the planet, a global life-support system to all life. Fridges and freezers use refrigerants which eventually are released to the atmosphere and destroy the Ozone layer. We could go on listing the implications of no light at night. Yet the people of North Korea live happy lives. Well! That was until Americans got into the picture. The people of North Korea are the most environmentally friendly people on the planet and Americans are jealous of that. Americans want everyone on the planet to be just like they are in America: the worst polluters on a planetary destructive path. Consumerism is America only political, economical and democratic systems.

Now America wants Russia out of Syria. Americans are still at it again: pushing, manipulating, invading. All about showing off and wanting to control. You truly have no right to change a political system of a nation just because you dont like it. In Iraq, you called rebels "insurgents." In Pakistan and Afghanistan, you called rebels Talibans. Since WWII you have been involved in many nations to either kill and bomb rebels and their communities, or you help rebels with arms so they do the work for you against a government you did not like anymore. In Iraq and Afghanistan you have bombed the place so much and killed at least a million people, committed genocide ten times over, and got those nations back to stone age. All under the United Nations approval! No questions asked! And no American President ever got taken to the International Court of Justice for crimes against humanity. Was the Court bias? Obviously the United Nations is an organization promoting and subsidizing conflicts and wars. Recently, this was shown very clearly at the begining of the the Syrian uprising which started late January of 2011, calling for the resignation of their President Bashar-al-Assad and an end to Ba'ath Party rule. Heavy armament were supplied to rebel terrarists, heavy enough to shut down jet planes and helicopters, and conduct continuous and offensive attacks to the government.

How did that happen?

Historically, a small group of students deciding to do what everyone else have been doing in that part of the world: "lets get rid of the government". And let us ask the United States to help us. The UN Secretary-General was very vocal about that, and backing them up with America military. And that is why there is a Global Community Arrest Warrant against the UN Secretary-General. Promoting conflicts and wars should never be an option at the UN. Diplomacy is the only option. A bunch of terrarists who just wanted to create trouble and get help from the West to achieve their goals. Of course the United Nations jumped also on this bandwagon and sided with the terrarists. And we all know what happened next. More conflicts! Civil war! Refugees crisis! More than 2.5 million Syrians have fled their homes. More than 100,000 casualties. Destruction so bad the country is now back to stone age! That is the work of the United Nations giving hope to a bunch of terrarists claiming they dont like their government anymore. And again, of course, following the lead of Ban Ki-moon, Secretary-General of the United Nations, other nations interested in selling arms to the terrarists i.e. Great Britain, France and the United States, were just waiting the best time to do so. Because Syria is a friend of Russia, the U.S.A., Great britain and France saw the opportunity of a much larger conflict implying a lot of destruction, killing, and selling of more arms. Selling arms is very good for their economies which they poorly managed over the past decades.

And guess who is next: China. Americans want the people of China to be just like they are: a consumer driven society and the worst polluters on the planet. And the invasion of China is their long term economic and military plan. If the United States can destroy North Korea, and its friendship with China, they can destroy China. North Korea is just a strategic military test to see how far and how well Americans can do invading the region without being told off. And what will be China's reaction...? If China does nothing meaningful to stop the invasion then America will continue further its progressive 'democratisation' of the world. But the United States would rather make money in the process, and that means letting rich American corporations getting richer by having the people of China working for them and so, polluting the planet even more on their behalf.

The Global Community has developed and implemented the 'New Way of Doing Business'. Over its long past history trade has never evolved to require from the trading partners to become legally and morally responsible and accountable for their products from beginning to end. At the end the product becomes a waste and it needs to be properly dispose of. Now trade must be given a new impetus to be in line with the global concepts of the Global Community. You manufacture, produce, mine, farm or create a product, you become legally and morally responsible and accountable of your product from beginning to end (to the point where it actually becomes a waste; you are also responsible for the proper disposable of the waste). This product may be anything and everything from oil and gas, weapons, war products, to genetically engineered food products. All consumer products. All medicinal products! All pharmaceutical products! So when America sells technology, or anything at all, to China, America becomes responsible and accountable of its trade from beginning to end. If the technology is a car, and car manufacturing, then America is responsible and accountable of the pollution coming out of it. The pollution coming out of the car manufactured in China is to be added to the USA pollution. A political border does not take away your responsibility and accountability. Selling something does not take away your responsibility and accountability. Nuclear war heads and other WMDs given to Israel is the same idea. America is responsible and accountable of its doing.

That is the idea!

As a conclusion to this paper, over time Russians showed the world they were better people then any of the people in the so called Allied nations. During WW II, Russian soldiers, all Russian people, were all heroes and ought to be thank for saving the world from Hitler's invasion. Thank you Russia! You are the best of all Peoples on Earth. Global Community approves of what you are doing to protect Russians outside Russia. Dont trust the UN to do it for you. Protect your formidable natural resources and the global life-support systems. You are the only nation left capable of doing so. Global Community is proud of what you have become and achieved. Soviet President Mikhail Gorbachev ended the Cold War in 1991 and promoted Peace in the world. He was the greatest of all Soviet leaders, and he is my personal hero. Russians are all my heroes for what they have endured during and after WW II. The Soviet Union saved the world. Now let Russia save the planet, and all life on Earth. Yes you can! You can do it better than anyone else in the world. If there has to be a third world war, Global Community wants Russia to survive us all because you are truly a better People than all of us put together, than all Life has ever created through the evolutionary process. Russians are the best people the human species has ever had so far. God bless you Russia, and God bless all Russians.

Global Community
May 5, 2014

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Artwork by Germain Dufour

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Global Peace Earth

Ministry of Global Peace in government

Over the past decades we have shown that peace in the world and the survival and protection of all life on our planet go hand in hand. Asking for peace in the world means doing whatever is necessary to protect life on our planet. Protecting life implies bringing about the event of peace in the world. Let our time be a time remembered for a new respect for life, our determination to achieve sustainability, and our need for global justice and peace.

Our Global Peace Mouvement is about the courage to live a life in a harmonious peace order and showing by example, thus preventing poverty, wars, terror and violence. We need to educate the coming generations with good principles, being compassionate, social harmony and global sustainability being some of them.

Soul of all Life said in Global Peace Earth "Soul of all Life teaching about Peace: Introduction"

Peace is being who you are without fear. It is the "being who you are" who must be taught a value based on principles to live by. Only principles described in Global Law are necessary and required to attain Peace in the world.


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Cultural Appreciation Day: August 22 Cultural Appreciation Day

Along with all the global communities, the Global Community, all life on Earth, and the Soul of Humanity can rightfully claim ownership of the Earth as a birthright: October 29Claiming ownership of the Earth as a birthright

Founding of the Global Community organization, Global Community and the Federation of Global Governments: October 29, 1985Founding of the Global Community organization, Global Community  and the Federation of Global Governments

Global Citizenship Day: October 29 Global Citizenship Day

Tribute to Virginie Dufour, the first Secretary General of the Global Community organization, who passed away April 28,2000 Tribute to Virginie Dufour

The Global Exhibition: August 17-22 The Global Exhibition

Nationalization of natural resources: October 29 Nationalization of natural resources

Global Peace Movement Day: May 26 Global Peace Movement Day

Global Movement to Help: May 26 Global Movement to Help

Global Justice for all Life Day: October 29 Global Justice for all Life Day

Global Justice Movement: October 29 Global Justice Movement

Global Disarmament Day: May 26 Global Disarmament Day

Planetary State of Emergency Day: May 26 Planetary State of Emergency Day

Global Community 25 th Anniversary Celebration (1985 - 2010): October 29 Global Community 25 th Anniversary Celebration (1985 - 2010)

Celebration of Life Day: May 26 Celebration of Life Day

Planetary Biodiversity Zone Day: September 26 Planetary Biodiversity Zone

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Authors of research papers and articles on global issues for this month

Carolyn Baker, Damian Carrington, Stephen F. Cohen, Susan Cosier, Countercurrents (4), Margaret Flowers, Nicolas J.S. Davies,Suzanne Goldenberg, Chris Hedges, Katrina vanden Heuvel, Dave Levitan, DAOUDA MBOUOBOUO, Celito MEDEIROS, Evelyn Nieves(2), James Petras, Jon Queally, Cliff Weathers, Sophie Yeo, Kevin Zeese,

Carolyn Baker, What Does It Mean To ?Do Something? About Climate Change? What Does It Mean To ?Do Something? About Climate Change?
Damian Carrington, IPCC Report: World Must Urgently Switch to Clean Sources of Energy IPCC Report: World Must Urgently Switch to Clean Sources of Energy
Stephen F. Cohen and Katrina vanden Heuvel, Cold War Against Russia - Without Debate Cold War Against Russia - Without Debate
Susan Cosier, Don't Ask, Don't Tell Don't Ask, Don't Tell
Countercurrents, Secrets About The Origin Of Life Revealed Secrets About The Origin Of Life Revealed
Countercurrents, Atmospheric Carbon Dioxide Levels Are The Highest In 3 Million Years Atmospheric Carbon Dioxide Levels Are The Highest In 3 Million Years
Countercurrents, Agriculture's GHG Emission On The Rise Agriculture's GHG Emission On The Rise
Countercurrents, Climate Crisis Hotspots In Africa Climate Crisis Hotspots In Africa
Margaret Flowers and Kevin Zeese, How Major Grassroots Campaigns Are Holding the Silent Killers Of Environmental Destruction Accountable How Major Grassroots Campaigns Are Holding the Silent Killers Of Environmental Destruction Accountable
Nicolas J.S. Davies, Fiery Chaos in Odessa: 42 Perish After Ukrainians Launch Waco-Like Assault Fiery Chaos in Odessa: 42 Perish After Ukrainians Launch Waco-Like Assault
Suzanne Goldenberg, U.N. Report: At-risk Cities Hold Solutions to Climate Change U.N. Report: At-risk Cities Hold Solutions to Climate Change
Chris Hedges, Chris Hedges: We're Losing the Last Shreds of Legal Rights to Protect Ourselves from Oligarchy Chris Hedges: We're Losing the Last Shreds of Legal Rights to Protect Ourselves from Oligarchy
Katrina vanden Heuvel and Stephen F. Cohen, Cold War Against Russia - Without Debate Cold War Against Russia - Without Debate
Dave Levitan, Why Wave Power Has Lagged Far Behind as Energy Source Why Wave Power Has Lagged Far Behind as Energy Source
DAOUDA MBOUOBOUO, The miseries of the war everywhere and in Central Africa. The miseries of the war everywhere and in Central Africa.
Celito MEDEIROS, Reality or just a fiction ? R?alit? ou juste une fiction ? - Realidade ou apenas mais uma fic??o? - Realidad o simplemente una ficci?n ? - Reality or just a fiction ?
Evelyn Nieves, Meet the Lakota Tribe Grandmother Teaching Thousands How to Get Arrested to Stop the Keystone XL Pipeline Meet the Lakota Tribe Grandmother Teaching Thousands How to Get Arrested to Stop the Keystone XL Pipeline
Evelyn Nieves, 5 Key Selling Points of the Keystone XL Pipeline Project, Debunked 5 Key Selling Points of the Keystone XL Pipeline Project, Debunked
James Petras, The Kiev Putsch: Rebel Workers Take Power In The East The Kiev Putsch: Rebel Workers Take Power In The East
Jon Queally, Humanity's Destruction of Earth's Climate In Ninety Seconds Humanity's Destruction of Earth's Climate In Ninety Seconds
Cliff Weathers, 'Cowboy and Indian' Alliance Marches Against Keystone XL Pipeline 'Cowboy and Indian' Alliance Marches Against Keystone XL Pipeline
Sophie Yeo, Campaigners Release ?Hit List' Of 200 Largest Fossil Fuel Companies Campaigners Release ?Hit List' Of 200 Largest Fossil Fuel Companies



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