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The results of all our work have been summarized and can be verified by clicking any of the four major quality systems you see above here.

You can also link to the Discussion Roundtables first used by Global Dialogue 2000 (the original website here) Original website of Global Dialogue 2000
and read the summary listing of the roundtable discussions here. Summary listing of the roundtable discussions

Global 2000


Discussion Roundtable Summaries
* Social
* Environment
* Economic Development
* Availability of Resources
Discussion Roundtables Listing and Summaries

Social Aspects

1. On well-being, the healthy family and the community
2. The role of families
3. Women's issues
4. Personal sustainable development pathway
5. Social development
6. Earth Charter
7. Aboriginal peoples
8. Human Rights
9. Quality of Life
10. Global Ethics
11. Genetic resources
12. Public discussions: listening to all voices
13. Eradication of poverty
14. Wars, armed conflicts, and violence
15. Earth management
16. Cooperation between developing and developed countries
17. Human health
18. Education and training
19. Spiritual values helping a sustainable future
20. Transboundary agreements
21. Disability and globalization
22. Human evolutionary development
23. Institutions for Environmental Governance: issues of Community Participation and Sustainable Development
24. International and interstate conflicts on the base of environmental stress
25. Social-economical problems of environmental refugees
26. Sustainable urban community development
27. Globalization
28. The Global Community: its objectives, the GCAC, the Charter, the grassroots process and the organization
29. World models to sustain Earth
30. Definition of Sustainable Development
31. Vision of Earth in Year 2024
32. The Scale of Values
33. A photo display presentation for interpreting sustainability
34. Dramatic play presentation
35. Implementation of Sustainable Development
36. Measurement and assessment of indicators
37. Population Pressure

Environment Aspects

1. Ecological protection and management
2. Sustainability of technological processes
3. Marine area management
4. Land management
5. Waste management
6. Energy management
7. Ozone layer protection
8. Global warming
9. Climate changes assessment and management
10. Air pollution
11. Water pollution
12. Measurement and assessment of indicators
13.Land Degradation
14. Environmental films to stimulate the emotional perception of ecological problems and motivate people
15. Ecological Education
16. Watershed Management

Economic Development

1. Global Economic Development
2. Risk analysis to measure sustainable development for large construction projects
3. Integrated system of economy-environment accounting
4. Financing sustainable development
5. Measurement and assessment of indicators
6. Sustainability and Global Consumption
7. Sustainability, lifestyle and global consumption
8. Sustainable Agriculture and World Trade

Availability of Resources

1. Resources management
2. Farming
3. Water resources protection and management
4. Measurement and assessment of indicators
5. Energy
6. Mining
7. Tourism
8. Forest Issues and Sustainable Forestry
9. Fresh Water Resources, Clean Air and Human Rights
10. Oil and Gas Industry
11. Manufacturing Industry, Consumption and Sustainability
12. Power Industry

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