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The index Final Program for the World Congress is found at:


It is now part of these Proceedings. It gives you all details of the World Congress. The index of the Final Program contains the sections you are now familiar with: 

Final Program

* Preface 
* Theme 
* Vision of Earth in Year 2024 
* Issues 
* The Glass Bubble concepts of "a Global Community" 
to sustain Earth 
* The Global Community organization 
* Organizing Committee 
* What are the expectations from the Participants and Leaders of the Discussion Roundtables during the World Congress starting
August 1st
* Email letters sent to Participants July 22sd, August1st, August 13th and August 22sd 2000
* Research Papers 
* Participants 
* Tribute to those who have submitted Papers 
* Sponsors and Donations 
* Discussion Roundtables
* Brain-storming Exercises on all Issues 
* Proceedings and Search for a Host 
* The Scale of Values, the Benchmark for the 21st Century and the measurement of the Sustainable Development 
* June 2000 Newsletter


You may access the results of the Discussion Roundtables organized into the four interacting quality systems: Social (37) , Environment (16), Economic (8), Resources (12) by clicking 'Roundtables' in the menu on your left side here. The 'Roundtables' section shows four new sections: Social, Environment, Economic Dev. and Resources. You can click any of them to access the results of the Discussion Roundtables: brain-storming exercises, Vision statements, comments and recommendations, research paper reviewing, and results of the discussions during the World Congress in August. All these results were summarized together. If you wish to get all details then you must access the index of the Final Program as shown above here.

The 'OVERVIEW' on your left side here is a summary of the World Congress. This section has over 200 KB of text so your computer might take a few minutes to upload. Be patient!

The list of the Discussion Roundtables with all details can be access at:


A survey on the Scale of Values and how you can participate in developing it has been described in


All universal values obtained during the World Congress were listed on this website and are found by clicking 'Universal Values' on your left side.

All other sections are self explanatory.

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