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Newsletter Volume 2       Issue 2,    November  2004
Global governance and Earth management

Table of Contents
1.0    Introduction    
2.0    Letters    
A)    Letter to Russia President Vladimir Putin concerning the Kyoto Protocol    
B)    Letter to George W. Bush, President of the United States, and to my fellow Americans    
3.0    Reports
Global governance and Earth management
4.0    Research and development papers
A)     Reforming the United Nations or replacing them with the Global Community
B)     Global Ministries
C)     Global economy and trade
D)     A universal health care, employment and education for every global community citizen
E)     Management of world financial institutions
F)     Settling of disputes between nations

5.0    Comments and recommendations
6.0     General Articles    
A)    The urgent need for local, regional, national, international peace and security   
B)    Management of Earth resources    
C)    Models of global governance    
D)    The media industry and global security    
E)    Global response to events in the world    
G)   Global tax    
7.0     Use our Posters to promote the Global Community

The newly upgraded website of the Global Community is almost all completed. We welcome our readers to visit us. Our goal was to design a website easily available to anyone and using any computer. We have designed it with an educative purpose kept in mind.

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Article 2

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Letter to Russia President Vladimir Putin concerning the Kyoto Protocol

Dear President Vladimir Putin,

The Global Community was pleased to hear that on October 27, 2004, Russian parliament’s upper house ratified the Kyoto protocol. Your decision was for the good of all Russians, all future generations, and the Global Community.

We think of you as a Global Community citizen.

Welcome to the Global Community! We have already lifted any embargo to Russian goods and services, and we wish you the best economic recovery.

Notes to our readers:

The Federation Council, or Russian parliament’s upper house, ratified o the Kyoto protocol to the U.N. frame convention on change of climate. The document calls for joining of the world community’s efforts to prevent global warming, and is a first step toward reduction of greenhouse gas emissions into the atmosphere. The Federation Council voted for the ratification 139-1, with one abstention.

For the Kyoto protocol’s coming in force, it is to be ratified by signatory countries that accounted for 55 percent of atmospheric emissions as of 1990.

The 1990 amount of Russia’s greenhouse gas emissions was defined as basic for the initial period of the effect of the protocol, 2008-2012. Subsequent obligations will be determined in talks.

The Russian Hydrometeorology Committee’s chief Alexander Bedritsky said in the Federation Council that Russia would try to defend its interests during the talks. Russia’s participation in the Kyoto protocol will require budget expenditures on reduction of greenhouse gas emissions. The government believes that most of these measures should be carried out in the programme Energy-Effective Economy for 2002-05 and for the years to 2010, Bedritsky said.

The protocol envisages a mechanism of trade in emission quotas, which means that an obligation of some or another country not to exceed a certain amount of emissions is interpreted as a quota that the country can sell. The Federation Council believes that quota selling must be a transparent process.

The ratification of the Kyoto protocol remains to be approved by President Vladimir Putin.

Russia has had a casting vote over Kyoto since President Bush pulled out of the protocol in 2001, arguing that it was too costly and wrongly excluded developing nations.

Kyoto would have collapsed without Russian backing because it must be ratified by countries accounting for 55 percent of carbon dioxide emissions by industrialized countries.

Previously backed by nations accounting for 44 percent, the protocol needed Russia's 17 percent to reach the goal after the withdrawal of the United States with 36 percent. But President Vladimir Putin has expressed worries Kyoto might limit Russian economic growth.

Bush's father, ex-President George Bush, signed up for the climate change Convention at a 1992 Earth Summit in Rio de Janeiro and told delegates

"we must leave this Earth in better condition than we found it."

Russia would be able to earn billions of dollars by selling to Western countries its unused capacity to emit greenhouse gases.

The Kyoto accord may well be flawed, but it has been accepted by 118 countries and is our best chance for slowing global climate change. If Kyoto collapses, international cooperation in greenhouse gas reduction will be postponed for 10 to 15 years, with potentially massive damage to vulnerable regions. The treaty needed the signatures of countries producing 55 percent of the world's greenhouse gases to come into effect. The participation of Russia, which was responsible for 17 percent of global emissions in the base year of 1990, was needed to push the treaty over this barrier.

In reality, the Kyoto process has already moved beyond naďve ideas of emission trading, in favor of joint projects where European countries invest in the introduction of cleaner technologies in Russian plants.

Kyoto would not damage Russia's international competitiveness or crimp Putin's plan to double gross domestic product in 10 years. Russia is currently operating 30 percent below the 1990 pollution level, and the efficiency gains from new investments would keep it below its Kyoto limits for the foreseeable future.

Russian businesses such as Gazprom and the electricity giant United Energy Systems see potential benefits and are strong supporters of Kyoto ratification. Three-quarters of regional governors are in favor of Kyoto and are competing to bring European investors to their regions. Companies like Gazprom and Lukoil, which have partnerships with European energy firms, are keen to maintain a "green" image.

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Letter to George W. Bush, President of the United States, and to my fellow Americans

President George W. Bush
The White House
1600 Pennsylvania Avenue NW
Washington, DC 20500


Prosecuting criminals on the basis of universal jurisdiction regardless of a territorial or nationality nexus required a solid commitment of political will from national governments and the Global Community.

You are hereby summoned to appear in front of the Earth Court of Justice for the following reasons:

a)     not ratifying the Kyoto Protocol and thus endandering all life on Earth; Americans are the worst and deadliest polluters on the planet;
b)     invading the Middle East and Afghanistan; nation predators go against all human and Earth rights; and
c)     supplying children of the world with small arms, and supplying anyone or any nation with small arms, war product and war equipment

The Global Community is asking you to surrender yourself to the Court.

The Global Community will continue to implement a total embargo on all U.S. consumer products, goods and services including mass destruction chemicals, nuclear war heads, weapons, war products and war equipment. The war industry throughout the world must be put to a complete halt and shelved forever from humanity. The Global Community is asking all peoples never again to buy U.S. products.

Governance of the Earth will make the rule of arbitrary power--economic (WTO, FTAA, EU), political, or military (NATO)-- subjected to the rule of law within the Global Community, the human family. Politics and Justice are without borders. And so Justice is for everyone and is everywhere, a universal constant.

You have been elected for a second term as President of the worst polluters on the planet and of a predator nation. During your campaign you have used religion, your religion, and its membership or supporters, to elect you. Ever since 9/11 the Global Community has fought your policies at home and abroad, and how your daily lies and brain-washing exercises have changed the American people to follow your lead. The use of the military has been abused to the detriment of human and Earth rights.

Military intervention in the affairs of other nations is wrong. There are other ways, there are peaceful ways, ways that are not based on profit-making and the gain of power for itself. The Global Community and its membership are conscientious objectors, "nonresistants". That word comes from Jesus, opposing the use of violence:

"Ye have heard that it hath been said, an eye for an eye and a tooth for a tooth: but I say unto you, that ye resist not evil: but whosoever shall smite thee on thy right cheek, turn to him the other also."

The evil is the war industry. In the Sermon on the Mount, Jesus develops the ethic of nonviolence and love of the enemies. Early Christians were probably the first individuals to renounce participation in war unconditionally. "Blessed are the peacemakers: for they shall be called the children of God." And he told Peter, "All they that take the sword shall perish with the sword." Christ has taught us to show mercy, to forgive enemies, to put up patiently with oppression, to return only good for evil and love for hatred and, therefore, war is inconsistent with the Spirit of Jesus Christ. This shows that a Christian, a born-again Christian, or someone who believes in the evangelical teachings, should take no part in war, never, in any way. This all means that violence is futile in the long run. To respond to violence with violence is only perpetuating a vicious cycle of violence.

God prohibits killing, and no exception at all ought to be made to the commandment that it is always wrong to kill. The sanctity of human life is unconditional. A short while ago God, Allah, has spoken to humanity once more. The New Revelations are His Word. His Revelations are to be added to previous ones revealed thousands of years ago. Together they are God's Word, and they will guide humanity for the thousands of years to come. His Word reinforce His compassion and love for humanity and His care for all living inhabitants on Earth and of Earth itself. God has said:

"Thou shall banish war as a solution to problems between communities. All Souls involved with war, directly or indirectly, shall face the Soul of Humanity to be purified. All Souls involved in the making of weapons, war product and equipment shall be facing the Soul of Humanity."

There are several reasons for objecting to war: religious, moral and political. People have different degrees of refusal to go to war. Absolute pacifists such as the Global Community will not cooperate with any preparation for war as decided by the war industry, let alone war itself. Others will accept some kinds of service so long as they are not forced to fight. And others are willing to fight in "just wars." The idea of the "just war" began with St. Augustine. Late in the fourth century he argued that the good Christian, barred from doing violence on his own behalf, could take arms in a war that was just. Several theologians now say that the standards for a just war are:

a)     War must be the last resort and used only after other means have failed.
b)     War must be declared to redress rights actually violated or for defense against unjust demands backed by the threat of force. It must not be fought simply to satisfy national pride or to further economic or territorial gain.
c)     The war must be openly and legally declared by a legal government.
d)     There must be a reasonable chance of winning.
e)     The means used must be in proportion to the ends sought.
f)     Soldiers must distinguish between armies and civilians and not killed civilians in purpose.
g)     The winner must not required the utter humiliation of the loser.

It can be debated whether any war has ever satisfied all these reasonable conditions. There were always Christians who rejected violence. They believed Christ's way was the pursuit of peace. During the Crusades, from the eleventh to fourteenth centuries, Christians fought to recover the Holy Land from Islam, and the Church plunged into extreme violence and cruelty. Even then there were some who had the courage to criticize the theory and practice of their time. They were like the early Christians in denouncing war. Only now they were not rebelling against a heathen empire but against the wordly Church. In their opposition they formed sects, separate from the official Church. Their pacifist convictions found their source in a return to the Bible. These awakened Christians went back to the fundamental ideas of Christianity, to the New Testament, and took the Sermon on the Mount as their ideal.

What is happening right now is very serious and very real! Purging and renewing of the Souls! On a smaller scale, something similar happened when Jesus (I apologize of using a religious leader from a specific religion) conducted 'The Cleansing of the Temple'. Jesus entered the temple area and drove out all those engaged in selling and buying there. He overturned the tables of the money changers and the seats of those who were selling doves. And he said to them,

"It is written : My house shall be a house of prayer, but you are making it a den of thieves."

If Jesus was alive and here today He would disapprove of your war Sir. You are, along with the American people, those same people He chase out of His Church.

And the Soul of Humanity says today to you Mr. President and to all the American people:

"I am the Soul of Earth and of all that exists on Earth. My Temple is Earth! Not only are you thieves but you are murderers and killers. I know you all personally as your Souls are a part of me. They are my eyes. You cannot hide, and you cannot run Mr. President. I will not whip you out of my Temple as Jesus did for his. I have no need for that! You are destroying yourself. The only problem you are also responsible for the death of innocent and humble people. Life on Earth and the rest of humanity are threatened of extinction. This is insane! You have polluted air,water and land, and you are still creating conflicts and wars. Most often the innocent and the humble people are hurt or killed. I want you to put down your guns, all of you. You will recycle all your weapons, war heads and any war equipment and products. You will stop destroying the ecosystem of the Earth right now. You will start and help the grassroots process of the Global Community. Earth shall be a place of prayer and shall become a Heaven for Souls as it is for God. If us, Souls and God, can see life as the most precious thing ever created, and we see Earth as Heavens, why cant' you? After your physical forms are dead your Souls will leave Earth forever.The purging and renewing of the Souls on Earth will last a millennium."

If you manufacture bombs, weapons of all types, war ships, war planes, or any other types of war equipment or products, directly or indirectly, and if you provide the services of wars, you voted for a leader (President Bush) who claimed wars(or conflicts) as a way or a solution to a problem or concern, and/or if you are a soldier, a war maker or doer, then your Soul is facing the Soul of Humanity right now. And good-bye Charlie! And good ridden! Have a good particle in empty space between the oldest galaxies of the universe, and you may keep it for another fifteen billion years! You will serve God right there after you die! You will never see the light again! Earth wants Peace in the world, and Earth shall have it. Because of a geographical or political border, or because of some cultural or religious differences, you could not live and learn to be at Peace with the community next to you, your neighbors.

In a way terrorism is a self-inflicted injury to humanity by members of the human family. But then there are several other ways of inflicting harm to humanity by people often living in our own community. They make another class of terrorists. They are 'criminals in waiting' because they are seen as 'good guys' in our society. So far their actions have been categorized as acceptable by our society. When their behavior is filtered through humanity's newly acquired Vision of the world it suddenly becomes evident to most sound thinking persons that they are true criminals and should be prosecuted by the Earth Court of Justice. You are one of them Mr. President and so are most Americans.

You are the people that:

*      consciously harm the Earth global life-support systems
*      pollute the water, the land and the air
*      allow themselves to get away from global Justice, a universal value that is for everyone, anywhere and any time and in any situation
*      are predator nations, bully nations, and invaders of other nations or global communities
*      are land warriors by promoting the archaic ways of seeing a community as the street where I live and contained by a border, thus protecting the land as their property at all costs
*      manufacture and sell weapons, war products and equipment
*      promote or serve the military
*      are ignorant by choice and this allow them to be uncaring consumers of Earth resources
*      are the educated and conscious 'non-speakers', not involved, not participating for the good of all, because he is afraid of losing his job or moving on to a job good to humanity
*      are the believers of the unbelievable, the ones that are letting their faith blind the common truth because they have never evolved to be caring persons
*      are the 'God users' because they have been made to believe that God or His Prophete said so .....and so a self-inflicted injury is conducted in the name of God
*      live in a cocoon of values and precepts on how they should live a life and refuse to see the wisdom of doing something in another way, of being tolerant and compassionate of one another, of respecting other people ways of life when they are for the good of all

All of these people are "criminals in waiting" and will be prosectuted by the Earth Court of Justice.

In the issue of 'supplying children of the world with small arms', you are well aware that American corporations are supplying anyone with weapons, no matter who gets them as long as they pay. The Global Community has made that illegal as well. There are 50 million Americans living off the war industry, and they are all guilty and will be prosecuted by the Earth Court of Justice.

The invasion of Iraq is a crime against humanity. Ever since 9/11 the Global Community has opposed the invasion. We can read through your lies Mr. President. You have invaded Iraq to steal their oil and gas. That makes you a common thief. World oil and gas production will only last for another 30 to 50 years. You need the fossil fuels to feed the american economy, and the war industry (about 50 million Americans live off the industry directly or indirectly). Your energy needs are astronomical and largely wasteful. You have made the Middle East a hell. Why dont you go there instead of playing golf.

Over its long past history trade has never evolved to require from the trading partners to become legally and morally responsible and accountable for their products from beginning to end. At the end the product becomes a waste and it needs to be properly dispose of. Now trade must be given a new impetus to be in line with the global concepts of the Global Community. You manufacture, produce, mine, farm or create a product, you become legally and morally responsible and accountable of your product from beginning to end (to the point where it actually becomes a waste; you are also responsible for the proper disposable of the waste). This product may be anything and everything from oil & gas, weapons, war products, to genetically engineered food products. All consumer products. All medicinal products! All pharmaceutical products! That is the new way of doing business!

Per capita, the U.S.A. are by far the largest polluter on the planet. In year 2005, the US will be emitting 8.130 trillion kilogram of CO2 per year. Worldwide the total emissions will be 30.0 trillion kilograms of CO2. That is the US will be emitting 8.130 / 30.0 x 100% = 27.1 % of the total CO2 emissions. Now that the US is manufacturing cars in China we will see a larger increase of pollution due to the US technology being sold abroad.

China wants its fair share of the oil and natural gas of the Middle East and of other areas on the planet.

The worst polluters on the planet in year 2000
NationYear 2000
total fuel combustion
(trillion kg)
Year 2000
total fuel combustion
(Tg CO2 Eq)
Year 2000
metric ton CO2
per person per year
United States

The worst polluters on the planet in year 2005
NationYear 2005
metric ton CO2
per person per year
Year 2005
Year 2005
total fuel combustion
(Tg CO2 Eq)
Year 2005
total fuel combustion
(trillion kg)
United States
Total worldwide
33% of the world population contributes to 63% of CO2 pollution

Applying the new way of doing business would make the US responsible and accountable of the CO2 pollution created by the car manufacturers in China (and in all othe nations) that use US technology and 'know how'. Carbon emissions coming from a car built in China using US technology and 'know how' are to be added to the US carbon emissions. We estimate that the emissions due to these new cars will create 0.20 trillion kg of CO2 to the atmosphere.

Plastic, an all-around product the cause of wars and of a global environmental and social nightmare. The basic raw materials for plastic are oil and/or natural gas. These fossil fuels are sometimes combined with other elements, such as oxygen or chlorine, to make different types of plastic.

Plastic does not recycle well due to the properties of its fibers, and if more than a small amount of recycled plastic is put into new production of plastics, the result is an inferior and unprofitable product. It is a fraud upon the public that the "chasing arrows" on plastic containers imply recyclability and recycled content. The types of plastics and varieties of containers that can actually be recycled are few.

What's more, the plastics industry including soft-drink corporations have been let off from collecting or recycling their poisonous garbage. Apart from some lower-grade materials, such as park benches, carpets and some garments made from recycled plastic, utilization of recycled plastics is mostly a myth. Plastics made from plants, unlike petroleum-plastics, offer biodegradability which helps to relieve the problem of solid-waste disposal, but degradation gives off greenhouse gases, thereby compromising air quality. Plant-based plastics using fermentation are technologically simpler to produce than plastics grown in corn, potatoe, eggplant or other vegetables but they compete with other needs for agricultural land.

However, beyond the threat to the environment and our health posed by genetically modified organism, the corporations – by engaging in agricultural strip mining for making biomass for plastics or alcohol fuels – would further degrade land that is already losing topsoil at a rate hundreds of times faster than nature normally would allow.

Biodegradability has a hidden cost: the biological breakdown of plastics made from vegetables releases carbon dioxide and methane, heat-trapping greenhouse gases that international efforts currently aim to reduce. What is more, fossil fuels would still be needed to power the process that extracts the plastic from the plants, an energy requirement that we discovered is much greater than anyone had thought. After calculating all the energy and raw materials required for each step of growing plastic, it was discovered that this approach would consume even more fossil resources than most petrochemical manufacturing routes. Production of plastic from plants will inevitably emit more greenhouse gases than do many of its petrochemical counterparts.

However, it appears that both emissions and the depletion of fossil resources would be abated by continuing to make plastics from oil while substituting renewable biomass as the fuel. However, how many million acres need to be planted to yield quantities of vegetable plastic for the global economy? We need to question the alleged socioeconomic needs of petroleum substitutes, and ask how many millions of people are supposed to use these materials for how many decades.

But the bigger question is, don't people need to eat the potatoes and eggplant we can grow? The land needs to be used for other essential purposes, rather than growing plastic parts for unnecessary motor vehicles or kitchen equipment, for example. Monocrops are against species diversity.  However, regardless of what people may wish as policy to satisfy their material wants, the energy to produce massive quantities of biomass for non-food purposes will not be available without abundant, cheap petroleum resources.

Between years 2030 to 2050 the world will be running out of oil and gas. You might as well stop now thinking about sending astronauts to Mars. Are you promoting today your STAR WAR type system of defense because you know you will be running out of rocket and airplane fuels? At least the opposition to such a horrible project will get increasingly stronger in the coming decades. Whatever you do today you will eventually lose it all when fuels is scarce. What will you do when you have a space platform but no fuels to get there? Make fuels out of vegetables? You could but the American people wont let you no matter how big and strong is your army to protect the rich and wealthy American corporations.

The enemy of the American people is not Saddam Hussain Mr. President. Killing Osama bin Laden and his people will not solve the roots of the problem that is, the Way of Life of the West and our values (or the lack of them) need to be reexamined. The enemy of the American people is you Bush, and the way of life you are supporting. The American way of life is extremely wasteful. By your behavior and ways of doing things, you have shown that free trade and globalization meant the absence of ethical and moral values, the absence of responsibility and accountability to products and people, abuses of human and Earth rights, cause for terrorism, social and economic injustice, poverty, and pollution. Ever since World War II, you have brought disgrace to humanity by your selfish, immoral, unethical, incoherent, inconsistent, dishonnest, erratic, and mostly aimed at making money behavior in the Middle East and towards Afghanistan.

In year 2005
China alone:
4.6276 - 0.20 = 4.4276 trillion kg of CO2 per year
United States:
8.130 + 0.20 = 8.330 trillion kg of CO2 per year

The new way of doing business within the Global Community makes the US by far the worst polluters on the planet.

This makes a lot of sense! You raise a chicken on your land. You want to make sure that by the time your export your chicken to another country it has no disease and is not going to make people sick or kill them. Same idea with exporting technology and know how such as the manufacturing of US cars in China and the pollution that goes along with it destroying the global life-support systems. It is your product and you are responsible and accountable of it. That is the new way of doing business within the Global Community.

Like the rest of the world, China has understood the need of oil and gas for energy and the manufacturing of plastic products from oil and/or gas. Plastics are needed to keep China's economy going. That again explains why the United States government and you Mr. President are so keen in "winning the war" in the Middle East. Why leave the oil and gas to the Chinese people when you can just steal it. Why let China's economy grow by letting them have the oil and gas to make plastic products when you can steal the oil and gas and sell raw plastics to the Chinese people? Imagine! One billion Chinese people manufacturing all the plastic products the world needs. Americans wont need to work anymore! Well not quite! The few powerful and rich Americans and their corporations will be doing just fine. Most of the American people will be starving. No food because their soils has been degraded so much over the past decades that they can no longer produce healthy products. Furthermore, land will be used to produce plastic products for the few wealthy corporations. And you will have no water because by year 2010 your groundwater will have dried out. Most American people will wake up every morning with no healthy food to eat and no water coming out of the tap. Your vision Mr. President goes against primordial human rights, and we will fight you.

Your vision of the world Mr. President is a world ending with the end of fossil fuels in 30 to 50 years down the road. In your vision, whoever will have the biggest guns at that time will survive. America is financially bankcrupted with a national debt of over 7.5 trillion dollars, an annual deficit well over half a trillion dollars, and America will never pay back the debt because they know it does not matter. At least it wont matter 50 years down the road. The world will be under tremendous natural and human stresses only 30 years from now. Money wont mean anything. You think guns will mean survival. That is the vision of America. It is their vision on how they want to survive and what they will do to survive. Again in your vision, democracy and human rights dont mean anything unless you belong with those who have the biggest guns. America's vision is completely wrong!

The Global Community has a different vision of the world now and 50 years from now. Our vision in year 2024 is very much in tune with that of most nations of the world.

Governance of the Earth will make the rule of arbitrary power--economic (WTO, FTAA, EU), political, or military (NATO)-- subjected to the rule of law within the Global Community. Justice is for everyone and is everywhere, a universal constant.

The Global Community has no intention of changing the status and privileges of state governments. In fact, state governments become primary members of the the Global Community. Global governance can only be effective within the framework of a world government or world federalism. There is no such thing as global governance through the work of a few international organizations such as the WTO, the EU, or the United Nations dictating to the rest of the world. These organizations are heading in the wrong direction and are causing conflicts between nations, doing away with democracy, increasing the gap between rich and poor, and creating a culture of violence worldwide, terrorism being a small example of what they can do.

The Global Community allows people to take control of their own lives. The Global Community was built from a grassroots process with a vision for humanity that is challenging every person on Earth as well as nation governments. The Global Community has a vision of the people working together building a new civilization including a healthy and rewarding future for the next generations. Global cooperation brings people together for a common future for the good of all.

Earth governance does not imply a lost of state sovereignty and territorial integrity. A nation government exists within the framework of an effective Global Community protecting common global values and humanity heritage. Earth governance gives a new meaning to the notions of territoriality, and non-intervention in a state way of life, and it is about protecting the cultural heritage of a state. Diversity of cultural and ethnic groups is an important aspect of Earth governance.

Earth governance is a balance between the rights of states with rights of people, and the interests of nations with the interests of the Global Community, the human family, the global civil society.

Earth governance is about the rights of states to self-determination in the global context of the Global Community rather than the traditional context of a world of separate states.

Although the Global Community ensures state governments that it will obey the principle of non-intervention in domestic affairs, it will also stand for the rights and interests of the people within individual states in which the security of people is extensively endangered. A global consensus to that effect will be agreed upon by all nation states.

Effective Earth governance requires a greater understanding of what it means to live in a more crowded, interdependent humanity with finite resources and more pollution threatening the global life-support systems. The Global Community has no other choice but to work together at all levels. The collective power is needed to create a better world.

The Global Community needs a global democratic leadership based on the Global Community and able to take responsibility and leadership, a stronger world order, more efficient and more democratic.

Today, 65 % of the world population lives in democracies than dictatorships. This trend is increasing as more people want to live in peace. Because of a rapid transition to democracy, several of these democracies have not had time to develop strong democratic institutions and cultural changes. Many changes occur during a transition: written constitutions, legal reforms, multiparty elections, a free press, and an independent judiciary. But all changes take time to grow in people's new way of life.

To my fellow Americans I say:
a)        upgrade your values by accepting the Scale of Human and Earth Rights, the Charter of the Global Community, and become Gobal Community Citizens;
b)        promote a 'buy in America campaign'; dont let American multi-nationals invest their capitals outside of America; change your legislation to that effect;
c)        do something about the primordial human rights of your citizens;
  • safety and security
  • have shelter
  • a 'clean' and healthy environment
  • drink fresh water
  • breath clean air
  • basic clothing
  • 'clean' energy and
  • eat a balance diet
Without these primordial human needs one cannot have and enjoy the following non-primordial human needs:
  • social justice
  • basic health care
  • communications facilities in the community
  • well-rounded education
  • cultural protection
  • spiritual and religious acceptance
  • economic freedom
d)        get rid of your annual deficit and pay your debt; we are doing it in Canada why cant you?
e)        get out of the Middle East and take your Trojan Horse, Israel, with you on your way out; forget about invading China economically or militarily; the Chinese people and their problems are in a higher class than yours;
f)        control your overpopulated nation and immigration by requesting immigrants to accept the criteria of the Global Community Citizenship;
g)        help Irak rebuild its community with your money not with their oil money;
h)       humanity as no need of a predator nation, get help;
i)        loose your dream of controlling the world (or half the world with the FTAA) as your leadership is bad at home and abroad; and
j)        ratify the Kyoto Protocol and 'fight' for the protection of the global life-support systems. Your lives depend on them.

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