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Profiles of the Spiritual Leaders of the Global Community Follow the link to connect with all of our Leaders
Spiritual Leaders listen, dialogue, encourage and organize. They can research, develop, manage and lead. They are involved in several different sectors: social and global justice, Earth and human rights, security, politics, policy and strategy, governance, overpopulation, global sustainability, global food production, sustainable agriculture, mining, manufacturing, religion, education, environmental conservation, Earth management, biodiversity and Earth ecosystems, forests protection, climate change and global warming, economics, monetary and banking aspects and issues, energy alternatives and management, energy efficiency and conservation practices, home and community development, social and cultural aspects and issues, arts, creative thinking and writing, languages, global society development, philosophy and social psychology, industry, business and trade, global data assessment, peace movement, health, medicine, conflict resolution, Earth resources management, Earth and life protection, activism, policing, sustainable development, research and development, engineering, construction, planning, transportation, office management, global law, codes, standards and indicators, and all other aspects of life.
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Germain Dufour
Guy Crequie
Dr. Michael Ellis
Dr. Josť G. Vargas-HernŠndez

Profile of President Germain Dufour
Germain Dufour
Spiritual Leader of the Global Community
See profile. See profile and file of Germain Dufour

See profile and file of Guy Crequie
Guy Crequie
Spiritual Leader of the Global Community
See profile. See profile and file of Guy Crequie

 See profile of Dr.  Michael Ellis
Dr. Michael Ellis
Minister for Sustainable Civilisation, Peace and Disarmament
See profile. See profile and file of Dr. MICHAEL ELLIS

Profile of Minister  Josť G. Vargas-HernŠndez
Dr. Josť G. Vargas-HernŠndez
Global Environment Minister
See profile. See profile and file of Dr. Josť G. Vargas-HernŠndez

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