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October 14, 2006

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Global Community Arrest Warrants against the Five Permanent Members of the UN Security Council

Building global communities require understanding of global problems this generation is facing. There are several major problems: conflicts and wars, no tolerance and compassion for one another, world overpopulation, human activities, as population increases the respect and value of a human life is in decline, insufficient protection and prevention for global health, scarcity of resources and drinking water, poverty, Fauna and Flora species disappearing at a fast rate, global warming and global climate change, global pollution, deforestation, permanent lost of the Earth's genetic heritage, and the destruction of the global life-support systems and the eco-systems of the planet. We need to build global communities for all life on the planet. We need to build global communities that will manage themselves with the understanding of the above problems.

Results from previous Global Dialogues have showed us that the governance of Earth through global cooperation and symbiotical relationships was the only possible option for a large population such as the Earth's population, and so, to help achieve this goal we have developed the Global Constitution and the Global Citizens Rights, Responsibility and Accountability Act to govern ourselves as member nations of Global Community Earth Govewrnment (GCEG).

Building global communities requires a mean to enforce global law that protects all life on Earth.

Global Community Earth Government (GCEG) Agency of Global Police will train and lead a global police force, bypassing traditional peacekeeping and military bodies such as the United Nations and NATO. This is a great opportunity for globallateralism.

The Agency of Global Police (AGP) is leading a group of people in the world who participate in:

a)     peacekeeping and peacemaking mission;

b)     creating global ministries for:
1.     the policy response to the consequences of the global warming, and
2.     the development of strategies to adapt to the consequences of the unavoidable climate change.

c)     enforcing global law;

d)     saving the Earth's genetic heritage;

e)     keeping the world healthy and at peace;

f)     protecting the global life-support systems and the eco-systems of the planet;

g)     dealing with the impacts of: global poverty, lack of drinking water and food, global warming and the global climate change, threat to security, conflicts and wars, lack of good quality soil for agriculture, polluted air, water and land, overcrownded cities, more new and old diseases out of control, widespread drugs, human and Earth rights abuses, world overpopulation, and lack of resources;

h)     broadening the traditional focus of the security of states to include both the security of people as well as that of the planet. Global security policies include:

*     every person on Earth has a right to a secure existence, and all states have an obligation to protect those rights
*     prevention of conflicts and wars; identification, anticipation, and resolving conflicts before they become armed confrontations. The Earth Court of Justice will help here.
*     military force is not a legitimate political instrument
*     weapons of mass destruction are not legitimate instruments of national defence
*     eliminate all weapons of mass destruction from all nations and have inspectors verifying progress to that effect
*     all nations should sign and ratify the conventions to eliminate nuclear, chemical and biological weapons
*     the production and trade in arms should be listed as a criminal act against humanity; this global ministry will introduce a Convention on the curtailment of the arms trade, a provision for a mandatory Arms Register and the prohibition of the financing or subsidy of arms exports by governments
*     the development of military capabilities is a potential threat to the security of people and all life on Earth; the ministry will make the demilitarization of global politics a high priority.
*     anticipating and managing crises before they escalate into armed conflicts and wars
*     maintaining the integrity of the environment and global life-support systems
*     managing the environmental, economic, social, political and military conditions that threatened the security of people and all life on the planet
*     over the past decades and even now today, all Five Permanent Members of the United Nations Security Council (mostly the United States, Russia and Britain) were responsible for selling weapons and war equipment. These three nations are required to give back to the Global Community an amount of 8 trillion dollars (American) as a payment for the immense damage they have caused in the world. They have created a culture of violence throughout the world. They are nation bullies, nation predators. They are responsible for economic mismanagement, ethnic tensions, crimes, drug abuse, high unemployment, urban stress, worldwide poverty, and pressures on natural resources. Most conflicts in the world are direct legacies of cold war power politics, senseless politics. Other conflicts were caused by the end of the cold war and the collapse of old regimes. Other factors have combined to increase tension: religious, economical, political, and ethnic aspects.

In the past, security was thought as better accomplished through military means. Expanding the military capabilities and forming alliances with other nations were the only way to 'win'. Today wars are unlikely to produce winners. The Global Community is all over the planet. Ethnic groups are everywhere. Some say there are more Italians in Montreal, Canada that there are in Italy. So we would fight our own people? Wars truly make no sense! The world is too crowded and too small nowadays! And weapons too lethal! So security cannot be achieved through the military. The only job the military should be asked to do today is to protect the global life-support systems. These systems have the highest priority on the Scale of Human and Earth Rights and are certainly more important than any of the other rights on the Scale including security. Simply because without life there is no other right possible. Without Oxygen there is no life! Without clean water there is no life! So protect life on Earth at all costs. Wars are the biggest threat to life and the ecosystem of the planet. Primordial human rights come next on the Scale of Human and Earth Rights. Without a shelter life will still exist in some places but is not possible in cold place. There are many related aspects of the global life-support systems:
*     global warming
*     Ozone layer
*     wastes of all kind including nuclear and release of radiation
*     climate change
*     species of the fauna and flora becoming extinct
*     losses of forest cover and of biological diversity
*     the capacity for photosynthesis
*     the water cycle
*     food production systems
*     genetic resources
*     chemicals produced for human use and not found in nature and, eventually, reaching the environment with impacts on Earth's waters, soils, air, and ecology

So security must be achieved by other means than wars. We might as well shelved the war industry from humanity right now and that means phasing out all nuclear, biological, chemical weapons right now. No waiting! That also means having inspectors verifying the phasing out in all nations of the world, and not just in the Middle East region and North Korea. The nature of global security has changed since the rise of the Global Community. Security used to be about the protection of the state and its boundaries, people, institutions and values from an outside threat. The Global Community emphasizes as a priority the prohibition of external interference in the internal affairs of sovereign states. Today the security of people within the Global Community is just as important as the security of states. Citizens must be secure. The Global Community is just as important as the security and life of citizens and states.

There are many threats to security other than the threats to the global life-support systems and threat caused by weapons of mass destruction and the threats to the sovereignty of a state, and they include:

*     the proliferation of conventional small arms
*     the terrorizing of civilian populations by domestic groups
*     gross violations of human and Earth rights

Global security can only be achieved if it can be shared by all peoples and through global co-operation, based on principles as explained in the Global Constitution such as justice, human dignity, and equity for all and for the good of all. All people and states are protected by the Global Community.

The Agency of Global Police provides leadership for training of other countries' citizens who would like to participate in peacekeeping and Earth security ... so that we have a ready cadre of people who are trained and equipped and organised and have communications that they can work with each other.

The overall size of the force, or who would pay for it, have not been discussed, but the idea has been raised with countries in Europe and Asia.

To act as a global policing force, as the AGP aspires to do, many foundations must be laid, especially regarding the move from wielding power derived from GCEG to legitimate global leadership. There are many required characteristics that are prerequisite for legitimate leadership:
1.     Legitimate leadership is built upon trust. Those who are led must largely believe that the leader is committed to integrity, honesty, and transparent inquiry into problems. The leaderís actions must align with his words

2.     Legitimate leadership rests upon checks and balances, which are necessary to ensure power is not corrupted.

3.     Legitimate leadership is an act of service. Those in power must show a primary interest in the good of the collective ahead of their self-interest. In this way, true leaders are mission-centered rather than self-centered.

4.     Legitimate leadership empowers others appropriately rather than concentrating power disproportionately. In other words, true leaders produce more leaders and empower them as situations demand.

5.     Legitimate leadership is visionary, carrying the torch of a possible future.

6.     Legitimate leadership is willing to lead by example, including following a foundation of ethics, performing more than oneís share of work, and making sacrifices where appropriate.

7.     Legitimate leadership is compassionately fierce when something undermines the good of the whole. In a company this might mean the CEO fires a slacking employee. In a city, the police may jail a murderer. On a global level, this might even mean arresting those breaking global law.

The defence function of a leader requires that he safeguard the good of the whole by whatever the most skillful means are to accomplish that defence.

While that is not a comprehensive catalog of leadership prerequisites, I do think those few requirements are foundational and relatively unquestionable. Without at least a solid foundation of those requirements, the AGPís actions among nation-states will remain those of a unilateralist leader rather than a global leader. We will be, and should be, legitimated in the role of a global leader among nation-states and validated as police enforcer. GCEG offers a few recommendations for actions that would strengthen and legitimate the AGPís role as a true global leader by gradually creating an international structure that better safeguards the whole than we can ever do now as a unilateralist leader.

The AGP recommendations:

1.     Ban military action in all parts of the world;

2.     Lead the way in creating legitimate power for Global Parliament, subjecting ourselves and multinational corporations to taxation that generates money for programs that are focused on world betterment and world problems. As a mark of our global leadership, we should commit a greater percentage of our resources to this effort than any other organization.

3.     Hold ourselves to a high standard of compliance around global treaties that aim for collective benefit and the redress of economic, environmental, military, and political problems. Our adherence should be exemplary. Or, if we truly question the merit of a global accord, we should lead the way in creating agreements that even better serve the global interest rather than simply ignoring or undermining the existing attempts.

4.     Exert strong global leadership on multinational solutions to pressing health, environmental, and other problems. We should propose innovative new solutions and show leadership in carrying them out, especially in areas such as clean energy development.

5.     Take seriously the process of coming clean by exposing corporate interests in politics, lobbying by powerful organizations, subsidies of fringe military groups, etc. When our global government officials commit to be honest and transparent, a much deeper foundation of international trust will be built.

As we enact global law, we will begin to take on a much deeper kind of global leadership, one that earns more respect than envy and more gratitude than hatred, one that can catapult the whole planet forward into a future where war is no longer thinkable between nation-states and a legitimate and beneficial global government is able to cope with global problems.

I believe that there is no greater task in the world today than for GCEG to proceed through the maturation of its leadership, emerging from a more self-interested adolescence as a global leader into a nobler adulthood. We have the potential to act as a torchbearer for a better tomorrow. Do we heed the call? I hope this message has convinced at least a few people that the question of how to proceed with that maturation is of far deeper significance than the reforming of the United Nations. I thus pray that we move with wisdom, grace, clarity, and love in the days, years, and even decades ahead.

The Earth Court of Justice has made clear that the new global law legislation has been enacted, the Global Citizens Rights, Responsibility and Accountability Act, will be enforced by the AGP. Global Law is now the law of the land on the planet. No one is excuse! Everyone is included! Those breaking Global Law will be prosecuted. For now, those committing crimes against humanity and all life on Earth will be arrested. There are Global Community Arrest Warrants against all world leaders of the Five Permanent Members of the UN Security Council.

The Global Community blames the actions of the Five Permanent Members for not having put hard sanctions against the USA for having unilaterally invaded Iraq and letting Americans plundering the oil and gas resources of the Iraquis. That in itself is a crime against humanity and all life on the planet. That goes against Global Sustainability and Global Peace. Through the manipulation of the world media, it now seems OK to prepare for the invasion of Iran and North Korea. That also is a crime.

It is a crime against humanity to promote the military option, war, as a solution to the world problems.

The USA have given Israel enough WMDs, including nuclear war heads, capable to destroy the entire Middle East region and no sanctions were ever enforced against Israel and the USA. They were given to Israel by the United States. Israel was made the Trojan Horse of the USA for the invasion of the Middle East and surrounding nations, including North Korea and China. Back in 1947, the creation of the State of Israel was a strategic military move by the USA military aiming at the invasion of the Middle East and securing for themselves the oil and gas reserves in the region. Where was the leadership of the Un Security Council? What have you done to stop the invasion? Nothing! You have never done anything to help humanity and all life on the planet.

Certainly we ought to disarm all nations from all weapons of mass destruction.

The leadership of the United Nations has failed to enforce disarmement. It is a tragedy that such a failure is now seen as the source of other nations, such as North Korea, Iran and others, wanting to defend themselves against an invasion by the USA.

And that is a crime against humanity and all life. The Earth Court of Justice has now a Global Community Arrest Warrant against world leaders of the Five Permanent Members of the UN Security Council for crimes against humanity. The following table shows their names and one kind of WMDs they possess.

The Five Permanent Members of the UN Security Council are all declared nuclear weapons states
Country leader Warheads active/total Year of first test
United States President George Walker Bush 40,000 1945
Russia President Vladimir Putin 10,000 1949
United Kingdom Prime Minister Tony Blair <200 1952
President of the French Republic Jacques Chirac 350 1960
President of the People's Republic of China Hu Jintao 130 1964

With their nuclear war heads and other WMDs, the Five Permanent Members of the UN Security Council are holding the world and all life on Earth hostage. We are being threatened by their warheads. All life on the planet is being threatened. That makes them terrorists. The Five Permanent Members of the UN Security Council are terrorists, criminals and ought to be stopped. The Global Community will disarm you, like it or not. No waiting! There has been enough wasted time during the Cold War. The AGP will come to your country and disarm you. Right now!

The North Korea crisis is just another example of the lack of proper leadership of the United Nations. Everyone saw the problem coming from the time President Bush insulted:
Kim Jong-il, the leader of Democratic People's Republic of Korea,
Iraqi president Saddam Hussein, and
Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad.

Remember the now famous 'axe of evil' expression?!

The world knew America was invading the Middle East. Why has the UN not enforced hard sanctions against the USA for its bullying tactics at the UN to get what it wants? Proper UN leadership could have avoided the situation we have today. The UN did nothing at a critical time and just watched things happening. The UN is the organization where bullying takes place by those with nuclear war heads. The world is threatened by nuclear war heads. The Five Permanent Members of the UN are allowed to bully any other nations. They are holding the world hostage with the threat of their nuclear war heads. They are all terrorist governments. There are Global Community Arrest Warrants against all Five Permanent Members leaders. They are terrorists, dangerous criminals, and must be stopped. We will disarm you, like or not! Life on Earth has no need of all you with nuclear war heads and other WMDs. If you refuse to disarm it will be because you are very much like those others you accuse of being terrorists: you are the worst terrorists on the planet.

The USA is invading the world, and the UN can do nothing to stop them. The USA was allowed to invade other nations, change their governments, and has often made lies in speeches to the UN, to the world. Remember what the US representatives told the world at the UN prior to the invasion of Iraq? Lies! All lies! And the leadership of the UN never did anything to reprimand the US representatives and implement hard sanctions for the invasion of Iraq. Ever since its creation in 1947, the USA have given Israel enough WMDs, including nuclear war heads, to destroy the entire Middle East region and no sanctions were ever enforced against Israel and the USA. Where was the UN leadership? What has the UN done to stop the invasion? Nothing! The UN has never done anything to help humanity. And that is a crime against humanity. There is now a Global Community Arrest Warrant against Kofi Annan, United Nations Secretary-General. Many reasons! He is a criminal because he had the power and was able to show leadership as per the Charter of the UN but never did anything to follow those principles in the Charter he was supposed to be standing for. To do nothing is a crime against humanity and all life on Earth. It is pure disgrace that we now have the UN organization allowing the USA break the friendship between North Korea and China. The USA invaded the Middle East in a similar way: breaking frienships between the different communities of the Middle East, creating hate between communities. The USA is responsible and accountable for the civil war in Iraq.

In conclusion, the eventual invasion of China is the reason why the United States dont want North Korea and other Middle East nations to have nuclear weapons. What else could it be? Americans are all over the Middle East creating hate between the different communities, invading, stealing oil and gas reserves, and spreading the false belief that democracy is the best political system. Democracy got us to where we are today: the worst polluters on the planet and threatening the existence of all life. Our consumer driver political system is wrong. Our ways of life are wrong! We know it, and we still try to impose them to other Peoples. America would like the Peoples of North Korea, China and of the Middle East nations to be like us consumers, the worst polluters and on a planetary destructive path. In this way, Americans back home would not be feeling so guilty of being so bad. They would rather let others take the blame for their failure as a society.

Have you ever flown over North Korea at night? Almost no light above cities! Why? No electricity! That makes them environmentally friendly and non-polluters. What about plastics!? To have no electricity implies no consumer products made of plastics. No fridges! No freezers, which also means that they do not destroy the Ozone layer around the planet, a global life-support system to all life. Fridges and freezers use refrigerants which eventually are released to the atmosphere and destroy the Ozone layer. We could go on listing the implications of no light at night. Yet the people of North Korea live happy lives. Well! That was until Americans got into the picture. The people of North Korea are the most environmentally friendly people on the planet and Americans are jealous of that. Americans want everyone on the planet to be just like they are in America: the worst polluters on a planetary destructive path.

And guess who is next: China. Americans want the people of China to be just like they are: a consumer driven society and the worst polluters. And the invasion of China is their long term economic and military plan. If the United States can destroy North Korea, and its friendship with China, they can destroy China. North Korea is just a strategic military test to see how far and how well Americans can do invading the region without being told off. And what will be China's reaction...? If China does nothing meaningful to stop the invasion then America will continue further its progressive 'democratisation' of the world. But the United States would rather make money in the process, and that means letting rich American corporations getting richer by having the people of China working for them and so, polluting the planet even more on their behalf. The Global Community has developed and implemented the 'New Way of Doing Business'. Over its long past history trade has never evolved to require from the trading partners to become legally and morally responsible and accountable for their products from beginning to end. At the end the product becomes a waste and it needs to be properly dispose of. Now trade must be given a new impetus to be in line with the global concepts of the Global Community. You manufacture, produce, mine, farm or create a product, you become legally and morally responsible and accountable of your product from beginning to end (to the point where it actually becomes a waste; you are also responsible for the proper disposable of the waste). This product may be anything and everything from oil and gas, weapons, war products, to genetically engineered food products. All consumer products. All medicinal products! All pharmaceutical products! Som when America sells technology, or anything at all, to China, America becomes responsible and accountable of its trade from beginning to end. If the technology is a car, and car manufacturing, then America is responsible and accountable of the pollution coming out of it. The pollution coming out of the car manufactured in China is to be added to the USA pollution. A political border does not take away your responsibility and accountability. Selling something does not take away your responsibility and accountability. Nuclear war heads and other WMDs given to Israel is the same idea. America is responsible and accountable of its doing.

That is the idea!

First the economic and military invasion of the Middle East nations using Israel as a Trojan Horse, then North Korea, and finally China. The American Congress has already begun this economic and military invasion by passing legislation allowing rich corporations doing 'business' in China.

Prosecuting criminals on the basis of universal jurisdiction regardless of a territorial or nationality nexus required a solid commitment of political will from national governments and the Global Community.

The Global Community has now implemented a total embargo on all U.S., France, United Kingdom, China and Russia consumer products, goods and services including mass destruction chemicals, small arms, nuclear war heads, weapons of mass destruction, , war products and war equipment. The war industry throughout the world must be put to a complete halt and shelved forever from humanity. The Global Community is asking all Peoples never again to buy their products and services, and never supply them with the same.

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