Virginie and Germain Dufour
founders and Spiritual Leaders of the Global Community organization

Twenty two years ago the Global Community organization was created. Today the world is seeing the amazing accomplishments of the Global Community.

Back in 1985, I remember having accomplished my first 'soft activism'. It was such a memorable day for me as I actually stood up for a worthy cause: humanity, all life on Earth, and the protection of the global life-support systems. Being a scientist I extended my principles to include standing up for them in public. This was in Calgary, Alberta, Canada. And the day was October 29. I was born again that day! Standing up for what I believed in very strongly! I produced a brochure explaining everything I stood up for. Those who know me can easily imagine how meticulously long the brochure may have been. Then I went to the University of Calgary campus and distributed the brochure to anyone I met. I also posted the brochure on bulletin boards. City Hall and several other public places got my message. I was very proud of having done it. My first very intense exploration of my own capability of reaching out to others and standing up for workable sound solutions to global problems. That day I became one with myself and all life on Earth. I became 'a Global Community'.

From there on I produced countless brochures and investigative reports; organized public seminars; and I was invited to give talks in schools. There was so much interest in my teaching that I have decided to research and develop a course on environmental auditing and assessment of properties. A very long course indeed, 8 months long, covering all aspects. I taught the course in a special area of the University of Calgary Library. Although it has cost me plenty, my course was for free, no fees to take it. It was so successful that the federal government of Canada decided to 'buy' my package. Very little money! Then, a year later, it was used to offer a similar package as a special training at the Souhtern Alberta Institute of Technology. The industry was pleased of such initiative. For the first time ever there was a course on the environmental auditing and assessment of properties, land assessment, pollution evaluation, remediation and restoration of building and land, and the protection of the environment. And a year later after that the University of Calgary started its own program also covering all environmental aspects.

This experience taught me that if I persevere in standing up for what I strongly believe is right then I will eventually succeed.

It was then that I started several businesses one of them being a federally incorporated business. All of them were offering services related to environmental auditing and assessment of properties, and decommissioning. They were:

  • Property Environmental Services Ltd.
  • Property Environmental Consultants Inc.
  • Property Sustainable Development Services
  • Property Inspection, Audit and Decommissioning Services Inc.
  • Global Community WebNet

Virginie, some friends, and I also created and registered a society:

The Society for World Sustainable Development

Later on Global Community WebNet became Global Community WebNet Ltd. which is now the only federally incorporated business I have kept alive over the years.

Again back in 1985, I have researched and developed several new global concepts no one had ever thought about. One of them was the expression "the Global Community". As usual, being a scientist, I gave it a long and technical definition. Later on in the 1990's, after having met a marvelous woman whom I married, Virginie, we gave the definition a more popular and easy to grasp meaning. Actually Virginie had a lot to do with this new version.

Virginie and I had countless brain-storming exercises in the Rocky Mountains. She and I have defined the Global Community around a given territory, that territory being the planet as a whole, as well as a specific population, which is the Global Community. The Global Community has the power to make the laws of the land and to make the rules for the territory of the Earth. Global Law has been and continue to be researched and developed for this purpose.

Conservation, restoration, and management of the Earth resources is about asking ourselves the question of "Who owns the Earth?" The large gap between rich and poor is connected to ownership and control of the planet's land and of all other Earth natural resources.We, the Global Community, must now direct the wealth of the world towards the building of local-to-global economic democracies in order to meet the needs for food, shelter, universal healthcare, education, and employment for all.

The Global Community has proposed a democracy for the people based on the fact that land, the air, oil, minerals, other natural resources rightly belong to the Global Community. The Earth is the birthright of all life.

The Global Economic Model proposed by the Global Community is truly the best response to the world.

One of the very powerful tools to communicate our ideas and having everyone to participate in the discussions has been the Global Dialogue. The idea of creating global dialogues was first brought forward in a report on global changes published in 1990 by Germain Dufour. The report contained 450 policies (workable sound solutions) on sustainable development, and was presented to the United Nations, the Government of Canada, the provincial government of Alberta and several non-profit organizations and scientists. There was a need at the time for helping humanity back onto the path of survival this millennium. There is still a need for such help and most likely will continue to be so forever. Global dialogues are the source of new ideas and finding new ways for our survival and taking along with us other lifeforms on the planet.

Today, the people of the Earth Community, the Global Community, are using global dialogues to resolve conflicts, promote democracy, and fight hunger, terrorism, disease, and human and Earth rights abuses . In order to bring about the event of peace, the Global Community is offering other organizations around the world to work together to bring warring parties to peace. We can accomplish this task by concrete actions such as:

a)     Tracking armed conflicts within and between nations around the world and offering assistance in dispute resolution;
b)     Promoting human rights and democracy;
c)     Monitoring democratic elections; and
d)     Educating the public about the advantages of a peaceful solution to any conflict.

Since its beginning in 1985, many accomplishments can be claimed by the Global Community:

  • Formation of Earth Government
  • Formation of the Global Governments Federation
  • Establishment of the Global Justice Movement for all Life
  • Global Community of North America (GCNA)
  • Global Information Media (GIM)
  • Global Law
  • Global Politics
  • Global Citizens Act
  • Scale of Human and Earth Rights
  • Life Day Celebration, May 26
  • ECO Award
  • Movement for Cultural Appreciation
  • Cultural Appreciation Day, August 22
  • Global Community of North America (GCNA) Emergency, Rescue, and Relief Centre
  • Global Sustainability
  • Soul of Humanity Centre
  • Soul of Humanity
  • Soul of all Life
  • Global Exhibition
  • Building of Global Communities for all Life
  • Global Constitution
  • Global Dialogue
  • Politics and Justice without borders
  • Planet - Life - Soul of Humanity symbiotical relationship
  • Global Education and Training
  • Earth Management
  • Global Data Measurement and Assessment
  • Global indicator GESDI
  • Global indicator GSDP
  • Global Civilization
  • Global Labour Force
  • Global Environmental Protection
  • Protection of Earth ecosystems and of the global life-support systems
  • Global Economic Model
  • Certified Corporate Global Community Citizenship (CCGCC)
  • New way of doing business
  • Global Movement for Taxation on all Earth Natural Resources
  • Global Protection Agency (GPA)
  • Global Community institutions and bodies
  • Global Governance

and many more claims. We do own all of the above as ours because we were the first in establishing them, defining them and promoting them on a monthly basis with Newsletters, press releases and letters. Thousands of people and organizations have been using our materials for all kinds of purposes. Many sell T-shirts, flags, etc. with our expressions on them. We have nothing to do with such activities. We never approved of others using our materials without permission. Some even use the expression 'Earth Government' to send blogs over the Internet. That also has nothing to do with us. We dont approve of such disrespectful use of our material.

The definition of the Global Community concept is truly the 21st century "philosophy of life" framework, some called it the religion of the third millennium, others called it the politics of the future generations now. Let us remind everyone the definition that has been guiding us throughout the years:

"The Global Community is defined as being all that exits or occurs at any location at any time between the Ozone layer above and the core of the planet below." The Glass Bubble concept  of a Global Community

This is the fundamental definition of the expression "Global Community" first defined by myself and my wife Virginie in 1985. The Glass Bubble concept  of a Global Community This definition includes all people, all life on Earth. This is the fundamental definition of the expression Global Communit It also implicitly says that no-one in particular owns the Earth but we all own it together. Not just us people, but all life on Earth owns it. The beginning of life stretches as far back as 4 billion years, and so Life claims its birthright of ownership of Earth, and so does the Soul of all Life, the Soul of Humanity. Evolution, Creation and now, Guiding Souls Throughout the global dialogues the land ownership of the Earth has meant ownership of the land and of all other Earth natural resources.

"A global community" is not about a piece of land you acquired by force or otherwise. One could think of a typical community that does not have to be bounded by a geographical or political border. It can be people living in many different locations all over the world. The Global Community is thus more fluid and dynamic. We need to let go the archaic ways of seeing a community as the street where we live and contained by a border. Many conflicts and wars will be avoided by seeing ourselves as people with a heart, a mind and a Soul, and as part of a community with the same.

The old concept of a community being the street where we live in and surrounded by a definite geographical and political boundary has originated during the Roman Empire period. An entire new system of values was then created to make things work for the Roman Empire. Humanity has lived with this concept over two thousand years. Peoples from all over the world are ready to kill anyone challenging their border. They say that this is their land, their property, their 'things'. This archaic concept is endangering humanity and its survival. The Roman Empire has gone but its culture is still affecting us today. We need to let go the old way of thinking. We need to learn of the new concept, and how it can make things work in the world.

A typical community may be what a group of people, together, wants it to be. It can be a group of people sharing with the same values. It can be a group of people with the same cultural background, or the same religious background. Or they can be people with totally different backgrounds and beliefs. The people making a global community may be living in many different locations on the planet. With today's communications it is easy to group people in this fashion. It can be a village, or two villages together where people have decided to unite as one community. The two villages may be found in different parts of the world. It can be a town, a city, or a nation. It can be two or more nations together.

Following this thinking we see land ownership is no longer a problem. The Earth and all its natural resources belong to all the "global communities" contained therein. A village, or a city is "a global community" and owns the land around its boundaries. Along with the Global Community, it has ownership of all natural resources within its boundaries.

As mentioned above, land here, by definition, covers all naturally occurring resources like surface land, the air, minerals deposits (gold, oil and gas etc), water, electromagnetic spectrum, the trees, fish in the seas and rivers. It is unjust to treat land as private property or a commodity. Land is not a product of labor. Everyone should therefore be given equal access to all natural resources.

On the global level the Law of the Seas Covenant is an example of a global community lease payment basis for public needs as it has affirmed that ocean resources are the common heritage of all and a proper source of funding for global institutions. Water belongs to the Earth and all species and is sacred to life therefore, the world’s water must be conserved, reclaimed and protected for all future generations and its natural patterns respected.

Water is a fundamental human right and a public trust to be guarded by all levels of government; therefore, it should not be commodified, privatized or traded for commercial purposes. These rights must be enshrined at all levels of government. In particular, an international treaty must ensure these principles are noncontrovertable.

Water is best protected by local communities and citizens, who must be respected as equal partners with governments in the protection and regulation of water. Peoples of the Earth are the only vehicle to promote democracy and save water.

Similarly, all the Earth natural resources belong to the Global Community to be used, developed and protected for the maximum benefit of the people and of all life.

The Global Community has many expert groups able to begin the necessary intergovernmental negotiations towards establishing alternative revenue sources, which could include fees for the commercial use of the oceans, fees for airplane use of the skies, fees for use of the electromagnetic spectrum, fees levied on foreign exchange transactions, and a tax on carbon content of fuels.

This thinking should give us a fresh start for a better future and bring some light to understanding previous claims of the many different groups such as:

  • Native and aboriginal people claiming that their ancestors owned the land so now they do

  • God gave it to us so the land is ours

  • Property ownership system of the Roman Empire to today, our social-economic system of land owership

  • The military power of this world forcing ownership of land and of all other Earth natural resources against the will of everyone else

None of the above groups can claim ownership of the land and other Earth natural resources. They never did own the land and of all other Earth natural resources. And they never will.

Only the Global Community can rightfully claim ownership of the Earth.

And October 29 is a special day to claim that right. Let us celebrate!

First of all, Happy 22 nd year Anniversary everyone. May you all have a very Happy, Healthy, & Prosperous 22 nd year Anniversary of the Global Community.


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