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The theme of Global Dialogue 2017 is:

Global Civilization, the 21st century Vision of Global Community Global Civilization, the 21st century Vision of Global Community.

In this millennium, the affairs of humanity appeared to be unfolding in more profound ways. We believe the world is at a turning point. We can no longer perceive ourselves as a People who could survive alone and a People who does not need anyone else. We belong and depend to a much larger group, that of Global Community, the human family. The 21st Century will see limitless links and interrelationships between the Global Community and the build up of Global Civilization. New standards, goals and objectives have to be defined. Firm universal guidelines are essentials to keep the world healthy. Already we notice new ways of thinking being embraced, new behaviors and attitudes adopted. Global ethics are now required to do business and deal with one another to sustain Earth.

Let our time be a time remembered for the awakening of a new reverence for life, the firm resolve to achieve sustainability, the quickening of the struggle for justice and peace, and the joyful celebration of life. Let us build up Global Civilization.

Global Civilization is being built on fundamental principles, a sound science, and results are used to propose policies and strategies for the management of global changes.

As never before in history, common destiny amongst all nations beckons us to seek a new beginning. This requires a new sense of global interdependence and universal responsibility. Knowing well the global commons for life survival on our planet, we must develop and apply the vision of a sustainable way of life locally, nationally, regionally, globally, and within ourselves throughout life. Our cultural diversity is a precious heritage and different cultures will find their own distinctive ways to realize the vision.

Cause and effect is now more apparent and happening more quickly. Those of you who are educated and aware will find themselves urgently called upon to action for the good of all humanity. Global link-ups are already happening at a fast rate. Several business leaders are much more sensitive to the greater, wider needs for their expertise and are already in the process of creating a new kind of civilization, Global Civilization.

We must now all become linked to others in faraway places on a much deeper level to work together in keeping our planet healthy, productive and hospitable for all people and living things. As our awareness of this global need deepens, we join with others to see that good changes happen. In this way, we can participate in the build up of Global Civilization.

Right now we can use our skills, our knowledge, our abilities, to realize how our strengths can help bring about the best kind of changes in the world by connecting with us in our aim to promote sustainable development on four major levels: the land, the richness of our land, our economic endeavours and the welfare of all our peoples. The peoples of all nations, in creating an ever closer Global Civilization among them, are resolved to share a peaceful future based on common values. Conscious of its spiritual and moral heritage, Global Civilization was founded on the indivisible, universal values of human dignity, freedom, equality and solidarity; it is based on the principles of democracy and the rule of law. It places the individual at the heart of its activities, by establishing Global Community citizenship (global citizen), and by creating an era of freedom, security, global justice and social harmony.

Life often involves tensions between important values. This can mean difficult choices. However, we must find ways to harmonize diversity with unity, the exercise of freedom with the common good, short-term objectives with long-term goals. Every individual, family, organization, and community has a vital role to play. The arts, sciences, religions, educational institutions, media, businesses, nongovernmental organizations, and governments are all called to offer creative leadership. The partnership of government, civil society, and business is essential for an effective global governance based on global concepts and the Scale of Human and Earth Rights.

Our time is the age of global cooperation and symbiotical relationships. There are many different kinds of symbiotical relationships. Symbiotical relationships exist between nations of the European Union. It is mainly an economic base symbiotical relationship. Other types of symbiotical relationships maybe created all over the world between communities, nations, and between people themselves. They may be geographical, economical, social, business-like, political, religious, and personal.

Symbiotical relationships within global communities will help finding solutions to global problems this generation is facing. There are several major problems: conflicts and wars, no tolerance and compassion for one another, world overpopulation, human activities critically endangering the survival of all life on our planet, as population increases the respect and value of a human life is in decline, insufficient protection and prevention for global health, scarcity of resources and drinking water, poverty, Fauna and Flora species disappearing at a fast rate, global warming and global climate change, global pollution, deforestation, permanent lost of the Earth's genetic heritage, and the destruction of the global life-support systems and the eco-systems of the planet. We need to build global communities for all life on the planet. We need to build a Global Civilization made of global communities that will manage themselves with the understanding of the above problems.

The key is personal responsibility.

Therefore the individual is the important element, one who takes responsibility for his or her community and the build up of Global Civilization. This individual cares about jobs, homes, streets, the community.

Amongst the most important issues facing our world today is the controlling of our overpopulated planet. World overpopulation requires each and every one of us to take a stand on rights and on being a part of Global Community, the human family. Today we are not asking women to have only one child as is done in China. No! First of all it does not work in China. Their population is still increasing. We are asking it to be socially acceptable for women to have the freedom of having or not having children. We are asking  it for women to have the freedom to say no I dont want children, or yes I want to raise a family, and to make that socially acceptable. For this to work, women must also be given equal rights to men in every way. The Chinese family policy does not work because women are not given the freedom to choose for themselves and the equal rights to men. Women are 'persons' just like men. Those men and women who choose to raise a family of one or more children will be given support within Global Civilization.

The effect of such change in our ways will be acceptance of being a part of Global Civilization, and that each one of us is doing things for the good of all. In this way, the heart, mind and  spirit of Global Civilization will be in the forefront of positive actions to ensure our survival.

When a group of ordinary people realized they, personally, will make the changes they need in their fields, in their communities. They can then find ways to bring these changes for all. There is a wisdom in the ways of very humble people that needs to be used. Every humble person deserves to have ideas respected, the courage to develop his or her own life for the better. Sound solutions to help manage and sustain Earth will very likely be found this way. Everyone can help assess the needs of the planet now and propose sound solutions for its proper management, present and future.

We have the responsibility of managing Earth. Everyone shares responsibility for the present and future well-being of life within Global Civilization. When there is a need to find a solution to a problem or a concern, a sound solution would be to choose a measure or conduct an action, if possible, which causes reversible damage as oppose to a measure or an action causing an irreversible loss.

Our planet is populated with living beings consisting of millions of different life forms interacting with each other to survive, thus forming an intricate web of life in different ecosystems on the planet. The interaction and interdependence between life forms are the driving force that creates and maintains an ecological - environmental equilibrium that has sustained life on Earth for millions of years enabling it to evolve, flourish and diversify.

Global Civilization values Earth’s diversity in all its forms, the non-human as well as the human. On Earth’s surface exists a diversity of arctic, temperate and tropical ecosystems with many different varieties of plants, animals, and human beings, all of which are dependent on soils, waters and local climates. Thus biodiversity, the diversity of organisms, depends on maintenance of ecodiversity, the diversity of ecosystems. Cultural diversity – which in effect is a form of biodiversity – is the historical result of humans fitting their activities, thoughts and language to specific geographic ecosystems. Therefore, whatever degrades and destroys ecosystems have both a biological and a cultural source.

The United Nations are to restructure their organization or start rebuilding it from scratch. The United Nations must reflect the needs and aspirations of Global Civilization: all Peoples together, Global Economic Cooperation, Global Governance, Earth Environmental Governance, and the formation of Global Ministries.

Global Civilization wants to provide a forum where international conflicts could be argued and resolved peacefully. Because of hatred and mistrust, disputing parties always find it difficult to express constructive ideas or proposals. A face-to-face meeting may not even be possible. Global Civilization offers to be a trusted third party that would carry ideas back and forth, put forward new proposals until both sides agree. When both parties feel they have gained more than they have lost from the process, the outcome is a win-win settlement for peace.

Global Civilization believes all citizens have the right to share the wealth in the world. The free trade agreement between nations must protect and improve social and environmental rights, not just the economy. A sustainable development in the world would mean finding a sound balance among the interactions designed to create a healthy economic growth, preserve environmental quality, make a wise use of our resources, and enhance social benefits. Free trade cannot proceed at the expense of the environment, labour rights, human rights and the sovereignty of a nation. Free trade leads to an increase in poverty by giving investor rights priority over government decision-making. Employers will be looking for more concessions from workers. Small businesses will find it more difficult to grow and compete against large corporations.

Free trade entrenches corporate power at the expense of democratically elected officials from local communities, municipal governments, provincial governments, national governments and states. It is a form of "world anti-government" (such as the European Union block) as citizens lose the ability to act in their best interests and find sound solutions to their own problems. Citizens become disconnected with the decision-making process. Their lives are then driven by the desire of making profits. Fear is used to force people to behave with the dollar sign as their god. In such scenario, democratic principles lose meaning and no longer prevail. Building sustainable communities is no longer possible with free trade. The principles of a sustainable development are let go and replaced by the desire of the world business leaders to make larger profits.

Over its long past history trade has never evolved to require from the trading partners to become completely responsible for their products from beginning to end. At the end, the product becomes a waste, and it needs to be properly dispose of.

The work of Global Civilization, the global civil society, and the determination of government worldwide, make it possible for everyone to comply with Global Law. Building global communities requires a mean to enforce Global Law for the protection of life on Earth. Global Civilization guides humanity for the restoring of global communities. Global Law includes legislation covering all aspects of human activities. The Global Protection Agency (GPA) will train and lead a global force, bypassing traditional peacekeeping and military bodies such as the United Nations and NATO. The GPA will enforce the law. And that is how we can stop the global warming of the planet and protect the global life-support systems, thus largely improving the quality of life of the next generations.

As we enact global law, we will begin to take on a much deeper kind of global leadership, one that earns more respect than envy and more gratitude than hatred, one that can catapult the whole planet forward into a future where war is no longer thinkable between nation-states and a legitimate and beneficial global government is able to cope with global problems.

Global Civilization has begun to establish the existence of a meaningful global co-operation all over the planet. National governments and large corporations have taken the wrong direction by asserting that free trade in the world is about competing economically without any moral safeguards and accountability to peoples and the environment. The proper and only way is for free trade to become a global cooperation between all nations. Global Civilization is proposing a solution that the process of trading within the planetary trading blocks be changed from a spirit of global competition to that of global economic cooperation. This is the new way of doing business, the new way of life within Global Civilization.

People in our society often argue that their manufacturing products and the trading principles or rules that regulate their actions are all legal! But what about ethical values and moral principles?! What about consumer products?!

Over its long past history trade has never evolved to require from the trading partners to become legally and morally responsible and accountable for their products from beginning to end. At the end the product becomes a waste, and it needs to be properly dispose of. Now trade must be given a new impetus to be in line with the global concepts of Global Civilization. When you do exploration work, and develop, manufacture, produce, mine, farm or create a product, you become legally and morally responsible and accountable of your product from beginning to end (to the point where it actually becomes a waste; you are also responsible for the proper disposable of the waste). This product may be anything and everything from oil & gas, weapons, war products, construction products, transportation and communications products and equipment, to genetically engineered food products. All consumer products! All medical products! All pharmaceutical products! In order words, a person (a person may be an individual, a community, a government, a business, an NGO, or an institution) becomes responsible and accountable for anything and everything in his or her life.

Global consumption is a very important aspect of globalization. Consumers should be concerned with the impact of their decisions on the environment but also on the lives, human and Earth rights and well-being of other people. Since one of the key functions of families as a social institution is to engage in production (selling their labour in return for wages) and consumption (using those wages to buy goods and services), then the role of families has impacts on sustainable consumption and development. Corporations are required to expand their responsibilities to include human and Earth rights, the environment, community and family aspects, safe working conditions, fair wages and sustainable consumption aspects. Global Civilization has summarized the rights of every person on Earth by developing the Scale of Global Rights. The scale will eventually be replacing the Universal Declaration of Human Rights. The Global Constitution has established all rights.

Just as corporations have social responsibilities and so do consumers in societies. Consumers are socialized to improve the quality of their lives. Quality of life is a multi-dimensional, complex and very subjective concept. For instance, someone who has changed their consumption habits to better ensure that their choices will make a better quality of life for themselves, the environment and future generations, may be seen by others as having a lower or inferior quality of life since they have removed themselves from the materialistic mainstream characteristic of our consumer society. Someone may feel that an absence of violence and abuse in their life leads to a higher quality of living even though they have fewer tangible resources, money, or shelter; peace of mind and freedom from abuse has increased the quality of their daily life relative to what it was like before. There are universal quality of life values which lead to "human betterment" or the improvement of the human condition. In addition to the value of species survival (human and other living organisms), they include: adequate resources, justice and equality, freedom, and peace or balance of power. A better quality of life for all people of Global Civilization is a goal to achieve for all of us.

Sound solutions to all our problems will have to be researched and developed and made available to everyone on the Internet. This is la raison d’être of Global Community and a basic principle of Global Civilization.

One of the greatest causes of conflict in history has been the conflicting views of different religions. And at the same time it is religion that has most effectively fostered humanitarian actions. The question is, can the obvious benefits in different religions be approved and supported without approving that part of their faith with which we differ?

Allegiance to a faith dealing with the mysteries of life: why are we here? Is there a future life? Is there a God? often provides meaning and incentives for a virtuous life. But each person must temper their belief by recognizing any virtue they see in people with a different hypothesis about the mysteries of life. Every faith is unanimous of saying that every individual should be treated with the same respect and dignity we all seek for ourselves.

All religions are required to conduct positive actions for peace, join the Peace Movement of Global Community, and re-examine their scriptures, precepts, practices, ethical and moral values in light of global ecological concerns. Global Civilization is facing a global environmental crisis. It is very important that every person on Earth accept of being part of the process in protecting the global life-support systems. The ecological crisis is as much about saving children as it is about saving other lifeforms on the planet. Our objective is to find statements from all religions that promote the respect, stewardship, protection, ethical and moral responsibility to life and of the environment, the Earth global life-support systems, and statements that promote a responsible Earth management. We are also asking for specific statements on environmental conservation. And we want positive and meaningful action in view of those statements.

Can the world become a better place to live in? Of course! The means of great change are at our fingertips. With the aid of the telephone, radio, TV, computers and web sites we can inspire a new global support for opinion that will enable us to harvest Earth's bounty. Let us all act together! Let us launch a global campaign for the restoration and renewal of our planet and ourselves as one humanity, Global Civilization. Let us promote the creative actions and the ideas that are healing and nurturing people and planet.

We are all members of Global Civilization. We all have the duty to protect the rights and welfare of all species and all people. No humans have the right to encroach on the ecological space of other species and other people, or treat them with cruelty and violence. All life species, humans and cultures, have intrinsic worth. They are subjects, not objects of manipulation or ownership. No humans have the right to own other species, other people or the knowledge of other cultures through patents and other intellectual property rights. Defending biological and cultural diversity is a duty of all people. Diversity is an end in itself, a value, a source of richness both material and cultural. All members of Global Civilization, including all humans, have the right to food and water, to safe and clean habitat, to security of ecological space. These rights are natural rights, they are birthrights given by the fact of existence on Earth and are best protected through community rights and global commons. They are not given by states or corporations, nor can they be extinguished by state or corporate action. No state or corporation has the right to erode or undermine these natural rights or enclose the commons that sustain all through privatisation or monopoly control.

Land here, by definition, covers all naturally occurring resources like surface land, the air, minerals deposits (gold, oil and gas etc), water, electromagnetic spectrum, the trees, fish in the seas and rivers. It is unjust to treat land as private property or a commodity. Land is not a product of labor. Everyone should therefore be given equal access to all natural resources.

We need to take a giant step forward to a new form of democracy. Global Civilization must now direct the wealth of the world towards the building of local-to-global economic democracies in order to meet the needs for food, shelter, universal healthcare, education, and employment for all.

Global Civilization has proposed a new democratic mandate recognizing that the land, the air, oil and natural gas, minerals, all other natural resources rightly belong to Global Community. The Earth is our birthright and our common heritage. What we make from our mental and physical labor can rightfully be held as individual property but the profit of the Earth should be shared by all life. The unjust and inequitable ownership of the land and of all other natural resources has caused the great majority of local-to-global conflicts and wars.

Global Civilization can organize expert groups and begin the necessary intergovernmental negotiations towards establishing alternative revenue sources, which could include fees for the commercial use of the oceans, fees for airplane use of the skies, fees for use of the electromagnetic spectrum, fees levied on foreign exchange transactions, and a tax on carbon content of fuels.

Whoever owns the land and all other natural resources exerts power over those who are landless and no resources. The Global Economic Model of Global Civilization was created for all the people on the planet. The Global Economic Model stipulates as well that we, as human beings, are trustees and caretakers of all other life forms on Earth.

The Global Economic Model proposes to make private property the product of labor. Common property is all what Nature offers. The Global Economic Model policy removes taxes from wages and increases taxes and user fees on common property. The model eliminates subsidies that are environmentally or socially harmful, and inequitable. It is highly decentralized as well, with people living and producing for their basic human needs within the constraints and parameters of local ecological systems. The model is about a world that works for everyone, with plenty of time to expand our minds and elevate our spirits.

Sound solutions made available to all global citizens should insure a sound future for Earth. Exchange of creative solutions to the varied community problems around the world will benefit us all on many levels ~ socially, economically and ecologically. We can all help to manage Earth this way. We invite you to participate in Global Dialogue 2017 and its Global Civilization to insure a sound future for all life on Earth.

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