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The world is in a perpetual state of crisis of one kind or another: economic, civil unrest, unemployment, poverty, political, rights and Justice, and environmental. Let us see the way forward. And yes, this time, down to Earth solutions!The Global Community is inviting you to participate in the formation of global ministries in the government of each nation.

Today, earquakes, cyclones and other natural disasters, as well as human made global destruction and disasters, require a rapid and efficient response from the world to help those in needs. We need to be organized and ready to help. We need people from all nations to be a part of this Global Movement to Help.

The very first step of governments of all nations, and maybe the only one for several decades ahead of us, would be the approval of the Ministry of Essential Services and of the Ministry of Global Peace amongst the participating member nations.

The Global Community has researched and developed such services. Many of them are already in operation on a small scale.

As mentioned so many times over the past decades, I believe that there is no greater task in the world today than for Global Community to proceed through the maturation of its leadership, emerging from a more self-interested adolescence as a global leader into a nobler adulthood. Once more, governments of all nations are invited to participate.

Together we have the potential to act as a torchbearer for a better tomorrow. Do we heed the call? I hope this message has convinced governments from all nations, many international organizations and the millions of people who have been with us over the past decades, that the question of how to proceed with that maturation is of far deeper significance than the reforming of the United Nations. I thus pray that we move with wisdom, grace, clarity, and love in the days, years, and even decades ahead.

And as we enact Global Law, we will begin to take on a much deeper kind of global leadership, one that earns more respect than envy and more gratitude than hatred, one that can catapult the whole planet forward into a future where war is no longer thinkable between nation-states and a legitimate and beneficial global government is able to cope with global problems.