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Earth Court of Justice

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Earth Court of Justice.
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The Earth Court of Justice will hear cases involving crimes related to the global ministries. It will have the power to rule on cases involving crimes related to each one of the ministries.

The Earth Court of Justice has listed America as the first nation to be prosecuted for a global environmental crime. Because the leader of the USA was responsible for not signing the Kyoto Protocol, President George W. Bush will be first to appear in Court. The reality here is that every American is on trial here. A large majority of the consumers in USA are also responsible for producing the deadly gas causing global warming, and they are all on trial. The same goes for every person on Earth producing the deadly gas. The gas is just as deadly as the gas that murdered millions of Jews during World War II. It is even more deadly as it is destroying the global life-support systems of all life on Earth. We are killing billions of human beings and countless life species. Americans have closed their conscience to the reality of life on Earth. Justice must prevail to stop the "killing fields". And therefore they are guilty as charge.

It is a crime against humanity and all life on Earth not to ratify the Kyoto Protocol. It is a terrible crime against the global life-support systems, against the very existence of the next generations. On the Scale of Human and Earth Rights the crime is of maximum importance. There is no need to wait for the election of the Earth Government to create the Earth Court of Justice. The Court can be formed now and incorporated to the Earth Government later.

Prosecuting criminals on the basis of universal jurisdiction regardless of a territorial or nationality nexus required a solid commitment of political will from national governments and Earth Community.

Once in effect, the Earth Court of Justice will become the principal judicial organ of the Earth Community. The Court will have a dual role: to settle in accordance with international law the legal disputes submitted to it by national governments, local communities, and in some special cases by corporations, non-government-organizations and citizens, and to give advisory opinions on legal questions referred to it by duly authorized organs and agencies.

The Court will be composed of judges elected by the Elected Representatives Council and Earth Security Council. It may not include more than one judge of any nationality. The Members of the Court do not represent their governments but are independent magistrates. The judges must possess the qualifications required in their respective countries for appointment to the highest judicial offices, or by jurists of recognized competence in international law. The composition of the Court has also to reflect the main forms of civilization and the principal legal systems of the world.

The Earth Court of Justice will hear cases involving:

* nation states
* national political and military leaders accountable for violations of international humanitarian law
* 'core' crimes of genocide
* crimes against humanity and human rights
* war crimes
* crimes with significant impacts perpetuated against the life-support system of the planet (for instance wars and use of weapons of widespread destruction are listed under this category)
* crimes related to the relentless misuse of the Earth Resources
* environmental crimes
* social crimes as the Court may see apply
* crimes stemming from the global ministries

The Earth Court of Justice will also rule on global problems and concerns such as the creation of a new nation in the world, and disputing territories or land between nations.

The procedure followed by the Court is defined in its Statute. The Court decides in accordance with:

* the Scale of Human and Earth Rights,
* belief, values, principles and aspirations of the New Age,
* international treaties and conventions in force,
* international custom,
* the general principles of law and,
* as subsidiary means, judicial decisions and the teachings of the most highly qualified publicists.

The Statute of the Earth Court of Justice will be established later.

The Earth Court of Justice established by the Charter of the Earth Community as the principal organ of the Earth Community shall be constituted and shall function in accordance with the provisions of the Statute.

The Earth of Justice will handle environmental damage cause by the U.S. military action. The Earth Community has classified the damage as a criminal liability for military personnel and/or their contractors. The war industry has become a liability to humanity.

Transnational organized crime has become so powerful that it can affect significantly the ability of governments to act. It is estimated that about 5% of the global economy, that $1.6 trillion per year, is laundered through the international financing system. A solution to reducing organized crime is to decriminalize drugs and put drugs under state control. Much more should be done to identify sources and target money-laundering locations, create an international agreement to establish a registration system for major financial transactions, share information on financial transactions, and coordinate prosecuting strategies. All banks would be required to cooperate or be frozen out of the international system. The international body would be able to freeze criminal assets prior to conviction and the transfer of assets after conviction.

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