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Scenarios of what we may become

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Scenarios of what might be humanity's future.
November 2002 Newsletter: 2H
January 2003 Newsletter: 2E

Vision of the Earth in year 2024.
November 2002 Newsletter: 2H
January 2003 Newsletter: 2E

The Earth Community Organization has already described a scenario of Earth in year 2024. We have participated in two global dialogues in year 2000 and 2002. Participants have presented their views, research papers and we had workshop sessions and made recommendations to all nations. The Vision of Earth in Year 2024 has resulted from our common work. We gave humanity a sense of direction.

Certainly our work is sound. We produced very valuable and original tools to help humanity: the Scale of Human and Earth Rights and the Charter of the Earth Community, the Earth Court of Justice, global ministries, and we stood for the values we promoted no matter how big was the opponent. Now is time to expand our work for the good of all humanity. We will research possible scenarios of humanity between now and a million years. Everyone is asked to participate. Send your thoughts. Read the work done so far especially the work done with the global ministries. Within each ministry there is a section about 'The Global Community Overall Picture' which describes the situation in all nations of the world and we divided the world in five different regions: North America, Countries in Latin America & the Caribbean, Africa, Europe, and Asia & Oceania. Each global ministry has a description of what is happening in the different regions. There are actual facts about what is happening in the world about all issues we have discussed during both global dialogues in year 2000 and 2002. Issues of global dialogue 2004 are also included in this project. Our work is too create a plausible scenario(s) of what the world could be between now and a million years.

This project will help humanity understand itself better.

Send your scenario. We will have workshop sessions on the scenarios in Global dialogue 2004.

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