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    Newsletter Volume 1       Issue 1,    January   2004

Earth Community Organization (ECO)
the Global Community

New Age Civilization of the 3rd Millennium:
the age of global co-operation and symbiotical relationships
A Vision to Caring for Life and Earth
August 1 to 31, 2004

Table of Contents

Global Dialogue 2004: Introduction and Procedure

Global Dialogue 2004 is being held all over the planet. Our website is used to relate results to everyone so as to continue the discussions with everyone else on Earth.

Participants may apply to lead a Discussion Roundtable(s) and/or a Workshop Session(s).

Leaders of the Workshop Sessions being held all over the world and in Nanaimo and Leaders of Discussion Roundtables on the Internet are allowed to organize their sessions in their own town, global community, university or home, wherever, as long as they assume all costs and responsibilities. Noone is being paid for their work and expenses. This is strictly on a volunteering basis and no money is available or will be available. You may also invite the public, experts and all Participants to your Discussion Roundtable or Workshop Session. This is a grassroots process and everyone is invited.

Leaders may also be chosen from the Participant list.

Leaders do not have to do this. They may even up-out of this process at any time without penalties of any kind (let me know now if you cannot go on with this process). So please be understanding! We are breaking grounds with the Global Dialogues and in the ways international conferences may be held in the future. Noone has ever organized a Global Dialogue having people (including the general public) from all over the planet participating interactively from their own town, community, universities or homes.

Daily results of the Discussion Roundtables and Workshop Sessions usually include comments and recommendations and are to be sent by email to gdufour@globalcommunitywebnet.com or gdufour@globalcommunitywebnet.com in the message area of the email (please no attachment unless necessary). Each email message should not be larger than 60 KB. Send several messages but try to be within this limit. Only messages with email addresses shown under "Participants" will be read. If you need to use a different email address let me know first by phone.

All Participants are invited to send their papers, comments and recommendations to the Leaders of their choice and they may send them also directly to the Office of Global Dialogue 2004. Participants are required to communicate with their leaders of interest. You are required to discuss via email and send comments and recommendations to them. Leaders will relate to this website your comments and recommendations and summarizing results.

All Leaders are required to send an Opening Statement related to their Discussion Roundtable. A Closing Statement should also be sent during the period August 17-22, 2004. These statements along with the comments and recommendations will be inserted in the space reserved to each Discussion Roundtable and Workshop Session on our website.

The list of participants who have sent research papers is shown on our website. If you are planning to send a research paper do read the section 'Expectations from those sending research papers', and the section 'Call for Papers'. Research papers and other information will also be copied on our website in the 'Participant Listing' section. Follow the link.

All Leaders will contact (by email) paper submitters who have written Lead Papers within their respective Discussion Roundtable and Workshop Session and ask for comments and recommendations. All papers must be reviewed. During the period August 17-22 leaders will summarize results and email them as well.

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Global Dialogue 2004 begins August 1st, 2004, on the Internet. Roundtable Discussions begin on the Internet that first day.

The period August 17-22 is a time for the Workshop Sessions to occur all over the planet and in Nanaimo, British Columbia, Canada, and for summarizing results, and August 31 is the closing of Global Dialogue 2004. If we continue to have sponsoring, Proceedings will be written and published in September/October and will be made available on the website of Global Dialogue afterwards.

Any change in the scheduling of Global Dialogue 2004 will be shown on the website at:

The proposed framework for sessions, and Opening and Closing Ceremonies is shown at:

Scheduling at the physical site and the proposed framework for sessions at the physical site, i.e. day(s) of the Global Dialogue at the physical site, and number of days reserved at the physical site, may change, and we may not know for certain about these parameters until July 2004.

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Participate in Workshop Sessions and Discussion Roundtables

Opinions, ideas, and recommendations presented in the articles, press releases and letters of the Newsletters as well as research papers themselves form a basis for discussion during Global Dialogue 2004. Participants will also bring their input for discussion.

Particiapte in the discussion of issues listed here. Previous issues of Global Dialogue 2000 and Global Dialogue 2002 are also subject for discussion.

All announcements are posted on the website. The Final Program gives access to all important sections for those submitting research papers and for all participants.

The list of participants who have sent research papers is shown on our website. If you are planning to send a research paper do read the section 'Expectations from those sending research papers', and the section 'Call for Papers'. Research papers and other information will also be copied on our website in the 'Participant Listing' section. Follow the link.

Global Dialogue 2004 is well on its way. We have received excellent abstracts, and papers have already been submitted. We have a large number of articles already published in our Newsletters (see listing and classification by topics) and every issue discussed during the past several years are now part of Global Dialogue 2004. The Participants List is another way to access the research papers submitted.  Original papers cover most of the important issues. Several Discussion Roundtables are in the process of being organized. The final deadline for submission of individual abstracts and papers, videos, presentations, panel discussions and workshop proposals, facilitated groups, and of photographic, poster and dramatic displays dealing with pertinent themes, and students' creative work  is March 24, year 2004. Make sure you include recommendations, policies or workable sound solutions in your abstract and Paper. Read the criteria for submission in the Call for Papers.

There are no registration fees required from anyone.

We are asking members of  the Earth Community Organization (ECO) and all participants in Global Dialogue 2004 to submit any of the following work:

*     A research paper(s) as per scientific criteria described in the Call for Papers; your paper is a publication and will appear in the proceedings to be published shortly after the conference in August 2004. Abstracts will be published in the Final Program.

*    Your Vision of Earth in year 2024; we are referring you to the World Congress on Managing and Measuring Sustainable Development  -  Global Community Action 1 for more details on how this may be accomplished.

*    Results of brain-storming exercises on issues (see list of all issues).

*    The design of an Earth flag; a campaign to create an Earth flag is going on right now and I call upon and encourage students from all over the planet to participate in the design of the Earth flag. It will be their first unified achievement.  Children's education is also part of the theme for this global dialogue. There is a need to train the next generation in the skills of collaborating in the future management of global change, which will be vital to survival. Students of all levels (school, college, technical, university) are invited to participate in Earth Community projects. They are asked to produce any creative work of their vision of what  Earth Management - all Peoples together  can accomplish ~ in the fields of zoology, biology, on history, on geography, on social and political sciences, on agriculture, energy, earth sciences, forestry, communications, wilderness, pollution, on the water supplies of the world, poverty, employment, social justice, human rights, universal values, global concepts, business and economy, availability of resources and so on.

*    Comments and recommendations on ideas proposed so far and on research papers to be submitted; we want to hear your opinion and views.

*    Positive and constructive actions in sustaining Earth. These are actions learned from the previous Global Dialogue or new ones. Participants from all sectors of life will describe and explain actions that they have performed in their own homes, communities, business places or in any other places on the planet. Depending on whether we find a sponsor to promote the Global Dialogue we hope to be able to present your videos, CDs or other productions on our website.

*   Articles for publishing in year 2004 Newsletters and making them available on the Internet. Newsletters will be posted on Global Dialogue 2004 website. Make sure you specify that it is an article for the Newsletters and not a research paper.

As was with previous global dialogues, Global Dialogue 2004 will also have people from all over the planet participating interactively from their own homes, global communities, universities or other community sites. The Internet and email will be used to communicate results and Proceedings. But this time we will also have a physical site for the Opening and Closing Ceremonies and a period for summarizing results during August 17-22, 2004.

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Final Program

There are two places where you can read about the Final Program of Global Dialogue 2004:

1.      Final Program of Global Dialogue 2004

2.     Final Program of Global Dialogue 2004

Not all sections of the Final Program are completed. More information will be included over the coming months.

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How to participate

1. Apply to be a participant by reading about registration to Global Dialogue 2004 and by filling the form to register. Submit your information by email or post office mail. You will get a reply from us within a few days. Your information will be entered on the website in the participants section. If you submit a research paper it will also be entered in the section for participants submitting papers.

2. After having registered, you can participate in Workshop Sessions and/or Discussion Roundtables on Internet. Read the section 'Introduction and Procedure'. All Participants are invited to send their papers, ideas, comments and recommendations, and results from brain-storming exercises with others. Send a copy to the Leader of your choice and/or directly to the Office of Global Dialogue 2004. Use the contact information shown in 'Contact us'. Your message will be entered in one of the sections for the 40 issues. For example, issue #2, Overpopulated Planet, shows the following index:

Opening Remark by Leader(s)
Lead Papers
Comments and Recommendations from Participants (by name and address)
Summary of Comments from Participants
Summary of Recommendations from Participants
Assessment of Results of Discussion Roundtable and Conclusion
Closing Remark by Leader(s)

Your information will be entered in the section(s) you have requested. Make sure you tell us the number(s) and title(s) of the issue(s) you are submnitting for.

For more information contact the Office of Global Dialogue 2004

Germain Dufour
Project Officer

(250) - 754-0778

Postal address
Global Dialogue 2004
186 Bowlsby Street, Nanaimo, BC, Canada V9R 5K1

Electronic mail
General Information: gdufour@globalcommunitywebnet.com

Webmaster: gdufour@globalcommunitywebnet.com

websites: http://globalcommunitywebnet.com/gdufour/


‘Caring for Life and Earth’

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