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by Ms. Olga Pavlova

for Discussion Roundtables 35,37 and 55

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1.0    Crash and revival of family institution in Russia
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3.0    Article 3
4.0    Article 4
5.0    Article 5
6.0    Article 6

Crash and revival of family institution in Russia


Difficult economic and political situation in Russia caused family institution as such to be on the brink of disappearance. Program on support of again-starting family was not accepted on a national scale. Children donít receive knowledge of fundamentals of psychological and spiritual family culture in schools. There is lack of general family culture on a national scale. As a result, necessity of marriage registration has sharply fallen.

Existing situation shows that the number of again-started (second) marriages is sharply decreasing. It has become more profitable not to register a marriage from the financial point of view. As a result, it is harder to protect their rights for women and children now. Lack of marriage contracts in Russia makes all forms of home violence to exist and develop. Development of porno and sex industries in Russia is dangerous. Materials, used in mass media, show free relations between men and women more acceptable in modern world. Wave of "yellow press" bothers people. Family values, family customs and traditions practically are not interesting for mass media.

Birth-rate and birth of healthy children sharply fell. The number of abortions and newly-made mothers under age has increased. This means poor culture of sexual education. Itís not accepted between parents and children to talk about such things in family. Centers, where every member of family could receive information on questions of interesting, are just beginning to establish in regional centers of Russia. There are no psychological consultations for families and as a result Ė huge percentage of divorces, children-orphans, and mothers, who bring up their children alone. It should be mentioned that men also suffer from the same reasons.


Itís necessary to confirm national program on family support urgently. It is easier to deal with prophylaxes of future family by working with children and teenagers, inculcating respect of family traditions in them, defining rights of women, children, defining value of Marriage contract, than to throw oneís money on programs concerning children-orphans or on support of unmarried mothers. And there are a lot of such programs. It is necessary to draw public resources into work. Public initiatives, development of volunteering movements are also important. It is interesting to use foreign programs, working experience with families abroad.

Systematic work on family revival must be held by legislative powers, executive powers and mass media at the same time. Policy on development only social-supporting structures for work with incomplete families is wrong. Structures on development and support psychological balance of family must be developed at first. Prophylaxe and neutralization of crisis situations are basis of family well-being. . It is very important to pursue a reform on childrenís and teenagersí education in aspect of rights of family and rights of person. It is necessary for everyone to understand necessity of high ethics and culture.


Only after pursued reforms it is possible to revive families in Russian Society. Only after education in the spirit of moral principles it is probable to revive new family, new family relationships, new family psychology, new traditions. World history of Society development evidently showed connection between family and spiritual level of mankind development. Undoubtedly, this stage of formation is the next one for Russia and thereís no other way out.

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