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1.0    Nexus, the Breakaway Society
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6.0    Article 6

Nexus, the Breakaway Society

There is such a wealth of information out there about the workings of the world. You don’t have to dig very deep to find revealed the latest details of how corrupt a system we are living in. The tales of high level government perversion, business scandals, local political intrigue abound in our daily newspapers. We are fortunate to have numerous networks around the globe that dedicate themselves to exposing the lies and distortions that perpetrate the mainstream media. The level of analysis that many of us are capable of is inspiring.

And yet most of us simply use the news as a backdrop to our busy individual lives. We shake our heads as we talk to a colleague at work about the latest front page reminder of how poorly things seem to be going. We become more cynical and we entrench around those things that are safe and predictable like family and friends. Outside of these small circles of influence, we believe ourselves to be powerless. We believe that the only alternative is to do the best with what we have.

Further analysis reveals another alternative. And the good news is that this work has been done by many industrious individuals and groups all over the world. We now know that our current worldview is based on a certain set of beliefs and assumptions that if allowed to continue will prove to be fatal. We know where this belief system came from and how it was allowed to develop. We know that attempts to modify this system have always proved ineffectual and will continue to present the same pattern of stubborn resistance to change. We have been led to believe that if we simply use the avenues available to us we can bring about change democratically. And so we continue to write to our local politicians. And yet the big picture doesn’t seem to change; in fact, over time it seems to be getting worse.

Those of us who carry the weight of the world are left with a conundrum. We need to feel that our voice is heard and we need to feel that our actions are effective. And yet there are days when that little voice can’t be ignored that tells us that somehow it’s not enough. We may win a battle or two but we’re not winning the war.

I believe the reason for this is that we spend so much time analyzing and protesting the old society, without a common vision of where we are going, of what the alternative is, of the new society. Further, we spend too little time on building the bridges that would allow us to walk away from the ruin that is the present conception.

What prevents us from moving forward? I believe it takes more courage to come to the conclusion that you can’t salvage the current system than it does to protest against it. It is easier to work with the known than it is to work with the unknown. It is easier to be negative than it is to be positive. It is more glamorous to confront than it is to build.

And yet moving to a more constructive vantage point doesn’t necessarily exclude other actions or analyses. It is simply that the others are not effective unless they are part of a grander vision. And the grander vision has to be the ultimate creation of a new society based on completely different beliefs and assumptions from the old.

We are all capable of this dialogue and analysis. My thoughts on this subject can be found at “nexusbreakaway.com”. I am currently in touch with a number of other initiatives which seek the same kinds of sweeping changes. We need to look for the common threads of these initiatives in order to strengthen our resolve. It is our common responsibility to look for ways and means to further these projects. It is our common responsibility to work together to create this new society.

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Article 2

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Article 3

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Article 4

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Article 5

Article 6

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