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Letter sent to the Global Community by John McConnell
June 4th, 2006

Subject: Global Action, by Earth Day Founder, John McConnell
Date: Sun, 4 Jun 2006 16:43:07 EDT


By founder of Earth Day, John McConnell

President Bush fails to grasp the nature and extent of our global crisis, and on the other hand the opportunity for change -- an historical change from Earth Kill to Earth Care. He has ignored the importance of the original Earth Day and its Earth Trustee Agenda - which fosters peace, justice and care of Earth.

America enjoys its greatest prosperity, but at the expense of a major part of the world. Its system of money and power robs the suffering poor – that are in the majority in many countries.

While America pioneered democracy and laws to further freedom and justice, most of its resulting wealth has been spent on vast military programs and weapons to kill people. The terrible record of war and injustice during the past millennium is still with us. You cannot pick up a newspaper without some story about violence, injustice and conflict.

Action must be taken that will provide a future, something to live for. First, we need the simple truth, good and bad, about human history. Our appalling past must be recognized as we seek to realize the positive potential of Earth's people.

People are the problem. With a new vision they can be the solution. Wake up world. A great future is possible now!

The core concept needed by Earthkind for a better tomorrow is the need to be Trustees of Planet Earth, to take charge and take care of our planet with fair benefits for all. To accomplish this, five major items need to be addressed: Ecology, Money, Property, Government and Inner Life.

Let us begin with Ecology.
A first priority is protection and care of the environment – Earth’s raw materials and natural resources, including creatures large and small. Everyone should be encouraged to think and act as an Earth Trustee - and have or support an Earth Care project.

At this moment Global Warming is a major problem. Everyone should seek to reduce its causes.

The whole world can further these purposes by thinking and action as an Earth Trustee and by joining in the observance of one great global holiday – Earth Day on the March Equinox.

When the Peace Bell at the United Nations rings at the moment Spring begins, people of every creed and culture can strengthen our global sense of community by their silent prayers and positive thoughts, by their heartfelt commitment to think and act as trustees of planet Earth. A real understanding of Earth Day and its purpose – peace, justice and the care of Earth, will bring commitment and Earth Trustee actions.

Second, is Money.
We must provide an honest, fair, medium of exchange and equitable access to credit. A money system is needed that will facilitate barter or exchange with advantage to workers and producers instead of to money manipulators. Money should be a means for exchange with minimum cost to the user. Where there is adequate security for a loan there should be no interest charged, only a charge for the cost of the transaction. A simple change in the Federal Reserve would make this work. Money should be available in exchange for a legal lean on adequate tangible assets; available in a fixed percentage of assets that will meet the need for money flow – without inflation. A fair money system will bring benefits to everyone.

The third item is Property.
Planet Earth is humanity’s inheritance. The land, oil, gold, and the amazing bounty of Nature was not human made. The Bible says in the Psalms, "The Earth Hath He Given To the Children of Man." Everyone has a common right to its use. We must recognize the rightful claim of every person to inherit an equitable portion of Earth’s natural bounty. That is the common heritage of the whole human family. Land, or a portion of money from the sale of land, can and should provide every family on Earth with a habitable homestead – a farm, a house or apartment. Fair property rights will bring security to everyone. Taxes should be based on the value of land – not improvements.

Fourth is Government.
To achieve a balance of freedom and order – and check the power plays of national governments – local communities must be given a larger responsibility for peace and the care of Earth. Let towns and cities link with each other – locally and across national boundaries – in major vigorous independent programs to foster understanding and cooperation in solving social and environmental problems.

A Council or Councils, of World Towns and Cities is needed for these purposes. This can bring the measure of unity we need in our diversity and help foster the trust needed by nations to achieve lasting peace for all peoples.

Fifth, is Inner Life.
One of the greatest causes of conflict in history has been the conflicting views of different religions. (Including ethical atheism). And at the same time it is religion that has most effectively fostered humanitarian actions. The question is, can the obvious benefits in different religions be approved and supported without approving that part of their creeds with which we differ?

Allegiance to a creed dealing with the mysteries of life…Why are we here? Is there a future life? Is there a God? often provides meaning and incentives for a virtuous life. But each person must temper their belief by recognizing any virtue they see in people with a different hypothesis about the mysteries of life.

Most seekers of truth share the conviction that love is the greatest wisdom. The Creator must have infinite wisdom. Therefore the Creator must be a God of Love. By emphasizing our common search for love and light and basic points of agreement – the importance of the Golden Rule, creative altruism, integrity, repentance, forgiveness and recognizing our differences -- we can with a touch of humility, focus on where we agree - and reinforce the values we share. Inner experience can then fuel mutual efforts for a better life, a better world.

Heralding a program for Trusteeship of Earth with these redemptive policies would quickly bring new attitudes of trust and hope – a change of heart worldwide. Efforts for completion of a safe disarmament will then succeed. The money saved can provide a great education in the power of real love and nonviolence for the next generation.

Is it possible to turn things around, turn things right side up? Yes. The means of great change are at our fingertips. With the aid of the telephone, radio, TV, computers and web sites we can inspire a new global support for opinion that will enable us to harvest Earth’s bounty instead of suffer from fear-induced scarcity and greed.

In scattered places all over the world a few people are demonstrating solutions to major problems. Mostly unknown to each other, they are showing the way. Let us launch a global campaign for the redemption and renewal of Planet Earth. Let us headline the creative actions and the ideas new and old, that are healing and nurturing people and planet.

Let each of us spread the word: Wake up World. A great Future is Possible Now

John McConnell
Star of Hope - Life of John McConnell

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