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August 14, 2011

One Proclaimed Objective:
Two Different Motives

by Charles Mercieca, Ph.D.
International Association of Educators for World Peace
Dedicated to United Nations Goals of Peace Education
Environmental Protection, Human Rights & Disarmament
Professor Emeritus, Alabama A&M University
Hon President & Professor, SBS Swiss Business School, Zurich

One political problem that is greatly misunderstood in the United States is viewed to be abortion. The most vocal on this topic seem to be the Republicans and the clergymen. Abortion refers to the termination of the life of the pre-born child, which is considered as sacred from the first moment of conception. In this area, both Republicans and clergymen go hand in hand. In fact, on this issue Republicans want the pre-born to be viewed legally as a full-fledged person.

Sacredness of Life

Needless to say, this proposed amendment to the US Constitution to view the fetus as a human being already has captivated the attention of the clergy in general very strongly. Consequently, we may fully realize and well understand why during the election time, a substantial number of clergymen admonish the people of their congregation of the “obligation” they have to vote for pro-life candidates, as Republicans claim to be. So far, there seems to be nothing wrong in this approach until we try to explore the real motive behind this stand.

As far as the clergymen are concerned, life is sacred from conception to natural death. Many use the pulpit to proclaim this to the people. What is really misleading here is this. While the clergymen sincerely believe that human life is sacred from conception to natural death, Republicans subscribe to this concept only in theory. In practice, Republicans do all they can to safeguard the life of the unborn for different motives, which should be brought into the open.

If we are pro-life that means we have to respect every segment of life from conception to natural death, not simply to birth. Judged by their behavior in the political arena, Republicans tend to solve all the problems in the world through weapons and wars, something that has now turned into a lucrative business. Republicans know very well that to continue with their belligerent foreign policies on a global scale, they need to have perennial man-power.

When it comes to getting what they want by all means, Republicans make careful strategic planning. If there is one element that they would want and absolutely would never give up that will be the endless manufacture and sales of weapons, along with the endless promotion of struggles and wars. Bar a miracle as great as raising a person from the dead, the Republicans’ addiction to war seems to have reached the state of hopelessness. Tens of thousands of people, amounting to millions on a global scale, have died brutally because of American weapons and wars.

Atrocities of Wars

The vast majority of people killed by the US military have been women, many of whom were pregnant, as well as children, the elderly and the sick. When Republican officials under the self-proclaimed pro-life President George W. Bush were asked about the number of Iraqi civilians that were killed by Americans, the reply was quick: “We do not keep a count of that; we view those causalities merely as collateral damage!” This means that for self-proclaimed pro-life Republicans life is sacred only from conception to birth.

This also means that as far as they are concerned human life could be trashed at any time needed like garbage! Is it possible that the clergymen in the United States that declare openly to be for the “sacredness of life from conception to natural death” cannot see this with clarity? Since the US technique used for problem solving in the world always boils down to military intervention, is it possible that US clergymen cannot see that Republicans want to save babies merely for purpose of having enough man-power for future wars?

In the sphere of morality we learn that when someone procures you with, say, a gun for purpose of killing a specific person, the person that procures the gun is equally guilty of murder in no lesser way that the one who pulls the trigger. When clergymen tell people of the “obligation” they have to vote for self-proclaimed pro-life candidates, they also become guilty of murder when such elected public officials continue to equip as many countries as they can with weapons in addition to the waging of never ending wars.

Of course, Democrats make a big mistake when they advocate the so-called “woman’s right to choose,” that is, to perform abortion if she so chooses, even though, on the whole, they tend to solve problems on a global scale, more through healthy dialogues and diplomacy than by wars. When it comes to voting the American people do not seem to have a clear-cut choice, except for voting either for the better of the two or the lesser of two evils. It is obvious that the Democrats remain the lesser of the two evils.

In order to understand the philosophical mind of the United States, we have to realize, in the first place, that this nation is radically built on the system of capitalism. This consists in the continuous accumulation of wealth and money. To this end, everything would do. There is no such thing as morality or ethical standards. To get what they want, capitalists, the majority of whom claim to be faithful Christians, do not hesitate to breach the divine positive law. This consists of the Ten Commandments God gave to Moses that state clearly: You should not kill, you should not destroy the property of others, and you should not say lies.

Endangering Human Life

There is one thing for sure when Republicans say they are pro-life. They do not mean it same way as when clergymen of all churches make the same proclamation. As politicians, they have to keep their political office by going after selected groups that are believed to be influential when it comes to voting. One of such selected groups consists of the churches, since the vast majority of Americans tend to go to church on week-ends. Hence, Republicans had to do something positive to get as many votes as they can through clerical support.

In this regard, they begin to pose as being supportive for the sacredness of life of the pre-born child. This way they succeed to get full control over the clergymen as to gain their open support. It is very sad to see clergymen being so naïve as not to see the real intent of Republican politicians whose hidden motto seems to be: Save them now and kill them later. As stated earlier, when these “saved” babies grow up they will be trained to destroy cities and to massacre mercilessly tens of thousands of people, including pregnant women.

We may now fully realize and understand the topic of this presentation: One Proclaimed Objective: Two Different Motives. Not long time ago, Pope Benedict XVI said that there was a time when war was viewed as justifiable under certain circumstances; but this is no longer the case. Then he proceeded to say: War is never justified under any circumstance whatsoever. This means the Republicans’ determination to continue to pour money on the manufacture and sales of weapons and the perennial promotion of wars may be viewed as evil.

When voting, Americans do not have much choice. Both political parties are defective. However, the politics of deception seems to be more conspicuous among Republicans than among Democrats. The Republicans’ great weakness lies in their belligerent foreign policies that have now disintegrated the economy. To make things worse, Republicans are now bent on taking the people’s social security and health care money to make more weapons and wage more wars. These deadly elements are not expected from self-declared pro-life politicians.

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